Cabin Fever

I was excited about going to the cabin with Rachel. We had been friends for most of our lives but had never spent a summer vacation together. Rachel, her mom Heather and I were going out to their f****y cabin on a small secluded lake just over 4 hours from home. I was looking forward to getting away for spring break and to catch some rays on the beach.

My name is Tasha and Rachel and I are both 20 now. College was proving to be tougher then either of us had expected so a nice relaxing break was welcome. My 5′—8″ puts me just about 2″ taller then Rachel and about the same height as her mom. Although Rachel and I have never had a problem getting dates we are both currently in between relationships. That’s not a bad thing as it leaves more time to get our homework done.

Rachel and her mom are both rather busty and make my 34B’s look inadequate. You can really tell that Rachel and Heather are related, the similarities are quite apparent. Her mom had Rachel when she was just 17 so she is still quite young compared to other parents like mine. We don’t mind her hanging around when we get together and she insists on us calling her Heather instead of Mrs. Lawson or Mom. When she gets herself fixed up she can easily pass for 30. Rachel and Heather have always been very close, especially since Rachel’s Dad died some 10 years ago.

Although we all had our drivers licences Heather drove all the way while Rachel and I sat back listening to our IPOD’s. The drive there seemed to go really fast and with not a cloud in the sky I was ready to hit the beach. The cabin was more like a small house. It had 2 bedrooms and a living room, kitchen and bath. There was a loft over the living room with another large bed. Heather took the largest of the bedrooms and Rachel and I decided to share the king size bed in the loft as we would probably be talking half the night anyways.

After unloading the car Rachel and I changed into our tanning suits, grabbed the lotion and a few coolers and headed down to the beach. Heather said she would catch up to us in a while.

The whole setup was great, the lake was already warm and the beach was sandy. There were no other cabins close to ours but we could see some people down the lake a bit where a few other cabins were side by side. This was good because our tanning suits didn’t cover much up. They certainly weren’t the kind you could dive into the water with. Not unless you were planning on resurfacing naked.

We lathered up with lotion and helped each other with our backs. I planned on going home a few shades darker by the end of the week. The hot sun beaming down on my skin felt good and I guess I dozed off a bit. I woke up to the sound of Heather calling out hello as she came down the path. Blinking to adjust my eyes to the bright sun I saw that she was not alone. There was very nice looking guy walking right behind her. Heather introduced me to Rachel’s cousin Tony and as we shook hands I saw his eyes drop to scope out my tits.

Rachel’s f****y has been sharing the cabin for years and Tony had decided to come out for the weekend. Not thinking that anyone else would be here he was surprised to see our car there when he pulled in. Heather told him that was okay as there was lots of room for him too. They sat beside us on the beach and chatted about some of their other relatives, some of which I recognized as people I had met before. I was wondering why I had never met Tony before. I was wondering why I had never met Tony.

When ever I could I would sneak a look at him. He looked like he might play football or something as his chest looked quite solid and his arms were yummy. I smiled to myself. It must have been the hot sun making me think this way. I have notice that I get horny a lot more in the summer especially when baking in the hot sun and seeing all the half naked man flesh on the beaches.

After a while Heather and Tony decided to cool off with a swim out to the float and Rachel and I decided to join them about 20 minutes later. As I climbed up the ladder to sit on the float I had to check my top to make sure it was still in place. I noticed that the cooler water had made my nipples erect. Tony noticed too as I caught him staring at them again. I didn’t mind, in fact it felt nice knowing he liked what he saw. We all talked for a while as we layed on the float just bobbing up and down and I learned that Tony was in the entertainment business. Rachel told me he had been with a band but had recently gone off on his own and Tony said he was trying out a few new things. Rachel told me how she had heard Tony sing and that he was very good.

After about an hour Heather said she was going to head back up to the cabin and Tony offered to help her out with dinner. Apparently he was quite the cook on the barbeque too. I was liking this guy a lot.

Dinner was fantastic. Tony had cooked up some ribs he brought with him and Heather made some salads and corn on the cob. With a few glasses of wine I was feeling like I would never want to leave.

After dinner Rachel and I cleaned up the dishes and then joined Tony and Heather in the living room where Heather was asking Tony about his new endeavors. Tony was explaining how he had met this magician and after working with him for the past year he felt that he was almost ready to try going out on his own. We asked him to show us some of his tricks and at first he said no but once we all batted our lashes at him and begged him he couldn’t say no.

He went to his truck and brought in a metal case. He started with some cool card tricks and I was surprised how good he was. Only once did I figure out how he did a trick. I think he did that one slower so we could see how it was performed. The wine glasses were kept full and after while we were taking turns volunteering to be his lovely assistant. Rachel and I were hamming it up doing all the poses you would expect the assistants to do.

When he said he was going to go get the saw from the wood pile Rachel and I quickly volunteered Heather for the next trick. Tony said he was only joking but that he also had been learning some hypnosis. Since Heather was already sitting in the chair she said he could use her to show us what he could do.

Tony had a really friendly manner that made you like him and he kept it light with lots of jokes that made my stomach hurt from laughing so much. Saying he had forgotten his pocket watch he pulled an old dirty sock from his pocket and started to swing it back and forth in front of Heathers face. I think the wine was getting to us all as we had tears in our eyes seeing the look on Heather’s face as she scrunched up her nose at the sight of the filthy sock swinging in front of her face. By the time we had got control of ourselves again I was exhausted. Rachel topped up our glasses again and this time Tony said he would be serious.

He lit a candle and set it on the table between us. He told Heather to concentrate on the flame, not taking her eyes from the flickering flame. He went on and on telling her to notice how the flame was helping her relax. To feel how the warmth of the flame would make her feel sl**py. Rachel and I sat silently watching Heather concentrating on the flame and I could see her eyes were starting to look spacey. I wondered how she must feel right now and looking down at the flame I found myself staring at it too.

Tony was talking lower now and was getting Heather to let herself go and to just listen to his voice. Telling her nothing else mattered but the flickering light and his voice. Tony told her that she could no longer see anything but the light or hear anything but his voice. He then told her to sl**p and Heathers chin dropped to her chest. Rachel and I sat there with our mouths open not believing what we had just seen. I found that I had been holding my breath thru this last part and was feeling a bit dizzy myself.

Tony then asked Rachel is there was anything about her mom she wanted changed and it wasn’t till he smiled at us that we realized he was k**ding. He asked us what we wanted to see Heather do and we got him to do the standard raising the arms thing and crawling around like a dog, she even barked for us. I was thinking how she must feel doing everything he said and being unable to resist. I was surprised to find that it was actually turning me on thinking about it and I squeezed my legs together tight with a shudder.

Tony made Heather answer “Yes sir” when he told her to do anything. He then told her to stand up and go to her room to change into her bed clothes and then she was to come back out and sit in the chair again. She said “Yes sir” and then stood up and walked into her room. When she came out she was wearing her nighty and she just sat down staring straight ahead. Her eyes were open but it seemed that there was no one home. I went over and waved my hand back and forth in front of her face and she never even blinked. I looked at Tony and he was smiling at me.

“Pretty good huh” he said. “Wish it was you?” I was speechless and just shook my head no and sat back down.

Tony said it was time to bring Heather back to the land of the living and he started to talk to her quietly. I couldn’t make out what he was saying but she nodded her head a few times. I heard her answer “Yes sir” once more and then he snapped his fingers and she blinked a couple of times then looked at us staring as we stared at her and asked “What?”

We asked her how it felt and she didn’t know what we were talking about till Rachel commented on how nice her nighty looked. She was stunned then embarrassed at first but then as she realized what had happened she was became amazed and wanted to know everything that had happened.

Tony said it would be easier to show her what he did and asking for another volunteer he looked at me. I just shook my head and Rachel stood up, called me a chicken and then changed seats with her mom.

He again started by getting Rachel to stare at the flickering light and talking very softly he guided her to relax and watching the flame she was only to listen to his voice. I was thinking how Tony had the perfect soft but firm voice for this. I glanced over at Heather and saw she was again staring at the candle too. I looked from Heather to Rachel and saw how they both were concentrating on what Tony was saying and staring at the light. I found the whole thing very exciting and realized again I had been holding my breath. I looked up to find Tony still talking to Rachel but he was staring at me now, staring and smiling with those big beautiful dark eyes of his. He nodded his head toward the candle and as I looked down at it at the same time hearing him say how nothing else mattered but watching the light and listening to his voice. I though how I’d love to be able to listen to his voice all the time thinking how sexy he was.

I was thinking how it would be to have Tony put me under and what he might do with me. Wondering if he might have me come visit him during the night and slide under the covers naked to cuddle against his big strong hard body. I thought how he might wrap his big arms around me and press himself against me making my nipples press against his hairy chest. I wondered if I would know he was doing it or if I would just follow his commands, saying “Yes Sir”.

I snapped out of it and realize that both Heather and Rachel had just acknowledged Tony’s suggestion with the proper reply. But what had he suggested to them. How did I miss that? Did I zone out too, or did I also just reply to him?

I must have been so far into my own thoughts that I didn’t hear what he said. I looked over at Heather and she smiled at me and then Tony was telling Rachel how she was to get up and dance for us. She stood up and started dancing like she was a stripper. She was shaking her ass and her tits at us and blowing kisses to all of us. Heather yelled out “Go Baby” and Rachel turned her back to us bent over touching her toes then sliding her hand up her leg and then across her ass. She winked at me and licked her lips sensually.

Tony snapped his fingers and Rachel stopped what she was doing and stood at attention. He then walked over to Heather asking her what she thought and she said it was amazing. He then leaned over and whispered into her Heathers ear. She went stiff and her expression went blank. He told her to go stand beside Rachel and with a “yes Sir” she did as she was told.

“Well?” Tony said, “Would you like to have some fun with them?” I nervously said that it was ok I liked just watching what he was doing.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join them? Are you sure you’re not getting sl**py too?” A shiver went thru me as I thought he might take control of me if he hadn’t already and I didn’t know what to say.

Tony stood there smiling at me enjoying watching me squirm and then he said “of course you don’t” and moved over to the two zombie girls standing in the middle of the room.

As he walked around them he was asking me if I enjoyed watching them like this. If I enjoyed watching how helpless they were. Helpless to resist anything he told them to do. He had Rachel take her mom in her arms and give her a big hug and then stay that way. He asked me if I wanted to join them saying I could if I wanted to. He said all I had to do was to look at the flame and then I could join my friends in a nice friendly hug. I started to look towards the candle and then stopped myself. Looking back at him I found him smiling at me again. He continued to tease me saying how tired I looked. I did feel tired but sat there nervously looking from him to my friend who was still hugging her Mom tightly and not knowing she was doing it.

I knew how close I was to doing just that. How I did want to see how it felt to be his helpless slave. To become helplessly in his control doing what ever he said and answering his commands with “Yes sir”. I knew if I let him he could have all three of us to himself, and wondered what he might do with us. I wondered if he would have his way with us all or have us all strip and join him in an orgy here in the living room of the cabin. Would he make us his slaves forever or just while we were here at the cabin. He could control us all the whole night having his way with us or making us pleasure each other while he watched.

“I guess it’s getting late” Tony said, his voice snapping me out of my day dream.

Tony whispered into Heather’s ear again and I heard her answer him with another “Yes Sir” and then she was awake. She was shocked to find herself being hugged by her daughter and looked at me questioningly. Tony then whispered into Rachel’s ear a little longer then he had Heathers. She too answered with “Yes Sir” and then he snapped his fingers and she appeared to have just woken up. It took her a minute to realize where she was and then she yelped and jumped back from her mom and Tony started laughing at her. Heather and Rachel both realizing that they had been apart of some more of his tricks started to laugh too but I wasn’t sure I liked how this was all going. I gave a fake smile. We all agreed that Tony should take his show on the road and that he would do great. He took a bow and thanked us all saying he had had fun too. He said any time we wanted to have him play with our minds he was more then willing. Again he was looking at me when he said this.

Heather looked at the clock and said she was going to head to bed and we all agreed it was time. Taking turns washing up and brushing our teeth we were soon all crawling under our covers. Rachel had lots of questions about what he had her do while she was hypnotized and I had lots about how she felt and what she remembered. She didn’t remember much at all. I asked her what he whispered to her and she looked at me funny asking what I was talking about. She didn’t remember that either.

We talked a while longer and then I noticed Rachel had drifted off to sl**p. It was so quiet out at the lake. I laid there thinking about everything that had gone on here tonight. Did Tony still have control over Rachel and Heather? Was I putting to much thought into this? Maybe he was just having fun with us. Maybe it was just me who was thinking of the nastier side of it all. Why then had I had been in the washroom had I found such a mess in my panties. Even now I was still turned on by all this.

I was wondering why the idea of someone controlling me was affecting me this way. I had never had thoughts like this before. Thoughts of becoming someone’s mindless bimbo. As I lay there thinking of this my hand moved inside my panties and my fingers started to stroke up and down spreading the wetness they found down there. As I lay there touching myself I would swear I could still hear Heather saying “Yes Sir” over and over again. I guess I was starting to day dream again because I could swear I had just heard Heathers voice saying “Thank you Sir”.

I guess Tony wasn’t tired as I could make out noises from his room below us. He sure seemed to be moving around a lot. From where I lay I could make out a faint light glowing on the floor below It could only be coming from under his door. Crawling to the edge of the loft I looked down and noticed Heathers door was partially open but her room was dark. I guessed she must just like to sl**p with her door open.

I awoke to another sound in the cabin below and looking over the edge of the loft. I saw Heather entering her room. I was thinking she must have gotten up to go to the bathroom or had I just seen Tony’s door just closing. I laid there starting to think of weird thoughts of Tony and Heather together. Her stripping for him and then.... no I’ve got to stop thinking this stuff. I’m just letting my imagination run away with all this. I grabbed a handful of the covers and settled in again, drifting off to the sound of Rachel’s heavy breathing as she slept beside me.

I have never been good at sl**ping in strange beds and was constantly waking up restlessly. At some point during the night I woke up and trying to remember where I was I opened my eyes. As the vaulted cabin ceiling came into view it all came back to me. Grabbing the blanket I rolled over and discovered the bed empty beside me. Rachel was gone. I peered over the side to see if the bathroom light was on but the only light I saw was the faint light shining from beneath Tony’s door. I glanced at the clock and saw it was 3:30 a.m. Why would she be in Tony’s room?... unless.... What if he had her hypnotized again and was taking advantage of her. I lay there for a minute before decided I had to find out if she was okay.

I crept down the stairs thankful that they were built out of logs and made no noise at all. I tip-toed over to Tony’s door and put my ear close to it. I could hear voices but couldn’t make out what they were saying. I slowly turned the knob and pushed it open just a crack.

The room was barely lit by a single candle but I could make out Rachel kneeling on the bed and Tony was standing beside her talking to her in little more then a whisper. I tried to make out any sign if she was awake or what but there wasn’t enough light. With Tony’s back partially to me I opened the door more and inched my way in further hoping to be able to hear what they were saying. My imagination was working over time thinking that he had her in a trance and I had to save her.

I didn’t know what to say when Rachel turned toward me and said “Hi Tasha. Come on in and join us”. I felt so stupid. Looking like a deer caught in a cars headlights I stood there my mouth open. I looked from Rachel to Tony and found him grinning at me like he was enjoying my awkwardness. I took a few steps further into the room and told Rachel that I woke up to find her missing and thought I’d see if she was ok. Rachel just sat there smiling at me not saying anything.

“You are okay, aren’t you Rach?”

“She is more then okay Tasha, she is feeling very very good right now.” Tony said as he approached me.

“What did you do to her” I demanded.

“I did nothing to her that she didn’t want Tasha. Rachel just came down here to watch the flickering light. I think that is why you are here too. You would like to watch the light for me wouldn’t you Tasha?” I looked up into his smiling face as he nodded towards the candle on the table.

Something in my head was screaming not too, but I wasn’t listening. I looked down at the candle and noticed how the flame was flickering about. I felt Tony’s hands came to rest on my shoulders as he started to whisper to me to just watch the flame. To let myself go and be one with the flame.

“This is what you want isn’t it Tasha?” Tony whispered. “Letting yourself get lost in the light. Only the light and the sound of my voice matter now Tasha.”

“Look how happy Rachel is being part of my world.” Tony turned to Rachel who was still kneeling in the same place smiling at nothing in particular. “Rachel, tell Tasha who you are”.

Rachel turned slightly towards me saying “Yes sir”. Her eyes fixing on me she said “I am Tony’s plaything”. It was then I noticed she had her hand inside her panties and I could see she was rubbing herself.

I could feel myself getting dizzy. Dizzy and turned on at the same time. Tony turned me around slowly till I faced him. Placing a single finger beneath my chin he lifted it up till I was staring into his beautiful dark eyes.

“You want to be my plaything too don’t you Tasha?”

Something in the back of my mind was screaming no! I nodded yes.

“Say Yes Sir” Tasha. Say “Yes Sir” and give yourself to me. With just the touch of my finger on your forehead you will become mine and you will obey everything I command of you and when you do you will feel pleasure like you have never experienced before.”

I stared into his beautiful eyes and heard myself say “Yes Sir”.

As I felt the finger touch my forehead my eyes flew open. “Steady there girl friend” Rachel said smiling down at me. “You were having quite a dream there. Care to share?”

Breathing like I had just finished a marathon I stared up at her and took in my surroundings. Had this all been a dream? Here was Rachel leaning over me like nothing had ever happened.

“So dreaming about some hot guy?” she inquired further.

“Uh...ummm no! I mean I don’t know. I can’t remember what I was dreaming about”, I lied.

“Well you’re wasting another beautiful day up here. Breakfast is almost ready” Rachel bounced off the bed and headed down stairs. “She’s up now! I heard her tell someone. I laid there trying to figure out what if any thing had been real and what had been a dream. Still unsure I decided I had better join the others down stairs.

I was the last one up. Rachel and Tony were having coffee at the table and Heather was just finishing preparing breakfast. I decided I had better go to the bathroom first. Once there I was surprised at the wetness between my legs. I had had erotic dreams before but never anything like this. I cleaned myself up and went out to join the others.

They teased me as the sl**py head and I let them, not trusting myself to any in-depth conversation yet. Judging by the way everyone else was acting I was guessing that I must have dreamt the whole thing only it had seemed so real. I was noticeably quiet thru breakfast and I just let them think it was because I had had too much to wine last night. I thought I caught Tony grinning at me a couple of times but I quickly looked away. I have got to get a grip on things and stop these crazy thoughts.

Again Rachel and I offered to clean up the dirty dishes and Tony and Heather headed down to the beach. I couldn’t stop thinking about my dream and Rachel noticed I seemed distracted.

Once we had everything cleaned up we changed into our bathing suits. This time I put on my regular bathing suit telling Rachel I felt like doing some swimming today. When we got down to the beach Tony and Heather where heavy in conversation. I didn’t trust myself yet to join in with them so I put myself down and went straight for the water. I swam a few laps of the bay area we were in and then swam over to the float and pulled myself up the ladder.

I sat on the edge my feet dangling in the water and looked back at the others. They seemed to be enjoying themselves chatting on the beach. Was I crazy? I have this weird wacko dream and now I’m letting it effect how I act around the others. I had to realize that it was all in my head and not let it ruin the rest of my trip. My wild imagination and the quick infatuation I had for Tony had gotten out of hand and I needed to take back control. I made up my mind. Standing up I did a perfect dive into the crystal clear water and started back for shore.

As I made my way up from the waters edge they all started clapping, saying “nice dive” and “I give you a 10”. I bowed to them all and smiled for the first time that day. Feeling refreshed I spread out my towel between Rachel’s and Tony’s and dropped down to start soaking up some rays. I joined in the many varied conversations that came up and felt good about it. Later we all swam back out to the float and had a canon ball diving contest. It was no contest with Tony’s splash going almost twice as high as the rest of ours. Rachel and I raced back to shore and headed up to the cabin to make some sandwiches for lunch.

The rest of the day went quickly but was very enjoyable and I could tell I had a good start on my tan. I spent the rest of the afternoon continually rotating myself around making sure I got an even tan.

Tony volunteered to do hamburgers for dinner and Rachel offered to help. Heather and I stayed on the beach with the promise that they would call us when dinner was almost ready. WE talked about lots of things and eventually Tony’s name came up in our conversation. Heather said she had known Tony better years ago but he had kind of disappeared for awhile. She thought he was trying to find himself. He had traveled with a his band for a few years and although they had quite a following the band had parted ways a year ago. She didn’t know why they had broken up but she said she thought he might do well with his magic show and his skill in hypnosis. This last comment caught me off guard. I didn’t know what to say to that so I said nothing and just stared out at the water.

She started talking about some of the card tricks he had done for us and was trying to figure out how he might have done them. Then she changed the conversation to when he had put her under with his hypnosis and she told me how weird she had felt as she felt herself slipping away listening to his voice. She said she didn’t remember what he had done next but that she had asked him about it this morning and he said that the next time he would make her be able to remember everything if she wanted.

I sat there thinking about “the next time”. So this wasn’t over yet. I could feel my mind racing away again. How must it feel to be slowly slipping away into trance while Tony whispered commands in your ear? To blindly obey his every command. What if he left you knowing that he was controlling you but you were still unable to resist? I pictured myself dancing on his bed in the middle of the night. Slowly stripping off my nighty while trying my best to seduce him. He would be sitting to one side fondling Rachel’s breasts while she fingered herself uncontrollably.

What would happen next? Would he make me bend over the side of the bed so he could take me from behind? Would he make me beg him to shove his big cock inside me? Or would he make me watch him fucking Rachel or Heather or both of them and then make me drop to my knees and suck his cock clean when he was done? Would I know I was doing it? Would I try to fight it or would I just give in to him and become his latest sex toy.

Tony’s shout that dinner was almost ready snapped me out of my day dream and I looked to Heather to see if she had noticed anything. She was just smiling at me and then said we had better get up there before they ate everything with out us. As she jumped up I looked down to find my hand pressed against the crotch of my suit. I quickly removed it but noticed a large wet patch showing. Oh God what is happening to me. I quickly wrapped my towel around my waist avoiding Heathers eyes. Had she been watching me?

When we got up to the cabin I quickly ran upstairs to change into one of my skirts. I sat on the edge of the bed trying to gain control of myself. what was happening to me? Why did I keep getting all these weird perverted thoughts? Come on Tasha, gain control of yourself. I took a big breath and headed downstairs.

The burgers were heavenly and Rachel had made a Caesar salad to go with it. I passed up on the wine and grabbed a diet coke from the refrigerator.

Because Tony and Rachel had cooked it was Heathers and my turn to wash up. Tony and Rachel decide to go for a walk in the trails before it got dark. I found it so easy to talk with Heather about anything. She was more like a big s****r then my friends mom. We talked about school and she told me about her wild party days. Her partying had started earlier then Rachelss and mine and it was from one of these wild nights Rachel came about. Heather had never tried to hide that fact from Rachel as they had done the right thing and gotten married before she was born. For their young age they were actually doing pretty good raising a k** until Rachel’s Dad was killed in a car crash one night.

The kitchen was all cleaned up and we had just topped up our drinks. I switched back to wine now. I was just starting to wonder where Rachel and Tony were when we heard them coming in. Rachel looked a site. Her hair was all mussed up and her knees were filthy. I asked her what happened to her and she laughed it off saying she had just tripped on a root on the trail. She went into the bathroom to tidy up and Tony grabbed a beer and came and sat down across from me. It was then I noticed the fly on his jeans was wide open. He must have seen me looking because he quickly pulled it up and grinning he gave me a wink.

What was that suppose to mean? And what had they been up to. I knew what it looked like but I couldn’t see Rachel doing that. Not with Tony, her cousin. Not unless...... Stop it I told myself.

Rachel came bouncing in and sat beside Tony. She seemed to be in a very good mood. The question was brought up on what we should do tonight and I was afraid someone might say hypnosis again. Heather suggested playing a game she new where teams had to act things out. Rachel said she and Heather would take Tony and me on. The way it would work is Tony or I would have to act out a movie or tv show title that Heather and Rachel had written down. We could use someone on the other team as a prop but we would have to get our other team mate to guess what it was we were acting out. It was a take on the game charades.

Rachel and Heather went to Heathers room to write down some things for Tony or I to act out and Tony and I stayed in the living room and did the same. As it was Heathers idea she went first and using me as her prop she was able to get Rachel to guess “Frosty the Snowman”. I’m not sure I made a good snowman but they figured it out too quickly for me. I went next and had to get Tony to guess “A nightmare on Elm Street” We lost that point. Rachel had to act out “Silence of the Lambs” and again they got it pretty quickly.

My team was losing badly and I don’t think Tony liked to lose. He was now using Rachel as his prop and started on the second of two words. I was trying my hardest to figure out what she was doing. He put her in various poses like she was up to bat or throwing either a football or a javelin. I guessed all the sports I could. Then he changed it to look like she was dealing cards. I guessed the second word was games and got it right. I was having even more trouble with the first word. Tony kept pointing at Rachel’s head and I was (he started nodding) ..then I got it and yelled out “Mind”..“Mind Games”. I was so happy we had got this one until Tony yelled “yes!” and tapped Rachel right on her forehead.

The change in Rachel’s expression was instant. Her face went slack and her eyes rolled up in her head till all I could see was the white of her eyes. I saw her body shiver and she moaned. There was no mistaking it for anything but that it was a moan of extreme pleasure.

I was shocked. Tony then walked over to Heather and saying it was time for Tony’s game called “Puppet Time”. He stopped in front of her and she smiled knowingly at him. He raised his hand and touched Heathers forehead lightly. Heathers head snapped back and her moan was almost orgasmic in sound. I saw her body tense up and after a minute she started to relax and lowering her head back too a normal position I saw that her eyes too were vacant.

“Tony turned to me next and asked “Does Tasha want to play?” I was shaking and managed to get out “NO. What did you do to them?”

“Nothing that they didn’t want me to do, but don’t take my word for it. Let’s let Rachel tell you about it.” He told Rachel to tell me how she felt and if she liked feeling this way.

Rachel walked over and knelt down in front of me. I noticed her eyes looked more normal now although they still looked very glassy.

“Oh Tasha, this is so good. You have never felt anything like this. You must try it. Let Tony take you. You’ll love it.”

Tony moved over to stand beside Rachel and then Heather echoed Rachel’s feelings. “Do it Tasha. Join us. It is best feeling ever. You will feel so alive. Give yourself to Tony and join us now.”

My mind was racing. I had to get out of here. “No! You’ve got to change them back!” I started to rise and Tony just looked down at me shaking his head and reaching up he touched my forehead and simply said “stay.”

My body relaxed and I fell back on to the couch. I tried but couldn’t get my body to move. It was like my legs and arms weren’t mine any more. I started to open my mouth to say something and Tony mouthed “silence”. My voice was gone. Inside I was panicking.

“Don’t fight it Tasha. You know you want this. You have known it since the other night when you came to my room”

Oh my god I thought. It wasn’t a dream. What else happened that night?

“As my lovely ladies have told you already they are very happy to serve me. They are happy to exchange favors for the pleasure I can give them. I have given each of them a different set of triggers to start their pleasure and I can change these at any time. Would you like a little demonstration?”

I wanted to say no but was unable to do anything but sit there helplessly.

Tony motioned for Heather to come stand beside him. “Rachel, tell Tasha what gives you pleasure and then we can show her.”

“My pleasure is triggered by the feel of Tony’s cock in my mouth.” Tony gave me my trigger while we were on our walk today and I love it. I could see she was getting excited knowing what was coming next.

Tony, Heather and I watched as Rachel reached up and unzipped Tony’s jeans. Reaching in she fished out his rather large and half rigid cock. I watched helplessly as Rachel leaned forward opening her mouth wide and engulfed his cock. She immediately started to moan around his cock. Her other hand grabbed at her breast and she found and pulled at her nipples. She was devouring his cock, her head bobbing up and down its length. She turned her eyes to me and the lust in them was unmistakable.

Tony’s withdrew his cock which was now at full attention. Rachel moaned with disappointment and he reassured her. “Be patient my puppet.”

“Now Heather here gets her pleasure from having my cock somewhere else, don’t you my sweet?”

Yes, Master!” My pleasure comes from feeling Tony’s big cock inside my pussy.” Tony gave me my trigger last night and I live to feel it again and again.

“Shall we my dear?” Tony said smiling at me.

As Heather reached to undo her shorts,Rachel turned to her and helped pull them down and then removed her wet panties too.

Tony turned Heather around and had her bend over the chair beside me making sure I could see everything. Rachel took his cock in her hand and helped place it between her mother’s puffy wet lips.

Tony buried his cock deep inside Heather with one thrust and her cries of pleasure filled the room. As he continued to drive his cock in and out of her, her cries got even louder and obviously the feelings of pleasure she was experiencing were growing stronger with each thrust.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming!” she cried out at last and I watched as her body convulsed in wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Once she had calmed down a bit Tony again withdrew his cock and nodding to a hopeful Rachel he turned to me as she reached for his slick shiny cock. I watched her start to lick and suck her mother’s juices from the purple head of his rock hard cock.

Tony spoke to me while she continued to suck him. “You see Tasha, you too can have all this. All you have to do is ask. I know you want to. It shows.” he said as her reached down and lifting my skirt I felt his fingers glide over my slick wet panties and I shuddered as it passed over my erect clit. Just say “Take me please Master Tony” and you will have this too. You will become one of my puppets.”

“You may speak.”

A barely audible sound came from my lips. “Take me please Master Tony” I whispered breathlessly. Realizing that this is what I did want. I wanted to belong to Tony, to be his puppet, to feel his control over me.

Tony straightened up and putting his hand on the back of Rachel’s head he threw his head back and grunted as his cock started to blast shots of cum into her awaiting mouth. I watched as her cheeks puffed out and streams of white cum appeared at the corners of her mouth as she tried to hold it all in.

Once he had finished cuming he slowly withdrew his cock from between her lips. “Share with our new puppet”, he commanded her.

Rachel holding her head back a bit so she wouldn’t lose any of her precious mouthful stood and turned slowly towards me. Taking a hold of my face she turned it upwards. I did not resist. I opened my mouth wide as she leaned over me and let his hot cum run over her lips and drip onto my awaiting tongue. As I swallowed this gift she finished the transfer by letting me suck the last of the treasure from her tongue and then she kissed me with a look of love in her eyes that made me melt.

Tony sat down beside me and again touched me on the forehead. This time I felt it thru my whole body. It was like an electric current wrapping around and around inside my head and then shooting bolts of lightning thru my body to my nipples, my clit and the tips of my toes. He started to whisper into my ear, his hot breathe making me weak. I was on the verge of cuming as he continued to fill my mind with new thoughts and beliefs. His hands reached up under my top and releasing the clasp on my bra he searched out and pinched my erect nipples.

“I think nipples should be your first trigger” I heard him say. “Both the feeling of having your nipples being sucked on, or being pinched will bring you close to orgasm. Likewise when you suck on someone else’s breasts you will experience the same feelings.”

Aloud he said “I think I will adjust all of your minds to bring us all much closer together. A nice friendly foursome would be the perfect way to celebrate don’t you think so my lovely puppets?”

In unison we replied “Yes Master!” and Master Tony smiled at us all.

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very good details about the night before
1 year ago
Oh my god...
Girl, thank you for sharing and all, but for fucks sake... that must have been the longest post I have ever seen. :)