Jan Cures My Summer Sex Drought

One summer during college I had a night job and had gone through most of the summer without getting laid. I missed all of the good parties! But fortunately it changed at the end of the summer break.

I lived near a university that started the fall semester earlier than the school I attended about an hour and a half away, so when the school year started at the nearby college a friend of mine who attended and lived nearby the school asked me and my college roommate Brian to join him for a party where we knew there would be a lot of freshman pussy attending. My buddies and I were entering our third year of college. We went to the party we met a load of hot young freshman girls and got their phone numbers.

My friend who lived near the school and commuted from his parents house had his parents out of town for the upcoming weekend, so we decided to throw a bash to end the summer right. We ordered a keg and called up a lot of friends including the girls we just met and our usual group, including some local girls that we knew were entering university that year at my school. My roommate couldn’t attend though.

Once everyone was there and the beer and 420 were being consumed, everyone was having a blast. One of the new girls named Jan we just met latched on to me right away. One of her roommates, Chris was also trying to get my attention, but Jan was clearly not going to let her have any chance. Jan was a pretty, hot, blonde that was the homecoming queen in the previous year at her high school. She had big tits and a nice round ass. Jan was leaning up against me in the room near the keg giving me kisses and flirting as we were sharing a joint.

Chris had really big tits, but seemed a bit more inhibited than Jan really had my attention. Then some new girls showed up including a blonde named Keri who had always been trying to get my attention and now she was going to start at my university that year. She didn’t like the idea of another girl hitting on me and immediately came over and pulled up on the opposite side of Jan, leaning up against me and boldly starting to flirt as she gave me a kiss and started stroking my arm. Jan started doing the same and I was suddenly a blonde sandwich. How the summer had changed!

Needless to say this was getting me hard, but the beer had caught up to me and I had to excuse myself and head to the nearby bathroom. Just as I was finished relieving myself, Jan burst into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She started tearing my pants off and dropped hers and pulled me down on the floor. Her pussy was soaking wet and she grabbed my cock and said “Fuck me” so I gladly obliged and we started fucking right there on the bathroom floor. I know a crowd had gathered outside the door and suddenly Jan’s roommate Chris was saying to Jan “Jan, are you in there? Are you all right?” Jan said “I’ve never been better, leave me alone”. Chris wouldn’t shut up and said “I want to go home”. Jan said, “Go ahead, I’m staying here and I’ll get a ride later”. We just kept fucking all through this.

After awhile when we knew Chris split we decided to head up stairs to a bedroom where we could continue in peace. We got out and Keri was giving me the eye, but Jan grabbed my hand and hauled me upstairs to a bedroom where we got out of our clothes and continued to fuck like a****ls in every position. I don’t know what it was, the long time since I had been laid, or the anticipation from the flirting with the two girls earlier, but my hard on was just raging and we just kept fucking non-stop for literally hours. A kind of Tantric sex thing I guess.

This went on till the sun came up. We fucked on the bed, on the floor and both ended up getting carpet burns on our knees. Jan was a real fuck slut and came over and over. I even shot a load and didn’t lose my hard on, I just kept fucking. When the sun came up Jan said, “You’ve worn out my pussy, I can’t take any more.”

I spotted a jar of Vaseline on a table and I said, “I still have a hard on I need to take care of, so now it’s your time for your ass”. She said “Ok, but make it fast, I need to go home and get some sl**p.” Jan got in the doggie position with her nice round ass up high. I grabbed the Vaseline and put a dab on her rosebud and worked it in and swished it around to get it well lubed. I also smeared my cock thoroughly. I slowly started pushing my head into her ass and back out over and over, finally getting it in past her tight sphincter. Jan was starting to moan with pleasure and started moving backward and forward, encouraging me to start fucking her deeper. We got going and before long I was banging her as hard as I had banged her pussy. Her tight asshole was so nice and lubed I exploded in her asshole and was finally relieved.

With that we decided to call it a night and I took her back to her dorm and dropped her off. Jan admitted again that I wore her out and she had never been fucked like that before. That was funny, because I found out that during the week, she had hooked up with my college room mate Brian. The following week, when Brian and I were moving into our dorm, Brian said “I called Jan over the weekend after the party to see if we could hook up and she said, No thanks she was completely worn out.” He said he told her he wanted to call her the next time he was back in town and she said “don’t bother me.” He said, “gee that’s strange, I thought we had a good time.”

Next, weekend with the new school year starting back up I had a party to go to that Keri was going to be at…

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3 years ago
I agree with Slap, enjoy it while you can in excess..Nice story
3 years ago
Nice! Enjoy college while it lasts, you will never get pussy easier again.