30 April 2011

Beautiful day today...weather was perfect, so had to get out on my mountain bike for a ride.
There were alot of people out - riding, running, walking - and mostly women!
After about an hour, and feeling horny as usual, decided to have a bit of fun with the next walker(s) that happened to come toward me.
By this time, I had already taken off my underwear, so only had my shorts (and cockring) on.
I stopped my bike on the track, as I could see up ahead there were two ladies heading my way walking a dog. I was out of sight of traffic and houses, so I quickly took off my shorts and tucked them under the strap of my backpack.
I got back on the bike, naked except for my shoes, a t-shirt, helmet and sunglasses - my shaved cock and balls hanging off the right hand side of the seat.
I slowly pedalled towards them, 50 metres and approaching. I maded sure they passed me on my right so they would see that I was naked. I opened my legs so they got a good look as I went passed them. A real buzz! I looked back and they had both stopped and were looking back, one of them had her mouth open - shocked at what she had just seen! I pedalled away, my bare, white ass all they could see.
I continued riding for another 100 metres like that, and it felt so fucking good. The breeze and the vibration of my bike on the gravel road making my cock feel real good.
Then I looked back again... and saw a white 4WD about 400 metres behind me and heading my way!
I started pedalling real fast then, and ducked off into the bushes beside the river and quickly got my shorts back on.
The vehicle drove past and away...no dramas. But lucky. I was a bit on edge every time I heard a police siren after that - and there were quite a few too. Hopefully not looking for me...lol...
About an hour later, heading back now along the river bank, I see a lady approaching alone. I stand up on my pedals, undo my shorts, and let them fall down my thighs and rest on the crossbar of my bike. I am now riding naked again, and i slowly pass the lady, who can't help but see my cock.
I stop my bike and stand there stroking as she is walking away, wanting her to turn around...but she doesn't...never mind.
Next time....
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