Awakeing of a nylon fetish

This is not just a story, its more a recollection of the first memories of my nylon fetish. Where does a fetish come from anyway? Maybe thats an area we shouldnt touch now, thats something for the wise men and doctors.

When and where did it all start?
I was 9 years old and home alone for some reason i dont recall. Ive must have been really bored ´cause i was on a imaginary treasure hunt, i was always a little boy with loads of imagination but this turned out to be a really really good treasure hunt. Was upstairs and going through my parents drawers and closets when something caught my attention in my moms drawer. A pair of socks that I knew she never used anymore, a pair of orange nylonsocks. (remember this is in the mid 80s and "strange" colors wasnt a issue) My imagination went totally off the scale - Damn this i have to try on myself. And I made that call that have stayed with me since then, to put them on my own feet.

That first feeling when i slowly put on those nylonsocks on my feets, cant describe it but it gets me hard even now just thinking about it. This was the first(but not last!) time i got hard, nothing to talk about then of course but still i was hard. A very strange feeling then to be honest. But it felt good, damn good. Remember that i was kinda surprised when suddenly my pants got sticky LOL

A few days later I was at my cousins place as i often was back in the days, dont ask my why i was crawling around under my aunts bed but k**s are weird sometimes. Anyway, down there my hand suddenly got hold of a pair of tan pantyhose. With reflexes like a fox i grabbed them and put them down my pants to hide them and take em home.

Is it weird to suddenly have a small but still collection of 2 pairs of nylonwear at that age? :) Those 2 pairs of nylonsocks and pantyhose was with me for a while and gave this little man great pleasure, probably just pure luck that made me get away while having fun with those pieces.
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1 year ago
Nice one - I dont know why some people think its weird. I have to say, I love the feeling of wearing tights - such a turn on!
3 years ago
I lost my football shorts at school when I was about 11 and whilst rummaging around lost property I found some thick bergundy tights in there.I stole them and would slide them on in private and got unbelievable pleasure in my loins. I was confused and quite scared when white cream started to spew from my penis and soak the gusset. Unforgetable!
3 years ago