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Several years back, I took a lot of regular business trips to the Netherlands, where I would have to stay on business for several weeks at a time. My business would typically have me stay in a smaller inland city. The days and the hours were long, with business dinners every evening keeping me constantly occupied.

One weekend on a particularly long trip, I went on a walk to explore the town I was in. I’d occasionally run into a sex shop and I’d go in to browse the magazines. I’d sometimes stop and look through the European porn magazines that would show much more kink than American magazines. This would inevitably make me horny, especially being away from home for a long trip.

I had knew that Dutch prostitution was legal but other than in the famous red light district of Amsterdam I was not aware of it in some of the smaller towns. During my visit into a book store, I noticed that a man and a hot looking MILF with a fantastic ass, dressed in a micro skirt with sexy white hose, stepped out of a door in the store and the man left. She was looking at me smiling and motioned for me to follow her, which I did and she opened up the door and shut it behind her, quoted me a price for a suck and fuck.

I reached in my wallet and gladly obliged as I had a hard on that needed attention and she sat me down on a chair and expertly went down on my cock slipping a condom on as she put it in her mouth. She deep throated me and with her lips around my base ran her tongue around my cock making it hard as a rock. Then she turned around revealing her fantastic ass and dropped her panties to the floor and squatted on my cock with her beautiful ass bobbing up and down. What a sight and what a nice rather tight pussy. Before long she got me off. I had never had a hooker before. The convenient availability of this and her expert technique made me understand its popularity!

Another time, I was going for a walk in a different neighborhood and came across this unusual building near a residential area. At the front there were pictures mounted with photos of what looked like prostitutes dressed in sexy lingerie. There was no sign or name, just the address. I thought, this must be a brothel, so I opened the door to take a look inside. This was early on Sunday afternoon and the place was empty. There was a bar which I walked over and the bartender asked me if I wanted a beer and I ordered one.

In no time a black BBW hooker stopped over and aggressively started flirting with me. She had absolutely monster sized tits and I imagined what it would be like to experience those. She quoted me a price for a 30 minute fuck and suck session which I agreed to and she led me to the back and asked me to follow her up the stairs. I had never had sex with a BBW woman before and thought this would be a great opportunity to explore. Following her up the stairs she had a thong on and a huge, big bubble shaped ass, which I thought would be another interesting experience.

Once inside her lair, she started her up sell pitch, telling me she’ll do anything, anal, golden showers, what ever I wanted (for an extra charge). I told her I’ll stay with the standard package. She took off her clothes revealing her monster tits and nipples that were absolutely giant. She let me suck on them and play with them a bit and got her nipples big and hard. I had to also grab that huge ass with both hands and give it a wiggle. Outstanding!

She ordered me to the bed and lying on my back, started sucking my cock and rolled over to smash her big ass onto my face, gyrating as she alternatively rolled her big buns over my face and then back down to suck my cock some more. Her huge floppy tits were straddling my body and I’d reach down and give them a squeeze.

After a bit of this she rolled over and asked me to fuck her pussy. I said first I want to fuck those tits. My cock was wet from her sucking and she moved towards me with her tits in hand and enveloped my cock with her massive tits and rubbed them around as I thrust into them. This was great.

Now I was ready to fuck and she got on her back with her legs way back in a pretzel position and I plowed my cock into her pussy. It was a very tight pussy and I guess it’s true what some say about BBW women, they have really tight pussies with the extra meat on the bones, it’s also extra meat for you boner!

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1 year ago
that's why I love bbw ;)
3 years ago
Good story. Thanks
3 years ago
very good