Big Ass Lois's Asshole And Pussy Go To School

Lois was a woman I worked with who was in a previous story about my memorable pussy eating experience with a squirter. She was a bit of a bitch most of the time. But the situation with me leaving Lois alone and having sex with another woman drove her crazy. We had another business trip coming up and I knew Lois was going to continue her flirting.

During that previous business trip, Lois had just turned 30 and I was several years younger than her. We were both single and it was well known that she was banging an executive higher up the food chain in the company. I also knew that she would bang some customers when we were on the road. The one thing in common was that they were all older guys she was fucking. In some respects, even with all of her fucking, she was fairly conventional and straight laced. I know she had never done anything even moderately kinky.

She was constantly flirting during the trip when while we would have dinners with just the two of us and asking me bluntly how I thought she looked now that she was at the big 30. At first I just brushed off these advances and the more I did, the bolder she got. She clearly wanted some validation that she hadn’t lost it.

I refused to give her an opinion of how I thought she looked. She actually was quite pretty, with long brown hair and fairly large fake tits and a big round ass which she was a bit self-conscious of.

During a dinner at an outside café where no one was sitting nearby, she started getting really bold and working me from various angles. She really wanted to talk about sex and was asking me all sorts of questions about things I’ve tried. I flipped things around and asked her. She said she loved fucking and giving blow jobs. Finally I said, “since it’s clear you want to fuck me why don’t you just ask?” She said, “yes I want you to fuck me, but I wanted you to ask”.

I said, “But why would I want to fuck you unless I got you to do something new you haven’t done before?” She said “like what?” I said, “have you ever been fucked in that big ass of yours?” She said “No one ever asked me and I’m not sure I’d like it.” I said “you’ll never know unless you’ve tried it with someone who knows how to do it right.” She said, “girls let you fuck their ass?” “They actually like it?” I said, “yes when it’s done right.” She said, “so if I let you fuck my ass you’ll fuck me?” I said “maybe”.

Then I asked her if she’s ever been fucked by a really huge cock or a dildo? She said, no just normal sized dicks. I said, “ok, I have an idea for us to have sex, one time, it’s going to be something new for you.” First, we’re going to the d**g store and you need to buy a tube of KY jelly, then we’ll go back to the room and you’ll need to do all of the things I ask you to do.” With that we went to the d**g store, she bought the lube and we went to her room. Where we took off each others clothes and I told her to get into 69. She put that big ass on my face and I started licking her clit and then her asshole. She was going “MMMMMMM” when I would tongue her asshole. She said no one ever did that to her before and she clearly liked it.

After getting her pussy wet and she was licking and sucking my cock, I grabbed the tube of KY and put some on my right hand fingers and slid two fingers in her pussy and started fucking it while licking her clit. Then I put three in that went in pretty easily slipping them in and out to loosen it up. Lois stared Cumming now and losing concentration so I had to tell her to “keep sucking my cock and don’t let it out of your mouth!”

With that first orgasm out of the way and some more KY, I got four fingers in and started pumping her pussy with longer strokes until she came again when I got it past my knuckles and my hand pretty much in there. She was moaning now, and I pulled back and positioned my thumb in line so I was going all the way in. My hands are pretty wide and had never fisted a woman before, but I always wanted to try it after reading about it. Lois started thrusting her big ass back at me and I was now fisting her pussy and she was going crazy.

Then I said, that’s part one of your adventure, now part two. Her pussy was so wet with juices and KY that I took my left hand and swiped it to lube a few fingers up and took two fingers and started rubbing it over her asshole and then with first one, then two fingers I started finger fucking her asshole to get it ready. With a little of this, I pulled my fist out of her pussy and she was panting hard from another orgasm.

I told her to “get on the bed, buns up and spread your ass wide”. She did and I started rimming her asshole and she started moaning. I said, “Put out your hand” she did and I squirted some KY on it and started rubbing it. Then I ordered her to “shove your hand into your pussy and start fucking yourself”. She promptly did just that and I lubed up my cock and put some more on her big ass and then slowly started entering her from behind in between those big white buns. She complained a bit at first and I said, we’ll take it slow and It will start to feel good once you relax and loosen up.

Lois was now masturbating her pussy with four fingers deep in her Cunt and once I got it in her ass I started taking short strokes and she started moaning and I asked her if it was feeling better and she said “its feeling great” so I started giving her more cock and after a shot while she was leaning into it and I was now pounding her ass. Lois was still fucking her wet pussy and playing with her clit. I told her to pull her fingers out of her pussy and I pulled out of her asshole and started fucking her pussy hard. It’s amazing to fuck a pussy after fisting and how a pussy (at least Lois’) could immediately tighten up.

I proceeded to stick two and then three fingers in her asshole while fucking her pussy. She came again. I started slapping her ass while fucking her and asked her if she want more and she said, “fuck my ass”. I pulled out and then shoved it to the hilt into to her asshole and started fucking her. Then I stopped and I said, “now you fuck it.” So she start pumping back and forth fucking my cock with her ass. I then shot a load deep in her ass and she didn’t stop. Amazingly, I just stayed there and was so pumped up my cock didn’t miss a beat and stayed hard. I fucked her asshole a bit more and Lois was going through multiple orgasms and then I pulled out feeling like I had another load in me and told her to turn around and I shoved my cock into her mouth and started face fucking her until a came in her mouth. She swallowed the load and I told her to “thoroughly lick my cock and clean it up”.

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2 years ago
brilliant story
2 years ago
great story mate!! thanks!
2 years ago
2 years ago
NO2:- A Very Nice Read.
2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Good story but felt a bit rushed towards the end, I think you could have drawn out the ass fucking a bit more. Still good though!