Leslie and Sue Get Assfucking Lessons Pt 1

One night I was partying with my hot college girlfriend Leslie and her roommate Sue. Leslie was slim, with model good looks and long legs she would wrap around me while fucking and with big tits and a really nice tight ass. Sue was very pretty, slim and also had long legs and a nice tight ass. Leslie knew Sue wanted to fuck me and knew I thought Sue was hot.

We were having perhaps a few too many drinks when the girls started talking about sex. Sue had hooked up with one of my roommates recently and I heard from Leslie, that Sue’s sexual activities were limited since she had a hymen that nearly blocked her vagina which she needed to have surgery in order to open up and have sex. Therefore she was only having oral sex.

We started then talking about alternative ways of getting off and Sue and Leslie started talking about anal sex, for which they said “all you guys seem to like anal sex, my last boyfriend talked me into to doing it but I didn’t like it.” I said “I’m disappointed he was first to fuck your ass since I’d love to fuck your tight ass and do it right.” Leslie said, “When he fucked me it hurt and I’m not sure about letting you fuck it since your cock is bigger.” I said, “Well he just didn’t know what he’s doing, I’ve had really positive experience fucking several girls and they had orgasms during anal sex.” To that Sue said, “I’d love to try it and feel a cock inside me.” To my surprise, Leslie said, “Ok, prove you can fuck Sue’s ass and get her off and I’ll let you fuck my ass too.” Much to my surprise, Sue said to Leslie “Well if he’s going to fuck me, you’ll have to participate and help.” I didn’t know they messed around each other and couldn’t believe it, they were asking to have a three-way and soon I’d be fucking Sue in the ass.

Sue and I quickly took our clothes off and Leslie said, “Ok teacher, tell us what to do.” I said, “We’ll have to get Sue really relaxed, get her asshole wet, loosened up and well lubed.” “Do you have some lube handy?” They said “no.” So I suggested, just get some olive oil, so Leslie got up for the oil and I said to Sue, let me get you relaxed.” We got down on the floor with Sue laying on her side and I laid down, spread her little butt cheeks and started sucking on her tight pink little rosebud. Sue started moaning and told Leslie to get out of her clothes “I want to eat your pussy.” Leslie quickly complied and got in a sixty-nine with Sue.” I was rimming Sue’s asshole and fingering her wet clit, and Leslie leaned in, moved my fingers out of the way and started sucking on Sue’s clit.” Sue was moaning and I could hear the slurping that she was now licking Leslie’s pussy.” This went on for awhile and both girls were getting extremely wet.

I then got up and went around to the back of Leslie and said to Sue, “Now get a close look at what you’ve been missing.” As Sue was sucking on Leslie’s clit I offered up my cock and Sue started licking my head and quickly started sucking on it. I let her do a little of this and pulled it away and slid just the head of my cock tip into Leslie’s wet cunt. I told Sue, work us both over! Sue started licking from Leslie’s clit and up the shaft of my cock and then started sucking hard on the skin below the head of my cock. After a few good licks, I started sliding my cock in and out of Leslie’s pussy with Sue alternatively licking my cock and Leslie’s pussy. I pulled my cock out of Leslies pussy and shoved in Sue’s mouth and said “doesn’t Leslie taste great” Sue moaned “mmmmm.” I said, “Now let’s get back to your asshole.

I switched back to Sue’s wet asshole that Leslie also had been rimming while eating her pussy. I took my middle finger and started rubbing it on Sue’s pussy to get it wet, rubbed it over her tight asshole and slowly slid it all the way into her asshole to swish it around, thrusting it in and out and started loosening it up. I pulled it out and thrust my tongue deep in her asshole while Leslie was licking her clit. Then I offered my middle finger that was just in Sue’s asshole to Leslie who took it in her mouth all the way and started sucking it. I offered up a second finger and Leslie started licking and sucking both fingers. I took the now wet fingers and rubbed them over her looser asshole and slowly inserted the two in her ass. I got them about an inch in and could feel her asshole tighten. I told Leslie to lick Sue’s asshole while I finger it, which she promptly did, making it wetter and wetter as I swished the two fingers around. Sue was moaning now and Leslie went back to eating her pussy and I pushed my fingers deeper past her sphincter and then pulled them out to feed again to Leslie, who gladly sucked hard on my fingers.

Then I took the Olive oil Leslie brought over earlier and smeared some on my fingers and stuck my oiled middle finger deep in her asshole to lube it up. Then took two fingers and slowly inserted them, this time probing deeper. With the two fingers half way in and past her sphincter, I started swishing them around a bit and then started slowly finger fucking her asshole. It was getting looser now and then I pushed further getting both fingers all the way in thrusting them in and out. Sue was now having an orgasm and I could tell she was soon ready for my hard cock.

I pulled Sue up and Leslie continued in sixty-nine and I could see that Sue had been fingering Leslie’s asshole and already had two fingers in her ass while eating her pussy. I positioned Sue’s ass in front of me and swished my cock over her wet pussy lips and rammed it in Leslie’s mouth. Leslie’s face was wet from Sue’s wet pussy. While Leslie was sucking my cock, I shoved my thumb into Sue’s asshole and started fucking it. I grabbed some more olive oil and smeared it on her bunghole and my thumb getting her asshole well lubed. Then I pulled my wet cock our of Leslie’s mouth and smeared some oil it, pulled my thumb out of her ass and positioned the tip of my cock on her asshole. I told Leslie to spread Sue’s cheeks as she was eating her pussy and I started some gentile short thrusts on her hole. Sue started pushing her ass back towards my cock taking more and clearly wanting more. I got it about half way in and Sue thrust her ass back taking my cock to the hilt. I let it stay there and Leslie was licking Sue’s pussy and my balls.

I slowly pulled back and then all the way back in a few times, then started taking longer thrusts keeping my cock in her ass. Leslie was quickly licking the shaft of my cock as it was sliding in and out. I then pulled out of her ass and Leslie said “let me taste it” so I shoved it back into Leslie’s mouth and said “suck it”. She was sucking it and Sue complained “fuck my ass!” I said “So you like it?” She said “Please keep fucking my ass!” “I was about to cum.” I pulled my cock out of Leslie’s mouth and ordered her to “go to town on Sue’s pussy.” I looked around and saw that Leslie had her legs wrapped around Sue just like when I fuck her. Sue now had three fingers in Leslie’s asshole and was fucking her asshole while eating it. Leslie was clearly going crazy.

This time when I slid my cock in Sue’s asshole, it was ready and I was able to start thrusting it all the way in and pulling it all the way out, then back in. I did this a few times watching Sue’s asshole gape for a split second and quickly wink closed. I told Leslie “now rim that asshole”. Leslie started licking and tounge fucking Sue’s loosened up asshole, then I slapped her buns a few times, spanking her ass with my wet cock and then shoved my cock back to in her asshole and told Leslie, “Eat that pussy.” I started Sue’s ass in long thrusts now and Sue said “fuck me harder.” With that permission, I started pounding her ass with my balls slapping Leslie’s face as she was eating Sue’s pussy. Sue started having really strong, convulsing orgasms and I just kept pounding and Leslie kept eating with her legs wrapped around Sue.

Leslie was Cumming too and I could not take any more. I shot my load deep in Sue’s asshole and kept it buried there well after my last spurt. Then I pulled it out and placed it on Leslie’s face and she started licking the cum and sucking my cock. Sue dropped forward and pulled her fingers out of Leslie’s asshole then squatted and told Leslie to “lick my ass.” Leslie started licking and tongue fucking her asshole, tasting some of my cum in the process.

Then Sue turned around straddling Leslie holding her fingers out and told Leslie to suck her fingers and she said, “Let me suck his cock”. I stood by and let Sue to start working on my now flaccid wet oily cock which she took in her mouth and started sucking hard.

I said to Sue “Do you approve and recommend that Leslie try it?” She said, “Absolutely, but I want to help.”

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very good slow & gentle anal
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Hot Hot Hot