One amazing night!

It’s taken me a long time to write this story, well actually it’s not a story because everything I am about to write is completely true and I still haven’t been lucky enough to read it again. The names have been changed to protect the naughty!

There was a close f****y friend who was always a little bit older than me, her name was Sarah. I met her early in life and remember that was the moment I knew I was always going to be in love with older women! She was absolutely stunning she had great make up and great hair with a small little body that figure skaters would be envious of!

Years passed and Sarah and I became close, we talked about pretty much everything. She knows just how to relate to people and she is really easy to talk to. As years passed we didn’t talk as much and our paths took us to different parts of the state. I found myself going through a life changing experience at the same time Sarah was going through a divorce and her own life changing experience. Well my change included moving near her. We put off going out for a while not sure why I’m guessing it’s because we both didn’t quite know where things would go.

When I finally saw Sarah my jaw hit the floor she was still stunning and as fucking hot as the day I had met her. I always had a huge infatuation with her and had masturbated countless time to the thought of her on top of me with my cock buried deep inside of her and feeling her wetness drip down my shaft and balls! We spent the evening drinking and telling stories, the whole time there was a little flirting going on Sarah would touch my shoulder I would touch her leg I was certainly feeling some electricity pulsing through my body!

The night passed and after the liquid courage I finally told her about my massive crush on her. She told me that she thought I had grown into a good looking man. I told her about the times I spent with my cock in my hand thinking about what it would be like if I had the chance to be with her. I told her I imagined what it would be like when we kissed, what her breast would feel like and how her pussy would taste! You could cut the sexual tension with a knife! She told me so many amazing things but when she told me that she was a squirter I forgot everything she told me!

It was time for the bar to close and she was too d***k to drive so since the bar was close to my house I brought her home. The whole time we were flirting nothing too serious but we were doing our best to try and be good. I gave her some sweats to sl**p in and I told her how much I wanted to see her squirt because I have never had the chance to experience it and it was my most erotic fantasy! Soon she had her hands down the sweat pants and she was gyrating her hips on my couch. GOD I wanted to see so badly, I kind of pushed her to take her sweats off and I led her to my bed. She started to touch herself and was gyrating her hips on my bed with reckless abandon, then she came she squirted practically across the room! My cock had never been harder I got on top of her and kissed her and kissed from her lips to her perky breast with the most amazing nipples ever! I continued to kiss her body until I got down to the most amazing pussy I have ever tasted to this day! I kissed and licked her as soft as possible making sure to savor every inch of her slit until I got to her clit! This is not a lie no woman I have ever been with, has tasted the way my c***dhood fantasy tasted I was in complete ecstasy! She started moaning “more, more, more, oooooh yeah more!” And by now I was sucking on her pussy and had my fingers buried deep inside of her, she then suddenly came again this time all in my face it was amazing. I have heard squirt is like piss but let me assure you it’s not; it was the most amazing thing ever! Sarah started moaning again “more, more, more” so I went back down on her licking up all her sweetness and quickly she came again and this time I made sure I kept my mouth open swallowing every last drop of her sweet cum, I practically couldn’t keep up there was so much! More, more, more she kept moaning! So I kept going and she had orgasm after orgasm for hours she kept moaning “more, more, more” and I kept going I have never had so much fun in my life!

That first night I never even got to bury my cock inside of Sarah, but I didn’t even notice with as many times as she came! Sarah is one amazing lady and any man who is lucky enough to scoop her up better keep downing the Red Bull because it’s going to take a lot to keep up with this sexually amazing woman! You’ll be having an amazing intelligent conversation one moment and then the most amazing sex of your life for desert. I wish that things were different and we could make something happen. Sure we had other nights and we did have sex but that first night was like no other and her scent and her sweetness had me intoxicated for life! I had to stop and take care of myself twice trying to write this all out! This is the most amazing sexual b**st to ever roam the planet!
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4 years ago
Very good story!