poker with b*****r

Wooohooo, hubby’s got two months off work. In celebration we phoned a few friends over for supper tomorrow night. I invited my b*****r jay, my friend Jackie, her hubby Tom and hubby invited Iqbal & his wife Asrin. Well we decided to have everyone over at 7pm and serve food at 8pm.
At the time my husband was playing online poker and came up with a entertainment idea for the boys to play poker on the dinning table after we ate and cleared away. I told him that’s fine and the girls could go watch soaps and have a good chit chat in living room.
Next day I started messing with him very early in the morning when we first woke up, I stroked his cock a few times while he was still asl**p and once it got hard I sucked it until he woke up. He loves that and I do too.

I didn't finish him off I told him to save it for later, I love a good build up. Well I put on my favourite shalwar kameez, no panties, sheer bra, a garter with thigh high stockings underneath just to excite him later. I was cleaning the kitchen as he was online again playing poker, I stopped what I was doing and said I need to go get some drinks at some point for there game tonight. He agreed.

Later in the day were talking and I asked hubby “how do you feel about Tom?” he said what do you mean. I said “would you be ok after you guys had a bust up last time over Jackie flirting with you?” he replied “yeah I’m cool, she isn’t super attractive or anything I don’t know why he’s so possessive.”

About 6:30pm Asrin and Iqbal came round followed by Jackie and Tom, we served drinks then Jackie and Asrin followed me to kitchen while the men went into the living room. An hour later at 7:30pm, my b*****r Jay arrived. After hugs and kisses we all sat down and enjoyed a nice feast. When finished we cleared up and left the boys to there poker.

When us girls walked back in the dinning room at 11:30 pm, the boys were still playing poker. The dinning room was filled with smoke from cigars and cigarettes. I hate the smell of tobacco.

I walked up behind Hubby to get a look at his cards, bent down to give him a kiss on his cheek. As I did I saw the rest of the boys look down my kameez. My nipples got hard as the guys stared at me. I blushed a little when Tom said “you cold dear?” Hubby told him to mind his business, but I turned to him and walked over, making sure my tits bounced in front of him.

When I got closer to him, I bent down so he could see down my kameez and said “no point dreaming of what you cant have.” Hubby seemed to get a bit pissed and told him to get back to the game. I smiled at Hubby and told him I handled it, then I walked over behind my b*****r to see how he was doing. He just folded out of a big pot, Iqbal raised, hubby re-raised then Tom folded. It then fell back to Iqbal but he had run out of money. His wife Asrin then asked hubby “how much for my knickers?” to which hubby replied “£50” she then took her knickers off from under her skirt and threw it on top of the money. Hubby of course called the bet, then won it and put the knickers in his pocket.

Few hands later same happened to Tom, Jackie lost her bra and knickers trying to help her hubby. Mean while hubby had a stash of cash along with two pairs of knickers and a bra. Next hand jay kept calling all the raises, which worried me so I went over to look at his hand. He had a great reason to call all bet since he’s got pair of kings, Tom and hubby folded. Iqbal raised with Asrin’s bra, which is worth £40 and my b*****r only had £5 left. So yes I felt sorry for him and knowing he’d win, I bet my bra on his behalf. The flop was 10, 2, 10 then king (massive grin on our faces, knowing that’s a full house) then an Ace. Iqbal jumps up slapping his cards on the table PAIR OF ACE’S! Damn!!! I reluctantly kneeled down behind my b*****r and took off my kameez then bra, putting my kameez back on I got up and handed the bra to Iqbal. Hubby won next few hands, Asrin was now down to only her jumper, Jackie just in tights and I lost my shalwar. Thankfully my kameez is long and it ends at my knee’s. My b*****r wins the next hand and through my advice makes Asrin sit on Toms lap until Iqbal wins a hand. Tom raised next hand then wanted my b*****r to bet my kameez (the only thing covering me) but Jay didn’t instead he bet his trousers, Which Tom won. Iqbal won now which meant his wife was free & for his raise against my b*****r, he said I had to sit on my b*****rs lap until he won his next hand.

So I did, but I was a little fearful as I wasn’t wearing this panties. I could feel the back of my bare legs on my b*o's bare legs. "How are you doing?" I asked my b*o.

"Fine, s*s. No problem."

I looked across the table at my husband. "Do you have a good hand?" I asked him, trying to see if we can win anytime soon.

"Sure," he answered with a poker face. "Can you lose for us" I laughed.

"No can do, dear." Are you comfortable?"

knowing my hubby and his mates were taking piss, I wiggled around on my b*o's lap. "Yeah, I don't mind this at all."

As I was waiting a good hand. I started to feel something hard. I reposition my ass, but it didn't go away. I also noticed my b*****r got real quiet. "It wasn't there when I first sat down." I thought to myself. Then I realized what I was feeling. My b*o was getting a hard on. I really didn't think about him getting a hard on by me sitting on his lap. I could feel it still growing. (My god) I wondered what he was thinking. Does he think I can't feel it between the crack of my ass? I looked down at my legs. My b*****r's hands was on the table from each side of me. It gave me a little thrill knowing I could give my b*o a hard on. I knew my hubby couldn't see how high the back of my kameez had ridden or he would say something. The table block it from his view. I felt my b*****r shift his body around. When he did his cock ended up on the back of my ass and I gasped wishing he would try something.

I looked over at my hubby again. I liked the idea of my b*o's cock throbbing against my ass with my hubby right there. I slid forward a little so It could push my kameez up a little. His hands moved with my skirt. I looked down and could see my legs.
I could feel myself getting wet. I wanted more.
I spread my legs a little wide, I was so wet I sunk two fingers in me at once and I let out a low moan.

"Are you OK?" Jackie asked me. she was looking at me. I smiled and said," I'm OK; I thought it would be a problem sitting on my b*****r’s lap, but it really isn't. This isn't so bad after all." Mean while Jay, my b*****r kept folding every hand.

Here I was talking to everyone with my b*o's cock up against me. "who won last hand?"

"I did" Hubby answered.

I turned and looked at my b*****r," C’mon Jay, put your back into it. I don't want you to lose it."

I wanted him to know I wanted him to get bolder. He got the idea as I raised my hips up a bit and pulled my kameez out from under my ass. My b*o understood why.

He lowered his hands to undo his buttons on his boxer. I had to rise up so he could get to his boxer. But I still had his dick trapped under my ass. I raised my hips even more.

"Everything OK, honey?" My hubby asked me. "Are you getting uncomfortable on our b*****r’s lap? Do you want me to make him bet his boxers too?" grinning, thinking this must be torture for us.

As Jay undid his boxers, I felt his trapped dick release itself. I sat back down on him. His dick was pressing against the back of my naked ass.

"Whatever, babe."

Jay placed his hands on each side of my hips." If you would s*s, raise up some so I can position myself better." I understood what my b*o was saying.

I raised my ass in the air as high as I could. I felt one of his hands come off of my hip. I knew what he was doing with it. I started lowering myself back down on Jay. I felt the head of his dick at my entrance. I lowered myself more. His dick easily slid in my pussy. As I was lowering myself on my b*****r's cock, his dick was opening my pussy walls wide. I bit my lip, trying not to moan. I couldn't help myself.

As I lowered myself until I felt my b*****r's cock bottom out in my pussy.
I was riding my b*****r's cock, I looked over at my husband. Jay was still pushing his cock in me as hard as he could. "If only he knew. Here I am semi naked, fucking my b*****r with my hubby right next to me. Thank god its night and we only have a lamp shade on, making the room dark, the only person that had a clue of what we may be doing is Jackie but she knows better then to say anything.

I started moving my ass back and forth on his cock discreetly. The only part of me moving was my ass. I kept my upper body still so others didn't catch on to what we were doing.

I felt an orgasm coming. My b*****r's cock in me, other people next to us was too much. I felt wave after wave hit me. All I could do was tense my body. It lasted a good thirty seconds. It was the longest orgasm I ever had. Exhausted I slummed back on my b*****r. He wasn't finished with me yet. He kept grinding his cock around in me. His legs went straight out. My b*****r started shooting his cum in me. I could feel it filling me up. It felt very warm. I stayed still until he emptied his dick in me. Both of us were spent.

They were on the last few hands, my b*****r went all in, my hubby asked what’s at stake since u have no money? I replied saying blowjob, I’ll give you a blowjob under the table. He agreed. Then everyone went all in, so the winner will get blowjob from all three girls. Hubby was a bit reluctant thinking I might have to blow some other guy, but at the same time he could get all three, so he agreed there bets.

I slid forward a little and when I did, I felt my b*****r's cock fall out of me. The hand was played and to my hubby’s shock, Iqbal won.

I walked over as he stood up grinning, looked up to him and pulled his shorts down. His erection bounced out as I grabbed it to give him his winning blow job. As he was ready to get off, I heard Hubby yell down to get a move on and stormed off to the bathroom, then Tom came up in front of me. He looked down, grabbed one of my hands and placed it on his very tight bulge. I began to trace his bulge as he traced the outline of my nipples poking through my kameez. I unzipped his zipper, reached in his underwear and pulled his thick cock out too. I stroked it before going in for the licking. Iqbal began to rub my pussy as I began to get wet again. Iqbal slid his finger in my slit very slowly.

Hubby came from the bathroom to see Asrin and Jackie were fingering themselves as I was being treated nicely by Iqbal and Tom. I was on my knees sucking on Tom. Iqbal laid on the floor next to me fingering my pussy. Hubby took Asrin and got on his knees to suck on her pussy. Jay applauded as Jackie went over and took all of hubby's cock in her throat. Jay stood next to Tom waiting his turn in line to be sucked by me.

Iqbal asked me to sit on his face. I did with pleasure. As I sat down, his tongue was waiting for my pussy hole. Iqbal lapped and nibbled my pussy as I came for him. Hubby pulled Iqbal off me quickly after I came on his face and hubby started fucking me. Before long everyone was fucking whoever, however….

At first it felt like it might be a bit too much, but I asked for it. Once I was stretched out, I was beginning to enjoy it. Now I felt like one of the whores from the porn flicks.

After each of the guys and girls got their way in fucking me, The guys had got their cocks cleaned up and got dressed. I saw Asrin help Hubby clean up the kitchen. Jay my b*****r followed me to our shower and we cleaned each other like we used to as k**s.

We then sat on my bed talking about how things went tonight and how much money hubby won, before falling asl**p.

97% (68/2)
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4 months ago
I love you and your stories Kiran!
7 months ago
I would love to play poker or poke her with you. For those of us who don't know some of your words like kameez, shalwar and others
1 year ago
Thanks for the erotic story. I wish I had a sister, now! NOTE: Please feel free to invite me next time you have a poker get-together. :D
1 year ago
The best fuck in the world is fucking one's beautiful daughter, and second best is fucking his equally beautiful sister!! Nothing is "finer in Carolina", that being where I'm was born, raised and lived for most of 26 years, except for almost five years away in the U S Navy. A lady will never go without sex if she has a brother!!
1 year ago
your stories are really amazing,honey!!! everything in your story seems so perferct!
it`s like a dream in my head!
1 year ago
Every boy needs a loving sister!
1 year ago
Babe.. I love this! I love your thinking & the level your on..Hopefully msg you a lil later, im DEFFO on the same thinking & mindset as you! LOVE IT..xxxXX
1 year ago
Wow such an amazing story i know what im doing next time the boys come over to play poker ;)
1 year ago
Very creative story, with lots of naughtiness. I could feel your excitement.
1 year ago
Thanks guys. X
1 year ago
1 year ago
OH YES!!! Another very hot story from you Kiran...mmm you sure do know how to get a man very hards thinking about you from your stories....mmm another great orgasm from you !!
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
wow what a superb story and got us very turned on. love to chat soon and let you know what it did to us x
1 year ago
i stopped to read and enjoyed it
1 year ago
Hot and sexy
1 year ago
nice story
1 year ago
Great story. loved it as always.
1 year ago
very well written story
1 year ago
fuck so hot
1 year ago
Hot story... I don't remember being there!!! You naughty girl, Kiran!!! l☻l ♥♥♥
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
"Poker with brother" is your second story I've read, and it is delightful---and very naughty! You very much enjoyed your brother's cock up your pussy, and that it discharged its load of cum inside you. Your brother's cock certainly did "poke her"---poke you, that is!
1 year ago
VERY hot!
1 year ago
Good story, thanks for sharing
1 year ago
OMG this was a awesome story honey thanks for posting it for us
1 year ago
Well Told. Started so innocent then got naughty as the poker game progressed. I enjoyed that and can imagine such a game.
So who's house was the next game going to be at?
Well Done
1 year ago
nice story
1 year ago
that was FUN
1 year ago
Very hot!!!