The White Suburban Housewife: The First Customer -

The next morning Dan took his own sweet time to get ready for work but he finally got out of the house and on his way to work. Before he was out of site of our house I was on the computer, logging in and checking my emails but there was nothing from Marvin. I was very disappointed and let down. Ever since I woke up I had been thinking about Marvin and anticipating an email from him telling me how much he enjoyed our...encounter. But alas there was no such email. So with nothing pressing to do I decided to take a bubble bath and soak my body. After the prior day’s sexual activities I felt like I deserved some personal time to luxuriate and contemplate me and this relationship with Marvin and my relationship with Dan.

As I lounged in my tub all I could think about was Marvin. I relived our encounter over and over in my mind. But then again I couldn’t believe what I had done. I’d met this guy on the internet! Then I agreed to meet him for lunch. Then I had sex with him. And now here I am anxiously waiting to hear from him. My God, what’s happening to me? Why am I doing this? I’m a happily married woman. I have a great husband, f****y, and home. Why do I want this relationship? But I know why and it’s because he’s dominating, in control and he has this cock that’s larger than anything I’ve ever imagined and he knows how to use it to take me to a state of sexual arousal and sensation that I’ve never experienced before. And he talks to me like I’m a whore and for some reason I’m turned on by this; and, I’m especially turned on by him telling me that I’m built for sex and built to satisfy black men. Oh God, I do want him again. I want him to feel me, I want him to talk nasty to me and I want him to take me over and over and over again!

I decided it was time to quit day dreaming, get out of the tub and get on with my day. But as I was drying off I stared at my naked body in mirror and I imagined Marvin with me. I imagined him drying me off and how his hands would be all over me and I how I would feel him touch me in places that should be reserved only for Dan. Oh God this is so wrong. I imagined Marvin putting his arms around me and fondling my breasts. He had told me that he liked my nipples so I imagined him squeezing my nipples between his fingers. Oh! Then I imagined him sliding his hand down my body to my vulva. I imagined his large hand cupping my vulva and then I imagined him inserting his finger into my vagina. Oh God! I imagined him stroking me with his finger and going deep inside of me. Oh! But then, I was startled back into reality. My cell phone was ringing. I thought... oh fuck, who could this be as I struggled to get the phone out of my bag. I didn’t recognize the number but saw that it was from Dallas Texas. I thought... who the heck as this as I said... hello.

“Susan?” (It was a mans voice)


“Is this a good time to talk?”

Who is this?

“It’s Marvin.”

OH Marvin! I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize your voice! Yes, this is a great time to talk.

“How are today Susan?”

I’m great! I just finished a long bubble bath and I’m getting ready to go out for lunch and some shopping! How are you Marvin?

“I’m fine Susan. I had a good flight back to Dallas and I’m back at work this morning. So you’re taking a bubble bath eh. Taking care of that sexy body... good girl. That’s what I like to hear. You’re a hot number Susan and I like you a lot”.

I like you too Marvin! Yesterday was just... I don’t know how to explain it but was the most exciting and wonderful experience that I’ve ever had.

“So, you like BBC (LOL)?”

Oh God Yes!

“Do you want some more (LOL)?”

Oh yes! I want it. I need it. When are you coming back to town?

“Well, that’s what I calling about. I’ll be back next week and...”

Next week?! That’s great! Can we meet?

“Well, that’s what I’m calling about. I want you to meet us for lunch next Wednesday. Can you do that?”

Next Wednesday?... Yes, I can do that... where and what time?

“Well, we’re having lunch at the Ritz-Carlton. Can you meet us around 11:30?”

Yes, I can be there at 11:30.

“And Susan, plan on being with us all afternoon. Can you do that?”

Yes, I can block out the whole afternoon. I just need to be home by 6:00.

“Susan, you’re going to be having lunch with me and one of my most important customers. I want to make a good impression on this guy... ok?”

Yes Marvin, I understand. You want me to help you impress your customer...right?

“Yes Susan, that’s right. I want you to impress this guy”

“So Susan, I’m going to send you some money to buy yourself a nice outfit and get your hair fixed, and make-up and some other stuff you might need.”

No Marvin, you don’t have to do that. I’ve got some very nice outfits that I’m sure will impress your customer.

“No Susan, I insist. I’m going to buy you a hot outfit... everything... dress, shoes, underwear, stockings... everything. Understand? I want you to look for me and my customer. Understand?”

Yes Marvin, I understand. I’ll do anything you want me to do. That’s very nice of you.

Marvin, will there be time for you and me? All I’ve done since yesterday is dream about you. Did you enjoy yesterday?

“Oh yes girl. Yesterday was great. You’re a hot woman. I told you that you’re a hot woman. And I told you that you’re built for sex and that you can satisfy men, particularly black men. Didn’t I tell you that girl?”

Yes Marvin, that exactly what you told me.

“Girl, yesterday you learned about BBC and you like it... right?”

Oh God Marvin... yes! I’ve never experienced anything like you. You’re so big... you made me feel things I’ve never felt before. I’ve never had sex like that.

“Well, next week you’re going to have all the BBC you want. This customer of mine is big. He’s bigger than me and he really likes white girls like you. I’ve told him about you and I’ve showed him pictures of you and girl, he’s ready. He’s going give you a ride!”

NO Marvin! I’m not going to do this! I’m not going to fuck your customer!

“Listen girl. Yesterday you told me that you would be my white whore. I wasn’t foolin around. Yesterday you told me that your pussy now belongs to me. Well, girl, today you’re my new white whore and next week you go to work.”

NO!! I’m not going to do this!!! I’m not some whore!!

“Listen girl... do you want Dan to see some pictures from yesterday. Do you want Dan to see some pictures of his pure white bride fucking a black man in a public bathroom? Do you want Dan to see some pictures of you bent over, panties pulled down, legs spread and allowing some black dude to shove his BBC into your pussy? Is that what you want?”

No Marvin! You can’t do that. Please don’t do that!

“Well, girl, then you will meet me and my customer for lunch... right?”

Marvin don’t do this... please.

“Girl, you will work for me next week...right.... understand?”


“Girl, either you work or I send Dan some very interesting pictures. Hell girl, I might put them out on Flickr. You’re already a Flickr star. These pictures will make you a real star (LOL). So... what’s it going be... are you going to work or not?”

Ok... I’ll meet your customer. I hate you Marvin. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. I thought you were really interested in me.

“I am interested in you girl. You’re a hot ticket. You can really help my business.”

So... you’re interested in what I can do for your business?

“That’s right girl. Most of my customers are black business men and if I can set them up for an afternoon with a real white suburban housewife... some white dude’s personal pussy... then I’m a hero. It’s as simple as that girl.”

So.... I’ll be that white suburban housewife whore.......?

“Yes, girl... you’re my white suburban housewife whore.”

You’re sick Marvin. You’re really sick.

“No girl... I’m a business man. This is a business arrangement. You’re going to give me and my business... competitive advantage.”

Competitive advantage? Is that what I am.... competitive advantage?

“Yes, you’re competitive advantage. You’re white, your married, you’re the icon of the white suburban housewife, you’re sexy and you’re a really good fuck. You’re exactly what many black men dream about and with you I can deliver that dream to men who can make my business very successful. So.... you’re going to work for me.... right?”

Yes Marvin I’ll work for you but I hate you... you SOB!

“Good girl. Listen girl, this guy next week is from Africa and he’s gotta cock on him that women dream about. You’re going to really like this. He’s going to give you a ride of you life. All you have to do is look as hot and sexy as you did yesterday when you met me for lunch and he’ll do the rest (LOL). All you gotta do girl is spread those legs like you did for me (LOL).”

I hate you Marvin.

“I know you hate me girl but this is going to be good for you too. Think about all that BBC you’re going to get. Think about all those big cocks that you’re going to be enjoying. Tell me that you hate me after some dude gives ten inches and gives you an orgasm like you ain’t never had.”

I really hate you Marvin.

“Look girl I’m going to overnight you a check for a thousand dollars. I want you to get a very hot outfit. You know... short skirt...tight top... black thigh highs. Show off them tits and legs. And get some sexy underwear. Get your hair fixed. Get some sexy perfume. I want you to be HOT!! Ok?”

Ok Marvin. I’ll look hot for your customer. But Marvin, I hate you.

“Ok girl I’ve gotta go now but I’ll call you later this week. Look for your money in the morning. I’ll send it Fedex. You said that you’re going out shopping this afternoon so you can start looking for that hot outfit. And girl, take care of that sexy body. Don’t have any sex until you meet my customer next week. I want that white pussy tight, primed and ready to fuck... ok. Good girl.”

With that Marvin hung up and the conversation was over.

Oh my God, what have I got myself into? What am I going do? I don’t want to be Marvin’s whore but I can’t let Dan find out about Marvin. I’m in a mess.

I finished dressing and went out for lunch. I had to get out of the house. As I ate lunch I looked around at all of the other housewives. Here were women just like me with nice suburban homes, husbands with great careers and loving families but they’re not whores. I crossed the line. I got curious and met Marvin. I wanted to find out about black men and BBC and now I’m in a very big mess and I don’t see a way out. As I walked back to my car I passed a dress shop and in the window was a skirt and top that can only be described as... hot.

Next - Getting Ready for the Customer

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3 months ago
So damn hot!
2 years ago
nice,like to think its my wife.
2 years ago
awesome story, need the next part.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Looking forward to the next story honey this really turned me on mmmmmmmmmmm