Sonja's Interracial Anal Invitation

Sonja was perhaps one of the kinkiest girls I met in college. She was a pretty, slim black girl with an insatiable appetite for sex, a great sense of humor and she had a fetish for white guys. She lived in the same dorm as me and I was a target right from the beginning. She was very flirtatious and would talk openly about the exploits of her and her cadre of white girlfriends and their group sex sessions.

One day I was sitting with some guys at the dorm cafeteria just finishing dinner and Sonja sat down next to me and boldly said “I want you to fuck me in the ass. You know, take a trip up my Hershey highway.” I was a bit speechless at first. Then she said “You ever do any ass fucking?” I said “yeah, I know what I’m doing”. “When do you want it?” She said, “how about right now?”

I got up we walked back to her room and she said her roommate was out for the evening. When we got into the room, we started taking off her clothes and she asked me to come with her to the bathroom. She said, “First I have something to take care of” and she sat down on the toilet and started peeing. She said, “Come over here I want to suck your cock” and as she was sucking my cock hard she started shitting into the toilet and humming as she sucked. When she finished she grabbed some toilet paper and said, “Here, help me” and she got up and bent over and spread her ass and said “wipe it good” which I did thoroughly and she flushed and hauled me into the room and laid on the bed on her back with her legs back in a pretzel mode.

She had a completely shaved pussy and a nice tight ass. Then she said “Now lick my asshole and get it wet!” I started working on her asshole and occasionally licking her clit as well and she was getting pretty wet. I started tongue fucking her asshole and she started moaning and saying “that is fucking great!” In no time, her asshole was very wet and I shoved my middle finger deep into her asshole and put pressure upwards to her pussy and she started gyrating and moaning more.

Then I pulled out my finger and stuck two fingers in her mouth and I said “suck on them and get them wet”, which she promptly started licking and sucking my two fingers. Then I took my two fingers and inserted them slowly into her now hungry anticipating asshole and slid them all the way in, which she really liked. I started swishing them around and pressing upwards on her pussy while and started sucking her clit. This really made her cum hard.

She was ready for my cock, so I pulled my fingers out and slowly started sticking my cock in her wet asshole. It was nice, tight and when I shoved my cock in I could feel her pulsing her asshole as I started going in and out. We did this for awhile and I pulled out and her asshole quickly winked close and I put my cock up to her face and said “suck it, taste it and get it wet!” which she promptly did. Then I pull away from her face and shoved my cock back into her asshole. I proceeded to give it a few strokes and then puss out. Every time I’d pull out she’d say “put it back in and keep fucking my ass!” I was teasing her now and I said I want to gape your asshole. So she relaxed and put her hands on her ass cheeks to spread her ass to the hilt and I kept going in and out till we got a nice gape going. Then with a nice gape she said “please rim me!” This I gladly started doing getting her asshole wet again. We kept fucking like this for awhile and she began jamming more and more of her fingers in her wet pussy, masturbating it and Cumming over and over.

I pulled out of her ass and with four of her fingers in her wet pussy I thrust my cock into her pussy and started fucking her pussy.

Then I said “I want to bang your ass from behind”. Sonja flipped over, shoved her fingers back into her pussy with one hand and pulled back her cheek with the other. I licked her asshole a bit and stuck two wet fingers in. Her ass was up and her head was down on the bed. At this point with two fingers in her ass, I was over her ass and slid my cock into her asshole and started slowly fucking it. Sonja started wildly fucking her pussy with her fingers and was really Cumming hard again. Then I pulled my fingers and cock out and got behind stuck my cock back in her ass and started pounding her ass in long deep strokes to the hilt until I blew a load deep in her asshole while she was having another multiple orgasm where she was just shaking.

Right away after I pulled out and laid back, Sonja maneuvered into a 69 position and jammed her wet, sloppy pussy on my face and hungrily started sucking my softening cock to get it hard again. I started sucking on her clit and she said “Lets that again!” And we did.

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