Big Dick Uncle Mike pt1

This is my true story as I remember it...

My f****y and I finally arrived to our hotel in NC for our f****y Reunion. We settled in after we greeted some of the f****y that had arrived and ate dinner. At was around 8pm when my uncle Mike bangs on the room door
(sounding like the police or an extreme emergency). My father answers the door and damn near cuss out his b*o-in-law for banging on the door like that but they were really close so it was all jokes when he saw it was "Hulk". Everyone called uncle Mike by his nickname "Hulk". They called him that because of his build and demeanor. Uncle Mike is a professional personal trainer at Gold's Gym..Tall, dark, alpha-male, dominate, just a man's man with a deep voice. He enters the room and says he's going down to the pool to exercise a bit before it
closes at 9pm and also wanted to teach me and my b*other how to swim. Apparently, my parents had been wanting him to give us lessons on how to swim but it never worked out so this was a perfect opportunity. My b*other was tired and did not feel like going so got up and rushed to put on my swimming trunks. The pool was huge and no one was around. Uncle Mike had worked out for a few then we got in the water. As he is holding me up trying to get me to float on top of the water, with one of his hands on my chest and the other on my dick; I start to get rock hard. It just felt so good being over powered and his masculinity got me hot and bothered. He grabs my dick and says "OOhhh yea boi?! You like that huh?". At this point I'm so embarrassed thinking he is going to tell my parents so I wrestled myself loose and got out of the water. He got out of the pool too and told me to follow him. We barely even dried off. I thought he was taking me back to my parents room but we made a detour and the next thing I knew I was in his room. He pushed me down on my knees and pulled out his massive dick (visual)

and said "THIS is what you really need boi! Suck my dick". This was my first time sucking a man's dick let alone anything this challenging. I was gagging, coughing, drooling everywhere and almost threw up and he just held the back of my head while he thrust his hips and fucked my throat. After a while of using my throat, he pulled out and shot on my face. He shot soo much thick cum on my face and it felt like hot lava. In an odd way I felt like that was my reward for getting that huge dick off. We cleaned up and fell asl**p cuddled together. I didn't go back to my parents room that night. After the reunion, I spent several weekends at my uncle's house.

Soon I would have a new cousin Jared, uncle Mike's son. We would go on and have many 3 sums
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3 months ago
I just love cousin sex.
had a few rounds with a cousin or two in my youth.
and two uncles also.
great story buddy
4 months ago
wow thats sound, i had my friends uncle a few times be4 my friend joint in with us
1 year ago
Man this was hot. You're so luck to have this experience. :) How old were you? You can message me the answer if you want. :)
1 year ago
Good story-- I also have one of those cousins!
2 years ago
nice start
2 years ago
yummmy storie
2 years ago
sounds so sexy
2 years ago
2 years ago
We need more details but very hot, thx.
2 years ago
Mmm damn i want ur uncle