A Holiday Adventure

It had thus far been an interesting few days, hotel by the water, daily boat trips across the Bosphorus and a few sweaty days in the heart of Istanbul. Albeit not great lovers of the hot sun we do share common ground with regard to our own perversions, although perhaps my travelling companion, I'll call her Sam, was not quite so aware of just how perverse I can be.

The hotel room was comfortable but had a somewhat curious arrangement between the bedroom and the bathroom consisting of an electrically operated venetian blind. I quickly discovered that no matter in what position the blind any and all activity could be clearly seen through the slats and it was not obvious providing the lighting was correct that anyone may be watching. Many opportunities were seized of vying my sexy red headed travel companion as she paid careful attention to her most intimate and very sensitive areas. I could tell she found showering an arousing experience as she fingered herself hard causing her to become just as wet inside I'm sure, perhaps missing her own personal massaging head back home.

Now I have a complete dilemma - I know she loves to be fucked and fucked damn hard and this is somewhere I have always found conflict - this is my mate, do you fuck your mates? I can't help these feelings however seeing her perfect, soft-skinned body and all the time she is not aware of my presence I have very little difficulty in becoming complete aroused by her.

Watching whilst kneeling on the bed I manage to avoid coming over her pillow, something I know she would not appreciate! Each morning is the same, wondering whether I should just grow some balls and join her in the shower but alas, yet again, my brain fucks with my head!

Today we awoke having travelled to the southern part of the country, albeit not great lovers of the hot sun we do share common ground with regard to our own perversions and having a room next to the pool presented some unique voyeuristic opportunities - although discovering that the following week was 'adults only' week did suggest better planning may be called for in the future!

Having never driven in a foreign country let alone on the wrong side of the road with a misplaced steering wheel there was nervous excitement as we embarked upon our first road trip in our little automatic Auris. Driving went pretty smoothly, Turkish roads are not the busiest, particularly in the south.
We had been driving following the coast road and decided to stop by a quiet beach café offering an excellent view of the beach and sheltered seating. We both ordered beer at which point I wondered if I should be drinking at all as I did most of the driving. I decided to err on the side of caution and would let Sam to do all the drinking. This suited me for a couple of reasons, the obvious being that Sam chills out after a few drinks, don't we all!?

<to be continued>

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