A Space Orgysee - Part 1

The following is a Science Fiction Sex/Orgy story, my first publication. Let me know your comments please. If you like it I will continue

Extract from Encyclopedia Generallissima:

"The patriarchal oligarchy of Theta 9 is known for its emphasis on physical, mostly sexual pleasure. Its populace consists 90% of females and 10% of males, who are allowed to own up to 50 females. Females are "harvested" at the age of sexual ripening (approx. 18 standard years) and indoctrinated to serve their master. Theta 9 is thinly populated so that some males rule over huge areas of land. While Theta 9 is not part of any large galactic empire, it allows offworld visitors against a substantial fee."


CHAPTER 1: The initiation

Carla felt the man on top of her breathing heavily. Her master was pumping his cock into her in rapid sucession while fondeling her tits. He was a heavy man, about 40 years old, balding and with quite a belly. The slimm bruenette felt the master's cock penetrating deeply into her. The master groanded loudly and she knew he was going to cum any minute. "Aargh,hmmm, yesss" Carla shouted, since he she new instinctily this would turn him on. The master slapped her well formed ass, withdrew his cock and quickly positioned it so that a huge load of cum landed on her well-formed breasts, her face and her brown hair. The women standing around her applauded. This was the usual procedure of welcoming a new member of the harem. Carla had been bred in a cloning chamber and educated as a sex doll but she had few memories of this. Her designer had emphasised physcial beauty over brain and Carlia in particular had been equiped with huge tits. Each clone slave girl was equiped with a strong desire to please her master.

Now that the intiation was over two blond girls liked the master's cock clean of cum. Now drop of this precious fluid was to be wasted. Another girl guided Carla into her new room. As a novice Carla only got a small room but it contained everything she needed, including a wardrobe with a variety of dresses from bikini to evening dress. In the next days Carla was introduced to her duties. As the new k** on the block these consisted mainly in sweeping floors, preparing food and other lowly activities. The rest of the day was filled with sex-school so that she was able to better please her master.

Roughly a week after arrival she was called into the great hall again. A young red-haired girl was riding the master's cock and uttering short cries of pleasure, her beautiful long hair trashing around widely. Carla fell on her knees but her master beckoned her to come nearer. Again Carla felt his heavy breath as he enjoyed the red-haired girl on top. While his left hand played with one of the girl's small but well formed tits he stuck one finger of his other hand in Carla's mouth. Carla was now kneeling right before his face. The master withdrew his finger and stuck his tounge deeply into her mouth exploring her mouth and fine teeth for a seemingly endless time. While the master grunted with pleasure, the redhaired continued to slide up and down his cock. The master withdrew his tounge from Carla's mouth and began to lick her well-sized tits. In the meantime he still had one hand on the red-haired girl's tits. He beckond a third girl, a slimm blonde, to advance and let her lick the fingers of his other hand. Carla was still enjoying his mouth nibbling at her tits when suddently everything happended very fast. The master shot a load deep into the red-haired who, completely exhausted, moved down to clean his shaft with her tounge. The master slapped her lightly on the ass and she moved away. Carla and the blonde advanced and were given the honour of licking the rest of the cum from the master's shaft. Satisfied the master lay back and the girls were dismissed.

Three days latter Carla and two of her fellow novices, an Asian beauty called Ming-Lai and an Austrialian named Kim were sweeping the floor in intersection 3 when the master came by. As the master stopped the three went down on their knees. He signaled Kim to take out his cock; Kim rubbed it as she had learned in sex-school. The master grunted with approval and, following an inspiration, Kim guided his cock into Ming-Lais mouth. The Asian immediatly began to suck, taking the cock into her mouth as deeply as she could making slurping noises. His hands free the master cupped Carla's tits which he seemed to enjoy particularly. Meanwhile Kim licked the master's balls which were barely outside Ming-Lai's mouth. As Kim sucked harder and harder,the master withdrew and spread his cum equally over the faces of the three girls. While they licked each other clean he continued the inspection tour and stopped at the next intersection to be pleased by a blonde from Norway.

CHAPTER 2: The master entertains

Two days later they were informed by the forewoman that the master was expecting important guests which were to be treated with all curtesy. The welcome party was set for 19.30 and the girls were told to wear their best evening dress. Kim, Ming-Lai and Carla helped each other and after two hours of makeup they were ready for the show. Carla was wearing a gorgeous black dress and high-heeled shoes of the same colour matching perfectly with the colour of her hair. Excited, the girls entered the saloon. The men had finished talking buisness and were eager for some excitement. On the billard table in the back of the room two girls were being fucked by two black men, each at one end of the table. A fat white man eyed Carla while smoking his cigar and told her to come nearer. He draged her to the floor, riped his pants open, lifted Carlas dress and stuck his cock into her cunt, the cigar still in his mouth. He pounded his cock into her with all his might,his flesh wobbling around. Some other men had gathered around him shouting enouragement. His face red, he gestured a waitress-girl to remove the cigar. After that the waitress was ordered to feed him his favourite cookies, half of which fell out of his mouth on Carlas breasts while he redoubled his efforts. Around them the other guests had also selected some girls they liked. Beside Carla, Kim rode on top a black-haired guy with a silver mask while a brunette was licking the guy's balls outside Kim's cunt. The orgy was in full swing now. Carla heared the sounds of flesh pounding against flesh, the slurps of cock-sucking, the grunts of the men and the short high-pitched screams of the women. The fat man shuddered and shot his load into Carla. He rolled off Carla and continued eating his cookies. But another man, who had watched in delight, immediatly took the fat guy's place and pounded his hard cock into her. Carla's screams mingled with Kim's whose man had just finished spraying his cum over her body. Kim wanted to stand up to remake her ruined makeup but the man fucking Carla extended a hand and began to rub Kim's tits. Obediently, Kim lay down again and the man shifted himself from Carla onto Kim; Carla guided his cock into Kim's cunt and the man fucked her enthusiastically. When he was ready to cum, he withdrew and stuck his cock into Carla's mouth; Carla felt the warm, salty stream of sperm and opened her mouth to share it with Kim. Kim greedily pushed her tounge into Carla's mouth and they both enjoyed the liquid. As a gesture of thank you Kim licked Carla clean of cum and cookie crums.

Looking around, Carla saw two b*****rs fucking two twins, their tits moving in unison while the b*****rs coordinated their assault. Each of the b*****rs was holding a leg of the other's girl.On the billard table a dark haired man was tounge-kissing a blonde while his cock was being sucked by the girl from Norway. Carla discovered Ming-Lai on her knees being fucked in the ass from behind. Around her a couple of other men were jerking off and cumming on her face and hair. One guy from the group spotted Carla, came over and, his cock being rubbed by a black girl, came off on Carla's breast. On her knees Carla watched another couple that had formed: the girl was trying to find a convenient seat on the guy's cock. Carla noted that it was the red-haired one that had so expertly pleased the master. Filled with lust Carla advanced and gave her a tounge kiss. Between her screams the red haired introduced herself as Veronique. The guy on which Veronique sat grapped Carla's tits and began licking the cum off her breasts. Veronique joined in and the three tounges met, all with a salty taste from the cum. Suddently Carla felt a hand from behind slapping her on the ass and soon she felt a cock intruding into her ass. While she was assfucked, Carla and Veronique mananged to exchange a few more tounge kisses. However, the unseen man behind was soon spent and wandered off.The guy under Veronique was also spent and they both licked his dick clean. Around them the orgy was still contiuing.

One of the more experienced girls, a blonde, was administrating a hand job to a guy lazily lying on a sofa. She was kneeling in front of him and working his dick like crazy. When he came she patiently guided his cock on her face and let him spray his cum on her face. Then she licked his cock clean. Satisfied the guy requested her to move away. Other girls came off less easily. In one corner of the room a dark eyed man f***ed his cock into the mouth of a particularly pretty black haired girl. As soon as he was finished a guy approached from behind and began doing a doggy style, pulling her long black hair, as he rammed his dick into her ass.

In the centre of the room a group had formed around a man fucking a big breasted blonde. He was pumping his cock into her while her tits moved in the rythm of his thrust. Shortly before he came, however, he pulled out and sprayed his sperm all over the blonde's titts. Having seen this another man ordered the girl to kneel in front of him. He moved his cock before her face, jerking off while the girl opened her mouth to recieve his cum.

In the garden, one of the guests was painting a picture with his cum on the skin of some girl. May-Lai was being assfucked by a differnt guy and now had a blowjob to do at the same time. The blonde from Norway was tit-fucking an Asian guy. She pressed her tits around his big cock and opened her mouth to suck the head each time it got to her lips. He sprayed her face with his thick cream, and then pushed his spurting cock into her mouth. The floor was slipperly with cum so Carla and Veronique crawled on all fours. Beside them a man was just reaching orgasm and he pulled out the dick out of the girl he had been fucking and spurted the cum in Veroniques and Carla's face. The girl looked disappointed but he gave her a slap on the ass and she moved away. Sitting down in one of the comfortable chairs the man gave the order for a glass of wine which the waitress girl delivered after a short while.

Looking around once again it seemed to Carla and Veronique that the orgy had died down. The fat guy had two blonde girls feeding him some cake and the rest of the other guests were sitting on sofas drinking wine. One or two were lying exhausted on the floor but the waitress-girls brought some cushions. Cigars were ordered and lighted by the waitress-girls. Some of the men fell asl**p, others started talking about a girl they had particularly enjoyed. Carla mustered herself: her dress was full of sperm and her makeup badly smeared. The forewoman told the girls they could leave and so she stood up and went to the exit, not without being slapped a few times on the ass. Her friends and Veronique followed.

While the guests retired to the bedrooms - most of them to girls from the night shift - Carla and her friends were among those selected to clean up. The room was a mess! Spearm, wine, cake, cookies and cigarettes were everywhere. It seemingly took ages until they were finished. Wanting to see Veronique again she inquired what duty the girl had been transfered too. When the forewoman told her she had been scheduled to feeding duty Carla put in a transfer too. As the feeding crew was short on staff it was granted and without sl**p Carla proceeded to the breakfeast room. The first guests arrived around 11. While the waitress-girls served the food the feeding crew was responsible for the more intimate wishes of the guests. Some of the crew were lying on the table, on them various dishes. One guest licked chocklade souce off one of the girl's tits, another had his face burried in her cunt. A few girls were told to give blow-jobs under the table. Now and then a man shuddered and stoped in the conversation with his peers while he came under the table. At half past eleven the fat guy appeared and immediatly signaled to Carla to feed him. He chose a piece of chicken which she fed him in small pieces. After that she took some chocklade souce into her mouth and, kissing him on the mouth, she transferred it into his body. Aroused by this the guy climed on the table and mounted himself on a food girl laying there. While he fucked her, he licked souce from her tits, and greedily devoured the chicken on her belly. From below Carla put some meatballs into his mouth. The obese form nearly burried the girl lying under him. Only her face remained visible under the enourmous mass of pounding flesh. The chicken half in his mouth, salvia dripped from his lip onto the girl. The waitress-girl put some more choklade souce on the feeding girl; this increased the slapping noise the fat man's body made when it collided with the girl's. The other guests followed the fat man's example and soon all the food girls were being fucked. The chicken, the meat-balls and the sweets were flying around and were being devoured during the fuck. Charla discovered Veronique being fucked from behind by a guy with a piece of meat in his hand from which he took a bite now and then. Carla fed him some of it, while she played with Veronique's breasts and gave her a long welcome kiss. While they fingered each other the man behind slammed his cock into her ass once again and reached his climax. Thirstly he lunged for a glass of wine which he emptied in one go.

The girls moved into a 69 position which excited the men around them. While they licked each other a few jerked off and sent cum flying in their hair and face. Even a few of the guys who were pounding the food girls hard and rough paused to take a look. The fat man, meanwhile, had vomited into a bowl but was already eating and fucking again. He had become tired of the food-girl; now the Norwegian girl was riding him. As he came she dismounted and the cum splashed onto the food girl. Some serving girls helped the fat man get up and started to clean him and the other guests were following his example. It seemed they had another buisness meeting. It was left to the girls to clean up the room which was full of various foodstuff. Carla and Veronique were still in the 69 position but were rudely seperated by the forewoman who entered a reprimand in their reccord. After all, they had to please the men - not each other. Having cleaned up before, Carla was allowed to return to her room where she fell asl**p.

That evening Carla was on night duty. While the men were entertained below she got some time to look up a few references to the 69 position. After that, she was ready to please the men. The door to her room could not be locked so her man for the night could enter anytime he liked. In the room beside her the fat man was already having fun with Kim - their growns and shouts were clearly audible through the thin wall. "Yesss, my lord - fuck me, fuck me hard" Kim shouted and the man ramming his dick in and out cried "you're a good fuck" and"fuck me harder, slut" after which some slaps could be heared. Kim redoubled her efforts and the bed nearly broke under the man's weight. He was now wearing heavy rings which glittered in the dark. Around his neck there was a diamond chain which moved up and down dangling before Kim's face. Kim tried to wrap her legs around his massive body but failed.

Meanwhile the door to Carla's room had opened. The youngest man of the party, probably not older than 21, stood in the door. Carla replied with the customary greeting "I am your fuck, my lord" and the boy entered. His eyes glittered. "I have got something for you" he said and waved a bag with white stuff. "Be a good slut and lick it off," he said and put some of it on his cock. Carla immediatly began licking the cock. She had never tried d**gs before (at least that she could remember). While the boy began to moan she tasted the white stuff. She felt dizzy. While the boy mounted her and she titfucked him Carla felt elation. "You like that, slut?" the boy asked grinning while he moved downwards and let her guide him into her cunt. Carla nodded. "Put your shoes on" he ordered her. Carla put on the high heels she had worn on the first day. The boy moved further down and began liking her feet. Then he moved upwards again and told Carla to wrap her legs around him. As he inserted his cock again the high heeled sandals on his ass drove him wilde. His face showed delight while he moved back and forth. He put some of the d**g on his tounge and inserted it into Carlas mouth. This time Carla felt incredibly horny. "FUUUUUUCCCKKK!!" she shouted and enyoyed the cock inside her."Two hours later they were still not finished.

Others had come to watch the show and commented on their stamina. They were no longer in the bed but he was fucking her leaning against the wall. When the boy finally came, he directed an incredible amount of cum on her belly, tits and face. A few men had become horny again and took turns fucking her, aroused by the cum on her body. The first man was black and came after a few seconds, aiming his cum at her mouth. While some of it dripped down from her lips, the next guy, the man with the silver mask, had already taken the other guy's place. While Carla and the man were lying on the floor two of the bystanders couldn't bear it any longer and came on Carla's face. She was nearly blind from the cum on her face. For a seemingly endless time she only felt the rythmic movement of cocks in her pussy and mouth. After a while one was withdrawn and another one was inserted until the warm fluid was sprayed into her cunt, on her tits, face or hair. Then the next guy mounted her. At one time she was dozing off while a guy was in her, at another she was acutely aware of the sound of flesh pumping against flesh but could not make out who was being fucked. It was morning until the last man had spent his load. The guy had difficulty standing up because of all the slippery cum but finally managed to and added another layer of cum on her tits. Satisfied he dressed and left her lying in her room. Carla had no strenght left but simply fell asl**p on the floor.

While another day of festivities began downstairs, Carla had some time to rest. The forewoman had commended her on her stamina and had given her the day off. She decided to spend it in the fitness centre. On her way she saw a couple in a dark corner fucking against a wall as she had done the night before. The man had slammed the woman against the wall and was now forcing his cock into her while kissing her neck. The girl, black-haired, was leaning against the wall pleading the men to fuck her harder. While a few people stopped by to watch, Carla continued to the center. While working out she discovered that Kim was also there. Chatting away happily they decided to have a hot bath at the public bath. There, one of the guests was fucking a girl at the edge of the pool, a bottle of champaign standing beside him. He opened the bottle, and sprayed the champaign on the girl's body. While he drove his dick into her, he simultaneously licked the liquid off the girl's tits. Giggling, she pushed him into the shallow water where they continued for a while.

Carla and Kim swam around a bit but where interrupted after a short time by a loudspeaker message which told all girls to assemble in the upper duty room. When they were all assembled the forewoman told them that the meeting would soon be over and that the guests would be leaving soon. One hour later the girls, wearing evening dress again, were ready for the parting ceremony. Each of the guests gave the girls a tounge kiss, fondling their breasts for one last time. The girls were told to undress and lay down on the floor. The guests rubbed their cocks and sprayed their cum on the girl they had enjoyed most.
Then they bowed before their host, Carla's master. Each of the guests presented one of his own girls as a present to the master who promised to enjoy them as soon as he found time. Afer that, the guests went to their own gilders and flew off one after the other. The new arrivals were brought into empty quaters and welcomed by the forewoman.

CHAPTER 3: New girls for the master

The master had spent the last days planning and negotiating and had had little time to enjoy the festivities. Now that the gathering was over he felt his hornyness return. His new women would be the ideal recuperation. He would have to return the visit soon but for now he was the only man in his enclave again. He felt his cock swelling again. Seeing that his girls were about to leave he grabbed the next best, dragged her to the ground and threw himself on top of her. The girl was a bit to skiny for his liking; couldn't be much older than 18 - as far as he could remember he had had her only once. Seeing that the other girls had withdrawn he remained on top of her and enjoyed pushing his dick in and out of her tight clit. The skinny girl wrapped her legs around him and urged him to go on. Pleased that discipline hadn't laxed he pushed harder and the girl responded by clinging closer to him. Her small breasts moved slighty in accord with this pounding; the girl threw back her head and started to scream with pleasure. He came in her and warm cum shot into her body. It was such a large amount that some of it dripped out of her pussy again. Satisfied,the master left her and, licking his lips, he began to think about how he should introduce himself to the new girls he had been given.

Nervous like hens the new girls made themselves ready for the parade their new master had ordered. Carla tried to calm then down but had little access. The old staff (Carla had been promoted and was now one of them) moved into the great hall. Then the new ones, in their sexiest dress, entered. The master inspected them, making them turn around and show their tits. His guests had shown their satisfaction by giving him some of the best girls they had had.
He was particularly excited by a young blonde one with a slim body but huge tits. He made her kneel down and give his dick a tit fuck. The girl, she couldn't be more than 18, looked up, her large, dark eyes full of devotion. He would enjoy her thoroughly - but not now. He beckoned her to move away and the next girl advanced to his throne. This girl (she couldn't be older than the blonde one) was a small, darkhaired one. She had a piercing in her mouth which would make cock-sucking much more interesting. As if she had read his mind, the girl knelt down and took his dick into her mouth. The piece of metal in her mouth rubbed on his dick and excited him. He gestured her to stop and let the next girl advanced. This went on for a while until he had got a first impression of every one of the girls. Then the proper initiation ceremony started. The master chose the 18 year old with the huge tit for this day. While she lay on the ground and the master lay on top of her, the other women gathered in a circle to watch. Carla remembered that from her own ceremony. What she didn't remember was that they were allowed to finger each other. As the master started fucking the young girl Carla felt Veroniques finger entering her. Veronqiue had approached from behind and was now pressing her body against Carla's. While they fingered each other Carla watched the rythmic movements of her master's ass. The girl he was fucking really was a beauty, perhaps even more so than Veronique. Particulary attractive were the large dark eyes that looked at the master in devotion, their faces close together. The master buried his face between her large tits while he increased his pumping. The girl, freshly reeducated, wasn't really sure what was going on, except that she desperatly wanted to please the man on top of her. The girl spread her legs even wider and held them suspended in the air to grant the man easier access. She felt the cock sliding in and out of her smoothly. She felt that the man was going to climax soon. His tounge was all over her tits, sucking at them with pleasure. She felt him sucking for air as he worked her, his head a little under her own. Suddenly he withdrew and came all over her body, the cum settling on her body and face, but most of it on her hair. The initiation rite was over. The crowed stopped the fingering and applouded. Carla was chosen to leed the girl, who introduced herself as Julia, into her new room and explained the basics to her. Now she was one of the old hands and the other girl was the green one.

CHAPTER 4: in the Capital

A few days later, the forewoman told the girls that the master had to go to the capital for a couple of days and that he had selected Carla, Julia and Kim to come with him. Carla was excited; she had never been to the Capital before. In fact, until a week ago she had not even known that the capital existed. They were allowed to pack a few things but had to be ready by next morning. At 9.00 the Master's personal flyer landed to take them on board. It was a luxury vehicle woth all conveniences. While Julia served the master some food Carla had enough time to look out of the windows. They had left the main building and were flying over the country beloning to the master's estate. Soon it had vanished and they were over some barren country. For once the master was not in a mood for sex. He explaind to them that during his stay in the capital he was expected to offer them as public women. The men in the city, he added, did not have the pleasure of women as often as he did and thus this was considered a gesture of friendhip. The trip took 6 hours and it was already dark when they arrived at the large capital air and spacesport.

While the master took a hovercaar to his hotelroom the three girls were brought to a PWH, a public whore house. The woman at the reception glanced at them and confirmed that they were "on loan". She assined them alcove numbers and an orderly led them into their dorm. The dorm (453) was huge and filled with alcoves in which public women from all over the country did their duty. The alcoves contained little more than a bed and a cupboard. Carla saw several men-citizens strolling around, inspecting the women. When they arrived at their alcoves, they werer allowed to unpack their things and get ready for the men. As the evening progressed the dorm filled with men. At the alcove behind and in front of her they were already busy fucking. The girl behind her, she only got a quick glance at a face with heavy makeup, was in high demand and a small line had formed. She heared her moan as the men, one after another, pounded her. They did not have much stamina, though (at least compared with the master). One of the guys in the line suddenly exclained "there's a new one" and pointed at Carla. Two men crawled into her alcove. Carla spread her legs and the first guy moved on top of her. She felt his penis enter her while the other guy stuffed his dick into her mouth. Her tounge darted up and down his shaft while she tried to get into the rythm of the guy on top of her. The second guy withdrew from her mouth and let her her lick his cock's balls. While she did that he rubbed the shaft of his dick. He came together with the man on top of her; Carla felt the warm cum enter in her body while the other man's cum splashed into her face. The warm sperm ran down her face; a few men had watched and were now cumming on her breasts and body so that Carla was soon glistering with cum. It seemed that she had attracted quite an audience; she heard some of the men moaning before they splashed their cum on her. A brown haired man with spectacles came nearer, his dick already hard and placed it between her breasts. Obediently, Carla begann to rub her tits around it, giving the man a tit fuck. The man grunted and stuck his finger into her mouth. While she sucked his salty finger Carla rubbed her tits faster and faster around his dick until he spent his load cumming into her mouth. Business at the PWH was in full swing, meanwhile. More and more men entered the dorm and selected their favourite alcoves. Carla was not sure if she had ever seen more males in the same place. She remembered that someone had told her that the concentration of men in the capital was particularly high.

Already approximately 100 men were inside the dorm and more were entering. Around her Carla heared moaning, splashing, cumming, screaming and other sounds she could not identify.In front of a few alcoves which were in particular high demand lines had formed.Some girls had been dragged outside and their holes were being stuffed by the surrounding crowd. Other men were just rubbing their cock and looking at the fucking that was going on in the alcoves. When they were in heat they sometimes joined in, at other times they just positioned their stick in front of a girl's face and came on it. Carla watched the girl in the alcove behind: she was being fucked by a blonde haired man. The girl had her legs in the air and was moving her head rapidly in both directions urging the man to "fuck me really hard". The man grunted something in response and, his face red, pumped his cock into her with vigour. Carla took the cock in her hand and guided it in and out. The man looked up, his face glistering with sweat, and screemed in a high pitched voice "my God, you're making me cum." Carla felt his sperm coming. "Cum on my tits, PLEASE cum on my tits", the girl screamed. Carla pointed the cock in the direction of the girl's tits and the men's cum flew high up in the air and landed on her chest. He stood up and rubbed his cocks on her tits, thus spending his last drop of cum on them. As a reward, the girl shoved her tits in Carla's face and Carlla sucked the left one, licking off the cum. The girl was licking the right one herself and eventually their two tounges met. Sharing the cum between themselves Carla noticed that a young black man came up from behind and rammed his dick into Carla's ass. The girls continued exploring each others body with their tounge while Carla tried to get into the rythm of the man. Here there was no forewoman reprimanding them for forbidden pleasure. The man didn't seem to mind; if anything it made him even hornier.

The other girl, a slimm blonde with the name of Lucy, suddently took the man's dick and licked it with her tounge. When the man moaned in appreciation as she guided his shaft in and out Carla's ass. The man pulled Carla's hair. Obediently, she turned her head and he stuck his tounge into her mouth. Fondling her breasts he explored her mouth and allowed Carla to meet his tounge with hers. When the tips of the tounges touched the men doubled the speed with which he rammed hid cock into her ass. Suddenly he changed his position, stuffing his dick in Carla's pussy. Lucy sat down on the Carla's chest so that the men was now able to fuck Carla and to lick Lucy's tits. While he was bumping forward and backward he kept sucking Lucy's well-formed tits. He kept looking at Lucy while he pulled his dick in and out of Carla's pussy. Carla, meanwhile felt his meat gliding in and out of her and at the same explored Lucy's well formed back with her hands. She felt Lucy's tits from behind, amazed at the beauty and size. It felt as if she was being fucked by Lucy, not some guy! Looking around Carla realized that her friends had used the anonymity of the PWH to have some fun themselves. Julia and Kim were both riding two men but while bumping up and down made sure that their mouths met for an occasional tounge kiss. Suddendly, however, a bell sounded and the men withdrew from the girls. Lucy explained to them that this was so that they were able to get some sl**p.

Next day a shopping trip was arranged for the master. The girls were allowed to follow him three steps behind. The master ordered some furniture for his mansion and then procceded to "Charley's Women clothing" where some of the city's most beautful women showed them the new haute couture. While the girls tried some of the clothes, the master tried some of the girls. Used to this proceedure, the tall, black-haired model continued to praise the advantages of the black evening dress while the master pressed her to the wall and unziped his trousers: "this item is a sexy evening dress....ohhh...which highlights the bearers breasts...yessss...oh lick them..." The model's aristocratic features hardly changed as she moved down, tacking his cock imto her mouth and sucking it; her high check bone being ideal for the occasion. Her beautiful brown eyes were unfathomable as stuffed his cock deeper into her mouth.


In the evening the master was guest of honour in one of the largest sex schools. He was presented with a 18 year old beauty with black eyes. A real virgin. A rare present. The master was pleased and made a mental note to increase contributions to the school. Back in his Hotel room he told the girl to calm down and gave her a relaxing drink. He showed her his dick and told her to touch it and to move it back and forth. The girl smiled shyly but did as told. It soon became obvious that she was an excellent pupil. The Master then told her to take his dick into her mouth. The girl fell on her knees and stuffed his meat into her mouth, softly sucking it. However, today the master didn't want to come into some girl's mouth. He told the girl to lay down on the bed and to spread her legs. The evening dress she was wearing was easily cast off. He then mounted her and slowly inserted his penis in her vagina. The girl moaned. The master began moving backwards and forwards. "Please go on", the girl begged. He increased his speed, fondling the girl's tiny breasts. Her clit was tight. The master told her to spread her legs even further. The girl flung her arms around the master and, her face radiating with pleasure, cried out "fuck me NOW!!! Harder!! HARDER!!! Oh yesssss." The girl squirmed while the master pounded her. Feeling the young flesh move under his body the master allowed her to explore his body with her fingers. The master took his time coming, and when he finally did he made shure to come in her. The girl looked at him in admiration. "That was great" she managed to say.


In the evening the master summoned his slave girls and told them that Carla was to represent them at the annual beauty contest. This was of course a great honour. Every year the most beautiful women were gathered together in the Capital and out of 300 girls the top 30 were selected and their masters recieved prizes.

The contest took place in the big city stadium packed with the 50.000 spectators lucky enough to get tickets. The 300 selected girls were led onto the stage and were introduced. In the first round they were presented in evening dress. After that they had to change to bikinis. Already in the first round the audience had its favourities. In the second round each girl had to strip naked and to walk on the catwalk. Already a few of the spectators were busily jerking off and aiming their semen at their favourite girl. Carla (who was Number 66 for the contest) had just finished undressing when she realised a man was calling to her. He was standing at the front row, his face red red with exhaustion. "come over" he called. She advanced and, smilingly, received a load of cum on her legs. The man beyond collapsed and was taken out by the guards. Obviously it has been too much for him! Already, small fan groups were created. While Carla danced to the music (the 3rd round) a few more guys jerked off in front of her, but none of the sperm flew up high enough to reach her. After the third round the first part of the show was finished and the girls were sent home until the next day.

Immediatly afterwards, the jury panel, of which Carla's master was a part, met to discuss which of the girls were aloud to enter the second contest day. The 10 judges had to select 5 girls each, but were not allowed to nominate their own girls. They had to vote in the morning which would give them some time to do a little "research" about the qualtiy of the girls. The master had, after looking at the files, decided to try out a 18 year old blonde from the occidental province. The girl,like all the others, had a room at the "Le Roy" Hotel. Mandy, that was her name, had been assigned Room Nr. 1453. When the master arrived he opened the door only to find another member of the jury already fucking the girl. It was a guy already well over 70. The girl looked up and smilingly guestured the master to wait outside. The master closed the door from the outside. After a while he heard a scream. Then a medic droid appeared. It seemed the man had died while cumming. The girl would, of course, be questioned and the master had no desire to wait that long. He was eager for some young flesh. He remembered that a young city girl, fresh out of sex school, had made quite an impression during the show. He soon found her Hotel number and entered. The girl had evidently graduated with honours and was even one year younger than the others, barly 18. Michelle, that was her name, was honoured to see a visitor. Nobody else had called. Although she had left a good impression most jury members were occupied with somewhat older girls. A friend of her was present who ventured to leave. The master gustured her to remain. Did she have her degree? Not yet was the answer. The master as delighted. Another one of those young chicks. The visit was turning out well. "Well, I assume you know this" the master said and took out his cock. "Yes, Sir", the girls said. Satisfied with the answer the master examined them closer. One of them had long brown hair and brown eyes. The other one was blonde. Both wnet on their knees. Before he could say a word they were already jerking him off. For a while the master enjoyed the young eager faces kneeling before him and working away rubbing his dick. "Quite talented" he thought. On an inspiration he told Michelle to turn around. When she complied he lounged forward and thrust his cock into her ass. The girl screamed. But today the master was not in the mood for cuddle sex. While he f***ed his way into Michelle's ass he grabbed the other girls tits. He pulled her closer. She resisted. Angrily the master pulled her hair. After he had shot his load into the girl's ass he used the other girl's hair to wipe his ass clean.

to be continued...

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