Michelle Double Creampie Anal BBC Adventure

For the remaining week during the Las Vegas trade show, Michelle wanted her pussy and big bubble butt ass fucked at every opportunity. For the last night of the show, a bunch of us decided to go to the Playboy club at the Palm and got a table reserved, not cheap at $600 but our boss went for it. When we got there the place was packed. Our reserved table was right next to a table with a bunch of well dressed black guys and one of them was from an MTV reality show or something a lot of people recognized him.

Michelle was sitting at the end of our table and a really hefty black guy who was part of the group dressed in a silk suit sat next to her. He was friendly and they struck up a conversation. A little later he handed Michelle his business card and left. Michelle slid over to me and said, “That guy’s name is Mac, he’s an amateur porn producer and said that I had a fantastic ass and a body type that was in great demand for amateur porn movies.” He told me that if I wanted to try it they could give me a screen name and with makeup and wigs, nobody would know it was me. He said it was great money for just a little work on the side that I could do when I wanted. He invited me to his room to talk more about it and I told him I’d check with my friend to see if it was ok. “I think it’s really exciting, but I’d rather not go up there unless you come along, would you?” I said, I would but “You’re an adult woman, it’s your decision and I won’t tell anyone.”

We left and went over to the room number he wrote on the card and it was a suite. On the way I told her that he might want to do a screen test with you in the room and if that’s the case are you ok with that? She said, “That would be exciting, he’s a big black guy and I’ve never fucked a black guy before. Maybe he’s got a big cock?” We knocked and he opened the door inviting us in for some drinks. He was alone and thanked us for coming over.

Mac said, “I could tell by your reaction and the fact that you showed up that you want to do this. Why?” Michelle said, “Yes, it’s hot watching amateur porn on the internet and I always imagined what it would be like to fuck knowing it’s turning on a lot of other guys and girls.” Mac said, “Well I’ve got to see if you’ve got the stuff let’s get your clothes off.” Michelle right away started taking her clothes off, when she was completely naked, Mac walked around and gave her big ass a slap and said “Now that’s what I’m talking about, that’s a booty to fuck!”

Mac reached into a bag and pulled out an Enema bulb and ordered Michelle to “Prep.” A few minutes later, Michelle emerged from the bathroom smiling and giggling. Mac said, “Let’s do a little ass inspection. Up on the bed buns up kneeling and spread ‘em.” Michelle gladly complied with the order and was exposing her big buns and tight rosebud. Mac called me over and said “How do you like that ass?” I said, “I’ve enjoyed licking and fucking it a few times this week.” Mac said “So she takes it up the ass? Michelle, do you like ass fucking?” Michelle said, “I love it.” Mac said, “You better, because we’re gonna see what that ass can handle!”

With that Mac walked over to a bag and pulled out some lube and a black butt plug about an inch and a half in diameter “First, we got to get that asshole ready.” Mac smeared some lube on her asshole and jammed his finger in and out to get some lube in and around her asshole. Then he dripped some lube on the butt plug and started rubbing it around her asshole”. Mac told me “You do the honors since you’re already acquainted with her ass.” I started moving the tip over and bit by bit pushed it into her asshole. This was not a typical butt plug shape, it was a little more like a smooth five inch dildo with a plug end. After a bit I pushed it all the way in and it was fully installed it in her asshole.

While I was doing this, Mac undressed and told Michelle to get off the bed and turn around. Michelle turned around and could see big Mac, a big heavy set guy with his flaccid but what looked like a really thick un-cut cock. Michelle smiled and Mac said “Over here on your knees.” Anticipating she was going to start sucking his cock, instead Mac turned around sticking his big ass in her face and said, “Lick it!, Lick it good!” Michelle plowed her face into his ass and started slurping away spreading his ass to get in there and do a thorough job. Mac said, “That feels good, do you like the taste?” Michelle said “Yes”. Mac said, “Good job.” Mac turned around and said, “Take it in your mouth, no hands.” Michelle gladly complied and opened wide as Mac thrust his thick flaccid cock deep in her mouth and started fucking it. In seconds it was getting hard and Michelle started gagging on the thick wet black cock.”

Mac pulled it out and said, “Work it up!” Michelle grabbed it and started stroking it pulling the foreskin back from the head and stuck the head in her mouth stroking the rapidly growing shaft. His cock was growing to about 8 inches but the girth was really getting thick. Michelle kept trying to go down on it with her mouth and jacking it with both hands. His cock was now as thick as a beer can and Michelle pulled it out of her mouth and grinned “Wow, I can’t believe how big and thick this cock is, I’ve never had anything like it.” Mac walked over to the bed to lay on his back and ordered Michelle to sit on his face. Michelle sat on his face and started grinding her big ass on his face, covering him. You could hear his muffled slurping and Michelle was gyrating her big bubble butt ass over his face.

Mac was too tall and Michelle was too short for them to do a proper 69. So Michelle went down around his side and started jacking and sucking his big cock as Mac lay on his back. Her hands couldn’t reach around the shaft it was so thick. Michelle stopped for a second and again said, “I just can’t believe this cock, it’s got to be the thickest cock I’ve ever seen. It’s massive!” Michelle’s was kneeling and her hot ass was up in the air. Mac said to me, “Why don’t you join in see how that pussy is doing.” I took my clothes off and had a raging hard on. I got up behind Michelle and plowed my cock into her pussy fucking it while she continued sucking on Mac’s thick cock. Michelle was moaning from my fucking and I started playing with the butt plug in her asshole while I was pounding her wet pussy. Michelle was saying, “Fuck me, oooh that’s it, Fuck, me!”

Mac said “is that butt plug still in there.” I said “Yes.” Mac said, “Pull it out and give her ass a test run.” As I was fucking her pussy, I started pulling on the butt plug, distorting her bunghole and putting more and more outward pressure on it when finally it popped out of her asshole revealing a nice loosened up wet asshole. I pulled out of her pussy and then moved the head of my cock over to her loosened up well lubed asshole and started pushing it in. Her ass was ready for action after the butt plug had been in her for about 30 minutes and once in side I started fucking her ass with long stead strokes. She was saying “Oh god I love it in my ass, keep it going I’m gonna cum!” I could feel her ass pulsing like it was hungry for cock as she has her strong anal orgasm. Mac asked “How’s that ass?” I said, “Feeling good.” He said “Good, that’s a start.”

Mac then told Michelle, “Ok, now I want you to sit on my dick.” I pulled out of Michelle’s ass and Michelle facing away from Mac, squatted over his massive thick cock and started lowering her soaking wet pussy onto the thick head spreading her lips. Michelle said “Of fuck that’s a big fucking cock.” Once it was partially in Michelle started bobbing up and down taking more cock with each stroke. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, its so fucking thick.” Mac gave her a few good slaps on her ass saying “I love this view!” Michelle kept moaning, “Oh Fuck, that’s a big cock.” Mac was playing with her big bubble butt, slapping and jiggling it. I was watching Michelle’s now distorted pussy riding Mac’s thick cock and I got in front of her with my hard cock fresh out of her asshole and presented it to her mouth. Michelle hungrily took my head and shaft into her mouth and started sucking it while moving her tongue around with my hard cock in her mouth. All she could say now was “MMMMMMMMM.”

Then Mac told Michelle to “spin that ass around and ride me so I can play with your tits”. Michelle quickly complied and was now riding that big thick cock moaning with her pussy and her ass out. Michelle was slowly riding the full length of Mac’s cock from the top of his dick then back down to his balls. Her pussy was soaking wet and so was the full 8 inches of Mac’s cock covered with cream from her wet pussy. Then Mac said “get that ass occupied.” I moved in behind her bobbing ass slapped it once and told her to “stay there” and got in position with one knee down and one up.” I located her wet, loose bunghole and slid the head in and starting fucking her ass as Mac was ramming his thick cock into her pussy. Michelle was now moaning “Oh god, FUCK MY ASS, FUCK IT FUCK IT!” then having multiple orgasms one after the other. This went on for awhile and Mac asked “How’s that ass now.” I said, “Even better, tight but loose at the same time.”

Then Mac said, “Michelle, you ready? “I need some of that ass.” We both pulled out Mac said “Suck his dick. I was on my back and Michelle got in a 69 with me, her big ass right over my face and starting sucking my cock again, fresh out of her asshole. Mac said, “I’m gonna need some help. Spread her cheeks. I reach up and grabbed those big bubble buns and spread them wide as Mac brought the massive head of his thick cock up to her butt hole and started slowly pressing the head on it. He pulled away and dripped some lube on his head and on her asshole and proceeded again to push his dick to her asshole. Michelle was bobbing her ass back while I pulled her cheeks wide revealing the action above, The head was in and Michelle was grunting as she was sucking my cock hard. She pulled my cock out of her mouth continue to jack my hard wet shaft and she started say “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck it’s huge! Oh god it’s fucking huge!” Mac said “Baby, tell me if it’s too much.” Mac pulled his dick back and with me spreading her ass, I could see a nice gape to her wet deep pink asshole. Mac grabbed the lube and gave it another squirt into her hole and rubbed some more lube around her ass and over his cock.

“Michelle said “Put it back in now, you gotta fuck my ass!” Mac pushed forward and started taking short strokes with his head with Michelle pushing back on it and me spreading her ass cheeks open as wide as I could. Michelle was moaning and saying “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck.” with each stroke. Each stroke got a little deeper and he was about half way in and starting doing some regular pumping. Michelle then started hungrily sucking my cock, a sign that her asshole was beginning to settle in. Mac’s strokes kept going a little deeper and deeper and Michelle suddenly had a powerful orgasm and drove her ass back hard against Mac taking his cock to the hilt and Mac held it thee balls deep in her ass while she was convulsing and sucking my cock.

Now Mac began longer full strokes of his thick cock in Michelle’s asshole and I started playing with her wet pussy as she continued blowing me. I putting two then three fingers into her wet cunt as Mac kept fucking her asshole with the full length of his cock. Once he pulled out, revealing a more sizeable ass gape and re-lubed her hole and cock and plowed the full shaft back in to continue fucking. I now had four fingers in her pussy and was playing with her g-spot as I finger fucked her. Michelle was having a steady stream of orgasms, each one getting more intense as she continued to suck my cock. Finally she came up for air saying “Oh Fuck Ohhhhhh.” Michelle let out a squirt from her pussy from all of all hole the action she was getting, soaking me and Mac and convulsing from yet an other more powerful orgasm. With that Mac let out a grunt as he was balls deep in Michelle’s asshole. Shortly after he pulled out revealing a distorted well fucked asshole that now looked more like a rose than a rosebud.

I wasn’t about to stop so I got out from under Michelle and got up behind her and plowed my raging hard on into Michelle’s soaking wet loose pussy. Mac got down in front of her and told her to clean his dick. Michelle started licking and sucking on the now softening dick covered in lube and cum and I was banging her farting pussy with a good view of her ass, now beginning to ooze cum. Then I blew a load in her hot wet pussy and held it there for several seconds.

I stepped back and could see both of Michelle’s well fucked holes. A nice double creampie.

Mac said, “Baby, you’re a talent we can do a lot with you and you get a bonus when you squirt.” Michelle said, “I’ve never done that before and I never had more than one cock at a time, I want to do that again. With that, Mac picked up his phone and called someone and said, “I got something you just gotta check out”.

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