Slut Kelly Discovers Anal Pleasure

Kelly was a slim, super cute brunette with nice perky tits and a tight ass I met in college who lived on another floor in my dorm during my junior year. She was roommate to a kind of nerdy girl named Sue who hung out with a guy across the hall from me so I would run in to her occasionally. She would make a lot of dirty jokes and talk openly about sex especially cock jokes. One time a bunch of us went to a concert at our university and the band we were going to see had an extensive keyboard set up on stage. As we were going to our seats, Kelly said, “Oh my god, look at the size of that organ!” “I love big organs and I’d like to get my hands on that and play it for hours!”

One day I was fighting a cold and feeling crappy, but Kelly’s roommate was visiting across the hall and stopped by saying Kelly wanted me to join them to go out for dinner. After dinner we were walking back to our dorm and I was walking next to Kelly talking and she boldly out of the blue grabbed my hand as we were walking and gave me a very hot suggestive kiss and said lets go back to your room. When we got there, my roommate was just on his way out to go to the store so we had a very little bit of time on our own.

As soon as he left, Kelly jumped me and started tearing my clothes off kissing me. I quickly undressed her and we climbed up to the loft my roommate and I had constructed in our dorm where we had our mattresses. Kelly wasted no time and got on her back with her legs spread and said “Fuck me! I want you to fuck me!” I was still hard from the hot kissing from the walk back and didn’t need any more encouragement and placed the head of my cock at her pussy and could feel it was warm and tremendously wet. Kelly was more than ready.

I plowed my cock into her hot wet pussy and she just started humping her hips saying “I love to fuck!” Kelly had by far the wettest and loosest pussy I had ever fucked and right away I started pounding her pussy hard. With such a loose pussy I wanted to be sure I’d get her off, so I rode up and positioned myself so the top of my cock was putting a lot of pressure against her clit as I started drilling straight down on her pussy with maximum pressure against her clit. Kelly loved this as started quickly cumming and rocking her hips, encouraging the action. This grinding went on for a while and when I couldn’t hold it any longer I asked her if she was on the pill and she said, “Yes, please cum inside me.” She said “Thanks for getting me off, that’s what I needed.” We then both got out of bed and dressed before my roommate got back.

When we were dressing she said she loved to fuck and has several guys she likes to fuck regularly and wanted me to be one of them. She said one way or another she has to get off at least once a day. She also said she’s on a cock quest and wants to find a guy with a really big cock who knows how to fuck, but was disappointed that any big dick guy she found so far doesn’t know how to fuck and just wants to get themselves off without concern for her. She said after fucking him, she’d either go see another guy who could fuck or go back to her room to get herself off. I found a real nympho slut who wanted me in her stable!
The following weekend I stopped by her room for a visit and Kelly wanted to smoke. I agreed and she walked over to her drawer and pulled out what looked like a great big 10” realistic looking flesh colored dildo that was actually a weed pipe. She lit it up and took a toke off of it and dared me to take a hit. As a good sport I did and she cracked up. We passed it back and forth a few times and had a few beers and were definitely in the zone.

Kelly was now pretty stoned and asked me “I’ve had some guys tell me my pussy is loose, what do you think?” I couldn’t believe she was asking me, but both of us were fairly looped I just said, “Yeah it’s kind of loose, but it’s really good and wet. If I wanted tight, there’s always your asshole.” “Ooh, I’ve never been fucked in the ass” she said. “I’ve always concentrated on developing my pussy.” I said, “What do you mean by that.” She said, “Sue and I work on our pussies so we can fuck the biggest dicks.” She then went over to a drawer and showed me an arsenal of dildos and vibrators Kelly and Sue had collected. “This is what we do, to get off whenever we like.” “I said, no I understand how your pussy got loose, some of those are monsters.” My ex girlfriend did pussy exercises to tighten her pussy and her pussy could grab my cock when we were fucking and pulse it. “Kelly said wow that sounds hot I’ll have to try it too.”

Then she said, “I want to try ass fucking, show me how to do it.” We started tearing each others clothes off and with Kelly on her back at the edge of the couch I put her legs back and started eating her already soaking wet pussy. I’d lick her clit and then suck on her pussy lips, pulling them with my lips till they were engorged.

After getting her pussy going I started playing with her clit with my fingers and started rimming her nice tight little asshole with my tongue circling her bunghole and then going up and down from her asshole to her clit for some more clit sucking. I’d put my lips on her asshole and suck hard on it and Kelly said “Oh my god that’s great!” Then I poked my tongue into “Of Fuck, that’s fantastic!” I took my wet finger and popped it into her asshole and fingering her clit. Kelly moved her ass forward to take my finger in her ass and started rocking her hips, encouraging me to finger fuck her asshole with my pussy soaked finger.

Just then, Kelly’s roommate Sue burst into the room finding us in the middle of this action and we weren’t about to stop. Kelly, totally unflustered said to Sue, I’m going to get my ass fucked, you want to watch?” Sue said “I’ve got some catching up to do.” Sue grabbed the pipe and sat down next to Kelly on the couch and started smoking watching the action. After several hits, Sue took her pants off and started playing with her pussy while I was working over Kelly’s asshole, now popping a second finger in her asshole and beginning to rotate my fingers to loosen it up. Kelly was masturbating her clit with two of her fingers now and it was hot watching the two girls play with their clits.

Sue got up for a second and went to the toy drawer and brought several dildos over to the couch and got a 7 inch flesh colored vibrating one, turned it on and started rubbing it over her pussy to get it wet. Then she stuck the head in her pussy and started sliding it out moaning. Sue said, “I want to see you fuck her ass and then I want you to fuck mine.”

At this point I pulled my fingers out of Kelly’s tight asshole and took my cock and rubbed it over her wet pussy and plowed it deep in her wet loose pussy and grabbed the base of my shaft and started swishing it around to get it thoroughly wet. With that and fucking it for a few minutes I pulled out of her pussy and moved my head over to her asshole putting pressure on it, slowly moving it in. Sue was hammering her pussy with the dildo and as I was easing my cock deeper in Kelly’s asshole, Kelly was saying “Oh Fuck, your cock is in my ass, Oh Fuck it.” I took my two wet fingers then and started rubbing and spanking Sue’s asshole to begin stimulating her asshole while she was fucking herself with her dildo. I shoved one finger deep in, plunging it several times and then started working two fingers in her asshole.

Kelly was rocking her self on my cock and encouraging me to fuck her ass deeper. I slowly got my cock in all the way and was making good progress working my fingers now half way into Sue’s increasingly welcoming asshole. Kelly then said “Fuck my ass.” With that I started slowly pumping the first few strokes and then increased my speed and depth. Kelly was moaning “This is great. I fucking love it.” By this time I had my two fingers in Sue’s ass to the hilt and she was frantically rubbing the vibrating dildo over her clit.

Now, pounding Kelly’s asshole hard with my cock, Kelly started having a series of strong orgasms while I just kept pumping. After a bit of this I pulled out and took my cock over to Sue’s mouth on the couch and said “Suck it if you want it in your ass.” Kelly was recovering from her orgasms and then Sue hungrily started sucking on my cock and fucking her pussy with the dildo. I said “Get it good and wet I need more asshole.” I told her to get on her knees, which she promptly did sticking her ass out on the couch with the vibrating dildo crammed deep in her cunt.”

Kelly grabbed a big thick 9 inch dildo rubbed it over her wet pussy and started working it in her pussy. I then positioned my wet cock head on Sue’s wet asshole and said “Fuck my cock.” Sue started rocking back on my cock taking a little more head with each rock. Kelly now had the thick 9 inch dildo deep in her pussy as she lay on her back watching Sue and me. Sue was quickly rocking her ass back on my cock and taking it deeper and deeper finally she was pounding her ass back against my body, taking it all with way in her asshole. I could feel the vibrating dildo going in and out of her pussy while her ass was fucking my cock. Sue was cumming before I started fucking her ass, but was cumming with stronger orgasms after we started the ass fucking.

I told Kelly “I want some more of your ass, get next to Sue and get your ass up and out.” Kelly quickly did, pulling the dildo out of her pussy. I pulled out of Sue’s ass and said “don’t move” then went straight over to Kelly’s asshole and slick my cock into her wet asshole and started pounding it for about 15 strokes. Sue stayed in position fucking her pussy with the dildo. I told her “take the dildo out” and went back over and slid my cock into her asshole. Sue was rocking hard and told me to “pound my ass.” I gave her 20 strokes and went back to Kelly and gave her 25 strokes in her nice tight ass.

Then, while I was fucking Kelly’s ass, Sue pulled the dildo out and jammed it right into her asshole, quickly working it in to the hilt. Clearly she’s been using the toys on her asshole regularly. I said “Sue, it looks and feels like that’s an experienced asshole.” She said, “I do this all the time and I’ve been telling Kelly she needs to try it, she doesn’t know what she’s missing!” Kelly said, “I want you to be my ass fucking, I want this all the time. With the dildo deep in Sue’s ass, she got off the couch and grabbed the thick 9” dildo and said to Kelly, “You want to feel something really great.” While I was fucking her ass, Sue started sticking the big dildo into Kelly’s wet pussy and started fucking it. She grabbed Kelly’s hand and said “Fuck it hard.” Kelly’s asshole was now super tight and I could feel the big thick dildo going deep in her loose cunt.

Sue had grabbed an even bigger dildo and lay back on the couch with the first vibrating dildo buried in her ass she took this super thick 14” dildo and started working it into her cunt. It didn’t take long and she was pumping it and cumming hard. Kelly started moaning “Oh Fuck me, Fuck meeeeeeeee!” I was pumping her hard and finally buried my cock to the hilt, Kelly was cumming, fucking her cunt with the dildo and I shot a load into her asshole. I kept it buried in her ass while the dildo kept fucking her cunt.

This started getting my cock hard after a bit and I pulled out and told Kelly, “One thing’s missing, I still haven’t gotten a blow job from you. Kelly turned around with the dildo in her pussy and squatted in front of me and started sucking my cock and cleaning the cum off of it. She got up and grabbed my cock and started kissing me and said “I loved it, stick around, we’re just getting started.”

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