Big Dick Uncle Mike pt2


So as I stated in Pt 1 I spent many weekends at my uncles house thereafter. Finally, about a month later my new playmate my cousin Jared was home for good. He came around every now and then before my uncle won sole custody over him. (I later found out that was the reason he was absent from the f****y reunion because his mother was acting a usual ass to get back at back at my uncle.) He is 4 yrs younger than I with extremely cute boyish looks..5'4 120lbs slim deep brown eyes and full lips. My uncle celebrated him coming home by taking us to Six Flags. After an action packed day we all took hot showers and got comfortable. By comfortable I mean uncle is a nudist and that was his house rule for anyone staying with him. I was used to it by now and obviously so was Jared but I didn't get to ask him how he felt about seeing his father's hung dick and bull balls slinging everywhere. I knew I LOVED it a LOT and my hard nipples and erection oozing with pre-cum proved it most of the time. When I saw Jared come out of the shower, he had very smooth skin and a beautiful ass. He was thickly endowed father like son. We played and wrestled in Jared's room before we were summoned by uncle Mike to come into his bedroom and climb into bed. As we laid in bed with both of our small heads engulfed under both of uncle Mike's huge hairy armpits and huge pecs, watching tv and reminiscing about the day I felt his massive hand palm spank and grip my ass. I winced and moaned from the pleasure of the sting (forgetting my cousin was on the other side) but when I lifted my head up to look over I saw Jared getting finger fucked by his father in pure pleasure whispering "Yes Sir Daddy! Thank you. I missed you so much...I need it." Immediately I got rock hard and couldn't pull my eyes away. Then uncle Mike says "I missed you too son..but I got you now. I'm gonna fuck you real good boi all the time just like u need it!" and started tongue kissing Jared. I wanted to cum right then and there. I had never seen this before but it turned me on in the worst way possible. Unaware that they've played around before I was shocked. Dazed and confused my focus came back sharp when Jared leaned across uncle Mike and went down on my dick, I went down on uncle Mike and he continued to finger fuck Jared and tongue his hole. We all got really horny from the sucking and slurping going on then suddenly, we switched around until me and Jared were in a 69 position at the end of the bed with him on top and uncle Mike stood behind ready to pound his son. As I am swallowing Jared's big dick, I watched uncle Mike drill his massive dick into Jared's tight hole. Once the rhythm got steady he held Jared's hands behind his back and put a choke hold around the back of his neck. I started to lick/suck uncle Mike's big nuts while he fucked him good. Ahhh I loved seeing him take all his dads big dick up his ass raw uplcose. Jared began to beg and plead for his cum. Uncle Mike loved hearing his son beg to be bred by the same seed that brought him into the world. Not much longer uncle Mike spewed multiple thick ropes of cum up his hole and on his ass that leaked down on my face. I lapped up the sweet familiar nectar that I've grown to crave. I got from up under Jared and he turned on his back. I put my dick inside his warm wet sloppy cum-filled hole then uncle Mike got behind me inserted his dick in me and started to thrust my hips. The closer I got to cumming the harder uncle Mike would pound me talking shit in my ear. Jared moaned and shot all over his chest and soon after I came inside him. I felt so spent and weak. Too tired to clean up, we got back in our original position and fell asl**p. Last thing I remember is uncle Mike's wet kisses on my forehead saying "Goodnight"...

SATURDAY NIGHT pt3 coming soon..

Who knew that the last Saturday of each month was "poker night" for the fellas. My uncle would invite two of
his close buds over and they would get d***k off beer and play cards. Hell, I didn't and somehow I missed it
all this time. Well..this was me and Jared's introduction to clean water sports.

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1 year ago
omg "beg to be bred by the same seed that brought him into this world"...I just came
2 years ago
2 years ago
danm so hot i love it
2 years ago
Holy shit, what a great string of stories!
2 years ago
how old were u guys when thi shappened. love these stories. i wish i had that uncle.