Her First Solo Experience

We had talked about swinging for some time and were both turned on by it. She's been the proverbial 'good' girl all her life, so liked the thought of being the bad girl. And, I liked the idea of her fucking someone else.

We finally got around to checking out Adult Friend Finder for a possible partner, and after a few weeks of looking she found someone she thought she'd like to meet.

I suggested she meet him publicly on her own first to see if she liked him and then we'd worry about a liaison.

They met at a Starbuck's and the conversation went well. He'd be in the swinging lifestyle for some time and obviously had enough experience and confidence to set her at ease.

When I got home that night she told me about the meeting.

He told she was beautiful and she was surprised to find how much this turned her on. As the conversation wrapped up she told him that she was interested, but we had agreed to talk first before going ahead.

He agreed, but, out of the blue, said how much he wanted to fuck her. His honesty and boldness turned her on enough that she felt herself getting wet. When they hugged to leave she could feel that he was rock hard.

All of this excited her enough that, when he asked if she wanted a lift home, she politely refused knowing, she said, she'd have let him fuck her then and there.

I found all of this a total turn on and looked forward to the first meeting. She saet the date and time to play, but when the day came I had a last minute meeting change, so I suggested she keep the date to play so long as she told me all about it (and took pics if she could).

While I was in the meeting she texted me to tell me he was on his way up to the apartment and that she decided to meet him at the door completely naked. I was left sitting in the meeting with a raging hard-on and unable to really pay attention to the BS in the meeting.

When I got home that night--breaking the speed limit!--she was lying on the bed still naked with her pussy wet and purple from obvious use.

She relayed the story of there meeting to me (her writing guys ;-):

After I texted my husband that John (yes, his real name!) was on his way up to the apartment, I undressed completely to meet him at the door naked. I was so turned on by this that my pussy was dripping wet.

When the doorbell rang I thought I was going to faint with nervousness and excitement--I was going to be that bad girl I had always heard--and dreamed--about!!

I let him in and his expression at seeing me naked was priceless, but he recovered quickly and pulled me to him to kiss me hard. Before I could reach down to grab that cock of his that I wanted since we first met (and I couldn't stop thinking about) some two weeks previously he had inserted two of his fingers deep into me.

Needless to say there was NO resistance. "Jesus you wet," he said as his fingers worked in and our of me. I just smiled.

I was surprised at how horny I was as I struggled to undo his zipper as he fingered me. It must have been obvious because he kind of chuckled, and I flushed...but, I got his jeans open.

I immediately went down on my knees and began licking and sucking on his cock through his underwear the way I know my husband likes it. John grabbed the back of my head with both hands and shoved my head tight against his hard cock. I almost couldn't breath, but I loved the submission, the feel of his hard cock pressed against my mouth and face, and the musky smell of his meat just behind that cotton.

I got the tip of his cock into my mouth still in his underwear and he began thrusting his cock into my mouth against his underwear. By now his underwear--and my pussy--were soaking wet.

He held my head back with one hand and pulled his underwear down letting his rock hard, pre-cum dripping cock pop out. His cock was curved and rock hard. He was uncut, but he was so hard that his head was out of his foreskin and dripping with more pre-cum than I had ever seen.

I was excited by how thick his cock was. As I put my hand around it to direct his pre-cum to my mouth I realized my hand couldn't fit all the way around the shaft of his cock.

He was so hard that it took a little effort to draw his cock down so I could taste his pre-cum. But, of course, I managed ;-)

His pre-cum was sweet and I started to stroke his cock as I fed it into my mouth. At first I couldn't get my mouth all around it, but that didn't stop me from trying. After a few minutes I could get most, but not all, of his meat into my mouth.

I hadn't done this with anyone who wasn't a long term partner before so I wanted to see if I was pleasuring him. When I looked up it was clear he was enjoying what I was doing.

Afer about 10 minutes of giving him head I reached down to touch my pussy and I was amazed: I was literally dripping wet...there was an obvious wet spot on the carpet beneath me!

I was too excited. I stood up and grabbed his hand and marched into the bedroom. I NEEDED to feel his cock in me. He almost tripped: I had dragged him with his pants around his ankles!

He stripped in the doorway and I couldn't take my eyes of his cock. Every move he made undressing had his cock bouncing and bobbing...and this was totally turning me on!!

When he was undressed we both rushed into the room--both obviously in need of release.

Without even thinking I climbed onto the bed onto my back and spread my legs. I had never been so bold before...and, I didn't care what he did next: eat me out or simply fuck me, so long as we started something NOW!!

He began by licking my pussy and clit and commented again on how wet I was. This made me feel both dirty and excited at the same time.

His tongue and mouth were going at me aggressively and rough, but it was a total turn on. At times it hurt a bit and at others it hit nerves that sent chills through me.

My first orgasm took only a few minutes and I screamed out loud with pleasure.

Almost at the same time I said "I need your cock in me" he said, "I want my cock in your pussy."

Although we giggled at this, we didn't stop the action, and I was impressed by how quickly he got up, had a condom on, and was on, then in me.

He went at me like a man who hadn't had sex in a long, long time. It felt wonderful to be this desired.

He was in me with no regard for my pussy and only with regard for being in me. This turned me on and, because I was so wet (and, believe me, to my surprise), he was in with no resistance.

He was pumping me deep and with all of his bodyweight collapsing on me with each thrust into me. He was pummeling me and my pussy and I loved every second of it.

I came twice with him in me like this, but I don't think he noticed: he was a man on a mission, and his mission was filling my pussy with his cock for his pleasure...and, I was giving it up to him completely.

I was being the bad girl I wanted to be!!!

I lost count of the orgasm, but it was clear when his was coming on. His already thick cock began to get hotter and swell up. Because he filled me already so completely, I was almost u*********s with pleasure as it swelled even more.

He began thrusting even deeper and harder into me and grabbing my ass very, very tightly as he did so. I was covered by his body and in his and my sweat. I was pinned under his weight and desire and I gave into this completely and freely.

Even though his cock was so thick,and although I could feel my pussy was swollen from desire and punishment, I could feel myself opening up under his cock assault.

He began to moan a bit, but he didn't stop the wonderfully assaulting thrusts in and out of my pussy.

Then he yelled--literally!!-- "I'm gonna cum!!!" and shoved his cock so far deep into me I I thought I was going to pass out. I could feel EVERY spasm of his cock as he unloaded, and he must of shot at least 12 or more times.

When he was finished he collapsed on top of me making it difficult to breath, but I loved the feeling of being pinned and of feeling his cock inside me. I was even more surprised by how much I enjoyed feeling him go slowly soft as he laid on top of me. We laid there like this for a good 20 minutes without speaking--just soaking all the pleasure and release in.

I was caressing his back and kissing his neck with my legs still wrapped tightly around him. He just laid there like I wasn't there--lost in himself. I was surprised by how much being objectified like this for his pleasure turned me on.

After a little while longer I began clenching my pussy down on his cock which seemed to bring him back to the real world.

He lifted himself a little off me and looked down and smiled at me, then roughly and deeply kissed me: "That was one of the best fucks of my life," he said.

"Good, I'm glad you enjoyed me," I responded.
He rolled over and I could feel the cool air inside my pussy where he left me gaping as he popped out.

When I look at his cock I was astonished at how much cum was in the condom. I was even more surprised at what I did next: I went down on him taking the condom off with my mouth so that the cum dripped out of my mouth, but ensuring I got to taste some of his handy work, too. It was wonderfully salty.

I continued to lick and clean his cock of our juices and he just laid back and moaned at the pleasure I was giving him.

For my part all I was thinking about was having his cock in my mouth; licking his soft shaft and his balls and generally being a very bad and dirty girl.

I was so pre-occupied by this that he was almost fully hard again when I realized what I had done (happily).

I began to get up when he said, "I don't have another condom," but he didn't finish before I had mounted him and had him in me again.

"I don't care," I moaned as I rode him. "I need more cock."

He responded my grabbing my hips and helping me ride him.

I was riding furiously for about 10 minutes when I felt his cock getting hotter and thicker again. I looked at him and, surprising myself, said "I really want you to cum in me."

He smiled, grabbed tighter onto my hips, and let me ride.

It was only a few second after this when I felt his cock spasm and actually felt his cum unloading into me. I came twice as he came.

When I collapsed he rolled me over and spread my legs. "I want to see my cum drip out of you."

I smiled and spread my legs very wide....I knew I would pretty much do ANYTHING he asked of me in that moment.

I could feel the hot liquid run out of me and, although it wasn't as much as the first time he came, there was clearly a lot of cum.

I stayed in this position as he dressed. When he was fully dressed he came over and kissed me and inserted his fingers into my pussy.

They came out drenched in my juices and his cum. He inserted these into my mouth and I eagerly sucked them clean.

He smiled and said: "You're a hell of a fuck girl." Winked and walked out without looking back.

I smiled thinking that I finally got to be every bit of that bad, nasty girl I always wanted to be.

I stayed in this position until my husband got home.

He undressed, smiling, without a word and did to me what the man before me had just done...and, I felt every bit the slut I wanted to be....
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