hayleys booty call (true story)

I use to live in a town high st above a shop. This story took place on a Friday night it was bout 11pm and id Jus got home from a pool compition I'd been home about 15 mins when a voice call out my name I looked out of my window and saw a tipsy hayley, now she's bout 5'3 very slim with tiny tits but stunning, she looked up smiled and said u gonna let me in. Ok ill come down and let ya in. I got down to the front door to let her in. Within seconds of me shutting the door she started kissing me her soft lips and warm tounge plaied with my mouth I led up the stairs to my living room where we fell onto the sofa hayley small farme landed onto of me and we carried on kissing, my hands was all over her slight ass I worked my way up her back and undid her bra and pulled her top over her head. Hayley stood up her bra falling to the ground she undid her jeans and pulled them and her knickers down she had a sexy lil ginger strip of hair on her pu$$y she stood there naked letting me check her out I pulled my top off over my head. I could feel my cock getting rock hard as i was looking At her perfect naked body. She dropped to her knees undid my belt and jeans b4 pulling them my 8inch hard cock was poking out the top of my boxers she looked up at me and smilled she kissed the head of my cock as she pulled my boxers down her warm lips wrapped round my cock as she plunged hrt head towards the base rolling my balls like to golf balls I could feel my cock twitch was my hot cum fired down her throat. I stood her up and led her to the bedroom I pushed her onto the bed spears her legs and let my tounge work her clit as my fingers worked her pussy and asehole her hips was moving from side to side as she cum all over the bed and face she pulled me up ontop of her kissed me deeply b4 guiding my cock into her soaking pussy she dug her nails Into my back as my cock moved in and out we rolled over she got up and moved my cock into her ass she slowly moved down my hard shaft before getting faster and harder my thumb worked her clit as she stuck a finger up my ass within in a minute I'd cum in her as she she still sat on my cock as i thumbed her clit till she screened out an orgasum.
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