I just can't help it!

Eight years ago I married my hubby, the love of my life. Hubby was attentive, passionate and very romantic towards me. Things have been going well, but his work has taken a toll on our marriage and our sex life. I have always had a very active libido, after our wedding it wasn't uncommon for us to have sex five or six times a week. For the past year I am lucky to have sex two or three times a month. Hubby's workload is insane and I know when he gets home he simply doesn't have any energy left for me. It makes me wonder if he is more committed to me or his boss now. Of course, my libido still needs stimulation and being the creative woman that I am I found the perfect outlet for my passion through Writing.

I am not a professional writer, but I have found that writing about my sexual fantasies is an amazing way to meet the needs that Hubby isn't addressing in the bedroom. I have so far managed to assemble a file on my laptop with more than 30 short stories, all sorts of plausible fantasies depicting from real event or a situation. Soon as I found a website called Xhamster, I began posting my stories there. I loved the feedback from the readers and the fact that other people were enjoying my fantasies really gave me a kick. Inspiring me to reveal more and more of my naughty fantasies, exploring things I hadn't ever given myself the freedom to consider including fantasies of taboo, restraint and reluctance. I found myself beginning to read more and more sex stories online too. I especially like the stories of the reluctant wife’s or more specifically stories "cuckold." I certainly at times longed to be used and explored whilst reading them. More often then once, I find myself really hot and wet either reading a story or comments left by people on my posts.

My Hubby would be described as more of an retro, alpha male, jack the lad type. He never took any interest in my stories until recently. A month ago I got him to read a few and since during sex, we would even talk about me being fucked by other guys and how I would be used by them. He plays along till we finish but I am never totally sure if he really wanted it to happen. I was actually beginning to really get into the idea and trying to get him to try something different.

I wondered if my Hubby would ever go for this type of stuff. So one morning while he had three days off work and was home. I suggested a quickie before he got ready to go out to his mates and while he was fucking me I said, "what can we do that will be new, to add abit of spice to our sex life?" I could feel his pace quicken just a little as I said it.

"Mmm yeah, lets take pictures or get someone to come take pictures of us having sex, like making a erotic photo storybook." he said. The desire was obvious in his voice, it wasn’t just sex talk.

"Yeah like hire a photographer and take pictures while we make love. Would you be okay with that?" I was trying to push the idea through, trying to determined if he would really go for the idea. In truth, I was getting excited, building all kinds of stories and scenarios in my head now.

"Well would you like that?" I wanted him to answer me not just think about it.

"Maybe," it sounded like the kind of maybe that was bordering between yes and no, like he didn't know.

"How are you with seeing your hot wife strip in front of a camera man? Firstly in her shalwar kameez then a bra, knickers, stockings and ending up naked." As I was saying this I could tell from his body and the speed he was fucking me, he was really getting into the idea. I knew he was on the verge of cumming too.

"Then maybe the camera man will take close ups of your traditional Indian wife’s pussy, while you fuck her in front of him!" That did it as I was saying this he began exploding in my pussy. We then kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before he ran off, showered and headed out.

Later that night when we slipped into bed I instinctively slid into his arms, spooned with my ass on his groin and given how much I thought of that homemade porno shoot with hubby and a stranger. I said.

"Are we still on for making our own erotic photo‘s?"

"So you want to be a porn star?" he replied and had just placed his hand between my legs and was playing gently towards my pussy.

I jokingly replied with "I think so." as I opened my legs further to give him more access. His fingers then did nice things between my legs, Spearing my pussy with two fingers and his thumb massaging my asshole. He then asked.
"So what type of photo shoot would you choose? To have a story line or just us having sex?"

My mind was swirling with the feelings coming from my pussy, ass and Hubby's suggestions rolling around my brain. I shifted my legs to feel more of his hand and said. "I don’t want it to look too much of an amateur piece I would want it to have a story line, you could be a customer wanting to by this house and I’d be the state agent and I don't see..." Hubby's hands were now playing with my clit and I was more quickly then usual climbing towards what felt like a pretty good orgasm.

"Don't see what?" he asked.
Shit I was so close to coming and it was difficult to make up a story for Hubby so something closer to the truth came out.

"I don't see why we cant use the camera man as an extra."

Hubby started to say something but I put my hand over his mouth, half in fear of the wrong reaction and said. "Please, I need to be fucked right now. Fuck me, I need this pussy pounded."

Hubby removed his hand from my pussy and ass and slid his body slowly up and over mine. I was delighted as his chest rubbed on my body and by the time he was in position I became a bit of a demanding pussy.

"No playing around. Shove that hard cock of yours inside my wet hot pussy and fuck me. Pleases!"

"So tell me babes! Were you thinking of anyone in particular or just some stranger to take the pictures? Tell me?"

"Honey not now, I can't think straight when we're fucking. Please let's talk later when I can think clearly." I was scared of what else I may spill.

Hubby grabbed my hips and pulled me almost off his soaking cock and I groaned. "No baby! Pease don't stop, not now! I need that cock baby give it to me."

Hubby adeptly placed my ankles over his shoulders before positioning his throbbing cock on my aching clit, but not going in.
"No babes. I want you to talk now, I don't want you telling me what you think I want to hear, I want you to tell me what you are really thinking."

He slammed his hot hard cock back inside me and it was wonderful but when I didn't respond to his questions he pulled almost all the way out and stopped.

"Answer me!"

As his cock slowly, too slowly for my taste, slid back inside my starving pussy I inhaled deep. "Hubby I feel shame of my thoughts. When you went out today for a while I thought of how it would feel to be with you in front of a camera but later when finger fucking my pussy the second time, I thought that maybe I'd have the camera mans cock too. It makes me feel ashamed to say this to you, so afraid you won't understand me. I've never felt this way. I fantasised that you shared me with another guy. But...but that isn't something I have to do honey. I want you in my life, I don't want to lose you."

Hubby was pounding me hard and I was again sensing a powerful orgasm. His face was unreadable and I felt so ashamed. Then he erupted inside me and I could not stop, nor did I want to stop the magnificent orgasm that began and kept on building.
Later as we recovered I looked at Hubby and asked.

"Do you hate me. Did my fantasy scare you?

"No, But I think I do understand your fantasy. I think I could deal with a fantasy. Let's get a shower and maybe someday we‘ll look into it further." I was stunned and at the same time excited about how things were turning out. We showered together and the following day hubby left for another month on a job.

After he left I thought that I'd always enjoyed having my picture taken. So it would be fun to get some lingerie style studio portraits done, to gift hubby on his return. The pictures were for hubby, the real motivation was to get him excited about doing some nude ones together at some point soon. Hey, all women have fantasies!

I searched the internet for a professional in my local area that would do some semi nude/lingerie portraits. It didn't take long before I found what I thought was the ideal place. The company was called "Flo-less Models" and they did lingerie and topless shoots for advertising companies or personal portfolios, there was a money-back guarantee if you weren't perfectly happy with your pictures. There were some sample photos of some very attractive women on the site in bikinis and lingerie, it all seemed perfect.

I booked the session via phone. The guy on the other end introduced himself as Paul… he was very polite and professional on his phone manner, although the price was abit steep he told me if they weren’t perfect I wouldn’t pay. We me feel even more confident and excited about the shoot.

A week passed and the day of the shoot arrived. I spent all night pampering myself. I wanted to make sure I was completely shaved and waxed because I still had no idea how I was going to pose or wear for the perfect shot. Finally I was satisfied, I looked damn good and all I was thinking about was how pleasantly surprised hubby would be on receiving my gift. But at the same time I was a little nervous, not having done modelling professionally and certainly not having done any risqué style shoots in front of a stranger. However I was also excited. I packed some bikinis, some lingerie, wore a low neckline blouse and saree. I wasn't really sure how I wanted to be photographed in but I figured the more options the better.

The studio was a short drive to a industrial estate of town and after a bit of searching I found what looked like a new office block. It was definitely at the right place, the sign "Flo-less Models Photo Studio" was hung above the door and I walked up quietly and nervously, actually I was starting to tremble! The business park was quiet and completely empty. I reminded myself again what the photo shoot was for and tried to steady myself. I rang the buzzer and the door clicked open. I walked inside and felt a rush of nervousness. Suddenly I was greeted by a tall man, about 6”, with brown eyes, greying hair and a slim build. He was smiling as he extended his hand saying. "Hi, I'm Paul, and I'm guessing that you must be Mrs Khan?"

"Hi, you can call me Kiran if you like." I said, taking his hand and shaking it, a little too weakly. Why did I say he could call me Kiran? I hadn't come here to make friends ...gosh I was so nervous.

"Hmm Kiran? Cute," said Paul with a grin. He briefly looked me up and down, eyes resting on my cleavage for a second before meeting my gaze. "Well come in, I'm sure you'd like to see the studio and get started".

He gestured for me to follow him inside and when I did I must say my nerves started to ease just a little. Inside was a very professional looking setup with various lights set up around a couch, a table, a chair, a blank screen and a bed. There were various cameras on stands, these big silver umbrella looking things which they use to reflect the lights, lots of different screens for backgrounds plus a wardrobe with outfits and props. There was also a fairly sophisticated looking office set up with a couple of computers and some other technical looking equipment that must have been for picture editing.

I watched him walk in front and he was extremely attractive but something about the way he kept looking at my breasts creeped me out. Then casually he stopped and turned towards me. He snickered and said "I get lots of ‘want to be models’ through doors everyday but never a hot Indian like yourself. You're perfect and this could be your big break."

"Umm, I’m not really here for a job portfolio, its just for my husband... what would I have to do for that?"

He gave me smile and said, "Ok, don't worry about a thing, just relax dear. You look gorgeous, absolutely perfect," he said in that way that was slightly unsettling but charming whilst he was fiddling with lenses.

I finally relaxed and was taking in my surroundings when I felt him come up behind me and then he placed his hands on my shoulders which made me jump and he turned me around to face him. I looked up at him and said, "Sorry that was nerves, Do... Did you want me to change or should we just start with what I’m wearing first?"

I was dressed to kill in black sheer saree with white daimonties all around it, black satin blouse underneath and I even made sure I put on my black matching lace bra and thong. He leaned closer to me and almost whispered in a calm, determined voice, "Actually dear, just go ahead and take your clothes off. You wanted a lingerie shoot, right?."

Alittle concerned and weary, I nodded yes then slowly took off my blouse, then unwrapped my saree and bent down to take off my shoes but he stopped me and told me to leave them on. I stood there awkwardly in just my bra, thong and shoes while he eyed me up and down.

"Oh yes, that's perfect," he said as he began taking few snaps.

He started walking towards me again and when he got too close, I started to back up. Eventually, the back of my legs were touching the couch and he smiled and said, "have a seat."

As I sat on the couch, he grabbed my hands, pulling them up above my head and told me to hold that pose. He then slowly brushed his palm down my arm, armpits, side boobs and hips. Then he walked back to the camera and took few more shoots before returning and feeling me up whilst pretending to put me in different poses.

About an hour later he gave me a toilet break, telling me to change into the smallest bikini I have and phoned his boss, apparently he needs a senior opinion on several shoots, just to make sure the pictures are perfect and I don’t end up wanting a refund. Boss will be here in five minutes he told me. He didn’t really ask me, it was more of just letting me know. So I didn’t have anything to say, rather was happy as Paul might calm down on the touchy feelyness. As soon as I came out the bathroom, "Oh shit! Who’s this guy." I notice a new man standing with paul. My arms shot up and consciously covered my breasts in a tiny bikini.

He walked over to the camera and bent down to look at it. "What you think? you can see all the pictures, just cycle through them." Asked Paul.

"Wow, these sure are hot."

"Thank you." Said paul. That’s when I figured this guy must be his boss.

"ahem…, can we hurry?" I said, feeling uncomfortable and continuing to keep my arms folded over my breasts.

"Yes sure dear, I’m Max, Paul’s boss. Just last sets of pictures. In this, can we take some pictures of you with our paul in it, if I give you a discount?" asked Max.

"Umm." I looked at him. "Sure, a few pictures wouldn’t be bad. How much of a discount?"

"Free, if they come out great."

I smiled in acceptance thinking that’s £670 saved for some shopping on new shoes.
Paul walked over, leaned into me and I finally lowered my arms a little as he asked and looked at the camera.

Max bent down to observe us in the viewfinder, then took some pictures. Paul posed with me in some more frames and he must have noticed my smile was clearly f***ed. I wasn't pleased with the situation. Paul finally got me to laugh with him when he tripped over. On what was meant to be the last shot, he rested his head on my shoulder and put his hands on my waist. Max suggested this pose would show off my body to it's fullest extent. "Take several in this pose then," Paul yelled.

"Got it," said Max.

"Thanks boss," Paul said then checked the pictures and was quite pleased. Then Paul turned to say. "You want me to take some of you with kiran, since your paying for this?"

"Me? Sure, I guess your right."

"Cool. Go stand over there by her."

"Paul, what about asking me?" I again had my arms crossed over my breasts and I was stumping my foot on the ground rather petulantly.

Paul turned and looked at the LCD display. "My God!" he said laughing out loud.

"Paul, what's wrong?" I asked. He had just pulled back his head in apparent shock, before bending back down to look into the display again. Curiously I went and looked at Max from front and realised what Paul was laughing about. Max must of got excited taking the pictures and built a bulge in front of his pants. The material of his trousers looked under matched for such a bundle and I feared the man's massive penis might rip free at any moment.
"These pictures got to me, sorry. How about we take nine or ten more and call it a day? The contrast in options to choose from would be good."

"Your not coming anywhere near me with that like that, ok!!!"

"Just taking FUCKING pictures," growled Max. I suddenly felt sweat break out on my forehead and the colour drained from my face. I was a lone women with these two guys and no one else. Max turned and walked towards me sitting by the screen of a beach. I stood up straight when I saw him approaching quickly. My arms came up to cover my chest again with fear and uncertainty this time.

"I don't know about this session," I yelled.

"Just a few shots, then we'll leave," said Paul. "J-just stand in front of Max..."

Max now was staring down my back, ogling at my ass. I have a very tight ass and I don't blame men for admiring it. Posing, flexing muscles, putting his hands on my hips and brushing his bulge against my ass. Max posed while I faked a smile again and just stood with my arms folded across my chest. "Kiran, put your arms down." Reluctantly, I relaxed a little and dropped my arms.

Paul snapped some pictures "Kiran, smile and look like you're laughing." I listened to him and he took what he referred to as a magazine quality photograph. He looked pleased. but I noticed the lump in Max's pants growing. Paul watched the image on his camera as Max lowered me to the ground by my shoulders. He was applying pressure and so I slowly fell to my knees. I was now eye level with Max's massive crotch and I began openly staring right at it. "me," yelled Paul. "Face me, arch your back and put your hands in your hair." I finally took my eyes off Max's bulge. However, Max moved behind me and leaned in. His crotch was positioned so that it appeared beside my head in every frame, even touching my ears at times.

Suddenly Max yelled "How about few suggestive nudes?"

"No way," I said.

"C’mon Kiran, Like a wet tee shirt. That way you're clothed, but the tee shirt would cling to your figure."

"Ok," I interrupted. "I'd consider that, since I wouldn't actually be naked."

"Really?" asked Paul, a little too excited. "we have a white tee shirt in that wardrobe."

Max waded out to the sink and put a tee shirt under water until it was soaked. He then brought it to where I was still kneeling. I took the tee shirt from him and pulled it over my head, shivering a little as the wet material touched my skin. On me, this tee-shirt was the size of a dress, nearly reaching my knees. "Now take your bikini top off," ordered Max.

I was quite surprised at getting orders from Max and Paul not saying anything.
I just slyly turned my back to them and reached up under the shirt and untied my bikini
top. I pulled my top out and handed it to Max as he was close. Not wanting to lose the opportunity, Paul shouted, "Kiran, you ready? Max, get out of the frame."
The tee shirt material clung to certain parts of my body that made both their penis’s hard as they took my pictures.

"Hold on paul, the shirt needs adjusting," said Max. He stepped back into the frame, kneeling, grabbed the hem of the tee-shirt and pulled it tightly down. His big hands then patted the tee shirt down all over my body, even my breasts.

As he was doing so, I was again briefly distracted by the bulge in Max's pants. It looked like the man's cock was struggling to stay in. The pants looked as though they might burst at any moment. Then Paul started pressing the shutter button as quickly as his camera would take pictures. I looked down my body and was shocked. My arms were rising to cover my breasts again because my nipples were in view through the thin wet tee shirt. I was somehow obviously showing more then I had intended. The white shirt hugged my entire body and was completely see-thru now. The outline of my bikini bottom was visible as well as my dark nipples which Paul's camera easily detected as being extremely hard. "Come on Kiran you are doing great," said Paul.

"Yeah, they were some of the sexiest pictures I ever seen," said Max. "You shouldn't cover a body like yours."

Paul wanted more so I closed my eyes and f***ed my arms down to my sides showing off my breasts. When I reopened my eyes I decided to try relaxing more.
"Would you take off the bottoms please?" he asked after taking a few more pictures.

I looked up at Max then back at Paul. "No, I couldn't do that, its taking it too far" I replied.

"I'd like some of the tee shirt clinging to your ass cheeks, that’s all."

"I got me an idea," said Max. "Turn your backside to the camera Kiran," he said, walking over to me. Max reached down and pulled up the tee shirt until my ass was exposed and grabbed the bikini material and yanked it up giving me a wedgey. I squealed, my bikini bottoms slid up between my ass cheeks, nearly disappearing.

Paul took a quick shot of my seemingly bare ass before Max pulled the tee shirt back down. Paul snapped franticly some more shots when Max stepped out of the picture.

"Good," said Max, "now lets try some with the tee shirt off."

"No way, whaaat?!!!" I said. I looked around the empty studio as if worried someone might see me just in case I have to do it. For some reason I wasn’t so much bothered about the pictures anymore. I was more worried where this was leading.

Max walked behind me and rapidly began tugging my shirt up. In fear I brought my arms across my breasts to stop him from stripping me. "Relax babe, I'm just going to tie your tee shirt up." I then let him as I removed my arms and looked up at Max as he tied my shirt in a knot over my belly. His hands briefly moved between my breasts as he grabbed the shirt end. I began thinking. How its just a piece of fabric covering my pubic region, my ass exposed, my olive coloured belly on display and the bottoms of my breasts hanging tight against a wet tee shirt that revealed my hard swollen nipples.

"How about you take that top off now?" asked Max.
"Let us get some better pictures."

I was kneeling, legs parted, arms behind my back, holding my hair up. I turned to look up at Max. Then was a long pause and Paul almost thought I will do it. "No, I'm not." Was my answer.

Soon several things suddenly happened almost simultaneously. Max's thumbs hooked into his pants as he said, "Well I'll pose nude then, if you won't." The thumbs pulled downwards. My mouth fell open in shock as his massive cock burst out from it's confinement. Paul took the picture just as the cock passed across my lips.

"Gosh!" muttered Paul, then applauded Max for he had brushed the tip of his cock across my lips. The huge cock was unstoppable as it sprung free. Paul's whole body seemed frozen in shock except for his index finger which kept tapping the shutter button taking pictures.

I could even taste the man's precum which coated my lips. "kiran!" he said, to get my attention. I jumped as if startled, like I'd forgotten where I was. I moved back, but Max had then put his big hand around the back of my head and pulled me forward. I couldn't help but part my lips and nearly the entire plum-sized head of Max's cock pushed into my mouth. I pulled back, pushing him with my hands and he let me go. When his cock head reappeared it was shinny and glistening as if I had been licking it awhile. I was lost I didn’t know what was happening and how I felt so damp in my bikini bottoms.

"I think we've had enough for the day," I said, trying to escape from fighting the urge to give in.

"No, lets get some more pictures," said Max. "We'll stay tasteful. Just some faked erotica. Kiran, put your hand on my cock."

"How is that tasteful?" I asked. However I was completely entranced by it. My small hand began gripping the base, the fingers not touching round. Soon my hand moved up to squeeze the huge knobby head. My hand slid back down to the base, then back up. I was actually stroking the man's cock unintentionally!

"Lets step these pictures up a notch," said Max. "We'll take some suggestive shots. Why don't you take your tee shirt off kiran?""

"I can't." I replied in a more submissive voice. I felt a surge of pride in myself for resisting the persuasive man. All though I was struggling with the idea.

Paul had a bed as prop too and Max grabbed me, walking me over to it. His huge banana cock bobbed before him as he claimed on bed . "Come get on all fours on the bed," he said to me. I just followed orders like I had to or something. He then positioned himself on his knees behind me. "you can get some close-ups of my face and back." He said to Paul.

Paul moved in front of me. Max rose up a little and rested his cock on top of my ass, the head rising well up past the small of my back. "Zoom in on my cock." said Max. "Now I'm going to push it down like we're fucking but don’t worry Kiran I wont really do it. Make sure you look like I've just buried this big boy in your twat."

"Ohh," I moaned softly, an act as he slid the long length of his cock down against my ass cheeks. Then "AHhhhhh!" I moaned a lot louder. Max had pushed his cock head against my slit. Just a thin strip of bikini protected my pussy from getting penetrated by that monster. Max pushed hard and nearly half an inch of his fat cock head
pushed the material into my pussy. that’s when I realised how much I really wanted it as that felt sooo good. Paul moved around to get a picture and noticed how wet the material of my bikini was. Worse, it's colour was darkening as more and more natural lubrication began soaking it in copious amounts and Paul could see trails of it going down my thighs. "Let's try a different position," said Paul.

"Turn over." Max moved back so that I could roll over on my back and automatically bend up my knees, like presenting my pussy to Max. The tee shirt had ridden up high and it still clung to my bare breasts. I felt incredibly sexy in that pose. Max moved up between my legs and put his cock down against the entrance to my pussy tunnel. I felt him rub and press his cock head along my slit. I squirmed as he did it. He then raised his cock up and inched his way forward, pressing his shaft down on my bikini crotch.

Moments later Max stopped and rose up straddling over my belly. He pressed his cock down under the knotted of the tee shirt between my breasts and pounded my chin with the head of his cock. "Stick your tongue out and pretend to lick it," he ordered.

I bent my neck and did as I was told. There was very little pretending though, he often directed his cock to slide against my tongue and it left more precum behind on my lips each time. I’m sure several times Max noticed my tongue moved to follow his cock. Because Max pushed his cock down between my breasts. His big hands grabbed the sides of my breasts, pushing them up and together until they held his cock between them. The wet shirt still clung to my nipples and Paul could see how excited they were, then max's thumbs reached up to touch them. The index fingers soon joined the thumbs, his fingers twirling my nipples between them. I began moaning although trying not to. Next Max slowly started working his hands under my tee shirt then raise my hands up and pulled the shirt off until my breasts bounced free. He turned to Paul and said "Look mate, get some fucking pictures will you?"

"Get the camera ready," ordered Max. Paul looked up with a startled look. I was made to go down on all fours facing the camera while Max was kneeling behind me in the doggy position. "Get some pictures that look like we're fucking."

Paul did take some shots from in front of me. my large breasts were swinging under me as Max jerked my hips back and forth. Paul liked my breasts now that they were completely bare and snapped away like mad.

"Come get some close-ups of my cock."

As Paul watched the fat knobby cock head move closer. I heard him say to Max "Hey, why don’t you move her bikini to the side, exposing her pussy?!" I don’t know why, but I pretended I didn’t even hear that.

"Here you go mate. Get some close-ups." Max replied as he pushed my bikini to the side, revealing my pussy.

Paul zoomed in on the max's cock and subsequently my pussy at the end of it. My pussy was so aroused and engorged it felt like it was throbbing. It was soaked with my arousal and dripping wet. "Don't put it in" I half heartedly yelled. Whilst feeling Max's cock head rub along my slit until it was engrossed with my juices. "Hey watch it!" I said as I felt my labia begin spreading open around Max’s cock head.

"Oh ggggod," I moaned.

Paul looked down at the viewfinder. Max's cock head had just disappeared entirely. "Yes, alittle more. that’s it." Said Paul snapping away.

"You want me to pull it out?" Max asked me.

"Y-Yes." The look on my face wasn't convincing to him so he worked his cock around a bit, slowly starting to withdraw I then without saying anything started to push my pussy back onto him. I was conflicted and more aroused then I'd ever been.
"Just keep a little of it in me, So Paul can get good pictures." I said.
As soon as I said that, Max’s cock thrust another inch deeper as if he had momentarily lost control.


"Kiran, I'll just get some shots of it in you, then we'll call it a day, ok?" said paul.

"Oh-okay." Is all I drew out as words, it was more of a moan.

"Tell us if you want to stop sooner."


I was loving it till Max was going too deep and so I put my hand behind, pushing his chest away to ease up. I was pleased to see he was obeying me and slowly removing the three or four inches more of his cock he'd pushed inside my pussy. Unfortunately, he was pushing down too hard on my upper back. Disaster struck as my arms collapsed. I fell forwards, my face hitting the mattress on the bed, my ass still up high. Max also fell forward and the tip of his cock had been partially inside my pussy and it now shot forwards, pushing deeper then anything had ever been before.

"aouchh, pull out, pull out," I screamed.

Max pushed up, but fell again and his cock thrust back deep again. I screamed second time. "Sorry," he said. Max sat back on his knees, but held on to my waist as he did so, in effect pulling me back into his cock. Paul was shocked to see that I had just taken nearly a foot of thick cock in me. Paul started taking more pictures and Max then pushed me forward so that I ended up on all fours again. He still hadn’t pulled out, but was careful not to go too deep. My head fell again to the bed. He held still with half of his cock buried in my pussy.

I whimpered. my knuckles were grabbing handfuls of bed sheet. "Yes, just that much." I hissed. My whole body jerked a little, now enjoying the sensations.

Max became still, not moving, but he somehow was making his cock jerk inside my pussy. Then slowly fucking me with half of his huge cock and soon his cock became a blur as he began slamming it in and out with enough f***e, making his balls slap on my ass. He was balls deep and I was taking it. He didn't slow down and I continued to have orgasms. In fact, I seemed to be having one long continuous orgasm or series of orgasms. my body was quivering and I was moaning loudly, also grunting each time his balls slapped me. He suddenly stopped thrusting. He held his cock buried as deep as it would go. My eyes had rolled up in the back of my head and my body went limp as the biggest orgasm yet took control of my body. I raised my head. my brow was sweating and I was sucking my lower lip inside my mouth. "Aahhh," I cried, suddenly my lip coming out of my mouth to quiver a little. I could feel his thick cock crammed inside my pussy. My labia and thighs were soaked. I clearly felt fluid squirting out of my pussy, I had orgasmed!

Max pulled his cock out and sperm was spraying out of the tip as his rampant cock appeared over my ass. A long strand of semen shooting up, over my back. He continued to cum, warm sperm pooling in the small of my back. It was an incredible amount.

When we both finished orgasm, he kissed me and helped me up from the bed. He handed me my clothes and said, "Thanks Kiran, that was perfect. We got everything we needed for the shoot."

I didn’t have much energy left to reply, just quietly got dressed and started walking out the door. Before I left, I paused and turned around. In a quivering voice I said, "Do you think I can look at the extra photos when I come to pick the other ones up?"

Paul smiled at me and said, "Oh definitely, why don't you come by next week, same time."

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1 month ago
Very erotic and well written story.
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Loved it x
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9 months ago
Very nicely written. It has a nice feel of truth about it.
10 months ago
Damn - so horny - wish I could wake up next to your my sexy hot girl - xoxo
10 months ago
Fuck, that's a hot story! Got me all worked up
10 months ago
Very erotic as usual, what did hubby think of the pics?
10 months ago
Very horny story ....
11 months ago
Thanks hun
11 months ago
Absolutely not. Some things shouldn't be rushed. :)
11 months ago
Great story, Kiran. No doubt Paul is hoping for a little action of his own when you drop by to see the full portfolio.
11 months ago
Too long lost interest Didn't finish
Sounded like Penthouse Forum
11 months ago
That is the best one yet!!!!!!!Wish I was max!!!!!!!!
11 months ago
Great story as always!!! Not sure why but your stories now don't appear in a search!!!!
11 months ago
WOW !!! bet you can't wait to go back for more
11 months ago
Very well written. As a fellow erotic story writer, I enjoyed this story from start to finish. I love how your mind works, Kiren. Keep up the good work! Come and read some of my new stories too!
11 months ago
brilliant as always
11 months ago
As always a greatly crafted story, or was it? ;-)
either way brilliant as always
11 months ago
This was one of your best ever. It appeared to start slow and be to long. But after a while I got into it and it turned out to be just a tease. A tease bringing the story slowly to a climax.

Too bad it's only a fantasy and you can't put those photo's up on xHamster.
11 months ago
Kiran, I want to be your photographer!
God what a sexy imagination you have.............or was it really
just your imagination? ;)
11 months ago
Brilliant story really loved it. Can't wait for the next one
11 months ago
Another stellar story! Loved the little bit of resistance before finally completely succumbing!
11 months ago
Amazing story. The build up was perfect. I had precum dripping from my bbc from the sex you and your husband shared and the sex with the photographers. Very vivid and descriptive.10/10!!!
11 months ago
great story xx really HOT!
11 months ago
I loved this story, so hot xx
11 months ago
its very good.perfect.
11 months ago
Amazing story, Kiran ji your story make me a little horny :)
11 months ago
That was another incredible story. I always look forward to your latest sexual exploits. My cock was so hard reading this, you are so naughty
11 months ago
Phantasies are very powerful...that's why they're hard to share, especially with people close to us. Your story was a perfect way to phantasize and believe that you're doing something for your hubby....I assume, in your story, he would get the less rude pictures? I enjoyed the story...not too many women writing here. Take a look at my stories if you have a moment.
11 months ago
So it isn't too long?