Carol Introduced Me To Her Asshole and Anal Sex

Carol was a girlfriend I had in high school. She was a beautiful brunette with creamy white skin small perky tits and a fantastic pear shaped bubble butt which she loved to have me fondle and bounce. We were both new to sex and experimenting but she was a good Catholic who wanted to retain her virginity with her pussy. We were lucky to live in a semi-rural area where we could find good remote places to go parking for some evening sex on a regular basis.

Carol would give me blowjobs and I’d eat her pussy. We would enjoy 69. Carol also liked me to finger her pussy with one finger and I’d slip another finger in her asshole while stoking her clit with my thumb. This would really get her off, especially when in had one of my fingers deep in her asshole.

One day she found her mom’s copy of the Joy of Sex and we read it cover to cover. After reading it for ideas, Carol was horny and wanted to get me off in new ways, so she asked me to fuck her in the ass. We both played in band and had a date for Friday to go to the football game. Carol said she bought a tube of Vaseline and was ready for some ass fucking that evening. After we were done playing at half-time, it was time for some real play.

We went to our favorite place where she proceeded to suck my cock with a great deal of excitement while I fingered her pussy and asshole, getting her asshole wet with juices from her soaking wet pussy. After a while, she flipped pulled out the Vaseline put some on my cock and started giving me a hand job. Then she flipped around, put some Vaseline on her finger and coated her asshole and thrust it in her asshole. Then she said “I’m ready, put you cock in my ass”. I was ready as hell and slowly started pushing my head a little concerned about going too fast into her tight asshole. Carol complied by pushing back to encourage me further and started fucking my cock. I asked her if she was ok and she said “now it feels good”. With that I started going harder and she was really getting into it. Before long I blew my load as I thrust as deep as I could in her ass and just held it in there. That was great.

After that, Carol always carried her trusty tube of lube in her purse, ready for an ass fuck. She loved anal stimulation and even got some from me when we were in school. In the winter she would wear long coats and short skirts. While waiting for the bus, we had a favorite place to hang out where she would lean up against me with her coat open and I’d reach in under her coat and bounce her nice pear ass. She would often not wear panty hose, just long stockings and I could easily reach in a finger her asshole right in school. That would get her hot.

Carol and I loved to try and mess around at her house without getting caught. This was tough to pull off. One night we were alone in her basement playing pool when suddenly, she thought we had some time, so she turned me around and dropped to her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock with intense deep thrusts. It was a great blowjob and I exploded deep in her mouth. Carol sucked down every drop and said she loved the taste of my cum. This was extra exciting as we were at risk for getting caught.

One day I made a surprise visit to her house on my motorcycle. She said that her parents just went to the store and we had a little time for a quickie in back of her house. I still had my helmet on and she squatted down and started sucking my cock like she did when we were playing pool. Then I said I wanted to fuck her ass. She said she didn’t have any lube, and I said don’t worry. She flipped around on her hands and knees, I slid her panties down off her ass and with ass up in the air I started licking and fingering her ass and spit a gob of saliva onto it to get it good and wet. Then I spit on my already wet cock from Carol’s blowjob to make it wetter and thrust it in her asshole. She took it quickly and eagerly and there I was, fucking her in the asshole in the open behind her house garage. I just came and pulled out, zipped up and Carol got up pulled her panties up and then her parents’ car pulled up the driveway. We talked with her parents and acted like nothing happened. A close one to say the least!

So Carol introduced me to anal sex and did so in a positive way as she clearly enjoyed it. I actually never had the chance to fuck her pussy as I was a year older and went away to college after that. Since then, while I enjoy eating and fucking pussy and love blowjobs, anal is a special treat when a woman is into it too like Carol was.

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1 year ago
Hot Story, It brought back memories of when I took the anal cherry of my sister
2 years ago
VERY hot and sexy!!
2 years ago
Nothing like a nice tight virgin ass to get you hooked. Good one.
3 years ago
Nice story!
3 years ago
that is hot & sexy
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very good