Elated and Disgusted

Being a horny bloke like most twentysomethings when I wasn't fucking I was jacking which meant I would hit the adult bookstore and video booths every once in a while. One day I go in strip naked like I normally did and start jerking. After a few minutes the light from the video in the dark booth illuminates a glory hole.

I hear a voice say come closer. I move over closer to give a better view. Then the voice says stick your cock through. Feeling adventurous I do. (My first thought was what happens if this stranger cuts my cock off). Anyway he starts going to town on it. A world class blowjob.

He is sucking so hard he is pulling me into the sticky dingy wall. I am getting close to cumming and though it is all very awesome I don't quite feel that I can shoot a load in this anonymous persons mouth. I pull away from him and go back to stroking my cock to the film. It looks hot all wet and spitty and glistening in the light.

Before long I cum and shoot my load all over the floor (along with the other sticky spots). I am wiping my cock head with paper towels when all of a sudden this white cock comes through the hole. Not as long as mine but maybe a bit fatter. I look at myself standing there naked and kinda feel obligated. I get down on my knees like a dirty whore on the cum covered floor and start sucking on this cock.

I don't know what came over me but I start to get hard again and I begin really working this cock like a woman would. I kinda lose myself in the moment. I feel like a whore. While my cock bobs from my movements of sucking I reach back and start playing with my asshole. All of a sudden I get worried that this guy is going to cum in my mouth. I get worried and stop. I stand up and again begin stroking.

This throbbing white cock is still poking through and I still feel a bit guilty for not finishing the job for him. In my head I get a bit brave again and back my ass up to the wall. I can feel the cock pressed into my ass cheeks and my crack. I begin bouncing ever so slightly and then I feel the thrusts from the other side. He begins moving faster and before I know it he is cumming shooting his load across my ass and up the small of my back.

I felt both elated and disgusted. I wiped his cum off of me (tasting a bit of it) and quickly got dressed. I exit the booth and as I am walking out the door to the booth that was next to me opens and out steps a middle aged overweight pretty unattractive guy. I was again both disgusted with myself and elated that I had just been a whore.
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3 months ago
Hot! slut indeed!
5 months ago
Thanks for sharing
6 months ago
One day perhap I will but I've done wilder stuff since then and no anonymous.
1 year ago
100% true
1 year ago
GLad you liked it. It was awesome!!!
1 year ago
I am a nasty slut MsBryant. I'm glad you liked the story.
1 year ago
Dirtyoldbiman It would be an honor
2 years ago
next time you go back you will have better luck, I might be there!!!!
2 years ago
The first step!
2 years ago
mmmmmmmm nasty slut
2 years ago
I fondly remember the booths. Another brick in the road. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
Hot story! Very nice. Thanks for sharing it.
2 years ago
Great story. Nasty sticky video booths just make me hornier
2 years ago
Anonymity certainly seems best in these situations.
2 years ago
you were locky that you had a nice cock in your mouth.thats hot.i went to glory hole a month ago after dropping son off at college.i got some poppers and went into the glory hole booths.i was sniffing the poppers and getting so horny.i was hanging out in hallway wwhen sexy little mexican guy walked passed me took my hand and led me into a booth we got naked he was about 5 ft2 110lbs sweet ass 25 maybe im 42 210lbs.i took big hit of poppers then pushed cock in him as he stood with ass to me i fucked his tight ass then came on his back .it was so intense.then i went home to wife
3 years ago
Sorry that he turned out to be what he was, but the story is crazy hot and I completely understand where you're coming from.
3 years ago
Crazy but hot.
3 years ago
3 years ago
wow, was this true? tough luck man! haha
3 years ago
great account, hope your brave enough to try it again