My 29th Birthday

Two years ago, it was my 29th birthday and unfortunately John was out of town on business. I was a little bummed but my best friend Nina decided to take me out that Thursday night. She made reservations at a fancy restaurant and the plan was to head to a few bars afterwards. One of the bars was having a “little black dress” party that night. Any women wearing a black dress got their first two drinks for free. So we figured since we both have them, why not wear ours and head there after our meal. The restaurant was within walking distance from my place, 4 or 5 blocks away. I put on my short tube top black dress with black lace panties and black heels to match. It’s not really a dress that was made for a bra so I went without one that night. Nina showed up at my house looking incredible, low cut dress in the front that came down to mid thigh and she had on her black knee high boots. It was in the high 60’s that day so neither of us felt cold walking in our skimpy dresses down toward the restaurant.
Nina and I have been best friends since we were k**s and we share everything with each other. Our sexual encounters started when we were around 19-20 years old. Since then we occasionally get together and have some fun when we are both alone. She’s also been invited into our bedroom too many times to count and I know John enjoys having her around too. The dinner was fantastic and as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th glass of wine came, the conversation became a lot more sexual. Nina’s bi side comes out in full f***e whenever she drinks…not that I mind at all. We were flirting away and enjoying each other’s company before it was time to leave. Before we headed to the next bar, we both headed to the bathroom to refreshen up a little. As we walked in, I turned and thank her for treating me to a great meal. “You’re quite welcome” Nina replied. I then turned and moved her up against the wall and gave her a long, slow sensual kiss while caressing her face. I was horny from the moment I saw her in that dress and the alcohol only made me more turned on. We shared an incredible kiss, our tongues swirling around, her soft lips against mine and her gentle bites on my bottom lip. We stopped; both stared at one another and laughed. Judging by the look she gave me, I could tell this was going to be a fun night…
We left the restaurant and headed across the street a few more blocks to the bar. It’s the type of place where everyone is dressed up, more of an upscale type feel. It’s the perfect spot to come and have a few martinis. We went to the bar, ordered our drinks and sat on one of the couches in the lounge area. We were having a good time and I could tell Nina was really starting to feel it after the 5th drink. As we talked, her hand made its way onto my thigh. She was gently rubbing it as we talked and I was slowly getting wet from that and the look in her eye. I needed to know what was going through her mind so I asked “what are you thinking right now?” Nina laughs, “wouldn’t you like to know?” She leans in closer and whispers in my ear, “I’m thinking about taking off that dress, removing your panties and licking you from head to toe” My face instantly turned flush and I had to kiss her again…I put my drink down next to me and went in for another long slow kiss. My hand was now rubbing her bare legs and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could take this teasing. It wasn’t until after we stopped kissing that we realized all the guys at the bar were watching us. We both smiled and decided it was time to head home earlier than originally planned. As we walked back toward my house, Nina slaps me on the ass suddenly. “Hey, what was that for? I asked. “Well since John isn’t here, someone is going to have to give your birthday spankings. Of course that’s only if you’ve been bad” Nina replied. I look at her and smile, “I’m always bad when I’m with you”…
We get to the front door of my house and as I’m reaching for my keys to unlock it, I feel Nina come up behind me and kiss me on the neck. She knows it’s my weak spot and I close my eyes and moan softly, dropping my eyes in the process. “If you don’t stop we’re never going to get in the door” I tell her. I bend down to pick up my keys and feel Nina’s hand go up my dress. I fumble with them, really wanting to get inside with her at this point. I finally get the door open and we walk in together, giggling at the thought of what’s to come. We go into the living room and Nina tells me to sit down on the big chair next to the couch. She says she has a little birthday surprise for me so she puts some music on and starts dancing. I’m looking up at her, watching her body move around as she gets closer to me, leaning in for a quick kiss on the lips. She turns around and wiggles her ass in front of me as I feel the front of her sexy thighs. I’m really getting turned on and she slowly pulls her dress up over her head, revealing a matching black bra and g-string. Just to give a quick description of her…she’s 5’4’’ with a petite body, around 115lbs, long blonde hair, brown eyes, 34B chest and a nice little ass. She turns around and I give her one slap on her right cheek. “Hey! It’s you that’s supposed to be getting the spankings tonight” She says. She backs away a foot or so and removes her bra and throws it at my face. I laugh and put it next to me as she comes in and straddles my lap. We start kissing again, which lasts about 5 straight minutes while we both feel over each other’s bodies. I move down her neck as she leans her head back, softly moaning, my lips and tongue working around her neck and shoulders. I have her hard nipples in between my fingers while I kiss her neck and move down to put one in my mouth. I lick, kiss and suck her hard nipple while her hand is moving up my dress to my wet panties.
I grab Nina by the hips and move her off of me so I can stand up and take my dress off. I only have panties underneath so I slip it off and Nina immediately grabs my thong and slides it down my legs. I step out of it and do the same to her, removing her wet black g-string. We move closer, each grabbing a hold of one another’s ass cheeks and begin kissing some more. She is a fantastic kisser, soft lips and tongue; I could do this with her for hours. My pussy is now dripping down my leg, I’m so turned on at this point. She pulls away and tells me she’ll be right back, running upstairs in the process. I sit down on the couch and begin rubbing my very wet clit, anticipating Nina’s return and thinking about what she has for me. She walks back down the stairs with her hands behind her back, hiding something. “What do you have there?” I ask. “Get up, turn around, bend over and you’ll find out” Nina replies. I switch positions and right away feel a slap on my ass. She had gone up to my nightstand and grabbed my paddle to spank me with. “Ok I’m going to count them out for you, 29 plus one for good luck” she says. With each slap on my ass, I get more and more turned on. She finally gets to the last one and I say “You have me so wet right now, I want you bad”. “mmm yes, lay down please” Nina replies…

I lay on my back and Nina leans down to give me another sensual kiss before swinging her legs around by my head and into the 69 position. I’ve licked her pussy many times and it never gets old. She has smooth soft lips and keeps a landing strip above her pussy. It’s already dripping as I go in for the first few licks, tasting her sweetness. As I start licking her, I feel her tongue going from my clit down to my hole and back up again. She then slides her finger inside me while she kisses and gently sucks on my clit. I’m moaning while my mouth is on her pussy, the vibrations from my lips turning her on more. It doesn’t take long for us to get close to cumming, having been wet for a few hours leading up to this. I move my mouth just enough from her pussy to tell “oh baby I’m so close right now”. “I am too, keep licking me” Nina responds. Simultaneously, we both go back to licking each other’s swollen clits, my finger rubbing the outside of her ass, while she has two fingers inside my pussy, hitting my g-spot. My lips and mouth are covered in her juices as I lick up and down, bringing her to the verge…Her body starts to shake more and her moans become louder as she licks me. I can tell she’s about to cum so I suck harder on her clit, causing her to scream and body to convulse as she orgasms hard, juices flowing out of her onto my tongue. No more than 5 seconds after, I can no longer take both my clit and g-spot being stimulated at the same time and I yell out “Ohhh Nina, I’m cumming!!!!!!”. Her fingers working in and out of me as I cum. We both are still breathing heavy as we come down from our intense climaxes. Nina moves off of me and lies back on the couch. I get on top of her and tell her how incredible her tongue felt on my pussy and give her one kiss on the lips. Moving back, I taste my pussy on her mouth, I give her one more kiss, this time a little longer. I look at her and can tell we’re both still very turned on and as I go in for a third kiss, she grabs my head and we start to passionately make out once more. Sharing each other’s juices as our tongues swirl around, warm bodies pressed up against each other…
I stop and thank her for a wonderful birthday and for keeping me company on what would have been a lonely night otherwise. “You’re welcome, but I’m not done with you yet, birthday girl” Nina says. She reaches down and reveals the other thing she grabbed from my nightstand. It’s my favorite pink vibrator that I’ve used many times to get myself off. She pushes me back, slides the vibe in and moves her face down near my pussy again…”Happy birthday sexy!” Nina says as her tongue touches my clit once again…
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2 years ago
Wonderful well written sweet sexy memory
of Nina's naughty tasty birthday gifts.
Lovely lesbian love - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
oh yes! Please continue!