Leslie and Sue Assfucking Lessons Pt 2

After the thoroughly enjoyable pounding of Sue’s asshole and Sue’s endorsement of ass fucking on Friday night, it was Leslie’s turn on Saturday. Once again, Sue insisted on participating to ensure Leslie goes through it and Sue said she would help and had some new ideas.

Leslie seemed excited and this time we wanted to prepare well. After partying for awhile Sue suggested we prepare a few things. First the girls went to the bathroom and each gave the other an enema. This was rather kinky as they asked me to watch and they played with my cock and sucked it as they sat on the toilet. Then Sue suggested we get into the shower together to get clean, which we did and suddenly, said “wait a minute” and Sue started peeing at Leslie, giggling, so Leslie peed back and after the beer I drank, I started too. The girls were laughing as we could feel the warm piss on each others bodies, it seemed so kinky after the enemas. Sue started the shower and we all scrubbed down ready for sex.

After we dried off, Sue said she had an idea and went to the kitchen and grabbed a cucumber and a rubber, slid the rubber over the cucumber and said “I’ve got a toy!

First Sue and Leslie got in front of me on their knees and started licking and sucking my cock and balls. This was heaven and got me hard as a rock and got my cock wet!

Next Sue and Leslie got on the couch and started eating each other out as I was watching. This was hot and I couldn’t watch for long. Leslie had long legs and very tight buns. Her asshole with a perfect, super tight pink rosebud. When I would occasionally slip a finger in during sex, it was perhaps the tightest asshole I had ever fingered.

Leslie was on top with her ass in the air so I got behind and started licking her asshole as Sue sucked her clit. Leslie was moaning with pleasure now and I started fingering her asshole with one finger. In no time, Sue joined in with a finger added into Leslie’s asshole and two in her pussy. After Leslie got comfortable, we were slicing our fingers in and out of Leslie’s asshole. I worked a second one in and we were getting Leslie’s ultra tight asshole nicely loosened up and wet with pussy juices from Leslie’s wet pussy and saliva from both Sue and me.

With fingers in ass, I moved into position to stick my cock in Leslie’s pussy, with Sue’s two fingers still in her pussy, licking her clit and my cock as I started moving it in and out of her pussy. This was a hot sensation with Sue and I pleasuring all of Leslie’s holes at the same time. Leslie started Cumming multiple times at this point and I thought her ass was ready for some ass fucking.

I positioned Leslie on her back at one end of the couch with a pillow under her lifting her ass up to a perfect standing fuck position with her legs back. I licked her ass some more and Sue moved around and sat on Leslie’s face and started eating her pussy again. I grabbed some oil for my dick and coated my thumb, thrusting it in her asshole and started thumb fucking it for a bit and then pushing it inward towards her pussy wall as it was deep in. Sue’s tongue was deep in Leslie’s pussy.

Then I positioned the head of my cock over her asshole and started slapping her spread asshole with my cock and sliding it over her pussy as Sue kissed and licked it. I said to Leslie “Are you ready.” Leslie said, “I want your cock in my ass. Fuck my ass now.” This is what I was waiting to hear, so I started feeding the head of my cock into her tight asshole, just fucking it with the head of my cock, putting more oil on it and with each thrust, pulling all the way out, watching her tight asshole wink closed. Finally, I started feeding more cock into Leslie, who was moaning in a muffled sort of way since Sue had her pussy on Leslie’s face and was moving her hips around and having an orgasm her self.

Pretty soon, I was making good progress with my cock most of the way in her ass, Sue over her orgasm and back to work sucking on Leslie’s clit. Now I started fucking her ass slowly. Leslie was moaning “more, more”. So I started pumping her ass faster and deeper. This was feeling really good and Leslie’s ass was starting to really loosen up Sue was sucking on her clit and her pussy was farting from my ass fucking. I pulled my cock out a few times to see how her asshole looked. It turned from pink to deep pink and was all wet and oily. I’d pull my cock out making a “pop” noise and it would immediately wink closed and then I’d plow it back in. One time, when I pulled out, Sue wrapped her lips around my cock and gave it a good lick and suck to get a taste of Leslie’s ass.

Then Sue grabbed her improvised toy; the rubber covered cucumber and started rubbing it over Leslie’s pussy. This wasn’t a big cucumber, but sizeable enough and after rubbing it to get it wet she positioned it’s head over her pussy and started pressing down and moving the tip in and out of her pussy while I was deeply fucking Leslie’s asshole. Each thrust got deeper and deeper and when she finally got it a little more than half way in, she started fucking her pussy with it. I could feel each thrust of the hard cucumber going in and out and tightening her asshole in the process. Sue was really pumping it now and Leslie was having orgasm after orgasm when Sue pulled to makeshift dildo out revealing her soaked swollen pussy lips and clit, which Sue then started sucking and pulling on with her lips.

After a bit of this, Sue oiled up her hand and popped three fingers deep into Leslie’s now loosened pussy moving fucking with her fingers, then adding a fourth, going deeper with each thrust. I could feel her hand with my cock and then Sue placed her thumb in position and slowly pushed her whole hand into Leslie’s wet pussy. All the while I’m keeping a steady rhythm fucking her asshole. Once Sue’s hand is in she starts a churning action which is generating some really intense multiple orgasms on Leslie’s part and her asshole is now really relaxed but tight due to Sue’s hand and I’m pumping away hard and deep with each thrust.

At this point Sue is telling Leslie “fuck my asshole harder.” As Leslie has been eating Sue’s pussy, she also started inserting fingers in her ass and must have gotten more than a few in her ass. I’ asked Sue “How many do you want in there” she said go to four!” With that Sue lets out a grunt and Leslie must have added that fourth finger.

I couldn’t take it anymore and shot a load deep in Leslie’s pulsing asshole. When I pulled out, Sue quickly said let me suck it. She took my cum covered, wet cock that was going soft into her mouth and sucked on it with all her might, initially going right down to my balls. As my cock got harder, she could get less and less of it in but had a lip lock and full suction on my cock like she was never going to let it go. Before too long, this got me fully hard again and Sue came up for air and ordered me “You gotta fuck my ass again, Fuck it now!”

I went around the back side, Leslie pulled her fingers out of Sue’s ass and I positioned my cock at Sue’s bunghole. Leslie started sucking on Sue’s clit and I plowed my cock into Sue’s wet and ready asshole, sliding it in deep all the way to my balls. Leslie was licking the length of Sue’s pussy and right back to my balls. She continued this as I slowly pulled my cock back and Leslie was lounging the shaft of my cock. This went on for a few strokes and I started long, deep thrusts into her ass eventually increasing to a full on ass pounding with Sue having multiple intense orgasms causing her asshole to tighten around my cock with each one. After Cumming once and getting up again I’m always going longer after the first load. I gave Sue a strong full stroke pounding and pulled my cock out of her ass, revealing a nice wet gape, dripping juices out of her ass. Leslie started circling her tounge around Sue’s wet gaping asshole as Sue was panting from her stream of orgasms.

I said to Leslie, “let’s go again I want to fuck you from behind.” Sue got up and I Leslie flipped over and I got behind her and slid my cock back into her tight asshole and started pounding away. Sue scooted her pussy up to Leslie’s face and handed her the Cucumber flipped her legs back and told her to “keep fucking my ass.” Leslie positioned the cucumber on her loosened up asshole and Sue started rocking her hips, getting more and more of it going in. Leslie became more aggressive as I was pounding her asshole with my cock really hard and started really fucking Sue’s ass with the cucumber. This went on for several more minutes with Leslie cumming from my ass fucking and Sue cumming from the improvised dildo and Leslie’s clit licking.

Finally I shot another load into Leslie’s asshole and pulled my cock out of her ass. I said to Leslie, “Show Sue what you’ve got”. Leslie rotated around and positioned her puckered red, well fucked wet asshole over Sue’s face and Sue stuck her tongue out and started licking then sucking on Leslie’s used and abused asshole.

I got in front of Leslie and she took my cock and started licking and sucking on it.

I said to Leslie, “Now do you approve of ass fucking?” She said, “Only when it’s done right. Practice makes perfect, so we’ll need to practice some more!”

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