Breaking In Linda's Wet Pulsing Pussy

During high school, the only sex my steady girlfriend had due to her insistence to keep her virginity till marriage was oral and anal sex. The anal sex was great but I was craving to know what it was like to fuck a pussy.

After graduation, I went away to college and during my first week I had my chance. A girl from my home town was living in the dorm next to mine and asked me to stop over for a visit. When I arrived, her roommate Linda was there and I was in love. Linda was a beautiful blonde girl who was an ex cheerleader with a outstanding body, bright smile and a great personality. Linda and I instantly hit it off. It was Friday afternoon and I asked her if she would have dinner with me that evening. Gratefully, she said yes and we went to a place nearby and had a nice dinner and got to know each other, finding a lot in common.

After dinner I asked her back to my room, and lucky for me my roommates were both gone for the weekend. I put on some music and lit some candles, which Linda really liked. In no time we were kissing passionately and feeling each other out. Linda felt my hard cock and said “You’re happy aren’t you.” As I had my hand down her pants I could feel her wet panties and I said “And so are you.” We quickly undressed each other and now naked continued exploring each other. I asked Linda if I could fuck her. She said “Yes, but I’m a virgin”. She said “I never had the chance at home, but I practiced plenty with my pussy.” “Some of the other cheerleaders told stories of using pens and bananas and other things to practice with and they told me about pussy exercises which we’d use to keep our pussies in shape.” I said “Wow I’ve never heard of that”. “Now I want to know what a real cock feels like.”

With great anticipation, I was about to try her extremely wet pussy. I started by teasing her wet pussy lips with the tip of my cock and then slid the shaft of my cock up and down her wet lips before I slowly slid my cock into her pussy. As I was sliding in, Linda raised her hips and her wet pussy clamped down on my cock. Wow, this was fantastic! I asked her if she was ok and she said, “I love it, this is much better than practice.” I told her I loved her exercises!

We started fucking and with each stroke Linda could pulse her incredible pussy. It was a fantastic sensation I’ve never felt since in my life. This brought me to an orgasm in no time as I just couldn’t hold out. After I came, Linda said, “Let’s do it again”, and went down to start sucking my cock.

I wanted to eat her pussy, but strangely enough, she wouldn’t let me! So I just played with her extremely wet pussy and clit. She said something oblique about that’s something girls do and “I’m not comfortable”. I wondered if she had some kind of “experience” with her cheerleader friends that she just didn’t want to talk about.

Nevertheless, we fucked again and again. With my roommates out for the weekend, we stayed in all day Saturday and fucked and came in every position we could imagine and she played with my cock and sucked me for hours at a time.

Lucky for me with my roommate gone every weekend and my room to myself and Linda, every weekend was a fuck fest. During the week, her roommate Margaret was even tolerant of letting me sl**p over and under the covers I’d quietly fuck Linda’s pulsing pussy. I was hooked!

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