jake fucked me!

My friend Jackie had asked me if I could have her son stay at mine for few days while she went with her husband on a business conference in France, now I was free as my hubby too was away and I didn’t have any plans, so I agreed. Her sons name was jake, a 19 year old who did semi pro competitive mountain biking for Britain.

It was a cold Sunday evening when he came over. As I opened the door for him, the wind sprang up as well which caused me to shiver. "I'm freezing." I said turning looking up at Jake and moved into his arms to welcome him. It took less than a minute for me to feel his excitement on my stomach. I backed up, pulling him in with me.
Jake was always full of energy and ready to do anything fun and exciting. I began thinking of when I used to be like that. One of my favourite things to do was camping outdoors. Ever since I was born, our f****y would always take trips up to the Scottish mountains at Easter holidays & camp. We would spend days camped in a tent next to our favourite lake. As I was thinking about that, jake broke the silence by telling me This year he hadn't got through his mountain bike competitions qualifier round, so he was really down about that. I could tell he was depressed because he looked forward to this competition all year. jake and I have always been very close. Don't get me wrong, like most women I tried to catch the occasional peek at him when I was over at Jackie’s of him changing or getting out of the shower. He had big firm muscles and a cute ass. His brown hair and brown eyes. I guess I would say he was average weight and height. Next day, as we sat down to breakfast I dropped a little surprise on him.

"Good morning, sweetheart!" I smiled at him as he sat there in his depression.
"Hey kiran" he replied.

"What would you say if I told you that you and I were going to do our own mountain biking this weekend?” It took him a minute for what I said to sink in.

"Really! Are you serious?" he sounded so excited.

"Yes, I'm serious. I figure you and I could have a pretty good time without anyone. What do you say?"

"I say I'm game!" he jumped up without eating his breakfast, kissed me on my cheek and took off for his room.

"We can leave as soon as you get your things together." I shouted up the stairs after him. As I got my gear downstairs I saw that jake had already packed his things and had them sitting by the door. We packed the car with both the bikes and off we went. Being that we live so far and it was the middle of February, it was blistering cold outside. Not quite freezing, but still in the low’s. Perfect camping weather I thought.

After a three hour drive into the Scottish mountains we got to the spot where my f****y always parked our cars. We got out, gathered our equipment and had a quick bite to eat. I carried my own share of the gear. We packed pretty light, just a small tent, cooking supplies our clothes and biking gear. Everything was tucked neatly into our backpacks. We biked for almost 4 hours when we noticed it was started to get cloudy. All of a sudden it came down cats and dogs, as soon as it started it stopped but we could see more clouds and heard more thunder in the distance.

"Hurry, let's get the tent set up," he said pulling the small bag up. I helped him tie down the corners and when it was finished the rain started again. This time there was a bunch of lightning. "I'm getting scared and cold." I said to him.

"We need to get the wet clothes off," I whispered. my hands moved down to the back of his shirt and lifted. he hesitated for a few seconds before lifting his arms. When the shirt moved off , he helped me pull mine off and backed up. The rain had made it almost impossible to pull off the clinging pants. "I'll do yours," he said dropping to his knees in front of me. His fingers hooked my waistband and pulled. He helped me take them off leaving my white panties.
I was freezing, needed to take everything wet off. I just wanted to get out of the wet clothes and into the sl**ping bag. As he pulled the pants away I said in a shivering voice,
"Turn around for a minute. I'm going to strip and hop into the sl**ping bag and try to dry off and warm up."
He swivelled around and looked the other way as I undressed and plopped my sports bra & white panties in a pile to the corner. As soon as I was naked, I slipped into the down-filled sl**ping bag and told him to do the same. I was a little reluctant but said, "Come on, you're going to get pneumonia. I'll close my eyes. Hurry! we only brought one sl**ping bag," he must have left the other one home by accident.

I didn't know if it was the cold that was making me shake or the thought of jake getting in next to my naked body. I looked up and saw him staring at me, "hurry up and get those things off! The only way we're going to survive this night is with our body heat." I said. At this altitude, the temperature would drop to the minuses by midnight, and we were both adult enough to know how to survive. He then quickly slid his boxers off and tossed them in the pile with our other clothes.

I unzipped the bag and in the little light that was available, I saw his cock starring back at me. I slid over as much as I could, but it was only built for one person. As he tried to slide into the bag, he had his back to me. The problem was that there was no way we would fit that way. "Hold on a second." I said as I flipped over onto my side facing away from him. "There. Now slide in laying next to me facing me." It really was the only way we would fit comfortably in the sl**ping bag together. he had a hard time getting into the bag. He literally had to grab me and slide himself down against me into the bag. As I feared, his cock was pressed into my upper back. but it wasn't hard (thank God). I didn't say anything as he slid further into the sl**ping bag, the whole time with his cock and balls rubbing all the way down my back. As his cock reached my butt I got quite a surprise he felt semi hard. His cock slid along my ass cheek and along the crack of my ass. I giggled trying to lighten the mood I guess…

"I'm sorry kiran" he said softly as he was finally all the way in the bag.

"Don't be silly. It's my own fault that this is our only sl**ping bag, I should have double checked. You & I are like nephew & aunt, right?" I was still shivering badly.
"I guess you're right." he said. He then ran his hand up and down my arm and shoulder trying to warm me up.

I told him, "Hold me tight against you. It's the only way we'll get warm." So he did. He put his arm around me, resting his hand just above my breasts on my chest. His hand slowly rubbed all around my chest. I tried not to think anything of it, but every now and then he cupped my entire breast in his hand. He then ran his hand from my neck down to my stomach and back up. I was still pressed tightly against the full length of his body as we lay there spooned. After about 20 minutes I finally stopped shivering but he kept me embraced. I noticed that every time his hand passed over my nipples he’d slow down & in return made them hard as rock. Several times he made me twitch as his fingers flicked over them. I let it be, pretending not to notice. That is, until something started to stir down near my ass.

My eyes widen as I could feel his cock was getting hard. "Oh my God" I thought. His cock was pressing into my ass cheek which has still wet from rain, but warm. I was hoping I could move forward but there was no room. I shifted a little and said, "sorry, but there isn't any room to move."
"It's ok kiran" he said in a nervous tone, "I'm going to try to go to sl**p".

"Good idea, honey." I said as I patted his hand which was now resting right below my tits, one breast actually lying on top of his fingers. I squirmed a little more and his cock slipped right into the crack of my ass. That actually gave us a little more room in the bag, but made him even harder. There was no place for me to go. I couldn't even turn over. I was stuck there with his full hard on rammed into my ass crack.
After five minutes passed I was having a hard time going to sl**p, his cock was too hard. I thought may be it would help if it wasn't pinned between us.
So as best as I could, I spread my thighs open and arched my back some. My ass rose up some and before I knew it his cock slipped and fell on my upper thigh between my legs. I then closed my legs back and said, "There, that’s better" out loud.
Now It wasn't a small dick by any means. Maybe 7 inches and very thick. And right now all seven inches was dangerously squished between my warm wet thighs. Only an inch from my warm, shaven pussy. This was more comfortable, sl**ping wise. Another five minutes passed, he started rubbing my stomach, up my chest and to my neck. On the way back down he’d flick my nipples with his fingers and shift his hips a little pressing his cock between my thighs.

Another minute passed, I knew if he doesn’t release himself we wont get to any sl**p.
I squeezed his cock tight with my thighs and stated rubbing it gently. Hoping to make him cum over my legs and end this fiasco.
That was all the convincing he needed and he started grinding slowly against me too. His cock slid back and forth between my thighs with his balls pressed against the back of my thighs. His hand was sliding across my stomach and back up to my tits. I was still pretending to be asl**p in a wet dream or something. By now the pre-cum was flowing and his cock was now slick with its wetness. His fingers flicked over my nipples again and I accidentally gasped out loud. He must of heard and got brave because he grabbed my tit fully in his hand and pumped a little faster.

I guess it was inevitable, but I didn't really consider the possibility. With the pumping back and forth and his cock in my thighs getting slippery, his cock slipped and pressed right against my pussy. I gasped again, he stopped moving. His hand froze on my tit. Nothing was said for a few seconds. I was getting turned on by the heated events. It was very hot. But I have to try and avoid this as its wrong on so many levels.
Soon he started again. Sliding his meat back and forth between my thighs, but now pushing higher to feel my pussy lips against his cock. I was now soaking wet and very warm. He pinched my nipple softly and I heard myself moan a little more. I could feel his cock slide next to my opening on every strokes in. So to avoid any accidental intrusion I wiggled my ass higher.

He still had my tit in his hand, pinching my nipple hard between his fingers and was pumping his dick hard now back and forth. I could tell he was close to my pussy again and so arched my back, lifting my ass away. He stopped thrusting and pulled me down a little. The tip of his cock now met my opening and in a blink of an eye he rammed it into me. His cock slid into me like a hot knife though butter. I moaned loud. I laid there for about 30 seconds. Motionless in shock and excitement.

He then started fucking me. I gasped "Oh my God" as he went balls deep into my pussy. His balls slapped against my thighs with each thrust. I was now getting fucked by my mates 19 year old son. He was like a wild b**st, grunting and snorting.

As he was pumping away he said, "Oh kiran. I'm about to fill you up. I hope you took your pills today." That brought me back to reality quickly. I instantly realized that I hadn’t been on birth control pills for a years. Since hubby‘s been away so much this year. He had a wicked grin as I panicked and said, "Oh no jake, I forgot about that. Pull out, pull out, Don't do it inside me."
But it was too late. As the words were leaving my mouth the first spurt of cum blasted into my pussy. He cried out, "Oh kiran, I'm Cumming. I'm Cumming. Iv cum." I started sobbing asking him to stop, but It fell on deaf ears as he rammed it deeper and sent the last few squirts right into my cervix. He then released me and I tried to pull away from his cock. Before I could move off, he squeezed the last few globs of cum out into my now sopping wet pussy.

His dick flopped out of my with a splat against my ass. He caressed my shoulder and patted my hand.
He spoke, "I'm sorry. I couldn’t stop. But don’t worry, what are the chances of you getting pregnant?"
I smiled nervously. I kissed his forehead and I heard my pussy making gurgling noises as some of his cream gurgled out of my pussy. I quickly put my hand down over my pussy and apologized for the noises, I was embarrassed. Fifteen minutes later we fell asl**p.

The birds woke me up the next morning. I reached out for him but he was gone. As I exited the tent I saw him sitting by the water. "Are you OK?"

"What? yeah I'm better than I've been in a long while," he grinned. "Being with you last night was great.”

I smiled and pulled off my tee shirt. "We have to go home tonight."

"For real, its pasted to soon." he laughed before pulling off his shorts and stepping into the river next to me.

After washing we moved back to the bank. "We don't have much time," I frowned. "We have to ride all the way back to my car."

"Ok kiran," jake grinned.

The day went slow as we huffed and puffed up and down the numerous hills. We ate our protein bars while riding only stopped to pee. Much later we rolled into the car park, loaded the car and started our drive back.

It was a few weeks later when I found out I wasn’t pregnant. I was overjoyed and very happy, thinking it was a close call. Nothing was ever said about the bike trip. Jake and I never hooked up again and never kissed except on cheeks when I visited his mom.

The End.

93% (93/7)
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7 months ago
Wonderful story as usual!
8 months ago
Makes me remember a weekend at a music festival which my wife never attended with me. I wound up fucking my old roomie's wife in my tent, with the sounds of other people just outside that thin layer of canvas. It's in my own blogs, "Fucking Mike's Wife..."
There's just something about fucking a married woman when her husband is right nearby that makes it so exciting - makes for a harder erection and a bigger cum load than fucking a divorcee or one's own wife...
11 months ago
Mmm wonderfully done :)
1 year ago
Lucky lad. I envy him for this experience with you.
1 year ago
Your imagery is a delight as is this lovely, uh, warm story of your being taken by a youth with a big cock. To help you sleep, you might've masturbated tho you likely would have had to accept another fuck(?--poor baby) and didn't have trouble sleeping, so....what do I know?
1 year ago
so hot babe ;) xxx
1 year ago
i want jake! >.
1 year ago
Love to be in the spoon position so I can reach around and caress your breasts while my cock slide in and out slowly
1 year ago
Poor Jake was doomed from the very beginning...
Naughty Kiran just has to fuck all the males in the family!
Are we related?
1 year ago
Naughty Kiran!
Just like aunt and nephew...
You getta take in all the males in the family...
Are we related?
1 year ago
That was beautiful. Loved it.
1 year ago
jake is such a lucky boy he will remember that trip for the rest of his life, just so hot and naughty
1 year ago
That was nice bike trip - wish I have hot aunt who take me ...
1 year ago
Brilliant work!
Can Jake stay with me next time? ;-) LOL
1 year ago
very hot story
1 year ago
What a deliciously hot story! Thank you. I will read your others now.
1 year ago
nice story but poor young jake should have another go , or what do you think?
1 year ago
loved the whole story
1 year ago
As always I now look forward to reading your stories and fantasizing it is me that you are doing the naughty with.
Continue to encourage my fantasies of you.
Loving your stories.
2 years ago
I would have loved to be jake!
2 years ago
it really made me cum thanx
2 years ago
Another brilliantly written story. Great stuff!!
2 years ago
Mmmm, another 5*, this was really hot...

Im surprised he only fucked once, id be tugging those nipples and poking that ass crack again in no time ;)
2 years ago
Very nice story ..I really enjoy reading your writtings and hearing just how hot you are Kiran.I hope you continue to write more to excite me to greater heights .
2 years ago
19 and he couldn't manage on his own.
2 years ago
Thank you
2 years ago