one of first mistakes

In Oct 2008, one Saturday morning and the events that unfolded took me completely by surprise. I was Newly married, living in a nice big triple story Victorian house in a posh locality with the in-laws. Its a nice, quiet neighbourhood and everyone knows everyone else. Hubby’s parents mostly stay on the ground floor and kept to themselves, not causing the problems some people seem to meet under the circumstances of living with in-laws.

As I said the story all started one Saturday morning. I woke at about 7.30am, Hubby had already left for work and I woke with an incredibly lazy feeling. Well feelings getting the better of me, I decided to stay in bed a little longer. Closing my eyes, I started reminiscing sex with hubby last night & slowly started to rub my nipples under the silk bed covers, the smooth caresses of the material helping my imagination along. My breasts are 34B and nice and firm and my pussy is bold as that is the way I’ve always kept my pussy and very soon my hand was sneaking down towards it, searching for my clit which by now had become very aroused. I quickly found it and started to rub it between my thumb and forefinger. I became extremely wet and carried on with rubbing my clit and then slipped two fingers into my soaking wet pussy and was very soon heading towards a powerful orgasm.

In the meantime, My f****r-in-law, I called him Abbu mostly out of respect in our tradition. He would be downstairs as usual and every morning he brings us two cups of tea to our bedroom because my hubby loves Indian tea made by his m****r. Now let me explain that Abbu is 61 years of age, balding a little and slightly fat after spending most evenings with friends eating and socialising.

Although my m****r-in-law knew her son leaves early on Saturday mornings she would still send my f****r-In-law to bring my cup to my bedroom. This morning however I was so wrapped up in my personal world of masturbation that I forgot and didn’t even hear him knock. He most of thought I was still asl**p or in bathroom and so he let himself into my room.

What happened next all seemed to happen in slow motion. The sight that greeted Abbu must have nearly given the poor man a heart attack. I was lying on my back with all the bed covers pushed off of me, my legs were open wide, one hand was furiously rubbing my clitoris and I had two or three fingers buried deep inside me. u*********sly, I heard the door open and as I opened my eyes to check I saw Abbu at the foot of my bed with the cup of tea in his hands. Time stood still.!!!!

Coming back to my senses, I dived for the covers and let out a quick stuttered scream. Abbu at this point turned fast on his heel and fled the room. I was so embarrassed; I did not know what to do next, but I quickly regained my senses, had a quick shower, dressed and nervously made my way to the kitchen to where I knew Abbu wouldn’t be. But he was sat at the dining table drinking his tea as my m****r-in-law was putting some washing out. I entered and averted his eyes as not to meet mine. To say the next couple of days were a bit awkward would be an understatement, but we managed to get through the weekend and on Monday morning Abbu brought his son and me tea as usual before hubby went to work. Gradually, the relationship between Abbu and me got back to normal until an incident happened a couple of weeks later that was to change my life forever.

It was a Wednesday and I had gone to gym as normal, but when I got there it was closed with a notice on door saying the gym was closed due to some technical fault. The gym is fairly close by to the house and ten minutes later I was letting myself through my front door. The house seemed empty, Hubby was at work of course and my in-laws didn’t seem home too, I assumed they had gone into town to do some shopping or something. I made my way upstairs to have a quick shower and change and as I opened my bedroom door the sight I saw stopped me dead in my tracks. There lying on MY BED with a pair of MY PANTIES that I had worn yesterday wrapped round his cock was my f****r-in-law, who was in turn pumping that cock quite furiously.

I was unsure how to react; I just froze on the spot and remember thinking ‘Well now the tables had turned.’ It was then suddenly Abbu squealed in horror and as he jumped up all he could keep saying was "I am so sorry Kiran", and again he fled the room. I was Dumbstruck!!!! Here I was in a situation with my f****r-in-law, where we had both caught each other masturbating. But this time it was different, he was lying on MY bed wanking into MY panties, probably (in fact most likely) thinking about ME!!!

I sank down on to my bed, my mind was in turmoil, I had just walked in and found my f****r-in-law masturbating into my panties and it all seemed so unreal. Being a level headed women, I decided we needed to hit this thing head on. I went to knock on Abbu's door and after a couple of seconds he opened it looking very sheepish indeed. All he could say again was “I am so sorry Kiran.” I decided to try and make as light of situation as best I could and I simply said smiling “its OK Abbu I guess you have your needs as much as I have mine and besides that makes us one each now.” Abbu smiled too with a look of relief on his face and said “thanks” I just said “OK let’s forget it now” and with that we went down stairs and shared a pot of tea trying to make as good a conversation as we could.

Next day Abbu had brought our tea as normal but avoided eye contact as hubby was with me. I went back to the gym, I had been there for about an hour and my mind started to drift back to the events of the previous day. The more I thought about it the more I realized that although it all happened very quickly all I had looked at really was Abbu's cock. I played the scene over and over in my mind and I kept going back to his cock. To my utter astonishment I found I had become wet between my legs thinking about a 61year old’s cock. The more I thought about it the wetter I became and I actually started to rub my ass on the exercise bike seat trying to gain some sort of relief.

The next few days were pretty much same, in gym I found myself thinking about Abbu's cock and at night I was hungry for cock and needed hubby to fuck me good, I also started to masturbate a lot more to give myself some self relief. But I couldn’t quench my new sexual thirst, I tried to understand the situation and my only conclusion which I think I had been denying to admit to myself was….. I needed to see Abbu's cock again.

As mentioned earlier, my husband goes to work very early on a Saturday morning, so if this chain of events was to go any further it was going to happen then. I thought the situation over in my mind again and again and decided I would take a huge risk and try and get to see what Abbu does this Saturday.

Saturday morning came and as usual hubby left for work at about 6.30am. I awoke about thirty minutes later and my first thought that day was about the events that might lay ahead. I looked at the clock and worked out that it would be about thirty minutes before Abbu brought me my morning tea. I slipped into the bathroom to freshen myself up a little, get naked and jump back in bed. My plan was set to see what he would do and it would either make or break our relationship but I was so obsessed with seeing Abbu's cock again I just had to go through with it. About fifteen minutes later I heard Abbu knocking on the door and saying out loud that tea had arrived. As usual Abbu waited few seconds before he let himself into the room. The scene that greeted Abbu today was exactly the same as it was before, I was laid on the bed with my legs wide open, one hand was busily rubbing my clit and two fingers were buried deep in my sopping wet hole, I had my eyes shut and was enjoying it.

He stood watching me for a couple of minutes and I brought myself to an intensive orgasm crying out as I came. When I had finished I heard him put the cup of tea on the bedside table and come to the side of the bed. I slowly opened one eye slightly to see what he was doing and saw his cock was bulging in his trousers. He looked down at me and said “My god Kiran you area so gorgeous.” I then opened my eyes fully and acted shocked again. But he just leant down and kissed me as passionately as I have ever been kissed or so it seemed at the time. As he kissed me I put my hand on his crotch and could now feel his hard cock inside his trousers. I had to see it. I unzipped him and soon his cock sprang free. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen, it was actually bigger than I had imagined and had a beautiful upward curl on it.

I looked up at Abbu and he just smiled and nodded. I don’t know what came over me but I lowered my mouth on to his cock and started to give him a blow job. The more I sucked him the harder he seemed to get and he just kept getting bigger and bigger in my mouth. He was groaning a little and unless I was mistaken this was probably the first time he'd had oral sex for a very long time. I pulled him onto the bed and he laid back and continued to enjoy the oral sensations I was giving him. After sucking Abbu for a good few minutes I decided to surprise him. I reached my hand under my pillow and pulled out the panties I had worn the day before. I lovingly wrapped the panties round his cock and started to wank him off. "I think this is what you like" I said to him. “Oh hell yes” he groaned and threw his head back in sheer delight. I wanked him with my panties and could feel his cock boiling up while I stroked his old cock and was amazed at the size and how hard it was. His eyes were closed as I stroked his cock with my lace panties. Then he groaned loudly and I put the crotch of the panties right at the end of his cock. Several ropes of thick semen shot from his cock into the crotch of my panties, warming it up. But as soon as he came, we heard his wife shout for him and he quickly made his way back down. My pussy was now dripping wet and throbbing. I started to play with myself, feeling my clit get so hard. I took the cum filled panties and started to rub them on my clit smearing Abbu's cum all over my bold pussy. Then I used my fingers to push the cum inside me and rubbed some on my clit till I orgasmed nice and hard in some sort of relief. Afterwards I sat on the bed thinking about next Saturday.

After that moment I could not get Abbu out of my mind even more. I thought about him all the time. I gave him more of a show every morning he brought us tea, I’d pretend I’m asl**p and I’ll move position in bed to pop a tit out or my thighs so to flash him. But hubby would cover me every time he’d spot it, thinking I‘m asl**p and unaware.

Soon Saturday came and this week Abbu didn’t even bother knocking on my door. I was butt naked on top of my bed spread eagle, Abbu took out his cock and started to stroke right there in front of me as soon as he entered. He then walked over, climbed onto the bed in-between my legs and pointed his cock right at my pussy, his cock head just touching my pussy lips. I just stared wide eyed at him, repeatedly reminding myself in my head that this shouldn’t go any further then oral sex. He stroked hard and fast, then he groaned as several thick ropes of cum shot out of cock onto my belly and pussy, running down between my lips. I was glad he thought the same as in not crossing the line, I started to rub the thick cum around and then into my pussy until I had a screaming orgasm too.

All of a sudden he sat up and pulled me up too. I got scared, wondering what his intentions were. "I want to eat you Kiran" he gasped, I was relieved & replied "Be my guest" then I sat at the edge of the bed, leaning back and opened my legs as wide as they would go. He started by lapping on the inside of my thighs and quickly snaked his tongue to my now willing and waiting pussy and licked the labia before gently nibbling on my clit sending me into orgasmic bliss. I was in heaven…

I was loving every bit of it, so turned on and horny, I was at the height of orgasmic bliss when he stopped & stood up. Then he pushed me onto my back on the bed, he was standing between my legs with his cock inches away from my hungry pussy. Thinking he was going to blow his wad on my pussy and belly again I spread my legs showing my wet pussy to him. But to my shock and horror he took hold of his cock, which was still hard and placed the head at the opening of my pussy. I wanted to say NO, STOP!!! But instead I was taken by surprise as he pushed in going all the way in till his balls rested against my ass. For some reason my body arched up to meet him and the first movement of his cock ramming inside me, Took my breath away. Never in my life had I had anything so fulfilling inside me so quick, I came almost immediately and he hadn't even started fucking yet. Abbu let my orgasm subside and slowly started to raise and lower his hips in a fucking motion. The pleasure I was feeling was immense, and I started to scream at him. "YOUR FUCKING ME" I screamed " This is so wrong, PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!"

I don’t have a clue what I was trying to say or mean, Abbu was an expert lover though, he was taking me to heights of pleasure I never knew existed at the time and of course being an older man his staying prowess was much greater. For Twenty odd minutes he fucked me, and I lost count of the number of times he made me cum, I hadn't had many men in my short life other then hubby and one other person at that time. Eventually Abbu's breathing started to get a little faster and I knew he was about to burst. I was in turmoil, I was having unprotected sex with my f****r-in-law and was at my most fertile time of the month and he was about to cum in me. I could not believe what happened next. Abbu was getting faster and faster and I heard myself saying "OH GOD YES, OK, OK, PULL OUT."

But Abbu didn’t listen and spurt after spurt of hot thick cum shot into my unprotected fertile womb. I could feel his cock pulsing as he filled my womb with his hot cum and my pussy was drinking it all up. Abbu stood there with his cock inside me till every drop of his cum had drained from his balls and his cock was limp. Then he stepped back pulling his limp cock out from my pussy. Abbu then sat on the bed beside me. "Wow Kiran, that was so incredible!" he said. "I came inside you, are you on pills or you going to get pregnant?" I told Abbu that I’m not on any pills and he shouldn’t have cum inside me. He just made a sorry face, fixed himself up and headed back downstairs.

A month later I was so scared about this that I announced to Hubby that I'd want to start a f****y as soon as possible and that I was feeling really broody. He was overjoyed and we went to bed that night with every intention of extending our f****y. What he did not know though, was that I had been to the chemist and had brought a pregnancy test kit & it confirmed that I was pregnant.

Only myself, and Abbu know the real truth and Saturday mornings have never been the same till we moved out.

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13 days ago
I just loved this story. It was great, makes me wish I was your father-in-law.
5 months ago
OMG,so your child is actually your brother in law???????This is so worng baby.Instead you should have come to me for satisfaction.
5 months ago
Thanks hun
5 months ago
Awesum story :)
8 months ago
Dirty lucky old bastard.
9 months ago
you have done it again thanks
11 months ago
Very Erotic
11 months ago
please share more you are the one!
1 year ago

I have been reading through your stories and have found every one to be entertaining and arousing. Thanks for sharing!
1 year ago
a taboo and great subject, I would have done the same and fucked you hard and deep xx
1 year ago
what a story,as a 59 year old, I am envious of him
1 year ago
Kiran...I want to eat you......omg...great story......
1 year ago
Awesome hot story, SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 year ago
Great story,,,,so well written and totally believable,,,I do hope we read about more lessons soon.
1 year ago
I like your style. I'm sure I'll have more comments and maybe a question or two as it goes along. Thanks for posting this. :-) Great read.
1 year ago
i soooo loved this story. i always masturbated in my step sisters panties & now i still love to do it. my sons gf has seen me masturbate in hers & it turns us both on so much. well down so sexy & making me feel so much like cumming
1 year ago
The story sent me upstairs for a pair of panties and lube.
1 year ago
Thanks sweetie. X
1 year ago
WOW that was a great read .
Taboo on that level is something we play with at home here .
Your story is saved in our favorites and we will read it later together and see were it takes us
Thank you for writng it .
1 year ago
I just erupted violently all over the screen reading this.....didnt even reach the end!
1 year ago
Beautiful & very sexy - great story
1 year ago
nicely done - and very hot story.... taboo is arousing!
1 year ago
If i had a pair of your pants, I would have them wrapped around my cock to
1 year ago
That was fabulous from start to finish. Loved the ending. I'm a devoted reader. x
1 year ago
lovely, father inlaw doing what his son couldn't do and better at it took, hooray for us older men
1 year ago
Thank you very much for the comments lovelies.
1 year ago
Very horny story - got me so hard.
1 year ago
great story, really well written and arousing
1 year ago
A very lucky old guy.... lucky Abbu
1 year ago
Nice hott story!!