strict up bringing

being bought up in the 60's my two older s****rs and myself,were subjected to a strict catholic up bringing by our parents,any infraction no matter how minor was dealt with,by either canning or a leather strop.all punishments were dealt with on a saturday evening at 7pm directly after finishing dinner and cleaning up the dishes,durring the week,from sunday till friday when we misbehaved our deeds would be recorded on the board,by either our mother or father so that we would know that we were in for it.each week no matter how much my s****rs and i tried to behave,we would always get something wrong and be punished for it.upon cleaning after dinner on saturday night,my s****rs and myself would nerviously go to our rooms remove all our clothing and put on our dressing gowns,then go and stand in the hallway outside the dinning room door while our parents made the preparations inside,when this was completed all three of us would be summoned into the dinning room where we had to stand to attention with our heads held high,while my father laid out his collection of canes and straps,picking up each one in turn and swishing it through the air,in front of us,following this in no particular order we would each be called one at a time to stand before the oak dining table where we recieve a dressing down,then be told to assume the position which required the one whose turn it was to bend over the table,then our mother would step foreward and secure us to the table with specially made belts,once this was done she would come round to the the front and stroke our faces and necks while encouraging us to brave and except our punishment,while she was doing that,the canning or strapping would begin,it would last on average 10 to 15 minutes,we would be black and blue allover our legs and ass sometimes bleeding our eyes would be red with the tears,then as each one of us is punished naked we are releashed and made to stand and watch as the next one recieves theirs,to all three of us together it would normanly take about an hour.when our parents punished us,they wore silk dressing gowns,it was'nt till some years later that i worked out that the punishment that my s****rs and myself recieved was part of there fore play,or while i watched our father deal out our punishments,the tent like shape that was always present in the front of his dressing gown.once our punishments were all done and dusted we were sent to our rooms and told to stay there and not come out,then mum and dad would retire to there room,where i would here the bed creaking and moaning coming from the room long into the c***dhood was the start of a long interesting life time involved in the bdsm scene,in my next installment i'll tell you about my boarding school days,and how i was groomed for the lifestyle ahead,please feel free to comment
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3 years ago
Tough start for you and your sisters
for the respect and love of the cane.
From which you can´t escape anymore,
once you got hooked with your sisters.

Curious how you further developed.
Thanks for this first installment.
3 years ago
I have mixed feelings about this, one is of course erotic but the other is sympathy.
3 years ago
thanx for comments i should have mentioned that all my stories are from personal experience.
3 years ago
nicely different, the thought of 3 teenage girls being caned is erotic, personally I would be happier if they were 16 or over ( age of consent in Britain)