naked for b*****r

My b*****r, who is youngest in my f****y, had come over to visit my town with the intension of taking some pictures of the Blenheim palace near my house. It was for his university spring photography contest. The Blenheim Palace is a monumental country house situated in my town Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England, residence of the Dukes of Marlborough. The palace is one of England's largest houses, was built between 1705. and circa 1724. UNESCO recognised the palace as a world heritage sites in 1987.
Its construction was originally intended to be a gift from a grateful nation in return for military triumph against the French and Bavarians at the battle of Blenheim. However, it soon became the subject of political infighting, which led to Marlborough's exile, the fall from power of his duchess, and irreparable damage to the reputation of the architect Sir John Vanborough.
Designed in the rare, and short-lived, architectural appreciation of the palace is as divided today as it was in the 1720s. It is unique in its combined usage as a f****y home, mausoleum and national monument. The palace is also notable as the birthplace and ancestral home of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.
Following the palace's completion, it became the home of the Churchill f****y for the following 300 years, and various members of the f****y have in that period wrought various changes, in the interiors, park and gardens. At the end of the 19th century, the palace was saved from ruin by funds gained from the 9th Duke of Marlborough. The interior and exterior of the palace remains in good repair.

We woke up early the morning after he came, made us breakfast, got washed, ready and went. He most of taken hundreds of pictures all day, even some silly one of us, acting up against statues and tree’s. Around 6pm we headed back home, then started flicking through our pictures over tea.
I didn't know he had taken some pictures of me before we left house. One was of me, in my night gown, opening the curtains in the morning. What really made the picture unique was the way the light played thought my gown, showing off my body, almost like I’m naked.

I was so flattered by the picture, my 30-year-old figure, captured so tastefully in the photograph, the picture turned me on. I praised his high tech camera so much and made a mental note to by one for my hubby’s birthday.

My b*****r, convinced that it was me that had made the picture special, begged me to let him take more photos of me. He even offered to let me keep the camera. He told me I could use the pictures as a portfolio, If ever tried to get into modelling, which I should. Well, I told him to shut up and stop buttering me up. But I have to admit it was flattering the way he practically drooled over his older s****r's body.

After a few more hours of bugging me, I finally succumbed.
It was a weird feeling, preparing to pose for my little b*****r. At first, I just did a shoot for him in my black sheer saree to keep that see through effect going. It wasn't too bad, not like some of the way Asian girls dress these days from time to time. I knew that my b*****r was studying my figure from an artistic standpoint, of course.

He would tell me to move my head this way, drop shoulder or my butt that way and a little later he would even touch my legs (never above the knee) or arm, I noticed it was to get the pose just the way that he wanted it.

I said it was a weird feeling, but I assure you, I didn't get aroused by it at all. I have to admit, though, that I did check the crotch of his shorts from time to time, to see if my younger b*****r was growing down there from all of that staring at my golden Indian feminine curves.

The evidence, that first time, was inconclusive.

We looked at the pictures together and, I have to admit, there was something about them that was beautiful and innocently sensual and these photos portrayed me in a way that made me feel good about my body. It gave me a chance to see myself through the eyes of a man, even though that man was my own b*****r. he still was a man who found the shapes of my figure to be a thing of desire. It was a thrilling feeling.

We both politely avoided discussing the increasingly obvious fact that, in the later pictures that showed my blouse, my nipples were obviously erect.

After that, he convinced me that there was really no difference between posing for him in my see through saree, on the one hand, and posing in a bikini, on the other.

That’s when I found myself Slipping into my bikini, I looked at myself in the mirror before I went back to him. My heart stopped as I saw how much of my body I was showing. I gathered my strength and walked downstairs in my night gown. B*****r was already waiting near his camera and he had several lights set up around.
"Hey s****r, I'm ready, go ahead and stand in front of the camera" he told me.
With my heart racing I moved over to the front. I stood there looking at him still deciding if I should do it or not.
"Well s****r... you're gone have to take that gown off" he said looking at me innocently.
I took a deep breath and took it off, throwing it to the side. I saw his eyes widen as he held his breath.
My b*****r was now staring at my boobs which were covered only by two thin pieces of material. The material wasn't big enough as it was a skimpy type bikini, and all the sides were showing, bare for him to see.
My bikini bottom was in no better shape. It was a tiny triangle that just about covered my pussy, but that's it. It was held together by strings that went high over my full hips. The material hugged my pussy tight and my b*****r could see the outline of my mount with the dip in the middle.
I was not thinking about it at the time. I was more excited that how would my pictures come out.
"So how do you want me to stand this time, b*o?" I asked.
"Just like that... spread your arms out... yeah."
He was snapping pictures as I held still. He was getting closer and closer to me again.
"yessss... I have an idea." He said suddenly.
I looked at him already quite excited but trying not to show it.
"Can you climb on top of the couch arm facing forward and lean back onto it and put your hands across the back? I want you riding on the arm of the couch facing me."
I though about it for a minute. God this would be naughty, I would be laying back with my legs slightly spread. Just thinking about it was making my pussy wet.
"Ok Sir, but you're going to have to help me a bit," I said eyeing the couch high arms and best way to straddle it.
My b*****r quickly came up and grabbed my arm. Supporting myself with my other hand, I swooped my leg over it sitting down on the couch arm. B*****r's eyes were on my crotch, I could tell he was looking for a glimpse of my pussy. Suddenly I saw his eyes get wide and felt him hold his breath.
Alarmed I looked down at my crotch and saw that my bottom shifted slightly to the side and now revealed one of my pussy lips. Oh god, oh no, my b*****r could see my pussy. I knew I had to quickly cover myself, but couldn't take my hands off the back of the couch in fear of loosing my balance.
"B*****r, I feel a little unsteady like this, maybe I should get down," I said nervously.
"C‘mon, you can hang on, just hold yourself steady."
I tried staying at that pose, but as I felt my body sliding to the sides. Not being able to balance, I closed my legs a little. Doing that I was loosing my balance even more, so I had to open them up. I soon found out that the further I spread my legs open, the easier it was to stay on top of the couch arm without falling.
Soon my legs were spread open as if I was posing for a dirty magazine, but it was only to keep me from falling.
Click, click, click. I heard the camera snapping pictures, and saw my b*****r in front of me zooming on my crotch. No, my mind screamed. Again I tried closing my legs but couldn't. My body kept sliding off . I ended up quickly spreading my legs, even further this time, to hold my balance.
"B*****r, I really have to get down," I said alarmed, but with no conviction.
The truth was I felt very sexually excited. Showing my body off to the camera was a huge turn on for me. It made me feel naughty, dirty and somewhat like a porn star. As soon as I though of myself as a porn star, my pussy flooded with juices. The secret fantasy I always masturbated to flooding my mind.
I looked down at my crotch again and saw that my bottom has moved completely to the side, exposing my pussy in its entirety. Exposing my wet, bold pussy to my b*****r. Oh No... I looked up at him and saw he was only taking pictures of my pussy.
"B*****r... no... stop taking pictures," There was no use pretending he couldn't see my pussy.
"S*s it's OK, you look beautiful... and this is digital... we can erase these pictures at anytime," Snap, snap, snap.
He wasn't stopping.
"B*****r, this is wrong... you can't do this, I can't do this... help me get down," I kept my legs spread open as I looked at him.
His soft dark eyes moved from my exposed wet pussy to my face. He looked at me, first time taking his eyes off my crotch area.
"S*s just a few more pictures... you look great... and I promise I'll erase these pictures as soon as we're done."
Oh god. I closed my eyes trying to think of a way to stop this from going too far. Was I really trying to stop this? Or... I'm being a slut for him... my b*****r's slut.
A low moaned escaped my lips as my pussy quivered at the thought. I opened my eyes alarmed that he heard me moaning, but all my b*****r was doing was taking pictures of my pussy.
He got closer and reaching out pulled on the strings tied at my hips. What??? He wants to take my bikini bottom off??? No I can't let him, he's my b*****r, this is so wrong!!!
"B*****r... No..."
I barely heard my whisper. Why didn't I scream this out. Why didn't I jump off this damn position? My mind was confused. My body on the other hand wanted more attention.
I was looking into his eyes, and he was looking into mine as his hands untied both sides of my bikini bottom. Why didn't I stop him?
With my legs spread open, he reached out and hooked his finger under the material right at my pussy.
I shivered with shock as I felt his finger touch my pussy lips. The touch was very brief as he pulled the material off from under me. Without realizing it, I lifted my ass slightly off the couch arm so he could pull them off.
He stepped back looking at me. His eyes peeled to my crotch. I could barely breathe, my legs were trembling, and I could feel my pussy juices running out of my pussy and dampening the arm of the couch below.
"s****r... you are so wet down there," He said as if he was looking at something for the first time in his life.
"B*o... I need to get off now."
Snap, snap, snap. He was taking pictures of me like that as if he didn't hear me.
"Just lift your legs up for me," He looked up at me with a pleading look on his face.
"No B*o... I can't... please... let me down now."

To make matters worse, I became aware of the growing bulge in his shorts as he snapped pictures of me. There was no avoiding it: he was developing a pretty big hard-on. There was no escaping the reason why I dressed as I was; right there in only my bikini top and no bottoms.

Damn, I thought, my b*****r and I were becoming aroused for each other. This was my worst fear coming true. As I know how weak I am when fully aroused, It was going to be awkward.
"B*o, I’m getting down..." I said.
He knew I meant it. Quietly he put his camera down and grabbed my hand. Holding on to him I swung my leg over and slipped off the couch. I came to rest right in his arms. I felt his hand on my ass as he was holding me up.
"Hey... let me go," I said in a stern voice.
He slid his other hand down and grabbed both of my ass cheeks. I felt his fingers digging deeper into my ass crack.
"That's enough... please," I pushed him away.

"Ok, I think I'd better cover back up now," I said.

He actually tried to get me to go in the other direction, to take off what little covering I had left at that point. "Why cover up now," was his argument. "It's a natural reaction," he said, and I was acutely aware that the "it" he was referring to was the wetness growing in his older s****r's pussy.

To tell you the truth, I was dying to reach down and touch myself there. I wanted to let my hand give an answer to the arousal that I was feeling. But I wasn't about to let my younger b*****r see me like that, or watch me do that.

Still, my arousal was in some sort controlling me, and while there were things I wasn't willing to show my k** b*****r, I wasn't above testing him to see what he would do for me.

"I think you're enjoying what you're seeing a little too much," I said.

He continued snapping pictures of me. "Huh? I'm just..." he tried to protest.

"Look at your cock, b*o," I said. "I can see it. You have a total hard-on going on there."

He blushed deeply.

I was slowly stroking my thigh as he kept on taking pictures, I teased him. Knowing that I was producing such a reaction in him encouraged me further. As he clicked the shutter over and over,

I reached back and pulled at the bikini strings till it was undone. The material were held on my tits only by my very erect nipples, giving my b*****r a great view down of my chest and my full globes. I looked back at him, my lips dry and my heart pounding in my chest.
"Oh S*s this is great, I love it... now put your hands on the table and spread them wide."
I spread my hands wide on the table leaning back. As I did that, I felt my bikini start to slide away. Was that his intention from the beginning? And why not, why shouldn't I show him my tits? He already saw my pussy.
"Ok B*****r... but please... please erase these pictures later," I couldn't believe how excited I was getting.
I decided to go with it, but keep it in check. I wouldn't go too far, if things would get out of hand I would just get up and walk away. I arched my back and stuck my chest out.
Snap, snap, snap. My b*****r was now taking pictures of my bare tits; my bikini completely fell off. God just exposing myself in front of my b*****r was a big turn on.
"Damn your tits are gorgeous... can I... can I touch them?" He said unsure looking at me.
"No B*o... I shouldn't even be letting you take these pictures," I replied not very convincingly.
"Can I take close-ups of you tits at least?" He asked looking up at me.
"Ohhh... Ok... Go ahead," I said as I sat down on a dinning chair.
He extended the camera out more getting it closer. His body put pressure on my knees which automatically separated and he slipped right between them. That wasn't what I meant! I thought, besides I was naked.
My b*****r was now between my legs, with his camera resting on my lower stomach, snapping pictures of my naked tits from a below angle. My pussy was soaking wet and wide open showing.
What made matters worse is that he brought his eyes down to the camera's viewfinder taking pictures. His face was near my pussy mound and his cheek touched abit. I know he could smell me, I know he could smell my pussy juices.
"S*s, you're gorgeous," Snap, snap, snap.
Feeling my b*****r's breath on my wet pussy gave me goose bumps all over my body. I froze, I didn't want this to end, I wanted him to continue. I was totally under his control. The camera, his breath, the touch of his hands on my legs, my body was glowing with excitement as my b*****r was barely touching it.
He looked up at me and I knew he was starting to suspect that I couldn't stop him. He smiled knowingly and moved his thumb from the camera down to the top of my mound, resting it on my pussy where my clit was. He rubbed it in small circles getting a low moan out of me.
"Oh S*s... your pussy smells so good..."
His words made me feel like a slut. My head was spinning and his rubbing thumb was making my pussy quiver.
"My, my... let's see how wet you really are..." He looked up at me waiting for my reaction.

"You know, this isn't fair," I whimpered.
I leaned forward and unbuttoned his shorts. Once they were open, they fell quickly down to his ankles, and his raging erection strained at the elastic waistband of his thin boxer shorts.

I tugged those down, too, leaving him naked from the waist down, and then went back to posing for him.

I got onto my knees and thrust my little round butt back up towards his camera. I looked over my shoulder at him, remembering to smile as he clicked away, taking more photos of me. I enjoyed watching his erection peek out from his shirt-tails as he guided me through several poses.

"Be nice to me," I kept my legs shyly together as he snapped photo after photo of me. Then he placed one hand on my leg and prodded me to open my thighs.

He stood up and looking down at me started taking more pictures.
Snap, snap, snap.
"Now spread your legs more S*s so I can take a picture of that wet pussy."
"God B*o... I shouldn't be doing this... I'm your S*s..."
"Come on S*s... you know you want to... you know you want to show me everything... now spread your legs."
What was the point, what was the point of me denying this. He was right, I wanted to show him everything, I spread my legs apart as my b*****r asked.
"Yeah... nice..." Snap, snap, snap "Now lift them up and push your knees back."
I lifted my legs and brought my knees to my chest. I was so spread and my pussy was dripping. My b*****r was on the floor in front of me snapping pictures. I looked into the camera and licked my lips.
I was trembling, I had that feeling we were going all the way, that I wouldn't stop him from doing anything to me.
I was on fire, I shed all my inhibitions, I wanted to be who I always fantasized about, a SLUTY PORN STAR I wanted to be a slut right now.
My b*****r was looking up at me, as if hypnotized by my wet pussy. I grabbed my ass cheeks with my hands and spread them apart. I could see he was excited, his cock throbbing. Snap, snap, snap. God, what a pictures he was getting, me, his S*s spreading her ass open for him.

He reached out and touched my pussy. Feeling his fingers on my pussy sent me over the edge. I started to cum. I could feel his fingers separating my pussy lips and sliding inside my dripping hole, as I closed my eyes and enjoyed a very powerful orgasm.
His fingers were penetrating my hole up to his knuckles, my b*****r was finger fucking me with what looked like three fingers. I couldn't tell, I didn't care, he could stick his fist in me if he wanted to. My pussy was making wet sloshing sounds.

I'm letting my b*****r finger fuck me like this.
I crawled up on the couch, with my ass to him, spreading my legs wide, giving my b*o the hint... to fuck me... to fuck his S****r. I looked back at him.
"Oh yeah b*o fuck me... stick your cock in me... please... fill my fuck hole."
He came up close behind me, sliding his fingers across my dripping slit, spreading my lips open. I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy but he didn't move. Was he afraid, did he have second thoughts?
I thought about what I was about to do. Oh No... this was it... this was so immoral... so nasty. My own b*o... fucking me...
I pushed back a little feeling his tip sinking into my pussy. Oh god why did I do that? I felt the head of his cock inside my hole, teasing it. Oh no... I shouldn't be doing that... he's my b*****r.
My head was swimming, I was fighting an internal battle over what was proper and what I desired... what my body wanted. I looked back at him to see that he was looking at me with his eyes wide.
I couldn't stand it, the feeling of his cock tip inside me was so hot. I pushed back more making half of my b*o's cock slide inside my hot, waiting pussy.
"Aaaahhhhhh..." I moaned in pleasure.
I pulled back a little and again pushed back. Maybe just a little... maybe I'll just fuck his cock just a little... just the tip of it. I was pushing back and forth, enjoying it, hot feeling he was giving me as he tipped in my pussy.
I was so lost in this rubbing, burning sensation in my pussy when suddenly I felt my ass bounce against his stomach. Oh my god... nooooo... not the whole way! I looked behind me to see that I was now moving back and forth the whole length of his cock.
I couldn't stop myself, I tried but I couldn't. I surrendered myself to my b*o, fucking him, fucking the whole length of his dick. I heard him moan... or was it me? I couldn't tell, I was in heaven. He grabbed my ass and held me still as he started slowly sliding his cock in and out of me.
Now he was fucking me... my b*o.... his balls slapping against my clit, making me cum.
"Ahhhh... ohhhhhh... uhmmmmm..." I was moaning.
He increased the speed driving me insane, ready to climax.

I looked back at my b*o.
"CUM b*o... cum inside me... Oh god yessssss... cum inside your S****r," I was climaxing, Cumming together with my b*****r, both of us moaning.
All of a sudden he stiffened up, and pushed his whole cock buried deep inside of me. I felt him shoot his load inside of my pussy. One, two, three. He was filling me up as I was climaxing, our seeds mixing together inside of me.
It was like I was in another world, He grabbed on to my ass and spread it, trying to get deeper into me.
Oh my God... Oh my God, my b*o made me cum so hard!! I managed to calm down a little, my body still hot... sweating. I looked back at my b*o and saw that he had his eyes closed. I moved off sliding his cock out of me, feeling some juices running down the inside of my legs.
I set down beside him and looked down at his semi hard cock, it was so wet... foamy...our juices mixed on it…inviting. Oh god I couldn't stand it. I bent down and took his cock into my mouth, sucked on it, licked it. Cleaning it, just licking my b*o's cock, tasting my pussy.

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1 year ago
My sister was the first to give me a hand job and we often masturbated together... and did other things as well. It's not uncommon and besides, we were adopted so we figured it wasn't really incest...
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great story. there is something so naughty about bros & sisters that we all love so much. it got me excited just thinking about old memories as i read
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Great story. My sister and I learnt so much from each other in the same way. She had such a lovely body.
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Great story but I wonder how long hamster will let it stay on here. I had several true stories about my sister & I on here and the bastards deleted them. Good luck.
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that is so hot.. what a luck brother you have kiran... sister incest is the best..

_______________ †¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶†
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that`s a perfect story!!! this was so exciting to read!!! like i imagine it for years;)
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