Thirst - smoking fetish story


Having thought I would never have the opportunity or the courage to seek to quench a thirst that has haunted me from c***dhood, an outlet occurred to me at a bachelor party at a strip club in California.

At 35, I was a successful lawyer, happily married but with a deep secret that I could tell know one. A secret that I was sure would remain buried, entertained only in private with the help of the internet.

I was away from home for an old friend's wedding. Believe it or not, this was my first outing to a strip club and the beauty of the dancers surprised me. I had assumed that they would be, well, disgusting, but they were gorgeous and I was mesmerized. I mentioned this to one of my group who assured me that the club was top of the line and that the dancers at most clubs were more in line with my expectations.

A group of us pitched in to buy lap dances for the groom who was enjoying himself immensely. Some of the guys knew it was my first time in a strip club and bought me a lap dance. The dancer was absolutely beautiful, probably a little older than the other girls, at least in her late twenties, with straight blond hair just past her shoulders. She didn't look anything like a stripper. In fact, she looked like a model from some shampoo commercial. She was totally topless with the skimpiest of G-strings. She took me by the hand to a private area in the back of the club.

She pushed me down into a chair and immediately became a part of me, writhing against me like some voracious sea-creature intent on devouring me with her entire body. She had the most perfect complexion and her entire body was smooth and tan. Her waist was tiny and she had medium sized clearly natural breasts. She had a way of covering my entire head with her hair, her face almost, but not quite, touching mine. Her breath was hot and she used it to torment my ears, mouth and nose. I could tell that she had been smoking recently. My head, my entire body, was pounding as I pondered whether to speak. She had a look that was simultaneously beautiful and frightening, as if a secret lay behind her eyes, as if she herself possessed an unquenched thirst, as did I.

She was the first to speak. "What do you like?" she breathed into my ear. Not knowing the rules, my hand found its way to her right thigh. She pushed my hand away with a combination of grace and f***e accompanied by the command: "You can't touch me, but I can touch you." Even her voice exuded a peculiar mixture of dominance and subtlety.

"Do you smoke?" I couldn't believe I said it. She didn't look like someone who smoked but I knew I could smell it on her. I immediately wondered if I had made a mistake. If maybe the smell was from being close to others who smoked during the night. It just seemed so unlikely from her looks that she was a smoker.

My face reddened at the question itself and she sensed my discomfort. But at the same instant something changed in her. She didn't answer immediately, but she seemed to lose a bit of what I could only describe as a professional demeanor. What struck me most was that her nipples hardened and her breathing changed ever so slightly when I asked the question. An almost imperceptible, but slightly wicked smile crossed her face but disappeared in an instant. To the extent it was possible, she began to writhe even closer to me and to rub, no, grind, her crotch on my thigh.

"Why?" she asked, a little more breathless herself.

I began to stammer a response, afraid to admit my need. I was silent for a moment until she responded more f***efully, a peculiar need of her own in her voice:

"I said, why?" It was asked in a throaty, almost hoarse, and definitely f***eful voice that came from somewhere other than I had seen of her to that point. She continued to grind her crotch on my thigh harder as she asked.

It began to dawn on me that what had been my deepest secret would be pulled from me by a total stranger. Something compelled me to answer.

"I have always had an attraction to beautiful women who smoke," I said aloud for the first time in my life. Despite my humiliation at having uttered these words, I could sense something in her that I couldn't put my finger on. But one thing was clear. The grinding of her crotch further intensified and goose pimples appeared on her arms as she ground her crotch against my thigh in a rhythm of her own, different from the music that had been her guide to that point. Her nipples were clearly erect, a change from a few minutes before.

"Most men I run into don't like women who smoke." The reply was almost hopeful but also threatening in a way that I could not yet understand. "My last two boyfriends tried to get me to quit, and we ended up parting ways. I mostly see women now." The ice was broken and I started to unload a little at a time.

"I, I, well, I've just always been turned on by seeing a beautiful woman smoking a cigarette."

"Really! Just by watching or is there something else." She was clearly getting excited herself. She looked around the room to see if anyone was watching as she continued to use my leg for what was now obviously her own purposes.

"Well, it's... it's..."

"It's what?"

"It's,... it's just that it's one of those things that you would never do, it should remain a fantasy, but... but..."

"But what?" Her grinding became slower, her breath became faster and her eyes were riveted to mine. Neither of us could blink.

"It's,... it's just that I've always fantasized about serving, or being a servant, to a beautiful woman who smoked, who,... who... who made me do things. Oh God,... who used me for sex and who smoked while she did it."

I was humiliated almost to the point of tears. I looked away from her in humiliation. She responded by having an orgasm while grinding her crotch on my leg. She nearly collapsed on top of me after cumming for what seemed like minutes. The most noticeable thing was that she had soaked the leg of my pants. I minute later she asked:

"Do you smoke?"

"No, and I really don't hang around with people who do. In fact, I don't like the smell and find the whole thing disgusting. But I have had a fantasy of being used by a beautiful woman who smoked for as long as I can remember."

She told me that she was off at 1:00 a.m. and all but commanded that I wait. She told me what should have been obvious since we were in California, that there was no smoking in the club. It was 12:00 a.m. I was in shock. I asked her if she would dance for me again but she said that dancing for me would ruin it.

"Ruin what?"

"You just wait here for until I get off in an hour and you'll see."

My friends had seen some of what had been going on and I told them that I would be leaving with my new friend. They were suitably impressed but I was somewhat and a little concerned that my new friend might by the spider and I the fly.

Throughout the encounter, I experienced a range of feelings from terror to exhilaration. My stomach was filled with butterflies to the point of nausea.

At 1:00 a.m. she appeared from the dressing room wearing a black leather mid-calf length skirt dangerously slit well past her mid thigh. A tight black top enhanced her tiny waist and set off the balance of her incredible figure. She had put her blond hair up so that she looked more severe than she had during the table dance. Stiletto heels accentuated her calves.

There was something about her face. It was simultaneously angelic and satanic. She walked purposefully toward me.

"Where is your car?" she demanded.

I walked her to my car weak-kneed with apprehension. At the same time, I could tell by something in her manner that she was, too, was excited aroused.

"Get in and put your window down!"

I did as I was told.

She took a pack of Virginia Slims from her purse and gracefully withdrew a single cigarette. She handed me a pack of matches and put the cigarette to her freshly coated red lips. I knew what I was supposed to do. I lit a match and held it to her. She leaned in but waited until just before the match had burned to my fingers before lighting her cigarette. I dropped that match in pain just as she finished, inhaled and blew a thick cloud of smoke directly into my face. As I mentioned, I am not a smoker and generally avoid smokers. I was surprised by the strength of the acrid smoke blown directly at me from such close range.

Samantha reached into her purse and pulled out a wrapped condom. "Pull out your cock and put this on."

I looked around in disbelief. A few people were still around but no one near enough to see. I did as I was told while she stood at my car door casually smoking and blowing each exhale into my face. My entire head was pounding. She put the cigarette to her lips, inhaled, reached in and grabbed the back of my head by the hair with the hand that held the cigarette. She f***efully jerked my head toward her and kissed me, roughly forcing her tongue into my mouth as she exhaled.

"Now jerk off for me into that rubber, bitch!" she hissed. Again, I was struck by the strength of the smoke and the effect of the acrid smell on my senses. Again, though, I was so aroused that I was almost sick to my stomach.

She continued to smoke and I began to stroke an erection that had been rock-hard since the lap dance.

Occasionally, she would take a deep drag, grab the hair on the back of my head and kiss me, always thrusting her tongue into my mouth as she exhaled and sucking and biting my tongue before she withdrew. She had been using her other hand to pinch and twist my nipples through my shirt, which sent me through the roof, but now I noticed that her left hand was occupied under the slit in her skirt and it became apparent that she was getting herself off. As she became more and more excited, she leaned against the car to keep her balance.

"I want you to cum in that rubber right fucking now!" It was all I could do to hold out that long. Just then she took a deep drag, reached in and grabbed my hair again. She kissed me and exhaled into my mouth but this time it was clear that she was cumming too. Just as she came, she bit down on my tongue hard enough to draw bl**d and moaned loudly almost slumping to the ground. She held herself up only by one elbow on the door of my car and by hanging onto my hair.

I came at the same time and, for obvious reasons, my load was massive.

Her left hand was soaked with her own juices to the point that her fingers were wrinkled as if she'd spent too long in the water. She wiped sopping fingers on my chin and over my face.

"Now take off that rubber without losing a drop of your cum."

I couldn't have had any idea what was coming next. I got the rubber off without losing a drop.

"Now stick out your tongue, pour your cum onto your tongue and don't lose a drop. I want to see a puddle of cum on your tongue just like those cum shots on the internet."

The thought of pouring what had to be two tablespoons full of my own cum into my own mouth was repelling but I was in another world. Still, I stared at her for a moment in disbelief.

"Do if right fucking now!" she commanded and I did as ordered.

"Show me your tongue cumslut."

I showed her my tongue and the pool of cum. It was too much to hold entirely on my tongue and I had to use my lips to hold the overflow in my mouth. With a peculiar smile, she took the final drag from her cigarette, blew the smoke in my face very slowly and, while looking directly into my eyes, with her thumb and forefinger put out the lit end of the finished cigarette in the pool of cum in my mouth.

"Now close your mouth but don't swallow. Listen to me carefully. I have fantasized about tormenting a man for as long as I can remember. I really can't get off with men but I masturbate while fantasizing about them as my slaves. I have never done this before because I haven't found a willing man until tonight. I have a girl friend that is a bull dyke with lots of equipment for this sort of thing. You wait here for me to come back. When I get back, your cum and my cigarette better be right where I left them. If they are, I will follow you to your place and we can live out our fantasies. I hope you don't disappoint me."

I was almost sick to my stomach from the combination of the disgusting mess in my mouth, my fear of what would come next and the excitement of what had already happened. As she drove away, I was tortured and caught by conflicting desires to spit the disgusting mess out of my mouth and leave and my desire to worship Samantha in every disgusting way either of us could imagine.

She returned about thirty minutes later. She approached my car with an almost finished cigarette in her right hand.

"I'm so glad you're still here. I thought this would never come true. Now open your mouth and let me see what you've got in there." I complied. My own cum and the cigarette butt were still there.

"Very good." Then she again took a final drag on her cigarette and, using her thumb and forefinger, put out the lit cigarette in the puddle on my tongue. She then grasped by face with the same thumb and forefinger, squeezed my mouth open and spit into my mouth.

"Now swallow and lead the way." I almost couldn't swallow without vomiting. She read my mind. "If you throw up, I will make you lick up every drop so you might as well do it right the first time."

I was able to gag the mess down without vomiting. I remember thinking how beautiful she was and wondering how she could have gotten so screwed up that she could experience clear sexual ecstasy from what she was doing to me. Then it occurred to me that there really was no explanation why this disgusting scene should have the effect on me that it did either. Who knows where fetishes come from or why they are so powerful?

I'm staying at the hotel at Fourth and Broadway. It occurred to me that I was staying at a European style hotel with a large four-poster bed. The thought brought back the butterflies.

"Really, you must be doing very well for yourself."

When we arrived at the hotel, the valet took both of our cars. The valet was clearly attracted by Samantha who flirted with him shamelessly. She asked him to get her large duffel out of her trunk. When he pulled the duffel from the trunk he was surprised by its weight and the peculiar jingling sounds of its contents. "What's in this thing?" he asked.

"Maybe when you get off you can come up to our room and I'll show you." Samantha purred.

Once we got to the room, Samantha immediately pulled a cigarette from the pack, put it to her full, red lips, obviously waiting for me to light it.

"This is a no smoking room on a no smoking floor, Samantha."

"Really, well then, strip."

"What?" I said

"I said strip slut. Don't make me ask again."

All of a sudden, I was embarrassed and self-conscious; like this whole thing was my fantasy and that Samantha was only playing along for my benefit. Little did I know that she had her own needs and that they were as deep and dark as mine.

In any event, having gone this far, I sheepishly took my clothes off and stood naked before her. She reached into her duffel and took out a device that consisted of a metal rod some two and a half or three feet long with a leather cuff on each end. "Put this on your ankles" she said matter of factly. I did as I was told. As I did this, she rooted around in her bag and dug out a box of what appeared to be birthday candles.

"Waddle over here and lay down on the coffee table on your back."

I did as instructed.

She took a leather belt with cuffs attached to the ends. As I laid back on the cold, glass coffee table she fastened one cuff to my right wrist, passed the belt under the table and fastened the other cuff to my left wrist. She then pulled and adjusted the strap tight so that my arms were pulled to the point of pain and immobility behind me under the table.

"Now, since you feel that it is your moral obligation to follow the no smoking rules and you have refused to light my cigarette like a gentleman, I will relieve you of that responsibility this one time and handle the task myself."

At that, she placed one of the small candles in the end of my again erect cock so that about an inch protruded from my urethra. She then lit the candle with a match and watched my face for effect. She let the candle burn down to with an eight inch of the end of my cock and used it to light her cigarette. The melting wax was painful but the real pain came when the flame reached the end of my cock and burned itself out against my skin. In the meantime, she took several drags, casually watching me suffer and blowing the smoke directly into my face.

At the end of this exercise, she pulled the candle out and the melted wax off my cock. She was still smoking the cigarette and blowing the smoke toward my face although she had gotten comfortable on the sofa so it wasn't directly into my face.

"I trust we won't have future problems with you following my orders."

As I lay strapped to the table, she pinched my cheeks to open my mouth.

"I have something your going to need tonight."

She dropped a triangular shaped blue pill into my mouth that I recognized from my life of sexual boredom as a 100 milligram Viagra. She leaned over and essentially drooled her own saliva into my mouth until there was a pool of her saliva and the Viagra. She then again put the lit end of the cigarette into the pool, extinguishing it and dropped it into my mouth.

"Now swallow." At that point it was obvious that I didn't need Viagra for an erection but I was afraid to question her.

Reading my mind, she said, "You're doing fine for the moment but we have a long night ahead.

She unbuckled my wrists, leaving the cuffs on but freeing me for the moment. She put a cigarette to her lips and handed me some matches. As she had done before, she let the match burn my fingers before using it to light her cigarette.

She re-strapped my wrists under the table and pulled off her skirt. She was wearing nothing underneath. She also pulled off her top and was braless as well. My head was extended just slightly beyond the edge of the coffee table. She went into the bathroom and brought out some mouthwash. She poured it into my mouth and told me to gargle and swallow.

She went to her duffel and brought out a double-sided dildo, which she f***ed into my mouth. Without a word, she mounted my face and slid down on the dildo until her crotch covered my mouth and nose. As the dildo hit its mark inside her, she let out a moan followed by a grunt. I immediately noticed two things: 1. She had the largest clit I had ever seen, and 2. She was soaking wet, in fact oozing clear liquid. She began to slowly ride the dildo up and down all the while staring directly into my eyes, occasionally taking a deep drag from her cigarette and slowly blowing the smoke directly in my face. Each time she slid all the way down, she covered my mouth and nose so that I could not breath. From time to time she would intentionally prevent me from breathing until I began to struggle. At such times there was a noticeable increase in the flow of her juices.

"Oh, God, it feels so good when you squirm! Oh, God, Uh, God, uhh, uungg!"

She was now holding her cigarette in one hand between two fingers but was holding on to my hair with both hands as I fought for breath. Finally, she strained and arched her back, as a guttural scream came from the back of her throat and she came. As she did, clear fluid utterly gushed from within her like a faucet.

She slid off the dildo, removed it from my mouth unbuckled my wrists and collapsed back onto the couch.

For the first time, she put her cigarette out in an ashtray that was on a side table.

I remained on the table trying to catch my breath. After a few minutes, she told me to get another dildo from the duffel. I looked around in the duffel, which contained a variety of instruments of terror from riding crops and a cat-o-nine-tales to blindfolds, restraints and similar items including a strap on dildo that had to be 3 inches in diameter and eight inches long. I took it to her.

"Now take the dildo out of the harness and get me a cigarette."

I removed the dildo from the harness, handed her a cigarette and presented her with a match. She lit her cigarette, took a long drag, blowing the smoke in my direction.

"Get on your knees bitch, you're going to eat my ass until I recover and I'm going to tell you what's going on. In the meantime, you're going to work that dildo in and out of your own ass until you can take the whole thing."

I looked at the dildo with disbelief, which she saw in my eyes.

"You don't have to put that thing in your ass if you really don't want to."

A moment of relief crossed my mind and my face.

"But I'm going to fuck you in the ass with it in a little while and you might find it a little easier if you've paved the way on your own."

I was knelling between her legs. She put one foot on the coffee table on each side of me, grabbed me by the hair and ground my face into her ass.

"Now lick my ass bitch. That's right, get your tongue inside, lick it all over."

She continued to grind my face into her ass, letting go with one hand only long enough to take a drag off of her cigarette.

"When I was a little girl, my mother was the dominant one in my f****y. She smoked occasionally and my father always whined that she should quit. My father was almost a slave to my mother. He did housework, did the yard work, and pretty much whatever he was told. As I got older, and my mother started to tell me about sex, she told me that power over men was the only thing that turned her on and that I might be the same. But, she also warned me that men willing to submit were not easy to find. I have found that to be true. I tried some personal ads and arranged some meetings but the guy either never showed up or, if he did, he started telling me right away what he wanted me to do. I've had a couple "normal" relationships with men but they never worked out. One guy actually talked me into letting him tie me up, then he fucked me, actually ****d me, in the ass. I never had an orgasm with a man after that again. I still masturbate while I think about men though. I think about the two guys I broke up with because I wouldn't quit smoking for them and about the guy who took my ass. I dream of turning the tables, of wearing the cock and taking the man. I dream of watching a man in fear of me and in pain because of me. I dream of forcing a man to do disgusting things that I'm not sure I could even go through with. Then, tonight, you came along.

"My need to dominate men is the reason I dance part-time at the club. Believe it or not, I teach fourth grade as my day job. In case you're wondering, I'm a lot harder on the boys.

My "normal" sexual relationships are with women now. But tonight you intrigued me. There is something about the way you told me that you liked watching women smoke, that you wanted to be dominated, that made me decide to give it a try."

I continued to tongue her ass. She grabbed my hair and pulled me away, looked into my eyes and asked:

"Can you do whatever I ask? Can you submit to me not knowing how much pain I may inflict? Not even knowing whether I might kill you?"

I could tell that she wanted the truth. Honestly I wasn't sure but at this point I found my mouth forming the words on its own without conscious thought from me.


"Good. Now put the dildo back in the harness."

"But I haven't had the chance to try it out myself."

"You had your chance. Now put the fucking dildo in the harness right fucking now."

She began to ooze more juice and her clit was totally engorged. She lit another cigarette on her own this time and began strapping on the dildo.

I still had the spreader bar on.

"Waddle over to the bed little man. I'm going to show you what it feels like to be ****d in the ass."

I got to the four-poster without too much trouble.

"Bend over and put your hands on the bed."

As I did so, I could feel the end of the dildo approach my ass. There was a mirror above the headboard and we could see each other's faces. I felt something cold on my ass that I assume was lubricant. Without warning, Samantha grunted and rammed the dildo almost all of the way into my ass. I have grunted and have screamed in pain, my volume tempered only by my fear that neighboring rooms would hear me.

I could see in the mirror that her eyes were riveted on mine. She held my ass cheeks apart with her hands, one of which held her cigarette. She withdrew the dildo slowly but rammed it back in with a grunt at full speed. This time I could fell her pelvis slap against my ass. She steadied into a moderate rhythm, slowly withdrawing the dildo and rapidly slamming it all the way in, her thighs rhythmically slapping against my ass audibly. Every now and then she would take a deep drag on the cigarette and watch my face as she exhaled the smoke toward the back of my head.

Before long, she began to grunt and moan.

"Oh, God, I love the way this thing rubs right on my clit."

Her rhythm changed again and she stopped withdrawing the dildo. Instead, she kept it buried and ground her crotch against it and my ass.

"Oh, uhhh, ungg oh God."

She was clearly close to cumming. I didn't think I could take anymore. I was in such incredible pain. Pain beyond words. She watched my eyes and was clearly getting off on my pain. Now she was ready. She continued to grind that massive thing into my ass.

"I'm almost ready, are you watching me, are you watching me?" she gasped.

"Yes, I'm watching" I grunted as best I could.

"Good. Now watch this."

As she mounted her final assault on my ass, grunting her increasing need for release, she ceremoniously took her now almost finished cigarette in an unnecessarily high arc and began moving the lit end toward my right ass cheek. I couldn't believe I could be in any more pain that I was but I screamed out.


She saw the terror in my eyes, followed by the pain and with that look of pain, she crossed the edge and came with such f***e that I thought the dildo had torn something inside me. At the same time, I could feel a gush of fluid run down my legs. I wasn't sure if it was her, or bl**d from my ass, or both. She collapsed on top of me for at least five minutes.

Finally, she roughly pulled the dildo from my ass and ordered me to turn around. The dildo did have some bl**d on it but not as much as I had expected.

"Suck me slut."

She grabbed my hair and rammed my head forward as she thrust her hips against my face. I was gagging and choking which seemed to turn her on even more. She let go of my head long enough to light a new cigarette, and then began a new assault on my throat.

She wasn't satisfied until she was able to f***e the dildo almost all the way down my throat. She continued to blow smoke into my face with each exhale.

Eventually, she stopped and we went back into the living room of my suite.

"Looks like you've got quite a lot on your mind." She was looking at my cock which, given the everything that had happened, together with the Viagra, was harder than I had ever seen it myself.

She tossed me another rubber. "Put this on, we're going to see how much we can get from you."

I did as I was told and lit her another cigarette. She had me lay on the coffee table again and told me to fill the rubber on my own. I began to stroke myself as she smoked; again f***efully kissing me and biting my tongue with each exhale. Out of nowhere, she produced two nipple clamps and put them on each of my nipples. I grunted in pain, which immediately drove her hand to her own crotch. Eventually, she stopped kissing me and began to use my mouth for the ashes from the cigarette.

"When she seemed close to cumming herself, she screamed at me "Cum for me now slut. Fill that rubber with your cum." She grunted and another gush flooded from within her onto the sofa.

I grunted and again delivered a gargantuan load. Samantha produced a glass from the side table and told me to deposit the contents of the rubber into to it. When poured into the glass it was even more than I thought.

"I want you to squeeze every drop into that glass."

We continued this same process three times, she smoking, tormenting me, touching the lit end of her cigarette to my nipples, using my mouth for her ashtray and even spitting into my mouth from time to time as filled three more condoms and deposited the contents into the glass.

Most likely because of the Viagra, my cock stayed full erect but the amount of cum lessened with each attempt.

"Now we have to work for it," Samantha said mysteriously. She went to the duffel and came back with a rubber glove, which she put on her left hand.

"I need a cigarette."

I handed her own from the pack on the side table wondering what she was up to and lit it for her.

"I don't think there is anything left," I said as she lubed the gloved hand with K-Y.

"We'll see" was all she said. Now I was re-strapped to the table as before. I watched, horrified, as she began to probe my ass with the index finger of her gloved hand and began to massage my cock with the hand holding the cigarette.

"This is going to get a little uncomfortable," she said as she put two, then three fingers into my ass all the while working my cock with the hand holding her cigarette. "The only down side to this procedure is that I can't get myself off while I watch you suffer. Oh well, the night is young."

Eventually, she had her whole hand in my ass. I was literally crying at this point and she was clearly getting off on that. She continued to work my cock, occasionally stopping to touch the lit cigarette to my balls or nipples smiling a horrifying smile as I screamed in pain. Eventually she brought me off again and with a surprising amount of cum. She unstrapped my arms and had me dump the contents of the rubber into the glass with the rest.

"Cock is going to need a rest so it's my turn again," she said.

I was re-strapped to the table and Samantha mounted my face grinding her huge clit against my mouth.

"Suck me worm." She lit a cigarette and grabbed my hair grinding her cunt into my face; her juices more than I could swallow.

"Will you do whatever I ask?" she questioned without allowing me the use of my lips and tongue for an answer. I attempted to nod yes though pinned under her crotch.

"Good, because I have to take a piss." With that, she grabbed my nose with two fingers so that I couldn't breath, lifter herself off me slightly and began to piss into my mouth. It was clear that watching me drink her piss was almost enough to get her off by itself. I swallowed as fast as I could until she eventually finished.

She replaced the double-sided dildo in my mouth and mounted my face. She wildly fucked the faux cock until she came with another gush of clear liquid. My hair was now soaking wet, I was exhausted but my cock remained at full attention.

Once she regained her composure, she said, "I think we can get one more load out of you but it's going to take something special."

I remained strapped to the table so she put the rubber on my hard-on herself. She then turned around facing my feet and mounted my cock. She began riding my cock furiously. Somewhere along the line she had lit another cigarette with which she tortured my balls and the insides of my thighs. She took the double-sided dildo and rammed it in and out of my ass until it was bleeding again but somehow it began to build up pressure in my cock as well. I was in unbelievable pain and grunted and cried with each thrust. This drove her into a frenzy as if the level of my pain was directly related to her level of excitement. She came first, flooding me with liquid. I came immediately after her with a load that rivaled my first.

"Good boy" she said, as she unstrapped me and had me dump the contents of the rubber into the glass.

"Now it's just my turn. Get onto the bed on your back."

Once I was in position, she produced some kind of mask from the duffel. She buckled it around my head and attached a clear rubber tube to an outlet in front.

She replaced the strap on, pushed my still shackled legs up over my head and tied them to the posts on the headboard. She began to savagely fuck me in the ass with the strap-on using the sperm from the glass for lubrication.

She stopped only to light a cigarette and to blow the smoke into the mask using the tube. I began to choke and sweat, unable to get air. I became dizzy and started to squirm. My squirming urged her on and she fucked me like a combat soldier r****g some enemy's wife. She continued to blow smoke into the mask but she also began to use the cigarette to make small burns on my chest. I hurt like hell but this again just urged her on.

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew, she was sitting on the bed, fingering herself as I lay tied in the same position. She was casually smoking and watching me. The mask had been removed. As soon as I awoke, she rammed the dildo back into my mouth and mounted the free end again r****g me savagely.

Now she was intentionally trying to smother me as she impaled herself on the dildo, really getting off on my struggling. She came again and I almost drowned in her juice as I passed out again.

When I awoke, she had the glass with my remaining sperm. She dipped the double dildo into the glass and rammed my own sperm down my throat. She then did the same thing with to my ass.

"I am about ready to go now," she said as she cleaned everything up. She lit one final cigarette, as I lay tied, helplessly. "When I leave, I'm going to call the police and report a gay gang **** in this room. They will find you tied to this bed with sperm in your ass and throat. Eventually they will match the sperm to you but only after you've been humiliated and examined by chuckling cops. I don't think they will believe your story if you try to convince them what really happened. How do you feel about that?"

"No! Please don't, I'll do anything you want."

The more I begged her and told her I would do anything she wanted the more excited she got. She lit another cigarette and began to masturbate over my face again using my mouth as an ashtray and continuing to make little burns on my chest. The more frantically I begged, the hotter she got until she gushed in one final climax actually filling my mouth with her juice.

"Don't swallow yet, she gasped as she tried to catch her breath. Then she put out her cigarette in the pool in my mouth and said, "It's been fun, see me next time your in town." Then she took her things and left.

About an hour later, the cops showed up. The door had been left unlocked and the cops chuckled, just as she predicted. Swabs were taken of my mouth and ass for testing and photos were taken of the burns on my chest. I saw them later. Burned into my chest were the words, "MY LITTLE SUB SLUT."

I had to call my wife and tell her that I was staying for a couple extra days while the burns healed. The cops first wanted to charge me with making a false report but they couldn't figure out how I could have made the call myself. In fact they couldn't figure out how any of it happened and I couldn't provide them any believable explanation. They just thought I was some kind of freak.

The next time I was in town I went to the same club looking for Samantha but she wasn't there. They told me that she had gotten married. I went to the school where she told me she worked and parked near the playground. I saw her standing in the yard, sternly lecturing a young boy about something. I was sure that she was getting wet in the process. I waited until after school. Eventually she walked out of the building to the parking lot where a normal looking guy drove up, stopped, got out of the car and opened her door. Before she got in, he lit a match and for her cigarette. He dropped the match in pain just as she lit the cigarette. Just as they passed me, I saw him turn toward her and open his mouth. She flicked the ash of her cigarette into his waiting mouth as if it were the most normal thing in the world. What a world he must live in.

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Perfect story!