The Gift Part 1 of 2

I was completely at ease as I jumped into the car. I was out from my hotel to a bar that my friend Jim had told me we could meet. Jim and I met years previous over the internet. A little site called xHamster had randomly allowed us to become friends. You see, Jim has a wife who he kept insisting wanted some black cock. He wanted to watch and of course could supply the black cock.

For years we had chatted and planned and shared pictures and vids. I had pressed him time and time again to get his wife online for me to talk to her but he either couldn’t or wouldn’t. It didn’t matter to me. I enjoyed hearing him express his fantasies for his wife and I loved egging him on giving him ideas of how he could make them better.

Before long Jim came out point blank and asked me, “If you had the chance would you do her in front of me?” “Of course I would,” I responded. “Do you think you can help me make it happen?” So began our plan to have me eventually fuck his wife.

Jim was obsessed with cuckold pics, vids and talk. I had to admit so was I albeit fro the bull’s perspective. I told him how to turn her quips about being daring into a real goal for her which would in turn make his dreams come true.

He first began by returning to the super adoring, fawning man he was when he first pursued her. This increased their sex immensely which was fine by both of them. He was loving it because he saw the end result. She was loving it because she felt wanted and desired by him.

The next step in the plan as I gave it to Jim was to up the ante a bit. I told him to ask her to go pantiless a couple of times a week while she wore a skirt or dress. When she would get home from work or errands tell her things like, “I bet you were getting wet being so naughty. “ Or, “I bet all the men and boys could smell your succulent pussy unconfined with panties.” After each time she would do it I told him to tell her it drives him crazy with lust knowing other men want her and then to make love to her but start with licking her unfettered wet pussy.”

The plan was working like a charm. Jim did as he was told and he and his wife were reaping the benefits. They were becoming closer and having more fun than either of them could remember. He and I both thought it was time to move to the next phase. I told Jim to go out and buy a black rubber cock molded didlo and just have it ready. Everytime he and his wife would fuck for the next couple of weeks he should start by licking her until she was mad with lust. Then finger her. Then fuck her as long and as good as he could. While fucking her he should tell her things like, “You are so beautiful when you are in the throes of passion.” Or, “I love to see you when you are really enjoying sex and simply letting loose.” After he would cum he was to think of anything he could to get himself hard again all the while caressing her and complimenting her. Once she noticed his erection she would want it again but he should take control and tell her, “I want to please you baby. Let me do all the work.” He should once again go down on her licking his own cum right out of her freshly fucked snatch. Don’t even let her question it just do it as if its totally normal.

It turns out that this really got Jims wife raring to go. It was sensual, erotic and totally kinky. She was loving life. It was again time to up the ante. Still continuing with the pantiless days etc. and the cum cleaning and sloppy seconds I told Jim to start asking her questions like, “I bet it gets you hot knowing how many men want you?” Also I wanted him to ask her if the thought of being the center of attention got her hot as well.” Asking questions in the midst of sex you almost always get the response you want. She answered in the affirmative and after a few weeks she started talking to him during sex telling him how she though guys could see through her dress or skirt when the sun hit it right and how it made her pussy wet. Bingo, we had arrived at the door to all of Jim’s fantasies.

(to be continued)

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2 years ago
Great story. I could be Jim
2 years ago
I know it is about my wife and I can't wait for part II.
2 years ago
That is a great start! I think you took all the right steps to make it eventually happen! Keep writing and instructing Jim!
2 years ago
Damn! I hope I can find part 2! Great start!