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A business associate that I had met a few times over the years was having a quiet drink with a friend. He saw me and sort of acknowledged my presence, and we went about our individual business. The guy had always seemed, to me, to be kind of more different than others I had encountered over the years. He was charming, always well turned out, always in control, never aggressive in any way, I often wondered how he ever got to be successful in his job role. He also had a certain 'glint' in his sparkly eyes.

Anyway, I was at this bar ordered up some food and while ordering, eating and drinking I kept occasionally looking over to the ever smiling guy, we'll call him Paul.

When I finished up I was on my way to the room and said my goodbyes, Paul said to stay and have a chat with him, as his pal was going to be going shortly. I stayed and we talked and somehow, I am not sure how, we got onto sex. I had never really thought about it before, with any man, but as we were chatting I kept thinking how I would love to look into his eyes as I blew him!!!

As the time went on we were looking into each others eyes and Paul just says 'Shall we go?' Without thinking I get up we leave and, somehow we are back at his place. I still can't remember the sequence of events but we were rubbing each others c*cks and taking our clothes off, eventually I was sucking him, as I had imagined, and this made me happy, very happy for some reason. After a few minutes, Paul pushes me away, grabs my c*ck and, smiling, pulls me towards what turns out to be his main bedroom.

In there we were just massaging and rubbing one another, sucking and licking one another, quite erotic. We started to double blow, and I found out how much I like my testicles sucked!!!!

It went on for some time, and at some point when I was on the bottom (facing up), I don't know how he did it, must be a magician, he somehow got a rubber on me and, moving forward, then back, he was in me!!! It was really something to see, anyway I just shot my load, I half expected it to come flying out of his mouth, the f***e of my pumping!!!

Anyway, we cuddled, chatted and he asked if I would want to try with him in me. Somehow, despite blowing my load I was feeling even hornier now, and said yes.

He laid me on my side, saying it is best for the first time, he lubed me up and stretched me a little with his fingers but I was feeling a bit remote, the closeness I had felt before was gone, I wanted to look into his eyes as he mounted me, I guess, so I stopped him and explained. He was very nice about it, laid me on my back, went down on me again, while sticking several fingers inside me, lubing and stretching my hole. Then he kind of climbed up my body towards me, and I felt his meat trying to find my hole, it hit my balls a few times, but eventually it was slowly inside me. At first, it felt uncomfortable, like being constipated I would say, but after a while, when he first hit my g-spot, I was a c*ck whore!! He gradually speed up, but was never f***eful, I swear he was getting deeper but I kept looking up into his eyes, smiling, and groaning, occasionally I would reach up and kiss him, as he would me (it is weird that I am never comfortable with a man kissing me, unless we are making love!!).
I was fondling his muscles and pulling his butt harder into me, trying to finger his hole, his balls, but never really getting there. I looped my legs around his back and could feel and see my toes actually curling as the waves of prostate pleasure washed over me. I felt like I could have stayed like it forever, but I could feel deep inside that another eruption, explosion of cum was on its way. Before I did though, Paul, groaned more deeply, thrust like his life depended on it and blew his load into me. He just collapsed, on to my boner!!! It is weird to say but in some way I was disappointed, because he had used a condom, and part of me wanted to feel his cum in me and feel it oozing out of my hole later, that said, at the time, I could have happily died in ecstasy at the moment he shot, even though I still had a boner.

We lay like that for a while, and I realized that my legs were actually beginning to feel cramp!!! He rolled off, eventually, and we hugged, stroked and kissed a bit. I all of a sudden felt like I had changed sex into a woman!!! We held each other in one another's arms, this wonderful man, his eyes still glinting, I just hugged him until I couldn't squeeze no more. We talked, a lot, and carried on caressing one another, we had a few more ejaculations that night, and some after it. But my first time was magical, and so sexually fulfilling, that I have never had sex that good with a women ever.

Later on, through Paul, I got to be able to have orgasms just from his penetration, no woman can match that!!! We were never going to be a 'relationship' in the usual sense of the term and eventually we drifted away to different parts of the globe. Of course now I know that any man that can put in the time can be a good lover, as indeed I believe I am today. But it started with a wonderful lover called Paul.

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1 year ago
very nice story, your lucky to have found him
2 years ago
Great Story
2 years ago
Loved it