After party oops

My hubby came home last Tuesday from his latest work trip and one of the things he spoke of was that several of his work people have organised a late Christmas party, they decided to have a costume party this year. They rented a banquet hall in one of the local hotels and have it catered. It was supposed to be a grand affair, top people from the national security would attend. It sounded really good so I agreed to go with him. The next day my hubby went and bought our costumes, his was chubakka outfit from Star Wars (basically a freak, lol.) and he got me the princess leia outfit.

On the night of the party, I stood in front of my full-length mirror, trying to make sense of my costume. In the end, I wasn't sure if I was a princess or some sort of a Roman sex slave. While it was not see through, the shimmering white costume revealed plenty of flesh. My shoulders, back and arms were bare, one bit of the cloth coming up the front and wrapping around my throat like a choker. Once wrapped up the length barely went below my ass cheeks. Only one leg was covered while the other was totally bare all the way up to my waist. I wore matching white lace knickers and bra, adding a metal buckled wide belt and a short length silver chain with a large rectangular medallion and silver bangles.
I had been trying to look like a "princess" but oddly I ended up very, very seductive looking. "I'm going with it!" I exclaimed to my image as hubby kept shouting me from downstairs to hurry up.

When we got there, we were having a blast. It was so intriguing. I received lots of attention, from both sex’s because of my costume. Some of the other costumes were really good too. One man wearing a bandana and dressed like Jack Sparrow the pirate, paid a lot of attention to me. We danced a lot and during the slow dances I could tell that he was really interested. He was getting into some serious flirting on the dance floor and while sitting at a table he kept stroking my leg saying how much he loved Indian skin tone. My husband was enjoying having a laugh with all his work mates, not noticing the pirates advances from distance. Several times he gave me a grin and a wink that meant ‘you okay.’ I’d smile back meaning ‘fine.’ the pirate and I danced nearly every dance and when I did dance with somebody else he was waiting when I got off the dance floor.

He said that he had a room down the hall at this hotel in-case I needed a 'break'. While we were on a very sensual slow song in which he had his hands all over me.
I must confess I did get really turned on and did think of going to his room but I couldn’t, it wouldn’t be right. I did however let him have a good feel of my wetness every opportunity he got but managed to fight off the urge and refused every time he tried to usher me to his room.

Finally around 2am people started leaving and thankfully so did the pirate guy. I noticed hubby slumped over a table, I tried picking him up but with no real success. Seeing me struggle, two of his work mates came over to help, one was Batman and the other Robin. (the irony, hey?) we called a cab and on the way home I thanked them and said they could come in for a coffee each if they helped me take hubby upstairs to his bedroom.

Once we got inside, like true gentlemen the both guys helped hubby out the cab and in house. But the cab drove off , I turned and said to Batman and Robin, "instead of going home, stay here, I know hubby would have insisted you guys to stay if he was conscious, but hey ho!"

These guys have been of immense help at this time of the night. There was nothing at all on my mind, there was no ulterior motive, no sexual plan, no subterfuge, nothing of the sort. Although I was left feeling extra randy from all the attention at the party and this outfit. Hubby was only a occasional drinker and had quite a lot of drink on the night in question. He was totally wasted and try as I might, I couldn't wake him, never mind sex, his head was switched off.

After not finding another cab they agreed to stay and I said they both can share the spare bedroom after putting hubby in my bedroom. They made there way upstairs dragging hubby with them and I knew that as soon as his head hit the pillow, he would be more or less gone for rest of the night. But I was hoping maybe he’d wake up just for a quickie, once I rub up against him.

Few minutes later after locking door and putting away coats, I went up to our bedroom door I looked down the hall, noticing the back bedroom door was wide open. I walked over, looked in, both guys fast asl**p under covers! I looked in our room, and there was hubby sl**ping like a baby in the dark. I was a little annoyed as I was a little horny, in fact I was a lot horny! I needed to fuck, and he, bless him, most likely will let me down.

I was yawning my head off, I went into my own bedroom, in the dark, stripped naked and just dropping my things on the floor. I saw the shape of my hubby and got in with him. He was lovely and warm so I spooned him, immediately reached round him and grabbed his cock, I gently started rubbing it for a while and to my delight it began to react. He grunted in his sl**p, I think and slowly turned onto his back. His cock was now at full erection, so I said to myself. "Go on Kiran; have it while you can!" I went under the covers and started to give him a blow job, but being careful not to make him cum. I wanted that cock where it would do me the most good, in my hot shaven pussy.

I should have known something was different, because he smelt different, but I took no notice putting it down to all the people he‘s been mingling with. I climbed on him, fiddling alittle to guide the tip of his cock to my opening and I soon sank down on to his lovely rock hard cock. It even felt different, like his cock tilted to the left a lot. But I still took no notice, I wanted to fuck and I managed to get it in. So then with my hands on his shoulders in the darkness, I rose and fell on him gradually grinding harder and harder.

"Ooooh Kiran," he mumbled, I leaned forward and kissed him sensually on the lips, then I set off banging him, bouncing like a basketball on his cock. He was awake now, that was for sure because he grabbed both my breasts really hard. It was fantastic, it aroused me further, I had half expected him to cum and go right back to sl**p. But he didn't, eventually, he rolled us over and now he was on top and I was under him, cock deep in and getting totally drilled, I loved it.

I had my arms and legs around him, 'where have you been hiding this side to you, Hubby?' I thought. He was fucking me totally different, unusually rougher and for an unusually long time too. But I wasn't complaining either, this was marvellous and more of it please. I began to feel heated and so turned on, his prick had the measure of me this night, it was glorious to be getting shafted in this way, fantastic. Orgasms trembled from me, my pussy was quivering, my nipples must have been burning holes in his chest by now.

"Are you alright darling? I gasped, breathlessly, as he moaned.

"Never better Kiran," he told me. He didn’t sound like hubby. I reached out and switched on the dim side light, in a second or two my eyes adjusted and to say I was shocked and stunned, must be the understatement of the century. I was looking up at a total stranger. I had to close my eyes and open them again to make sure it wasn’t hubby. He continued to hammer me with devastating thrusts, thrusts that I had no way of combating, he just hammered into me non stop. My emotions where all over the place, I wanted to stop him but my arousal was greater than the shock. I was about to push him off when he picked up speed, loin slapping, hip joining thrusts and then I began blowing off another climax.

I bit his shoulder to stop the scream that accompanies my best heart stopping, gut wrenching orgasms when I have the best of the best. The guy started giving out little grunts, it must be his way of cumming, then he crushed down on me, his weight completely immobilising me. Then one last heaving hip breaking push and he came inside me. I felt it flooding me, his cum was so filling, hot and heavy. I could feel the thick creaminess of it squeezing its way up and into my womb. I felt my body sucking it up and drawing it in. I no longer am concerned about pregnancy as I never get pregnant. We lay there, both gasping for breath, when I slowly came back to earth.

"Who the hell are you and why are you in my bed?" I whispered,

"I’m the Batman, David. We accidentally put your husband in the spare room but when we realised, he wouldn’t get back up so I left him with Chris and thought I’d wait for you in your room to decide what we should do next and I must have just nodded off in your bed. I'm really sorry."

"It's not your fault, its not even mine really, you where in my bed and in my tiredness I mistook you for Hubby, I'm sorry too."

"You are my colleague's wife, this shouldn't have happened. Lets keep this just between us." he told me.

"I agree." I replied quietly. "but what do we do now?"

"I think its best if you go to the other room and get Chris to come share this bed with me, so we don’t disturb your husband." He muttered.

"Okay, I suppose your right." I mumbled and reluctantly he got off me, his now limp cock slipping out my pussy followed by a string of our juices trailing from my pussy to the tip of his cock.

"I had better go to the other room quietly" I told him and got up.

"Kiran, that was fabulous," he said, "mistake or no mistake, I'll never forget it, you are so beautiful and so wonderfully sexy Indian goddess." I smiled at that, it made me blush, but this mistake shouldn't have happened. I grabbed a t-shirt and made my way down the hall. Once in the room I quietly woke Chris and told him to go to the other room which he did without any questioning, bless him.

In the morning Hubby hadn’t gotten up yet. So I got started making myself coffee and took both Chris and David a cup of coffee up too. We had to face each other, get things right sort of thing. When I walked in my bedroom Chris wasn't there, he must have got up early and gone, I guessed. David was putting his Batman outfit back on as he had no other clothes with him.

"Morning David, where’s Chris?" I asked.

"He left about 30 minutes ago, oh thanks for the coffee. I should be making way too."

"Is it just a morning thing or are you really happy to see me?" I said gesturing at the growing bulge in his lycra Batman suit.

"I‘m sorry Kiran, seeing you just flooded few memories. You do know we agreed to never mention this again." He replied.

I could have kicked myself. I'd gone too far with that comment. Its true, were has all my modesty gone?! I was so embarrassed. I apologised and quickly tried to leave the room when I accidentally kicked the base of the dressing table really hard. I then fell down on the floor, facing David with one leg straight and the other one bent up against my breasts, unintentionally giving him a up skirt view of my pussy as I grabbed hold of my toes and started crying.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch," I cried out. "I've bl**dy broken my foot."

After a small pause, he ran up to me and kneeled in front of me.

"Where, Kiran? Lets see." He looked genuinely concerned.

"I accidentally hit the base of that bl**dy dresser with my foot. I think I've broken a toe. Ow, ow, ow... It really hurts."

"Let go of it and let me have a look," he said and I released my foot, only to feel his warm hands on it, sending tingles to my pussy. "You haven't broken it, but I think you might have bruised a nail."

"Are you sure?" I sobbed.

"Yes, I'm sure." He caressed my leg and moved to stand up when something made him sit down again.

"lovely." he smiled at me.

"What?" I asked, not following him.

"Your smooth golden pussy."

I looked down and then noticed that my long t-shirt slid up when David was checking my foot. I blushed while slowly closing my legs and realising my nipples starting to harden causing little bumps on my t-shirt.

"You're really sexy, Kiran," David said with a smile. "And you know what would be sexier?"

"What?" I asked, becoming breathless.

"If you took off that t-shirt so that I can see just how beautiful your breasts are in day light."

Aroused and needing more, I reached to the bottom of my shirt, pulled it off over my head and sat up straight with my chest out. Showing off.

"They're so round and nice, like jelly mounds with cherries on top."

"And?" I asked, too shy to make eye contact.

"You have a wonderful body, Kiran." he smiled as I looked up.

I didn’t say anything for a minute or so… thinking of our encounter last night.
"I guess I should go now," he said. "Good bye, Kiran."

I was shocked. After all that with me naked in front of him and clearly turned on, he’s just going to go? He turned and faced the door.

"But..." I started to speak.

"But what, Kiran?" he looked back over his shoulder.

"But what about me?"

"What about you? I'm not a mind-reader. You have to tell me what you want."

"I want... more!"



"Like what, Kiran?"

"Of you. To compliment me, to touch me..." I couldn't bring myself to saying what I really meant.

"If you want me to fuck you I need to hear it," he said. "I need to hear you ask me to fuck you, if that's what you really want. Once you make your mind up, that‘ll be our secret number two."

"Okay, Okay, Fuck me David, please. I want your cock in my pussy one last time."

He came over and took me into his arms. My breasts were crushed against his chest as his tongue explored my mouth. He broke our kiss then turned me around and slowly pushed my head down so that I held on the dressing table with my ass jutting out at him. He pulled down his Batman suit to his ankles and held onto my hips as my breasts were hanging down like udders on a cow. Slowly I felt skin against skin as he rubbed the tip of his cock against my slit, lubricating my pussy with his pre cum. I didn’t really need help, it was pretty wet anyway and I’m sure my pussy remembers the fittings from last night. He placed his cock on the entrance of my love tunnel and without much ado shoved it inside. It filled me up completely. I had to hold the table so not to loose my balance. He started to fuck me in slow steady strokes, then picked up pace. I came and came and came to my hearts content. I bit my lip a lot to prevent myself from screaming and waking hubby. Cum was running from my pussy down to my feet in-between his erythematic strokes. Every now and then he would reach down and press my hanging breasts before his hands went back to holding my hips and pushing his cock deep inside. My orgasm was subsiding as I felt the unmistakeable twitch of his cock ready to unload. He panted frantically that he was about to come. Sliding forward off his cock, I turned grabbing the throbbing monster firmly with my hand.

"I want you to come on my face". I ordered as I began licking his engorged bell end.

Holding his balls with one hand, I stroked his cock with the other hand. Aiming the rock hard bent cock at my open mouth I gently massaged his shaft. Making eye contact with my soon to be exploding present, I slithered my tongue on the underside of his pulsating cock. His cock grew stiffer as the first twitching burst of spunk splashed my tongue. My mouth opened wider and his throbbing cock released spurt after spurt of thick hot white liquid. His come splashed onto my lips and a couple of spurts sprayed my cheeks. Greedily licking every thick globule up, I slithered all of his spunk into my mouth and gleefully swallowed the lot. Panting on my knees, my mind was in a state of shock and disbelief. I didn't know this guys name last night but I fucked, sucked, licked and tasted him twice and loved it. I have no clue how long I was in that state when suddenly I thought I heard hubby moving. I quickly got rid of David, towel dried myself and shoved a tampon up my pussy in effort to hide any tell tale signs.

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4 months ago
You sound a very sexy woman and would love to have my wicked way with you xx
7 months ago
Thank you,thank you x
7 months ago
You really are a very sexual woman who doesn't care who fucks her as long as she can cum.
7 months ago
Oh my... so devilishly hot, if just some of that could happen to me......
8 months ago
Amazing story! It goes straight to my favourite. I wish this happened to my wife and me....
8 months ago
awesome story !
9 months ago
Thanks guys, loving the support.
9 months ago
Damn Kiran - you just made me cum - again . Many thanks
9 months ago
hi kiran, i like the costume set up. Kiran would you do a story with YOU in heels with metal tips? , white thigh high stockings with lace trim, black lace thong, black bra with lace trim, 5in hot pink platform heels and a dirty blondey wig with ponytail holder. Thank you
9 months ago
Thank you and do keep on the lookout for my future stories. X
9 months ago
Love your story, well written and oh so erotic. - thanks for the post....
9 months ago
another one of your great stories. Thanks for sharing these with us.
10 months ago
Thank you and whenever your in the 'mood' there's a few more of my stories here for you.
10 months ago
wonderful story, really gets me thinking and wondering how creative/imaginative your mind gets when putting stories like this together.
I know i have stores to tell of my own life, they quite interesting and maybe someday i can tell some to you by writing, still I am short of words cus i know I will never be able to put something like this

your stores levs me craving for more, both sexually and physically roused up read to off load.. lol, you can say i like the excitement of having that passion and feeling of loading of but yet saving it for the final drops of the story.

great writing and beautiful imagination really creative...

thank you Kiran...
10 months ago
I foresee many notes of sticky dreams after reading your stories. Very erotic, vivid and engorging!
10 months ago
Thank you honeyyyyyyy
10 months ago
Very well written. It held my attention throughout
10 months ago
Well written, and hot as hell.
11 months ago
I want to go drinking with you, I'm happy to dress up
11 months ago
Your stories are OUTSTANDING im as stiff as aboard! thanks for sharing :)
11 months ago
Love it! This is the first story I've read of yours. On to the next!
11 months ago
this got me hard as a rock...thanks for sharing!
11 months ago
Great, well written story. Certainly gave me a hard on with even a little pre cum leaking.
11 months ago
Birthday gift.
11 months ago
i wrote our true life event.. read mine let me know wat u felt about.. although i dont have a strong control of english as well as you do!! i am maths guys.. although english is my first language lol..
11 months ago
well written. sexy story.. dirty enough and clean enough for a interesting read.. i like how so many characters are involved... u praise indin and bengali girls on their looks make me wonder there is a bi side of you.. i must confess havent read all ur stories.. its because i couldnt survive all the way to the 2nd story... great reads!! which of ur story would you say is ur personal favourite and constant fantasy..
11 months ago
hot story
11 months ago
delicious throbbing hot to the max, fuck...well-written...would love to eat and lick that luscious pussu
11 months ago
Great story
11 months ago
Fantastically erotic as usual - we want more!!