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I knock on your front door and you open it slowly showing off your robe and usher me inside. I sit down in the living room with you and you slowly open your robe showing me a freshly shaved pussy with just a few tufts of hair on top. Your breasts are soft and supple as I slowly cup each one and take each one into my mouth. I slowly work my way down to your belly as I hear your breathing getting quicker and more rapid. I circle my tongue around your belly button and slide my tongue deep into your navel. I hear you moan and move slower down kissing the little patch of hair on your pubic mound as I breathe in your deep aroma as my tongue slides all around your inner thighs. My tongue slides up n down your pussy lips as my hands slowly cup one of each of your ass cheeks and my tongue separates your pussy lips and slowly drink your sweet juices into my mouth. You remove the robe entirely and lay on the floor as my tongue reapplies itself to your sweet pussy mound. I take two fingers and separate your pussy lips as my tongue slowly slides up and down your pussy lips. I love your musky aroma and put my entire mouth on your pussy and suck, bite and gently probe your very dripping wet pussy. I can hear your breathing getting more raspy so I back off a little as I slowly kiss my way down your feet. With 2 fingers still inside of you and kissing my way back up to your inner thighs I put my tongue back inside of you. This time though I grab your ass cheeks and take you fully into my mouth. Sucking on your Clit and hearing your screams as my tongue hits your clit repeatedly over and over again. Your body convulses as the first wave of your orgasm hits you. I place 2 fingers deep inside you and work them in and out as your body continues to spasm and you cry out in pleasure. I stand you up and have you bend over and grab your ankles. I admire your tight ass before placing my rock hard cock between your pussy lips and slamming it home. You cry out as each time I plunge my hard cock deep inside you,My hard cock hits your g-spot again and again. I pull out and stand you up. You grab my hard cock and walk me into your bedroom. I lay on my back on your bed as you straddle me and sink down onto my rock hard cock. We both moan as I fill your pussy up with my big cock. You squeeze my cock with your pussy muscles and I moan as you slowly slide up and down upon it. I grab your breasts and gently pinch the nipples. You are riding my cock faster now so I grab your head and place it on my shoulder as I grab your ass cheeks and slam my cock deep in and out of you. My cock is a blur as I fuck you hard hearing your screams as I pound your tight pussy hard and fast. Your pussy is dripping wet as I pull out of you and you turn around so your back is to me. You once again straddle my cock and put your arms on the side as I grab your hips and pull you up and down on my ever growing hard cock.”FUCK ME!” You cry as another orgasm tears through you.”I'M COMING!YES!OH GOD YES!FUCK ME HARD!”You scream as my cock tears through your pussy. I reach down and pull my hard cock out and push it against your tight ass. “OH YES!POUND MY TIGHT ASS HARD!IT'S BEEN SO LONG!”You tell me as I work my cock up your extremely tight ass with both hands on your ass cheeks slowly working my cock deeper and deeper into your tight bowels. Your ass finally accepts my entire length and I pound you hard hearing your screams echo off the walls as we both work towards orgasm. I slam deep inside you as my orgasm hits me flooding your tight ass with my hot cum sending you into another body rockin orgasm!
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