Michelle's Anal Cum Orgy

Michelle was catching her breath from the thorough ass fucking by me and Mac and his thick black cock and the resulting wave of multiple orgasms. Michelle clearly wanted more. Mac thought that he had a real gang bang girl on his hands and when he called for backup, he invited a gang bang party of his porn colleagues which had been partying in the suite next door.

Soon after the call, Mac got up and opened the suite door and in came four of his “actor” buddies, three who were black, one tall white guy and two women, one black one white. Mac introduced them to Michelle and her big bubble butt which they all admired, started fondling and lightly and appreciative slapping. Michelle said “I’m in heaven I can get all my holes filled at once.” Mac said, “we’ve got something special planned for you, you’re going to be a cum dump.”

The guys quickly took their clothes off and each was obviously well hung. Michelle was sitting on the edge of the bed, two of them started jacking off and one of the black guys and the white guy offered their cocks to her. Michelle got her hands on both and going back and forth giving each a few strong sucks while jacking the other. The white guy had an insanely large cock in length and girth with a massive head she could barely fit in her mouth. Mac called this group the “A Team”, since their specialty was their love of fucking ass.

Mac told me that about an hour before they had just finished using the black girl as a cum dump and the new white girl had just arrived for some special request fun. The girls had long trench coats on and once they got inside they removed them. The black girl was built like a proverbial brick house, super curvy, big tits, really big bubble butt and dressed in a hot latex outfit with cut outs for her big tits and some hot stockings cut out around her crotch and ass and high heels. She looked a bit like a dominatrix and Mac introduced her as “Levitra.” What a great porn name!

The blonde white girl was an attractive blonde MILF in her early 40’s who looked familiar, I immediately recognized her as a woman I used to work with named Nancy. Nancy was a tall slim classy looking woman who was completely naked except she was wearing a blindfold and had a collar with a chain held by Levitra. Nancy used to be in broadcasting and had a big ego. She was a total bitch to other women at work and was a ass-kisser acting deferential to men higher up the organization than her and that would include me. This was interesting as she had no idea I was there.

I asked Mac, “what’s the deal with the blonde? He said “she’s a kinky Ho that got fucked after being picked up at a bar by a few of my guys a few months ago. They gave Nancy her the first DP now that we opened that door she keeps asking for more kinky stuff wanting to explore her limits.” “So we planned a special night for her. We know she likes her asshole fucked and we know she loves cum. We thought we’d introduce Levitra and see how she likes her first taste of pussy as well.”
“Before Nancy arrived, the “A Team” turned Levitras’ ass into a cum dump and for that we gave her Nancy toy to use as a toy and she’s going to supervise Nancy’s activities.” But first I thought the “A Team” should get a piece of Michelle.” Why don’t you help Levitra out while the guys fuck Michelle?

Levitra told Nancy to lay on her back across a large ottoman in the room with her face at the edge and her legs hanging over the edge. Levitra ordered me to “get the velcro straps and get Nancy’s legs back and locked in place.” Levitra proceeded to put Nancy in a pretzel position on her back with her legs tied to her arms with the Velcro straps. This now had her head face up at one end of the ottoman and the other end had her ass and bald pussy readily accessible at the other edge.

Levitra pulled a silver vibrator out of a bag, spit on it and told me, “turn it on and stick it deep up her ass.” Levitra had two more toys she then pulled out, a flesh colored vibrator/dildo about 8” long and another similar one thicker and about 12” long. After I stuck the vibrator in Nancy’s ass Levitra handed me the 8” toy and she ordered me to “turn it on and stick it deep in her pussy.” I did as she asked and with both toys buried in her holes buzzing away, Nancy began squirming with pleasure. Levitra handed me the 12” dildo and told me to “lube it up with your spit,” which I gladly did, waiting for her next order.

Levitra proceeded to turn around and bury her pussy over Nancy’s mouth saying, “my ass got all the attention over the last hour, take care of my pussy and suck my clit you slut.” Nancy started eating and Levitra’s big black ass was facing me revealing that she had a large black butt plug buried in her asshole. She bent over revealing her cunt hole and ordered me to “shove the dildo into my cunt.” I gladly did as she wished, and once I got it pretty deep in her pussy, she reached around and grabbed it to fuck her pussy.

Levitra suggested I “lick Nancy’s clit” which I started doing while sliding the dildo in and out of her pussy. Then after a few minutes of this, Levitra said, “fuck her asshole hard and deep with your dick, she needs it.” Again I gladly complied with her wish, pulled the vibrator out and slid my cock into her asshole. Once in side I started short strokes, which after a few minutes became longer and deeper strokes.

Levitra was beginning to go crazy saying “Suck my big clit you fucking slut”. I’ve got something for you!” By now I was pounding Nancy’s wet asshole with long head to balls deep strokes. With the vibrating dildo still lodged in her pussy, which I was plunging in and out of her sloppy wet cunt. Nancy was squirming heavily with muffled moans from Levitras clit firmly implanted on her lips with the dildo lodged deep in Levitra’s cunt and Levitra making a grinding motion with her big butt.

After a few minutes of this, Levitra let out a yell and told me to “pull the dildo out of my pussy, NOW!” Which I quickly did and Levitra let out a scream and a massive squirt from her pussy right over Nancy’s mouth and said “drink it, drink every drop” as Levitra was having a really intense orgasm.” With her ass raised back up, Levitra said, “pull that big dick of yours out of her ass and fuck her mouth, she needs a taste of ass.” I pulled my hard, wet cock out of her asshole and walked aroud to the other side of the ottoman and shoved it in Nancy’s open mouth, face and mouth soaked wet with Levitra’s pussy and squire juices and most likely some piss as well, Nancy’s face, hair and head were totally soaked.

Levitra turned around and stuck her ass up in my face and told me “eat my pussy”. While jamming my cock into Nancy’s mouth, Nancy had her mouth wide open while running her tongue around my cock. Levitra leaned down to Nancy’s pussy, pulled out the dildo and said, “I gotta taste your ass” and proceeded to start sucking and rimming Nancy’s asshole.

After a few minutes of this, Levitra ordered me back around and said “fuck Nancy’s asshole some more, it needs to be fucked”. I moved back into place and shoved my cock back into Nancy’s wet asshole and Levitra sat on Nancy’s face in 69 mode and started eating Nancy’s pussy while I fucked her asshole. Occasionally, Levitra leaned forward and stuck her long tongue out to lick my cock as I pulled out of Nancy’s asshole and every few strokes would pull it out and Levitra would hungrily suck on my cock, trying to deep throat it and suck Nancy’s ass juices off my cock.

Doing this a few times and enjoying Levitra’s intense sucking, Nancy would stop moaning and complain “stick it back in my asshole, I want my ass fucked.” I did this for quite awhile, cycling between Nancy’s tight wet asshole and Levitras big skilled lips, tongue and mouth till I jammed it in and pounded her asshole, thrusting forward balls deep and pumping load of cum in her asshole. I let it linger to get every last drop pumped out of my throbbing cock. When I pulled out, Nancy’s asshole winked shut and Levitra started sucking and licking my cock to get all of the juices and cum off of my cock.

All of this time, the A Team was taking turns fucking Michelle in the asshole while one would be in her mouth and the white guy remained on his back with his massive cock lodged deep in her wet pussy. By now the black guys shot at least one load each into Michelles asshole, on top of the earlier loads deposited by me and Mac. The guys were joking that they were getting her ready for “Peter South”, the nickname of the white guy in her pussy.

Michelle was having repeated non-stop multiple orgasms with the large dick lodged in her pussy and all of the continuous ass pumping from 4 black guys fucking her between her cock sucking.

After the third guy shot a load, Mac had his cock ready and immediately followed the last load with his cock up her asshole, furiously pumping her one more time for another load. Mac pulled out, revealing the words “CUM DUMP” written in lipstick on her big bubble butt. Then very quickly, with cum beginning to ooze out of her asshole, “Peter South” lifted Michelle up so he could pull out of her pussy and he flipped her around on her back and took his massive freakish cock and moved the huge head over to her wet asshole and proceeded to slick it in that big wet loose ass.

He started pumping, getting about half of it in. It had to be nearly 14” long and thick. Michelle was squirming and moaning and the other A Team guys were offering their cocks to Michelle’s mouth.

While this was going on, Levitra was still in 69 over Nancy and I got hard with Levitras masterful cock sucking and continued fucking Nancy’s asshole. Pretty soon, I was ready to shoot another load in Nancy’s ass. At this point I looked over at Peter’s massive cock impaling Michelle’s asshole and watched him stop as his cock pulsed. He stayed deep in her asshole for about a half a minute and I then shot another load into Nancy’s asshole.

Peter began to slowly pull his massive cock out of Michelle’s ass and as he was getting to the tip, Mac got in close with a large black butt plug and as soon as Peter pulled his spent cock out, Mac jammed the butt plug in Michelle’s asshole, plugging it like a bottle of wine. Michelle was spent and she fell forward on her stomach with the butt plug visible between her cheeks.

At this point Levitra ordered me to “get around to my ass and help out with something.” I got up and moved around to Levitra’s massive ass with the black buttplug lodged in it and Nancy’s blindfolded wet face and hair below. Levitra then said to me “pull it out, pull it out now” followed by an order to Nancy “Nancy open your mouth wide for a treat.”

Nancy had no idea what was next since she had been blindfolded all during the time since she met Levitra and had no idea about the butt plug in her asshole.
I got a good grip on the butt plug and started pulling it back, distorting Levitra’s asshole. It was pretty well stuck and I just kept the pressure on it. Nancy’s mouth was open wide, perhaps anticipating another cock to get jammed in her mouth. Levitra’s asshole was positioned over Nancy’s open mouth as I continued pulling on the butt plug.

With all of the guys and Michelle watching, I gave it a little tug and the plug popped out with a “plop” sound followed by a massive cum fart and a flow of hot cum out of Levitra’s loose gaping asshole right into Nancy’s mouth and over her lips and chin. This was like a huge instant hot cum facial and Nancy swallowed all she could and licked her lips, trying to round up as much cum as she could. Levitra continued put push as much cum out of her asshole and it kept flowing for a while.

Mac suggested that Michelle taste Levitra’s asshole and Michelle leaned forward and started rimming the gaping cum covered asshole. Then Michelle leaned down to Nancy’s face and began licking the cum she couldn’t reach with her tongue and helped it into Nancy’s mouth, licking some of it up for herself.

By now, Michelle knew that it would be her turn to blow her cum load on Nancy and after cleaning Nancy up a bit, Levitra got her ass off and Michelle took her place. I grabbed Michelle’s butt plug and started the same process, pulling on the plug, distorting Michelle’s asshole. It seemed stuck, but I kept the pressure on until finally “plop” another massive, hot load of cum burst out of Michelles asshole, followed by some large cum farts with hot sticky cum flowing out into Nancy’s open mouth.

This time Levitra leaned in and started slurping up cum and snowballing it back into Nancy’s mouth, while taking some for her self. Michelle kept farting cum and blowing cum bubbles and giggling at the sounds. Nancy’s soaked face was getting cleaned up and the massive cock of Peter South was hard again and the black guys were all jacking their large cocks. Peter moved around to Nancy’s exposed soaking wet open cunt and positioned his massive head over her wet hole and started moving it around stimulating her lips and clit, getting the head wet. Nancy was gasping with anticipation knowing a massive cock was coming.

Levitra started sucking my cock and got it hard pretty fast. Nancy, still blindfolded, Mac said, “take her blindfold off”. Standing over her with Levitra sucking my new raging hard on one of the guys reached down and pulled off the blindfold and the first thing Nancy saw was me getting sucked off by Levitra. A look of shock, confusion, embarrassment and who knows what came over Nancy’s bitch soaked face just as Peters massive dick pushed its way into her wet cunt. Her expression changed to one of lusty slut as I pulled out of Levitra’s mouth and pointed my cock towards Nancy’s open mouth and shoved it in. Where I said “nice to see you again, what a surprise, you’re really not a bitch after all but a fun loving slut!” “I won’t tell anyone your secret.”

Michelle was still straddling Nancy’s face, farting and cum dripping out of her gaping asshole onto Nancy.

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Sweet. Greatest cum story yet.
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hot story