Nights of passion



To say Melissa was a stunning woman would be to compare the Great Wall of China as being really tall. She had long flowing black hair, Green eyes that sparkled like emeralds, and a voice that was angelic but also had an air of mystery in it. Her frame was small but not petite.Her breasts were almost a C cup and one of her best assets other than her small apple shaped ass. She had been thinking of attending her 10th High School reunion and was reluctant to go when her cell phone rang. Her best friend of almost 20 years was on the phone excitedly telling her she needed to attend and wouldn't say why.”Lisa, just tell me the big news now!” Demanded Melissa.”No Way!” Lisa told her.”You are just going to have to come to the reunion to find out.” Lisa emphasized on the Her word “Come” as something more but wouldn't tell Melissa anything.”You are going to lose your mind though when you do!” The next few weeks passed and eventually the big night came. Melissa wore a mini skirt which showed off not too much, but enough of her extremely tight ass as well as a Halter top which pushed her C cups up just enough to give people a good show of cleavage. Melissa drove to her old High School and parked next to a Black Porsche. “Well! I guess some people really did go far after leaving here!” She chuckled as she entered the school and immediately saw Lisa talking to some old classmates. Lisa was happy to see Melissa for other reasons than to see old classmates. “Come with me!” Lisa said and grabbed Melissa's hand and half ran, half walked over to a man in his mid 30's. “Jack! Do you remember Melissa?!” All at once, Memories of Jack came flying back into Melissa's mind. Jack was always the quiet one who sat behind her in class. He had been in more than a few classes with her and she swore when he was behind her, He was looking at her apple shaped ass. Of course she never had proof but, it sure seemed that way. He was still the quiet one only now all grown up. He had blond hair that reflected like rays of sunshine in the light. He had the most amazing bluish green eyes that got her attention the most and he had a body like a god. She could see looking at his opened jacket the 6-pack he had for a stomach and she wanted so desperately to run her hands up and down his chest before moving further down. “Melissa. Melissa, EARTH TO MELISSA!” Lisa jokingly shouted rousing her away from her dream and bringing her back to the school. “Yes Lisa.” Lisa laughed and said “Say hello to Jack!” Melissa wanted to do more than say hello though. She wanted to have Jack ravage her body and fuck her brains out! She wanted to run her hands down his body and leave a trail of wet kisses from his lips to his succulent cock. She had a wetness forming in her crotch less panties and knew she was going to have to Masturbate in order to get her composure back. “Hello Jack.” Melissa extended her hand and like a gentleman, He took it and kissed her ever so gently on her wrist. Melissa felt the room spinning and excused herself as she went out into the hallway and found the bathroom unlocked. She went inside and walked into the first stall shoving her mini skirt down past her knees, she masturbated fast and hard picturing Jack's body and especially his long, thick, cock fucking her hard and fast. She was so lost in the moment she had forgotten to lock the door. She never heard the bathroom door open as someone came in. Melissa came hard, Her pussy juices running down her hands as she screamed out her orgasm. Her eyes closed tight as wave after wave hit her in orgasmic bliss! When she came to and had reopened her eyes, The first thing she saw was a 9 and a half inch cock staring her in the face. She looked up and saw Jack standing there before pushing her face onto his enormous cock. He fucked her mouth hard and fast as he told her of the many times he himself had masturbated in the bathroom thinking of her tight, sweet ,ass. She had known it all along but for now was trying to take this humongous piece of meat down her throat. Spit and drool were seeping out of the corners of her mouth as she tried to deep throat him and take him all the way in. He pulled all the way out watching as she gasped for air while he stroked his ever growing hard cock with his right hand as his left hand had her black hair in it and had a hold of her neck. ”I'm going to fuck you.” Jack told her as he continued to stroke his hard cock before ramming it back down her throat. “I'm going to fuck you hard and fast and really deep with this big piece of meat right here.” He told her as he watched her throat open more easily and he groaned as he saw his cock go deep down her throat. Through her gags and moans, Though her throat refused at first, It was now taking every inch of his cock and he was just about to cum. He stiffened up on her and blasted a wide load of cum straight down her throat washing her tonsils in a creamy, white frost that she gagged and chocked on as Jack pulled out of her mouth and laughed. ”I thought for sure you would know how to swallow a huge load like that!” She wanted to be mad, Wanted to be pissed off at him for doing such a low down thing. But instead was incredibly turned on and wanted him badly. Sensing her needs,Jack reached out,Grabbed a hold of her hair and turned her around so her ass was facing him. His cock was still rock hard as he slapped it off her ass teasing her by running it up n down her pussy lips. With his hand still holding onto her hair he asked her “So you want me to fuck this tight pussy I've been fantasizing about ever since high school?!” “YES! FUCK ME HARD!” Melissa screamed as Jack slid his entire length deep inside Melissa's very hungry snatch. “OH!GOD YES!” Melissa screamed as Jack pounded into her hard. His cock jack hammered into her tight pussy again and again. Melissa could feel every inch. Every muscle of Jack's bulging cock swelling up deep inside her. She came harder than she did last time when Jack spanked her ass cheeks every time he slammed back inside her.”So how do you like my hard cock inside you?!”Jack asked as he continued to assault Melissa's pussy harder. “COMING!” Was all Melissa could say as her body rocked with the f***e of another great orgasm. All at once Jack pulled out of her,Spun her around and dropped her to her knees. “Open wide!” Jack cried as he pulled on his massive cock. No sooner had she opened her mouth did Jack's second orgasm of cum land on her tongue, lips, chin and neck. He crammed his cock back down her throat and had her lick him clean. “WOW!” Melissa said as they exited the stall together and to each others amazement saw Lisa in the corner sitting on the marble counter top playing with her self and coming hard!”Looks like you both need some more action tonight.”Jack says.”Think you can handle both of us tonight?!” “Guess we will have to find out!” Page 1 of 2.
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