A very Sorry Young Man

It was charity fund raising week for the Coventry Boys Brigade. Adam was house calling to see if anyone needed any little jobs doing for money.
His smart uniform consisted of his cap, navy blue, nylon shirt, boys brigade tie and navy blue trousers. His socks were regulation navy nylon with patterning and he wore his black plain slip-on school shoes. At his waist was a white webbing belt with a pouch on one side. Adam felt proud to be in the Brigade and have such a smart uniform to wear, although he was a little afraid of the rough boys and scally lads that frequented the estate he was walking through.

He had already helped out at two houses that morning. An old lady had wanted her windows washing and another had asked him to fetch some groceries for her.

Arriving at the top of one road, he knocked at the first door he came to and a lady in her thirties answered. Adam's eyes were immediately drawn to the fact that she was still in her black, baby doll, see through nylon nightie. She had quickly thrown her frilly black negligee over the top but her suspender belt and her nipples were clearly visible. She had firm, ample breasts and wore a pair of black nylon stocking underneath. The outfit was clearly designed to titillate and had the desired effect on young Adam.

“Oh” she said and gave a little embarrassed smile, “I thought you were the Postman! Can I help you?”
“Good morning” said Adam in his most polite voice. He blushed at her obvious nudity under her see-through garments. His eyes tried to take in all that he saw and looked quickly between her tits and the dark bush that lay at the bottom of her belly.
“I, um, We are doing, I mean the Boys Brigade, are doing some, er, charity raising this week and I wondered if you had any jobs I could do for charity contributions?”
It was obvious to the woman where Adam's eyes were and that he was somewhat distracted. She gave another little smile at his awkwardness. He looked handsome in his uniform and she was feeling very horny. She had planned to have the Postman in this morning. He was always very obliging and often tried to get through his round sooner than usual so that he could sample her ample delights. For her part she loved nothing more than a jog around on his nice long cock as he fondled her tits through her nylon nightie. Her Husband was out at work all day and she was very bored and would have to wait until at least six O' clock before he returned. This young man might do for a change. It was a long time since she had had such a young cock to satisfy her needs and it would be fun teaching him about how to make love to a woman.
“Come in” she beckoned to Adam. “I have a job for you”.

She led young Adam straight upstairs to her bedroom. Following close behind, he got good look at her firm buttocks and there was just a hint of some dark hair between her legs as she mounted the stairs. There was a whiff of perfume, not too heavy as she moved. He couldn't help it but his cock began to stiffen in his pants. He had never seen a woman dressed in such an alluring way and so close to him before. He had dreamt about them and waked over pictures many times, but here was actually one of these women he had spilt so much seed over right in front of him.

She opened the bedroom door and turned towards him, taking off her negligee with a swish and sitting back on the edge of the bed. She crossed her legs to hide her most intimate spot. The baby doll nightie only just came to the top of her thighs.
Adam paused just inside the room. What was she doing? Did she want a job done or was she actually going to seduce him? His heart began to beat faster.
“Come closer” she said to him. She could see his prick pushing against his tight trousers and stretching the crotch forward.
“What for?” he asked, uncertain as to her meaning.
This was the moment. He would either take her up on her offer or run off, afraid and regret it for the rest of his life. She opened her legs revealing her un-shaven cunt with its pink lips protruding through the dark hair.
“I need you to take care of this for me!”

She ran her finger across her lips which were already moist with her juices of anticipation and parted then slightly. At the top she found her clit and stroked it gently looking straight into his eyes
Adam was dumbfounded and stood looking at this woman playing with herself in front of him. His eyes couldn't help but look at her cunt and he blushed again. His cock was literally bursting to get out of his trousers now. She held out her free hand towards him and Adam stepped forward.
She unzipped his flies and had no trouble about reaching in and pulling out his cock and it was already poking out of his of his Y fronts. He was an average boy, about six or seven inches long and uncut. As she pulled back his foreskin, a clear drop of precum oozed from the head. She took her finger and rubbed it gently around his knob. Adam gave a sigh. No one except himself had touched his penis before.
“My, what a big boy you are!” she told him to masssage his ego. “Your not afraid are you?”
“No” said Adam.
He reached down and started to fondle her tits through the nightie. The black nylon material slid over her skin in a smooth sensuous way. She pulled his tight balls free of his pants and began to fellate him. Her mouth was warm and wet and felt incredible moving over his dick.
“That's lovely darling but rub my nipples as well. Make them hard!” she told him.
Adam leaned forward and put his thumbs to work. She moaned a little at his caress on her tities which was muffled by his prick in her mouth.

Adam began to move his hips back ward and forward, fucking her mouth. This was really good, this was the best thing ever! He had no idea his day would have happened like this. Wait until he saw his mates! They simply wouldn't believe it. He was a real man at last!
Still with his cock in her mouth she undid his belt and pulled his trousers down. She caressed his buttocks with both hands and then pulled them apart. With her fore finger, she found his anus and gently stroked his hole whilst he fucked her mouth. This seemed to send Adam into rapture as he sighed and moaned at the pleasure of her exploring finger.
She knew she could bring him off quickly just by doing this, but she needed some pleasure for herself as well.

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs.
“I need you to take care of this for me darling. Give me a little oral treatment as well! Come and lick me out!”
Adam dropped his underpants to round his ankles and knelt on the carpet in front of her. He pushed his face forward until his nose was buried in her bush. Then taking both hands he parted both her lips to reveal a moist pink cave. It smelt like nothing he had ever smelt before, musky and wild, the scent of a woman. Something in that scent affected his adolescent brain and his prick went even harder. He was ready to mate with her.
His tongue went to work on her snatch lapping at everything it could find.
“Just a little higher”she whispered.
He found her clit with no further trouble and she convulsed as he hit the spot.
Adam knew he was doing something right. What a great lover he thought to himself.
“Oh darling, that's' so devine! Don't stop! Oh yes! More!”

As she lay in rapture, the front door bell rang downstairs. Adam hesitated.
“Don't worry, it's just the Postman” she reassured him.
A few seconds later came a sound like the letterbox banging.
“Oh this is so good, I would certainly like you to introduce me to some of your Boys Brigade friends!”
Adam looked up a little disappointed that she didn't want him again.
“Don't worry darling, we can make it a threesome or maybe more!”

At that moment, this woman's husband walked into the bedroom. The first thing he saw was his wife lying back on the bed and then the crouched form of Adam between her legs.
Neville was a large black man, tall well built and muscled. He was nearly six foot tall and regularly worked out at the gym. Having been close to home, he had decided to call in for his lunch as a surprise for his wife. At the door he had found the Postman ringing the bell and thought it odd that he had not put the letters through the door. On seeing Neville, he had done just that and quickly retreated with a hasty 'good afternoon'.
Now Neville stood on the threshold of his bedroom to see his wife being entertained by a young man.

As she looked up startled, Adam turned sideways and fell back onto his buttocks his trousers being still round his ankles he was unable to stand up.

On seeing this young man's erection, Neville flew towards him and picked him up by the collar of his shirt.
Adam's eyes widened with terror at this hulk of a man before him and nearly wet himself with fear.
“Neville darling, please! I thought we could have some fun together with this young man!”
She got to her knees on the bed and crawled towards her husband.
“I thought we could enjoy this young man together, you and me, as a couple.”
She paused waiting for his reaction. He seemed dumbfounded.
Susan took hold of his muscular arm. Her husband was prone to outbursts of temper, but usually she could calm him down with the promise of sex.
“You are always saying how you would like a nice tight cunt to fuck and you did so enjoy that maid we had at the hotel last Summer. I thought you could enjoy this boy's arse. He's not been penetrated before, I know, I checked. He's pure and virginal and you can have his cherry!”

If Adam was scared before, he was now positively terrified. What was this woman saying? Her husband could fuck him in the arse? This didn't seem possible, one minute he was going to get his end away and the next he was going to be abused!

Neville looked between the captive Adam still held firm in his grip and the eyes of his pleading wife, kneeling on the bed. The horny seed planted in his mind began to grow. It did seem an excellent punishment for the boy and he himself was horny as hell. He had planned to fuck his wife but a man of Neville's sexual temperament could easily come twice and he could have her as well. He had an hour for lunch, what the hell. A smile began to break out over his handsome face. It was a smile of pleasure, but also of the dirty thoughts and malice in his mind.
“Yeah” he said, “YEAH!”
He looked Adam right in the face. The poor lad's erection had completely gone, but Neville's was getting bigger.
“I'm gonna fuck you real good boy, fuck your tight little puss with my big black cock and watch your face as you take it all. Then I'm gonna fuck my wife while you watch and show you how it's done! Then your gonna eat my spunk out of her cunt, every last bit!

Susan became very excited by this plan. She was going to get her husbands big cock as well and then have the lad lick her clean!
“Oh yes Daddy, you give him your big cock!” she cried in excitement.

“Take off your trousers and pants!” ordered Neville to Adam.
“No, please, don't!” pleaded the lad. “I am sorry, I didn't do anything to her!”
Neville drew him closer again.
“I said take em off, NOW!”
He let go of his shirt and Adam quickly removed his shoes, trousers and Y fronts. He stood there in just his socks, uniform shirt and vest. He knew when he had been given an order and how to obey.

Susan was rubbing her hands with glee and Neville had started to undress himself. His jacket, shirt and tie all came off followed by his trousers. Adam sat against the bed watching this spectacle as Neville retained his eye contact with the boy, making him fear every minute. It was when he took off his underpants and Neville's huge 11 inch dick burst out that Adam really knew he was in trouble. It was almost as thick as his wrist and he was going to have to take it all!

Neville left his socks and suspenders on as he always did when having a fuck.

“Get on the bed boy!”
Susan crawled to the head of the bed to make room as Adam did as he was told.
“Now you are going to get your punishment from the man you tried to cuckold!”
He pushed Adam onto his back and climbed onto the bed in front of him.
“I will show you what a real man can do!”

Lifting Adam's legs into the air, he spat on his fingers and he rubbed his saliva into Adam's anal hole.
Adam gasped at the intrusion, his tight little cunt clamped shut against the fingers.
Neville repeated the process again and inserted one of his fingers into the tight opening.
“Mmmm, you are really tight boy, you're gonna have to relax! Pass me that lube!”
Susan reached across to pick up a bottle beside the bed and handed it to him.
He squeezed some out onto his dick and rubbed the top half up and down until it was shiny and moist. Then he squirted some into Adam and inserted two fingers this time, forcing Adam open.

Susan was rubbing her clit, kneeling close to Adam's head.
“Ohhh, yes Daddy, go on! Fuck the boy!”
Neville looked straight Adam's eyes, wanking his cock.
“You ready boy?”
“Please Sir, I am sorry. I won't do it again, I promise!”

“It's too late for that!” exclaimed Neville.
Holding his shaft below the head, he pushed the bulbous end into Adam's fuck hole.
The first inch or so of cock, met with no resistance but on meeting with his sphincter muscle it stopped. Adam was clamped tight against the intrusion.
Neville leaned forward with a voice that meant business and growled in a low hiss.
“I said relax boy!”
He pushed forward and the slippery cock broke through the barrier.
Adam let out a half sigh, half moan as the big cock went further up his arse.
Susan held Adam's shoulders down as he was impaled by her husband.

“Oh yes, there's a good little Brigade Boy! You take all of Daddy's big cock!” she said in a patronising manner.

Neville didn't stop until he was balls deep inside Adam and then a big grin broke out over his face. He looked down at the young lad in front of him, his face was crumpled and he was finding it hard to breath with the huge cock inside him.
"That was the easy part, now I'm gonna fuck you good!”

Adam cried and moaned as Neville's dick massaged his prostate. The mixture of pain and pleasurable sensations was overwhelming. It felt as if the huge cock would split him open at any moment.
Neville supported himself with his arms either side of the boy, moving his hips in and out. In this position he could look right into Adam's face. Seeing him lying there in his navy blue shirt and tie, other horny thoughts came into his head.

“When I am done with you, you're gonna get that little arse of yours whipped as well! You're gonna pay for what you've done boy. I may even tell your Father!”
Adam could look nowhere but into Neville's dark eyes. Breathing heavily, he knew what was still to come!
"No, please, no! Don't!"

Whilst fucking him, Susan came forward and had her tits sucked by her husband whilst she masturbated. She moved down to fellate Adam's cock again and managed to get it into a semi erect state but before she could go further, Neville ejaculated into the boys arse hole.
Thick rivers of spunk ran out onto the nylon bedsheets as his cock pulsed shooting out all the gooey contents. Adam could feel its heat as the baby batter spattered his insides.
Neville gave a great groan of pleasure. It as such a horny experience and definitely one to be repeated.
“Oh Daddy, I need some of that big cock too!”
“Yeah bitch, you're gonna get your punishment now!”

He fucked her cunt on the edge of the bed whilst Adam could do nothing but watch them as instructed. Tiring of her fanny, Neville penetrated her anally. This was Susan's favourite sexual position. Her eyes went back I her head as he pleasured her with his big cock. She came suddenly with a huge orgasm, screaming, quickly followed by Neville.
“Yes, yes, OH YESSSS!”

Before Adam was allowed to go, he had to taste Neville's big cock.
At first they only made him lick the head and it tasted of Susan's cunt juices. Then Neville f***ed it further down his throat until the boy gagged and they both laughed at him for being so naïve. Then they made him suck all the sperm from Susan's cunt and arse.

Then, he was bent over the edge of the bed and thrashed with Neville's leather belt until he cried out in pain.
Getting dressed and tidying his uniform as best he could, he left the house, not a penny richer but definitely having learnt his lesson and a very sorry young man.

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11 months ago
so, is there a down side to his afternoon? didn't see any real punishment!
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dream come true
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great story
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hot stories fella...looking forward to more
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Your stories are just greatly hot.
Please keep writing.
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Thanks for your comments. I am always trying to write more horny tales!
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mmm so hot mmm great story