The White Suburban Housewife - Epilogue

It was late when I got home from taking Marvin to the airport. Dan was waiting in the kitchen when I came in door. Of course he wanted to know why I was so late getting home and honestly, I didn’t have an excuse or story. Driving back from the airport all I could think about was my afternoon with Marvin and how I would handle meeting Marvin’s customer next week (or even if I should agree to meet him). So I had not been thinking about what I was going to tell Dan but now we were face to face and I had to think quick. I told him that I walked out of the meeting with several women and we had started talking in the parking lot and we just talked on and on. He said he tried to call me but I wouldn’t answer my phone. I had to think quick. I told him that before we started talking in the parking lot that I’d already put my purse in the car, and, also, that my phone was on silent. I told him that we had a lot to discuss with the new soccer season starting, and since I was this year’s president, I just couldn’t leave. He seemed to buy all of this so I told him that I was sorry for being so late and for worrying him. Dan accepted my excuse and apology but he was mad.

I told Dan that I was tired and needed to shower and get ready for bed. He said fine and asked if I would like a cup of coffee when I got out of the shower. I said that sounded great and then I was off to the shower. I wanted to get clean and get any of Marvin’s odor off of me before Dan got too close.

As I undressed I thought about Marvin pulling up my dress and then pulling down my tights and panties. As I was cleaning myself in the shower I thought about Marvin’s hands touching and feeling me. And as I bent over to dry off my legs and feet I thought about Marvin fucking me from behind like a bitch.

When I came out of the bathroom and into our bedroom Dan was waiting with a cup of coffee. The coffee smelled and tasted good. It was just what I needed. Dan was lying on our bed and told me to come over and join him. I told him to let me get my pajamas on first but he told that I didn’t need any pajamas. Dan had that look on his face that said he wanted to have sex. I told him that I was really tired and not in the mood. This made him mad and he said you’re always tired and not in the mood. And then he said that if he was one of the black guys from Flickr with a nine inch cock lying there that I wouldn’t be tired and that I’d definitely be in the mood. I told him that wasn’t true and that his racism and jealousy was showing (but I thought that if Marvin were laying there with his nine inch cock fully erect that I would be mounting him in a minute).

I was between a rock and a hard place. I really didn’t want to have sex but I didn’t want to turn Dan away (particularly since I had just committed adultery and fucked a black man in the bathroom of a restaurant). My guilt was coming through loud and clear.

I went over to the bed and laid down with Dan. We began to cuddle and kiss. Dan removed his boxers and then starting removing my towel. Soon we were nude, embracing, kissing and fondling each other. As I fondled Dan’s cock I couldn’t help but think of Marvin’s cock and mentally compare their sizes. This was so wrong. Dan was my husband and I shouldn’t compare him to other men. But Marvin was huge and with his BBC he had taken me to a new level of sexual self-actualization. He had taken me to place that Dan couldn’t go and now I was having to sort out my feelings and emotions about sex with Dan and sex with Marvin and maybe other black men. Oh God, what have I done to myself? Dan had told me that black men ruin white women for white men and I didn’t believe him but now I beginning to believe him, but it’s too late. Marvin had introduced me to a new and exciting sexual experience and he had stretched and enlarged my vagina. I was a ruined white woman... mentally, emotionally and physically.

Dan laid me on my back and started kissing and sucking my nipples and with his right hand he was rubbing and feeling my legs. His hand began to part my legs and feel the inside of my thighs. His touch was familiar. Soon he would work his way up to my vulva and begin to feel me and finger me and arouse me. I couldn’t help myself. Lying there with Dan rubbing and feeling my thighs I kept thinking that just a few hours ago that I had spread my legs for Marvin to feel the inside of my thighs and felt him to work his way up to my vulva where he cupped it in his hand and then inserted his finger into my vagina. My whole body flinched from this thought and then I remembered that I was with Dan and that his hand was now at the top of my legs and the back of his hand was rubbing against my vulva.

With his fingers, Dan was feeling and separating the lips of my vulva. Next he would insert a finger into my vagina. I panicked! It hit me that my vagina had been stretched and reamed out by Marvin. Dan would discover that my vagina was not normal. He would know that I’d had sex with another man and he would know that I’d had sex with a black man because Dan had told me that black men ruined white women by stretching their vaginas.

Quickly but stealthily I scooted out from under Dan and then positioned him on his back. Dan was surprised and miffed because I had broken his routine but I explained that I wanted to be on top and in control. Then I straddled his chest, leaned over and kissed him. He reached out and fondled my breasts and then he reached for my vagina but I quickly moved out of his reach and started kissing and licking his chest.

Slowly I worked my way down his body until I was face to face with his erect cock. I can’t help myself. Dan’s cock was about half the size of Marvin’s. Maybe a little more that half the size of Marvin’s. But honestly I wasn’t sure. I’d never seen Marvin’s cock when it was fully erect so I wasn’t sue how much larger Marvin’s erect cock was than Dan’s. When Marvin was preparing to fuck me I was leaned over, stretched out and bracing myself on the handicap assist bars and I never got a good look at his fully erect cock, I just felt it and experienced it. But when he pulled it out of me I stood up, turned around and I saw his cock. It was semi-erect. And, even semi-erect it was long and big around. But I never saw it fully erect and I began to wonder... what did Marvin’s fully erect cock look like?

Now I began to stroke and jack Dan’s cock. Dan laid back, closed his eyes and enjoyed the treatment and attention. I went down on him. I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck him. Dan was moaning from pleasure and I alternately went from sucking to stroking and back to sucking. It didn’t take long before I felt him swell, an indication that he was near cumming. Dan raised up, pulled his cock from my mouth and told me to lay back but I told him no, that we’re going to do this different this time. I went back down on him and starting sucking his cock again. Now he was sitting up and looking down on me sucking his cock. Dan pleaded with me not to make him cum in my mouth but I told him that this is what I wanted and I continued sucking him off.

Dan was near cumming but I wasn’t ready for him to cum. I wanted this to be good for him. I stopped sucking him and had him reposition himself so that he was comfortable and so that he could clearly watch me work. Then I got on my knees and went down on him again taking his cock into my mouth and sucking him off like a pro. Dan had been quite but finally he said oh baby you are so goood! He was hard and I tasted his pre-cum. I picked up the pace of my strokes and the intensity of my sucking and took all of him into my mouth. He tried hard to hold back but I gently took hold of his balls and began to squeeze and fondle them, further intensifying Dan’s experience. Finally he climaxed and shot his semen into my mouth I didn’t swallow but held it in my mouth and continued jacking and sucking him. Dan was moaning and squirming to get his cock out of my mouth but I had him under control and he could not pull out. I sucked him till he was empty.

Dan came into the bathroom and asked me.. what was that all about? I told him that I wanted to change things up. He asked why? And I said that we need to shake things up in our married life and that was a good start. And then I asked him if he liked it. Dan was embarrassed but told me yes, he did like it. Then I asked him if he enjoyed it and did I satisfy him. He said that he enjoyed and he confessed that he’d never had his cock sucked like that before. And I said that’s GOOD! And he said... I mean before we were married. I said GOOD! I don’t want to think about you with another woman (even though I had spent the afternoon being fucked by another man). Then I asked him again... did I satisfy you? Dan said... God yes you satisfied me! I’ve never felt like that before! It was so sensual and so erotic! To see you on your knees sucking me and then me cumming in your mouth! And then you just kept sucking me! I thought I was going to lose my mind! Oh God, you are so good! You really know how to satisfy a man! I said... thank you darling that was I wanted, for you to be satisfied (and to keep you from discovering that my vagina had been stretched and reamed out by a nine inch BBC).

We turned off the lights and soon Dan was sound asl**p. I lay in our dark room and thought about my day. Meeting Marvin, a stranger from the internet. Our open and frank conversation about blacks and whites and black men and white women. Then Marvin maneuvering me into a restroom and fucking me. I thought about him taking me and all the feeling and groping that led up to it. I thought about coming home and sucking off Dan for the first time. And I thought about Marvin’s cock. I thought about how long and big it was and how I took the whole thing. And then I thought about Marvin’s phone conversation and talking about hooking me up with his client. What did he have in mind? Then I thought about Marvin saying that I was his new white whore. Was that just dirty talk from the passion of the moment or did he literally mean that I was now a whore for him?

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2 years ago
need to make my wife a blackmans whore
3 years ago
love it please keep going I want to know what happens next !!
3 years ago
hot story
3 years ago
rape is rape you said no!!!!!!
3 years ago
love to hear about meeting his business customer:)
3 years ago
Good stories. Do u have anymore?
3 years ago
read 1 2 and 3 not bad if you need to change it up a bit with a black guy thats ok but let hubby share in your spoils as well how nows he might like sloppy seconds 5/10
3 years ago
Great story I was hard the whole time.