Nancy, Michelle and Levitra's Assfucking Orgy

Nancy’s face and hair was glazed from the massive double anal cum dump delivered from Michelle and Levitra’s butt plugged assholes. Michelle and Levitra’s loose wet assholes were still farting after the event and Levitra was squatting on Michelle’s face in front of me sucking my wet cock Michelle was orally working both of Levitra’s holes while sucking and fingering her large clit.

Nancy was getting prepared by the A Team for work over. Mac said to the Team, “She came here for cum and she got it.” She also asked to have all her holes filled. Nancy was still tied up like a pretzel in the rig Levitra put her into, so the guys picked her up and one of the black A Team guys who had whipped his cock into a long 10” hard-on got underneath and lay on his back, cock straight up.

The two guys lowered her asshole onto his hard cock and his cock penetrated her wet asshole easily and he started pumping her ass right away. A second guy, with another 10” hard dick that was as thick as a beer can moved in and stuck it in her wet pussy and also started pumping away. Nancy was excited and moaning with pleasure from her first DP, saying “I love your big black cocks, fuck me, fuck me hard!” With that order, both guys started vigorously pumping and Nancy started moaning loudly. Mac told Peter, quiet her down.

Peter’s truly massive cock was the last to blow a load in Michelle’s ass and it was a flaccid. He moved over to Nancy’s glazed face and laid his big balls on her mouth and Nancy started licking and sucking them, which started to arouse Peter’s uncut cock. He didn’t waste time and pulled back told Nancy to “Open wide.” And thrust his hardening cock into her mouth, or I should say, tried. It head and cock were so massive, Nancy’s big wide mouth was open all the way and she was struggling to take it in. Peter was moving his hips, jamming it in and gagging Nancy, while the two big black cocks kept pounding her holes.

Nancy was getting Peter’s quickly hardening cock stuffed in her big mouth and as his dick was getting hard, he could only get a little past the head in her foaming gagging mouth. He was now basically jacking off his massive cock with both hands around his wet dick and face fucking Nancy. He did this for a few minutes till his cock was now really hard again. This thing looked crazy, it had to be at least 13 or 14 inches and thicker than a beer can, even thicker at the end and his head was even bigger than his wide shaft. Nancy said, “Oh my god, is that real?” “I’ve never seen a cock that big, I don’t think it will fit.”

Peter said, “I need pussy, so we’re going to try.” The guy fucking her pussy pulled out and Peter moved around in front of Nancy. Nancy was excited but anxious, anticipating getting filled with the biggest cock she’s ever seen. Peter got in front of her loose, wet cunt and placed the head on her lips, getting the large head wet. Michelle heard the action and said, “I fucked it, just take your time and you’ll get used to it and enjoy it.”

Peter started stroking it and spit on his dick a few times to get it wet. The black cock below kept a steady pace fucking her ass with nice long strokes and Peter now kept continuous pressure on her cunt, getting more and more of the massive cock in. Nancy head was up watching as much as she could, gasping. She started saying, “of fuck, it’s big, oh my god it’s fucking big.”

My cock was hard from Levitra’s expert cock sucking and Levitra started cumming from Michelle’s pussy eating. Levitra’s orgasm subsided and she flipped around to start eating Michelle’s wet pussy and told me, “Fuck me, fuck my holes.” I jammed my cock into her pussy and I could feel Michell’s tounge working on Levitra’s clit, occasionally moving to my cock as I pulled it out. Every now and then I’d pull out and feed my cock to Michelle’s mouth so she could give it a suck. Levitra’s pussy was really wet and nice and tight. As I was fucking her, she would pulse her pussy muscles around my cock.

Michelle could really suck cock hard and that would make my cock even harder. I pulled out of her mouth with a “pop” and went for Levitra’s wet, used asshole and jammed it in effortlessly. In spite of the anal gang bang, the cum and the butt plug, her asshole was still pretty tight. She was also able to pulse her asshole muscles around my cock as I fucked her asshole, I said, “shit, what you do with your asshole is incredible. She said, “that’s why they call me Levitra!.”

Now, Peter was making progress with Nancy’s pussy and he was making longer strokes, able to get 2/3’s of it in her pussy, slobbering and smearing more saliva onto the remaining exposed shaft to get it in deeper. Nancy was gasping saying, “oh god, oh shit, oooh shit shit shit shit.” The guy fucking her ass stopped and grunted, shooting a load into her asshole. Once his dick pulled out, Peter untied Nancy’s arms and legs and lifted her up with his cock buried pretty far in her wet cunt. The guy fucking her ass got up and Peter walked over to the bed with Nancy impaled on his massive cock and got on his back so Nancy could ride him. Peter said, “work that cock and get it in deep.”

Nancy, now free started riding his cock, her pussy was soaking wet and she was farting cum out of her ass, which was dripping onto Peters cock, lubing it more. Mac moved in with his dick hard and started working his thick cock into Nancy’s asshole while the other back A Team member got in front of Nancy for some cock sucking. Nancy was now airtight and loving it. Peter’s cock was going deeper and deeper, testing the limits of Nancy’s distorted wet cunt.

After fucking Levitra’s asshole and pussy, I moved around to work on Michelle who was on her back with Levitra sitting on her face eating her pussy. Michelle had her legs back and Levitra was eating her pussy. I moved my cock in and Levitra said “give me a taste” and she devoured my cock, sucking it to taste her asshole. “Yum yum, it tastes like cum.”

I pulled out of her mouth and went for Michelle’s used, wet asshole. My cock slid right in to the stretched hole and I started banging her hard. She started moaning as Levitra was sucking her clit. While sucking, Levitra jammed three, then four fingers into Michelle’s pussy getting her hand wet. Finally she moved her thumb around and I slowed down and stopped, leaving my cock buried to the balls in Michelle’s asshole. Levitra was grinding on Michelle’s face with her big ass and moving her hand around and in and out until she slipped it in and Michelle moaned. With her hand in her pussy, I started fucking her asshole again and could feel increased pressure from Levitra’s hand in Michelle’s cunt. It made her asshole feel really tight.

Meanwhile, Nancy was getting the DP treatment and suddenly with Peter’s wet cock plowing her stretched pussy. Mac pulled out of her ass and told Peter to stop for a second as he placed the head of his cock up to Nancy’s wet pussy and he proceeded to push his cock into her pussy, or at least try to. Nancy was saying, “keep fucking me in the ass, I want it in my ass, it wont fit in my cunt.” Or so she thought. Mac gave it a few more tries and finally it slipped in and man was Nancy full of cock. She let out a scream and Mac and Peter started making thrusts.

The other black A-Team member who was getting his cock sucked said, “I hear a request for cock in the ass.” He moved around on top as Peter was below and Mac was behind Nancy fucking her cunt. He then slid his cock in her asshole and started fucking. Triple penetration! Nancy was grunting and saying “oh fuck this is good, I can’t believe I have so much cock in me.” The other member that blew his load in her ass moved up to Nancy’s face and jammed his cock in her mouth and started face fucking her and all Nancy could say now was “MMMMM, MMMM.” She was cumming repeatedly with intense orgasms.

I pulled out of Michelles ass and grabbed a 9” dildo that was laying around and shoved it into her asshole while Levitra continued fisting Michelle’s cunt. I moved around to the back and found a large, thick 12” dildo and handed it to Michelle and I took my cock and plowed it back in Levitra’s asshole and started fucking it. Michelle took the big black dildo and started pushing it into Levitra’s wet cunt and started fucking it.

The guy in the 3P on Nancy who was fucking her in the ass blew another load in her asshole and pulled out. Then Peter told Nancy to turn around and get her ass up he wanted to fuck her doggy style. Nancy moved around and got on her hands and knees. Mac got in position so she could suck his cock and Peter stuck his cock back into her pussy for a few strokes from behind, pulled out and then moved the massive head to her asshole. Nancy said, “Oh, I don’t think it will fit.” Peter took the wet head and pressed it onto her wet gaping bunghole and Nancy said “Fuck, That’s fucking big, go slow.” Peter managed to get the head in and Peter told Nancy to go at your own pace.

Nancy was getting really excited now with suck as huge cock in her asshole and started rocking forward and back on his monster cock going “OOOOOH, OOOHHH” as she was taking more and more of it in. Soon, Peter was taking longer and longer strokes getting it more than half way in. Mac moved down and positioned his cock below her pussy and Nancy moved her hips around grabbed Mac’s dick and got it in her cunt so he could fuck it.

One of the A Team members got back to Nancy’s mouth and she started sucking his cock as she was having a fresh round of orgasms. Her body was shaking. Mac came in her pussy and the other guy shot a load in her mouth. I was pounding Levitra’s ass with a view of all of the hot action on the bed and blew a load in Levitras’ wet asshole. I kept my cock lodged in there as Michelle continued to fuck her pussy with the big dildo.

Nancy was getting nearly the full cock in her asshole and playing with her clit, cumming over and over. Finally Peter blew a massive load from his massive cock into Nancy’s asshole. When he pulled out, her asshole was wide open and gaping with cum running our of her asshole onto the bed. Her asshole was beginning to close and pulsing and winking. It was now engorged and Peter gave it a few wet slaps over the cum running of her asshole and into her pussy with his huge cock.

Mac said to Nancy, “Did you get your wish?” “Didn’t I deliver?” Nancy said, “This was more than I could imagine.” I don’t know what I’ll try to top this but it will be a while till my asshole can recover from this.

Mac said, “You’re a total fuck slut now, we’ll get some more ideas and guys together and come up with some new experiences for you.” "I know" Mac said, "Double anal."

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