my neighbours son

Few night ago my husband’s youngest b*****r came to visit us for 3 days. Whilst having a kick about in the garden this morning, my hubby, his b*****r and the neighbours s*n decided on a videogames night at our house playing Fifa 13 on play station at around 10pm, Andrew the neighbour would bring over the game from his house. I was really horny all that day, so when they started I asked my hubby if the lads will be calling it a night soon so we could play some games of our own in bedroom and he said “yeah, in a hour Kiran.” Now I’m sitting in the single armchair watching them play, waiting for them to finish. The lights are off and the glow of the screen is the only light in room. On the two-seater couch are my husband and his b*****r. Andrew our neighbours son is sitting on the floor, resting his back against the front of the couch. After watching them for about half an hour, I decided I’d go get changed into my night shirt. I stood up and said to hubby “I’m going to put some night clothes on, I’ve been in this shalwar kameez all day.” He replied at the top of his voice, “yeah kiran, get into something sexy to distract these two so I can win.” then they all laughed and I just frowned at hubby and stuck a finger at him in a joking gesture.

I then deliberately walked in front of them to the door leading to hallway. They of course started screaming at me for getting in front of TV. Lol. I got to my bedroom and stripped off my pink shalwar kameez and bra but left my knickers on as we have people in house I don’t want accidental flashes. Slipping on my long night shirt which ended half way between my ass and knees. It was white, thin fabric almost see through with a printed teddy on front. I held my breath thinking shall I do this to get my hubby back for his cheekiness, most likely he will no doubt tell me to go and get something sensible on straight away and stop acting cocky in front of his b*****r. I opened the lounge door and walked past the TV again but this time everyone just stopped and gasped, hubby looked at me and said “OMG KIRAN, what the fuck?”
I said “well you told me to put something on that distracted these, didn’t you?” with a grin (symbolising I called your bluff and won.) he looked at me with a raised eye brow. “So you want me to go and get changed then?”
He shouted out “HELL NO…since you’re acting all brave.”
I knew he was joking to begin with but now he didn’t want to be shown up in front of these teenagers. I thought I’d play along so I carried on to my seat, but then realised Andrew had manoeuvred himself to my seat, while I was gone. I stood over him looking down with an expression of disapproval.

"you cheeky bugger" I said.

"Umm...Mr Khan said women should sit on floor in your culture, not men."

"Really?!" I sighed and without hesitation sat right on top of him, (women power) whilst giving hubby the evil look.

"Oomph!" an over dramatized sound came from Andrew as I sat.

"shut up," I said in reply.

He frowned cheekily before turning his eyes back to the screen.
I was getting bored till I had a plan to annoy hubby and see if I can get him to give up and ask me to go get changed now. I called hubby then started bouncing on Andrews lap making sure hubby notices, glancing at hubby to see if he was ready to tell me to go cover up but he just smiled as if to say ‘try harder!’
Damn this wasn’t working but I couldn’t back down so I thought I should push this a little bit further and I got up to go to the kitchen pretending for a drink but really I pulled my knickers off flicking them under the fridge out of site, I grabbed a coke can and headed back to the lounge carefully walking behind them this time, hubby not even noticing that you could now just make out my ass having extra jiggle to it. However I noticed that Andrew had figured out that I was knickerless as I sat back on his lap, because he whispered “WOW” as I bent to sit on him, but hubby was too busy playing the game.

He then put both his arms around each side of me with the control pad resting on my lap. We sat like this for 10 minutes. Nothing out of the ordinary happened until I thought I felt his control pad vibrate on my lap. The intensity of it together with me being horny all day sparked a reaction directly to my pussy, which began to get wet. Then it vibrated again as Andrew took penalties in the game, I slowly put my palm over his hand in cover of the darkness and pushed the control pad between my thighs. He must of figured it out and although lost the game, He became rock hard under me. Hidden in the darkness of the room I was sure that my husband was unable to see us. So I thought why not see if I can get a temporary sexual relief till bed time.

I should probably mention at this point that Andrew was wearing loose joggers and his erection had lifted the material into a substantial tent between my bare thighs. 'This is awkward' I thought to myself because now he will needs relief too. His cock jumped of its own accord and poked against my inner thigh when I accidentally pushed his hand towards my pussy mound instead of the control pad. I then squeezed my legs together, holding his cock firmly in between my silky Indian thighs and gently rising and dropping my knees. This continued to happen for several minutes until he got frustrated with limited action. The feeling was mutual but hubby was nearly done playing his game with his b*****r. so I suggested they played best of 5 games to which Andrew quickly agreed. So they carried on and Andrew’s cock grew even harder at the thought of more fun time.
His right hand began to move, brushing the curve of my breast as he trailed it down the length of my torso, very slowly, so as to avoid my hubby noticing. With a calm deliberate movement, I reached between my legs and put my thumb under the elastic band of his bottoms and pulled it over his cock. I felt his sizable cock free and spring into the open air, slapping against my inner legs. I was paralysed by the sheer hardness of his cock in that moment as my hand gently brushed his throbbing shaft, exploring the ridges and veins. He grasped as I began a slow but determined pumping motion, the kind of motion that brings men to the edge through pure intensity. I pulled my hand away and hid his cock between my thighs when I thought hubby looked over at one point. Few seconds later, glancing across to check that my hubby was still unaware of what was going on. I got so scared to what might happen if we get caught but the risk was such a turn on too.

When it became apparent that hubby and his b*****r were fully engrossed in the game, I resumed stroking. Without realising, I slowly began grinding my hips back and forth against the base of his cock, all the while pumping the tip of his cock firmly with my right hand.
As I continued to rock, my night shirt began to ride up at the back. I could feel the heat of his groin against me as I began to grind a little faster, bringing us closer and closer to satisfaction of some sort.

"You're going to make me cum," he whispered barely audible over the noise coming from the game.

I began grinned wickedly and pushed myself further down into his lap, towards his pulsating cock. He remained reasonably still, accept a sudden loud exhalation, I freaked out and glanced fearfully over at hubby.

“She’s starting to get too heavy, Andrew?” said hubby without taking his eyes from the screen.

Panicking Andrew answered, “No Mr Khan, I'm just tired no need to worry though.”

I had frozen at the noise but now continued with my advances slowly, Thinking that was a close call.

“Its one game each so you got a bit of a wait k**do.”

“That’s ok Mr Khan, I‘ll wait.”

“Oh and Kiran start bouncing on him like before so he stays awake for his lesson in defeat.” said hubby.

I looked at him and said, “OHH YEAH.. You sure babe, remember what I’m wearing. You still sure? as if”

He just said, “yeah, I’m still not jealous of a k*d. If that’s what your asking.”

I knew he wasn’t seriously okay with it, he couldn’t be, but he was playing it calm. As soon as it quietened down again, my hand was back on Andrews cock, I raised my hips up and pulled the back of my shirt completely out from under my ass with the intensions of having a good rub against his hard cock.

He moved his hands and helped me rise my ass slowly. I then felt one of his hands come off of my hip. I knew what he was doing with it. I started lowering myself back down on him as he held his cock straight up. I didn’t want to fuck him but this wasn’t the time or the place to debating preferences. I felt the head of his cock at the entrance of my now very wet pussy. I lowered myself more, his cock sliding into my pussy. As I was lowering myself, his cock was opening my pussy walls wide with the most amazing feeling ever. I moaned. I couldn't help myself. My husband looked at me. Panicking I dropped myself quickly onto Andrew, feeling his cock bottom out balls deep into my pussy. I felt like screaming but kept my poker face on.

"Excuse me!?" hubby reprimanded.

"Sorry I just... uhh... can't believe you missed that gaol.." Is all I managed to say, convulsing in waves of pleasure with his thick shaft in so deep. I must have been really turned on to let that cock slide inside so fast, I probably cry otherwise. but there had been barely any resistance whatsoever this time.

Thankfully hubby bought the lie and went back to concentrating on the game.
I then slowly started moving my ass back and forth on Andrews cock. The only part of me moving was my ass. I kept my head still as best I can so my hubby didn't catch on to what we were doing.

I was in ecstasy, started to grind more rocking back and forth. I could feel his cock caressing the silken walls of my pussy. I was tingling in every inch of my body, specially my toes, lower back and backs of my knees. I was quivering from head to toe at the intensity of the feelings I was experiencing, physical and emotional. I clenched shut my eyes and was rapidly building pace, I could only assume that he shared this sensation too.

I reached in between my legs with one of my hands and found my clit, smearing it side to side, slick as it was with the wetness from my pussy lips. His cock in me, my hand on my clit were too much. I felt wave after wave hit me. All I could do was tense my body. It lasted a good thirty seconds. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had. My eyes were now wide open and my mouth formed a silent 'o' as I battled the urge to cry out in ecstasy. Exhausted I slumped over my knees with his cock still in me. He wasn't finished yet though. He kept thrusting his cock in me and then his legs went tense. I felt he was rapidly approaching to pass the point of no return, embedded deep within me. I tried furiously to pull his cock out from under me but he was too hard and just then he started shooting his cum in me. I could feel it filling me up. It felt very warm. Thinking that’s another one for the ‘morning after pill!’

So Instead of fighting him off now I just reached down to cup his balls to milk out every last drop as he was cumming. His cock pulsed and throbbed, pumping spurt after spurt of cum into my pussy. There was so much of it, it filled me before trickling in thick streams back out and down onto the armchair.
He continued to twitch for a good five minutes as we sat there in silence, his cock began to soften within me and slowly fall out.

Hubby and his b*****r were almost finished playing. I managed to quickly grab the kitchen towel and pass it to Andrew as I walked out the room saying I needed a wee. When I came back in room my hubby and Andrew were now playing, my b*****r-in-law asked if I could show him to his room as he was really tired now. But strangely he had the kitchen towel roll in his hand as he followed me out……

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2 months ago
Great story telling ;)
3 months ago
Wish I was there instead of Andrew.I want to see your lovely boobs & juicy pussy
7 months ago
I wish I had been Andrew as I am sure I would love to fuck you as he did.
9 months ago
so sneaky and bad with your hubby right there! got to be honest if i was your hubby i would have loved to known what u did and encouraged you to have been even more taboo
9 months ago
Thank you. XXX
9 months ago
love it so naughty and bad ! wish i was a neighbour of yours
9 months ago
Hot story!
11 months ago
love your horny fantasies, what are you like at directing films cos i'd pay to see that played out for real
11 months ago
Damn your one hot horney lady.
1 year ago
Such flirtation with disaster! How dangerously exciting...
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
Loved it hun...
1 year ago
Bravo. Loved it. You done good! Unfortunately the only things I could say in hopes of your fingering yourself are best said in private. *sigh*
1 year ago
OMG - I am now so fuckin horny - gotta read it again & wank - hard
1 year ago
Hot story
1 year ago
loved it, for such a short story it was very exciting and erotic and very very original scenario, a refreshing change from the approach i mostly find on here, excellent first story (i mean first story of yours that i have read) i am really grateful you chose to request to be added to my friends list and gave me the opportunity to read your work. look forward to reading all the rest. thats my foreseeable future planned, an afternoon with your stories, can't think of anything better if this is just a taster.
1 year ago
Fucken hot
1 year ago
1 year ago
I hate football and video games , but with incentive like that put me down for the next round
1 year ago
excellent story and well me stroking :)
1 year ago
Can u invite me around for a game of FIFA next time
1 year ago
the story made me feel so horny.send me more please:)
1 year ago
sexy story
1 year ago
What an incredibly erotic encounter... silent and taboo! mmmmmmmm... sooooo HOT!!
1 year ago
Beautifully narrated. I like your spicy story. In episode, describe how your brother-in-law did with. More graphic account please. You are a lovely fantasy narrator.
1 year ago
So your husband's brother reckons he'd like a scoop of this spicy dish as well? So much for family loyalty. At least Andrew has the excuse that he just lives next door and it was her fault for grinding her pussy into his crotch.
1 year ago
more please with the brother-in-law
1 year ago
niceeee XD
1 year ago
If this true, then the porn industry seriously needs better screenplays!