Paper Route

Saturday mornings was when I collected the money on my paper route. I came across all
sorts of strange people, but some..or one in particular; I learned to love. The old man in apartment
4B seemed to always answer the door wearing only his T-thongs. He would invite me in
while he searched for his money, and I grew to enjoy seeing him walking
around with the "T" shape thongs in the front swaying from side to
side and his hairy ass out in the back. I was young and jacking every day with boys at my school, but I knew one day I’d have to play with that old man's big dick.

As the weather got warmer, I started to wear my gym shorts on
Saturdays. My new friend at apartment 4B seemed to really like seeing me in them, and he
asked me if I’d like a glass of lemonade. I said yes and was asked to sit
down. It was a treat to sit and watch him walk back and forth to the
kitchen, wearing just his thongs. As he walked towards me with a cold glass of lemonade,
my eyes were firmly set on the dangling “T”. He came and sat next to me,
but I couldn’t see much of his bulge because of his big belly. “What’s your
name” ? he asked, slipping one arm around my shoulder. “Charly” I blurted
out, and started drinking my lemonade, while glancing down into his lap. I
finished all too soon, and got up to take my glass out to the kitchen. As I
walked away from him, I heard “I can see your underwear through those
shorts Charly”. As I got into the kitchen, he had caught up with me, and I
felt his manly hands feeling up on my ass. “Don’t wear any underwear from
now on Charly. You’ve got a lovely ass, and it would be a shame to hide
it”. I stood still, letting him slowly rub my bottom. “Your butt is so soft..god you feel so good”. "How old are you? You must be young?" he whispered in my ear.

“yea I know, I’ve always been small and skinny” I replied. “That’s ok, I like
young boys, but you’d better not tell anyone, ok” I nodded and left. I
couldn’t stop thinking about him, all week at school and every night in bed
as I jacked myself off. The sight of him in his T-thongs and the feeling of
his manly hand on my butt drove me crazy. On Saturday morning, I asked my older s****r if I
could borrow a pair of her gym shorts because mine were dirty. I knew hers were
made of a thiner material, and were all shiny, with a little split up the
side of each leg. They looked really sexy, but were pink. She said yes, and
I was soon out the door, in her shorts without any underwear. I had looked in the mirror
and saw that they were slightly transparent, so I kept the money pouch in
front of me. When I got to apartment 4B, the door opened, but he stayed
behind it. “Come in Charly” I heard him say “Go through to the lounge”. I
walked passed him, glancing back to see that he was in T-thongs, then went
into the lounge. I put the money pouch down on the table and just stood
still. “Oh Charly” he sighed “Those shorts are lovely. Where did you get
them”? he asked. “I’ve borrowed them from my s****r. Do you like them”? I
whispered, slowly turning round.

“Oh Yes Charly, very much. They’re a snug fit and a bit see-thru. I love
them and can see your little willy. Did you know that they are a bit thin,
and that people can see through them”?. I nodded. “I think you like
showing off, don’t you”? he asked. I nodded again. “Turn around again” he
said. I obeyed, but slowly. “Lean forward on the table” I heard, and so
obeyed, knowing that the shorts would be tight across my butt, giving him
a good view. “Do you like me in them”? I whispered. “Yes, very much Charly”
he said. I heard him approach me and then felt his hand on my bottom, As it moved
in circles he asked “Do you play with other boys willies at school”? I
nodded. “Do you like it”? Again I nodded. “Have you tried it with anyone
older”? I shook my head adding “No………..but I’ve thought about it a
lot”. “When do you think about it Charly”? “When I’m at school in the toilet
cubicle with another boy, and when I’m alone in bed”. “Why do you think
you’d like it with some one older”? he said easing his fingers up under the
leg of my shorts, onto one bottom cheek. “Seeing my friends in the
changing room, in their underwear”………”Does that excite you”? he said
quickly. I just nodded. “And seeing me”? he asked, “In my T-thongs”? I
half turned and looked down at the huge bulge in his thongs. “Yes” I blurted out.

He slipped his arms around my waist, and pulled me to him, letting his
hands then slip down onto my butt cheeks. “Do you like me touching your
bottom”? he whispered in my ear. I nodded and it seemed only right to put my
arms around him, so I did. My head came to rest on his bare shoulder. I
could smell the scent of a man for the first time up-close. Looking down I could only see the top of
his hairy belly. “Do you remember I told you that I liked young boys, but you
mustn’t tell anyone if you want this to continue” I nodded and murmered a soft “Yes”. “You want to be
with an older person don’t you Charly, a man,is that right”? Again I mumbled
a “Yes”. “Well, I like young boys, you like older men, so as long as
no one finds out, we’ll be ok. So we’re not going to tell anyone are we”?
I shook my head and reached around until I had grabbed a two handfuls of his hairy ass cupped in each hand. I turned my head sideways and
kissed him on the neck. I didn’t know why, it just seemd right and normal.

My hands began to caress his ass cheeks. “Oh I like that Charly” he
whispered and kissed me back. Several kisses later our lips met. Again it
just seemed the natural thing to do. I didn’t feel that we were doing
anthing naughty or dirty. I wanted to be in the arms of an
older man, who only had his T-thongs on, and was allowing me to fondle his
bare ass cheeks. The minutes just seemed to slip by, until I glanced down
and saw the money bag. “I’ve got more money to collect. I must go soon” I
sighed and received another kiss, this time longer, a proper kiss. “Five
more minutes Charly” he said and pressed his now huge bulge to me. I could feel he
had a raging hard-on, so did I. “Why don’t we take our clothes off for the last 5
minutes Charly. Would you like to pull my thong down”? I nodded and began
tugging at the sides, as he started to unbutton my shirt. The shirt and his
thongs slipped down to the floor at the same time, and as his fingers
began to tug at my shorts, I took half a step backwards to look down at his
dick and low-hanging balls.

Oh, it was beautiful, thick rock hard, surrounded by grey curly hair, and
pointing straight up at me, as if begging to be touched. He bent forwards
to help my shorts down, as I reached out to take hold of it. “Oh” I blurted
out as my fingers wrapped themselves around it. We both looked down to see
us playing with each others dicks. “Kiss me again Charly” he sighed. We
stepped a little closer and our lips met. The wanking continued as the kiss
got longer and longer, until I felt his wet tongue. I’d heard of french
kissing, but I didn’t think it would be an old man who taught me. All to
soon I was about to cum, so I broke the kiss and told him. Another kiss
started and I began to spurt my boy-cum over him. We both looked down in
time to see him start to cum. Five or six big powerful spurts, then a long stringy rope covering my hand with cum. “Oh Charly, are you happy we’ve
done this”? I nodded. He picked up his thongs and began wiping us clean. I
put on my shirt and shorts back on, counted out his paper money and let him
walk me to the door naked.

“See you next Saturday”? he asked. I nodded, he opened the door but stayed
behind it, and I left.

95% (36/2)
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1 year ago
Love to hear more of this...
1 year ago
charly got a tip alright! my guess the whole thing too...
1 year ago
Holy shit this is hot!
1 year ago
1 year ago
I wish I had several old men on my paper route when I was 12 years old that would have played with me.
1 year ago
I lovers this story!!
1 year ago
a good young cock to play with
1 year ago
I hope Charly got a decent tip