The White Suburban Housewife - Getting Ready for t

The White Suburban Housewife - Getting Ready for the Customer

As usual, the alarm came on at 6:30 am but I was already awake. In fact, I had been awake most of the night. I had tried to sl**p but I kept waking up stressed and in a panic because today I would become a whore. Before the sun sets today I will become a whore. More troubling, I will be a white whore for black men.

The alarm went off again to tell us that it’s now 6:45. Dan turned over and put his arm over me and pulled me closer to him.

“Oh babe. I wish we could stay like this all day.” Dan said.

That would be nice I said.

“But.... work calls” Dan said.

Yes... work calls... and today I go to work for Marvin... I thought

Dan got up and went to the shower and I got up to go and make coffee.

When I came back to the bedroom Dan was out of shower and drying himself off. I put his coffee on the vanity and then sat down on the edge of our bed. Dan had always been a good husband and a good provider. I’d never even looked at another man much less have sex with another man.... until I met Marvin.

As I watched Dan dry himself I thought about how different the two men are from one another. Obviously Marvin is black and Dan is white but beyond that Marvin is dominate and f***eful whereas Dan has always been gentle and understanding. Dan has always asked me if I wanted to have sex but Marvin just took me. Even though I was protesting... he took me. It didn’t matter if I was ready or not, he just took me. He just bent me over, pulled down my tights and panty and... just took me. And when he took me I succumbed to him and enjoyed the sex. Dan has never took me and I’ve never had to succumb to him, we’ve just always just agreed. And, finally, there is the size issue. Marvin is big. He’s much bigger than Dan and no matter what they say... size does matter. Marvin’s cock has probed a place inside of me that Dan has never been and he never will go there. He’s just too small to get there. When Marvin took me I didn’t realize but I was still a virgin. Marvin went beyond Dan’s territory and into the virgin territory of my vagina where he staked out a special place that only BBC can can get to. When Marvin took me, and seeded me, I really became a whole woman.

As I sat there on our bed and watched Dan I realized that I like both men. I like both of their styles. But I finally accepted the fact that when it comes to sex that I preferred Marvin’s dominance, f***efulness and size. That doesn’t mean that there’s not a time and place for Dan and his gentle and understanding style but Marvin is built for sex and built to satisfy women.

But today, I still hate Marvin because before this day is over he is going to give me over to another man. A man who is going to reward Marvin with a big business deal and Marvin is going to reward this man with an afternoon of sex with me. This afternoon I will become Marvin’s whore.

Dan began getting dressed for work and I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. It was almost surreal... here I am cooking scrambled eggs for my husband and in just a few hours I’ll be in bed with a strange man who will have paid a handsome price for me. That thought was really hard to comprehend.

In a short time Dan came into the kitchen and we sat down for breakfast. We had our usual breakfast conversation like... what are you going to do today? I told Dan that I was having lunch with a friend (I didn’t lie) and after lunch my friend had some activities planned (I didn’t lie). Dan asked... what kind of activities? I said... I’m not real sure but they want to do something rather than shopping. Dan said... maybe she (assuming it’s a She) has some entertainment planned. I said... maybe so... we’ll see. We’ll... Dan said... have a great afternoon. I’ll be in meetings right up till five or five-thirty. I may be a little later getting home. I said... that’s ok because we may be running a little late too.

Dan finished his eggs and got up to leave for work. While he was getting his coat and computer I thought about how deceitful I am. Here’s my faithful and dependable husband going off to work while thinking that I’m having lunch with a female friend and an afternoon of girl stuff. My God, what have I become? It would kill him if he knew that I will be having lunch with two black business men and afterwards one of these men will be having me for dessert. That this afternoon I’ll be sexual entertainment for some black business man from Africa.

Dan left the house and shortly later it was time for me to start getting ready to meet Marvin and his customer. In order to handle this mentally and emotionally I had decided that I would use our guest room to get ready for my date. In the guest room I would be away from my usual surroundings but more important I would not be getting ready in mine and Dan’s space.

The guest room was upstairs, away from our space and was always closed. We’ve gone for months and never entered the guest room. The guest room was really a small suite with its own sitting area and it had a full private bath. It was beautifully styled and decorated but we never used it. Plus, the upstairs had a back entry way from the garage. So, using the guest room I could get ready for my date, go downstairs directly to my car and then return the same way. I would never have to go through our normal living space. It was the perfect setup. So, I decided that the guest room would be my place. My place to get ready for my date with Marvin and his customer. The place where Susan the typical suburban housewife would transform into Susan the hot, sexy, suburban, housewife and whore that craves BBC and fucks black men on the side.

I made a cup of coffee and went up stairs to the guest room. I sat down for a few minutes to enjoy the coffee and to get my head around what I was about to do. I looked at the bed in the guest room and thought that in a few hours I would be in a strange bed with a strange man and that this man would be fucking me. Then I starting thinking about what he would do... would he fuck me missionary style or would he take me from behind like Marvin? Or, would he want me to be on top and ride him? Marvin said that he’s bigger than him, so, will I be able to take this man? Can I handle a bigger cock than Marvin’s? And then I starting thinking about what if he wanted me to suck his cock? Can I do that, can I suck a stranger’s cock? I had sucked off Dan but can I suck off a complete stranger? Oh my God, I’d never really thought about this until now but this is reality. This man will probably expect me to suck him off! After all, he’s paying for an afternoon of sexual fantasy with a white woman and I’m sure that putting his cock in my mouth is part of that fantasy. Oh My, why hadn’t thought about this before now? Can I take in a mouth full of semen? Do I swallow or spit it out? What if he wants me to swallow his stuff? I can’t think about it now. I’ll just have to handle this when the time comes. Whew!! I had to get ready.

I went to the closet and brought out my new outfit and laid it out on the guest room bed. When I came home from shopping the guest room closet seemed to be the best place to put this stuff and keep it hidden from Dan. Now that I had decided to use the guest room as my dressing room, putting my purchases in that closet was a smart decision. Everything thing I purchased with Marvin’s money was here... the skirt, sweater, push up bra, thong panty, panty hose, and high heels. Plus some necessities... lubricants and condoms. If this guy is really big I don’t want him to rip me apart trying to get his cock into my vagina. And, I want him to wear protection so I bought a box of assorted Trojans. Some looked rather interesting and maybe exciting to try. I’ve never had a condom in me before and quite honestly the ribbed ones looked very interesting. When I purchased them I thought about what it might feel like to have a BBC fitted with a ribbed condom slide into my vagina. I almost had an orgasm in store just thinking about it. Enough of this, I needed to get a shower and dressed.

I took off my robe and pajamas and stood looking at myself in the mirror. For a middle-aged housewife I still looked very good. Good genes, I suppose. I still had an hour glass figure, my weight was under control and I had no flab or bulges. My breasts were still firm and still slightly erect. And, I didn’t have too many wrinkles or marks on my body. In fact, I still looked much like I did when I was in my twenties. Nature had been very kind. Plus, my vulva was still firm and my vagina was tight. And, my legs and ass were firm and still shapely. I could see where a man would be very attracted to me. I still had what it takes to turn a man’s head. I still had what it takes to capture a man’s attention and make him imagine and think twice about what it would be like to get me in bed. And then I thought...this is what Marvin sees and wants to exploit... the bastard! How in hell did I get myself in this predicament?

The shower was hot and steamy and I just enjoyed standing under the shower head and letting the water run down my body from head to my feet. For a moment I was in a different place. A safe place where this hot and steamy water was washing away all of my troubles and stresses. But quickly, I was back to reality and the fact that I was getting ready for a date with a business man from Africa and after a short introduction and lite lunch he and I would be having sex. And the reality was that here I am in the shower cleaning and scrubbing my body in preparation for this rendezvous.

With Marvin’s money I had splurged and purchased some toiletries. In particular, I bought some L’Occitaine, lavender perfumed, french bath soap and now I was using this decadent treat to scrub my body and make myself smell lovely for my date. As I took the bar of soap and began to scrub my vulva I thought that in just a couple of hours a strange man would be feeling me my vulva with hands and for some reason I wanted to make that I was clean for him. I didn’t want him to find me in any way but perfect and so I took great care in cleaning my vulva, my ass, my breasts, and the rest of my body. When this man took me to his bed and unwrapped me I wanted him to find me sparkling clean and smelling fresh and wonderful. After all, I was to be his prize and a prize should be worthy. A prize should not be a disappointment and I wanted to make sure that I would not be a disappointment to this man.

I dried off, sat down at the vanity and started drying my hair. I really liked my new style and color. I’d never put so much emphasis on my hair but with Marvin footing the bill I had gone to a salon known for working with models and local celebrities. This salon had won awards for color and style and they transformed me from blonde to striking blonde and they transformed my style from suburban housewife to... urban, cosmopolitan, upscale, hot, babe. Even Dan noticed and commented how nice my hair looked. What he didn’t see was the style. When I got home I had combed out the style but now I was drying my hair and putting it back in the salon’s style which shouted..... flirtatious, sexy and that I want to be fucked, really bad!

Next, I started putting on my face. Like my hair, I’d never put much emphasis on makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow and that kind of stuff. I’d pretty much followed the same routine and style all of my life but, again, with Marvin paying the bill, I had decided to step outside of the routine and make myself even more attractive. Not knowing really where to start I asked friends, looked on the internet and even stopped by cosmetic counters at our local department stores but I couldn’t find the style I was searching for. I couldn’t find that... look. Then a friend from the soccer team recommended a salon and spa that she claimed worked wonders with facials, makeup, and could guide me to how to create a glamorous facial style... and, she was right. At this spa I had a facial and they transformed my face from Susan soccer mom to Susan glamorous, worldly, sexy, desirable, woman.

In addition to the facial, I had a manicure and a pedicure. I had shared with the technician that I had a hot date and went on to describe the skirt and top that I would be wearing. Based on my description she recommend a deep red polish for my nails. Then she asked if I would be wearing a thong panty. When I answered yes she recommended that I get a pubic hair cut. My God, I’d never heard of such much less ever imagined someone trimming my pubic hair but at last I agreed and she trimmed and shaped my pubic hair leaving the top in the shape of a heart... Over The Top... Decadent! These were relaxing and luxurious treatments that removed some of my stress and anxiety but at the same time made me feel like a complete and polished woman.

Now, sitting here at my vanity looking at myself in the mirror I realized that I really didn’t recognize who I was seeing. With new hair and makeup I had transformed myself into this glamorous, flirtatious, sexy woman. This was not me. This was a different me. No, this was the new me. At least it was the new me for the afternoon. This was the new me that was getting ready to drive across town and work as a whore for the afternoon. But I looked good. In fact I think I looked great. And, I think that I’ll be a worthy prize that want disappoint my customer. What did Marvin call this? Oh yes, he called it... competitive advantage. Looking at myself in the mirror I came to the conclusion that I have competitive advantage. There’s not a man in town that would not turn his head to get a glimpse of this woman. That’s competitive advantage but enough glaring in the mirror, I had done all that I could do and I think I looked good. I needed to get dressed.

After much searching and consideration I had settled on a European styled lacy black thong and push-up bra. Standing in front of my full length mirror I pulled up the thong and adjusted it to where it perfectly fit my body. It looked good. No, I looked sexy in it. It was new, tight and I really liked the way it was cut low in front and just came up above the top of my heart shaped pubic hair... perfect. There was just enough black lacy material to cover up and accentuate the... V. Oh my, how arousing will this be for this guy? I turned around and the back also fitted perfectly in the crack of my butt. My God I looked hot!

Next I put on the bra. Since I’m 34DD I’ve always been concerned with bras and their fit but this thing fit me like a glove and, as advertised, it lifted (pushed up) my breasts making them look erect, firm and full. The material was sheer and allowed my nipples to protrude

Now with my bra and thong on I stood looking at myself in the mirror and I was both surprised and pleased. Not bad for a mature, suburban housewife. Yes, I will be a prize and this guy will have fun unwrapping this package. That made me think that in just a couple of hours some strange man will be removing this bra and will be fondling, kissing and sucking my tits; and, he’ll be feeling between my legs and then he’ll remove this thong and I’ll be fully exposed ready for him to take me and enjoy himself.

It had been a long time since I had worn stockings but now I was sitting in a chair and pulling on a very sheer black stocking with a luscious lace top. I’d forgotten how much different stockings feel from pantyhose. And, with most things, I found that stockings had improved since I last had a pair on. With these I didn’t need a garter belt because the lacy top gripped my thigh and prevented the stocking from slipping down. Plus these stockings fit very well much like pantyhose. They really streamlined and accentuated my legs and thighs. Perfect for a man to feel and and slide his hand across and ending in lace just before he reaches my thong and what it conceals.

Now with both stockings on I stood in front of the mirror and saw the image of a very sexy woman. Lingerie that covered but accentuated the most important parts of my anatomy. And black stockings that stopped just short of the tops of my legs and framed that V between my legs. I had transformed myself into an object of sexual fantasy and desire. I began to imagine that when my date sees me like this he will be aroused like never before because standing before him will be a mature, sexy white woman with a look that says I need and want to be fucked by a real man. Here I am... I’m yours for the afternoon... come and take me... show me that you’re a real man that knows what he wants... show me that you know what to do with that Big thing!

Finally the primping was over and time to finish getting dressed. I had bought a black, sleek and slender fitting pencil skirt. When I tried it on in the store it was a perfect fit with the hem hitting me just above my knees but I had it tailored to be a couple of inches shorter (Marvin’s orders were to show off my legs). While she was taking measurements the seamstress curiously asked me what kind of business that I’m in and I quickly thought and answered... marketing and sales. Her cynical reply was that she figured that I was selling something. Now seeing myself in the mirror I was pleased with the fit and length. It was perfect, the hem came about three or four inches above my knees... not too long or too short... it was just right. Just short enough to reveal nice legs and catch a man’s attention and make him wonder, imagine and arouse his lust and desires.

Soon I would be walking into a restaurant to meet a man who would have no need to wonder and imagine. No, he would soon be sliding a hand under this skirt, between these legs and reaching and feeling for his prize. Then he would be unzipping this skirt and pulling it from my body revealing two long stocking legs and a black laced thong that concealed my vagina that, by now, would be hot, wet and ready to be fondled, fingered and penetrated by a cock that could bring me to orgasm and satisfy my sexual desires.

I topped off the black pencil skirt with a sapphire colored, cashmere/silk, boat neck, top with three quarter length sleeves. Like the skirt it was sleek, tight and it really showed off my pushed up breasts. Seeing myself in the mirror I had to admit that I looked... Hot! This is what Marvin told me wanted... for me to look hot for him and his customer.

I finished getting dressed by putting on a pearl choker, matching pearl earrings and a silver bracelet. Then I put on my new black pumps with three and half inch heels and I was ready. I took one long last look in the mirror and I have to admit that I approved of my new look. Yes, I would certainly impress and arouse his customer. And, I could satisfy him in the bedroom. I had transformed myself into the complete package.

It was time to go.

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