Road Trip

My husband and I were on a road trip last fall to Pennsylvania. It was only a 5 hour drive but I get bored easily in the car. I try to find ways to amuse myself and sometimes, actually usually, it turns into something sexual. This time was no different. It was September and still in the 80’s so I had on a sundress with spaghetti straps, heeled sandals and a white g-string under. It’s not a dress that was really made for a bra so I went without one that day, much to John’s approval. Fast forward into the 3rd hour of our trip and I began to get antsy. I was also incredibly horny from the moment I woke up, courtesy of a very intense and vivid sex dream the night before. John had taken care of me in the shower before we left but that only served to turn me on more for the day ahead. So to get his attention, I started subtly touching my legs since my sundress was resting on my upper thighs. He noticed and smiled and I was watching his crotch just to make sure he really liked what he was seeing. I noticed he was getting excited and I pulled my dress up more to reveal my white lace g-string I had bought for the trip. It was the first time he had seen them and judging by his hard cock, I had made the right choice at Victoria’s Secret. The top of the dress is tight on my chest and my hard nipples were quite noticeable as I was getting even hornier.
Looking over at John I said, “Do you like what you see?” referring to my nipples. “Yes but it’s hard to tell with all that material in the way” he replied. I smiled and pulled the top of my dress down to reveal my tits to him and without thinking, the guy in front of us, who might have been looking in his rear view mirror. I didn’t care; it felt good having the wind blowing on my tits and hard nipples. I kept the dress down in front and began feeling my nipples with my fingers, rolling and squeezing them a bit as John looked on. He had the cruise control on and we were going in a straight line along the highway so he was able to get a good view. At this point I could tell John’s cock was fully erect and I reached over with my left hand to rub it through his shorts. I had my right hand all over my tits and it was making me wetter by the second. I didn’t want to get my new panties too wet so I looked over at John as I lifted up my ass to pull down them down to my ankles. I put them away in my purse and went back to teasing him as much as I could. I lifted my dress up along my legs so he could see the fresh wax job I had gotten on my pussy the day before. He didn’t get a good look in the shower that morning since he just bent me over and fucked me against the wall. My freshly shaved pussy always gets him going and he reached over for a feel of my smooth skin and pussy lips.
“Very nice” he said. “If you keep this up, we’ll have to pull over at the next rest stop so I can get a better look at that wet pussy” he suggested. “Oh baby, I’m not sure I can wait that long for some fun” I replied. “How about I take care of you now in the meantime?” I said to him as I grabbed his hard cock again. He just smiled as I went for his button and zipper on his shorts. I got both undone and pulled out his rock hard cock. I absolutely love giving him blow jobs and more so out in public. It’s a huge turn on for me. I began stroking it a little first and his cock head was so big and swollen, I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. I didn’t care that we had semi trucks and others around us, I wanted that cock bad. I leaned over and kissed the head, teasing him with my tongue as I licked along the shaft. He let out a moan and I knew he was enjoying it. After a few minutes of licking and kissing he was practically begging me to put his cock in my mouth. Then, with one motion, I put as much of his cock in my mouth as I can handle. He moans louder and puts his hand on my head and I begin to work his cock up and down with my warm mouth. He then reaches under me and starts to fondle my tits as I increase the speed of my mouth around his shaft. I’m now resting on my knees on the seat with my right arm on his leg. This allows me to prop myself up but also use that hand to rub his balls while I suck his cock. Unknown to me, we are pulling up along the side of a semi truck who is in the right lane as I continue to pleasure his cock. He reaches over and pulls my dress up over my back, completely exposing my ass and pussy, which is facing the window. I can feel the wind blowing on my smooth and very wet pussy lips now. This turns me on more and knowing someone might see me as we pass. I didn’t realize anyone was next to us until I heard the beep from the truck next to us. John had hiked up my dress just as he pulled up next to the semi to give the trucker a good view. He must have been enjoying the sight of my ass and pussy in the open window because he gave a few more beeps of approval.
John then said “why don’t you sit up, take the dress all the way off and show him more”. I’ve never been one to turn down the chance to be an exhibitionist in public so I thought this was a great idea. I pulled the dress over my head so I was now naked in the passenger seat. I looked over at the trucker, smiled and grabbed both of my tits. He smiled back and gave me a thumbs up. At this point my pussy was on fire and I could feel the wetness dripping to my ass now that I had sat up in my seat. The stretch of road we were on wasn’t particularly busy now so the trucker continued to ride next to us. John suggested I give him an even better show and before he could finish his thought, I knew what I could do to make this even more fun. I looked over at him and put one finger up in the air as to say, “Hold on a minute”. I reached into the back seat for the small suitcase I had brought all my clothes in. After about 10 seconds of looking, I turned myself back around and showed John what I had been looking for. It was my trusty pink vibrator I usually bring with me whenever we go places. This toy has gotten me off more times than I care to count. “Excellent idea” John said. I turned back to my right and waved the vibe in the window to show the truck driver what I had in mind. His ear to ear smile seemed to tell me all I needed to know and I got right to it. I reclined the seat a bit and put my left leg up on the dash so he could get the full view of what I was about to do. I also put the neck pillow I had brought with me under my ass to bring my pussy closer to the window for him. John was now feeling my left tit and nipple as I started by touching my wet lips with my fingers. I immediately brought them up to my mouth and seductively slid them in as the trucker looked on. As always my pussy tasted sweet and it was ready for my toy.

I turned the vibrator on low at first and rubbed it along my clit. It wasn’t long before it was covered in my juices and I had to have it inside me. I used my left hand to slide it into my pussy while my right continued on my swollen clit. I was already worked up from sucking John’s cock and now that I had an audience, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. I turned the vibe up to high as I was pushing it in and out of my soaked pussy. John was doing his best to keep right alongside the trucker while his right hand was busy massaging my left tit. He had given a few more beeps of approval and I wasn’t sure if he was masturbating himself but he didn’t stop smiling the entire time. I was getting myself closer to orgasm so I closed my eyes and rubbed my clit faster. John was talking dirty to me, telling me what a naughty little slut I was for doing this. Having two guys watching me, along with 3 areas of my body being pleasured at the same time was almost too much for me. I only lasted about 30 more seconds before my body began to shake as I was cumming. I was moaning loudly as the vibrator hit my g-spot and my fingers worked my clit. I had arched my back and pushed my tits up further to the window so he could see them next to us. As my body calmed down from an incredibly intense orgasm, I pulled the vibe out and it was covered in my cum. I looked over at the trucker and slid the vibe into my mouth and pretended it was his hard cock. I did this for about 30 seconds, sucking all my juices off and hopefully turning him on more. John still had his cock out and I wanted the real thing back in my mouth. I looked over, smiled at the trucker and turned my body so that my ass was again in the open window. I eagerly took John’s cock back in my mouth as could taste the precum that had dripped down while he was watching me pleasure myself.
“I’m so fucking horny baby” I said to John right before I put his throbbing cock back into my mouth. As I went up and down his shaft, I could feel my wetness dripping out of my pussy. The sun was right on my ass and pussy so I’m sure the trucker could see my lips glistening in the light. It was only about a minute or so after I had John’s cock in my mouth again did he begin to breathe and moan louder. I knew he was about to blow and I was ready for his huge load. I bobbed my head up and down and waited for that first squirt of cum to hit the back of my throat. He groaned out “I’m cumming, keep sucking…ahhhh”. He then filled my mouth with squirt after squirt of his creamy load. I love making sure I get every drop of out his cock and swallow it all for him. I stayed down there for a few more minutes, kissing and gently sucking his now sensitive cock. I sat back down in my seat and licked my lips as I looked at the trucker. He knew what I just done and smiled and gave me another thumbs up. I smiled back, blew him a kiss and put the window back up. John knew it was time to move on from our fun with the trucker and he sped up and away as we had another 2 hours to go. I stayed naked for a bit longer, flashing and teasing the occasional guy driving by himself with my tits. It was all in good fun and I enjoy surprising unsuspecting guys like that on boring road trips. We eventually got to our hotel in the mountains of PA and went right into stripping off our clothes so John could fuck my pussy for the second time that day. We had a great weekend of sex and I hope that trucker thinks of us every time he drives through Pennsylvania. I know I will if we ever go back there.
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2 years ago
not sure how well I'd of kept my truck on the road seeing you beside me , only seen something like that go by me once and they passed quickly
you should get a CB for next time you do that to hear what that truckers telling the other drivers
2 years ago
mmm super hot
2 years ago
Wonderful on the open road is so much fun. You got me hard while reading about it. Thanks.
2 years ago
Great story... I'll keep an eye out for someone like you while on road trips in my truck ;)
2 years ago
You are one horny, beautiful lady. Love the story. Been through those PA mountains, myself with a sexy hitchhiker.