First Date


I come to pick you up at your house and knock on the door. My eyes bulge as well as my pants when you open the door wearing only a black teddy and a pair of panties. My cock strains against my pants as you welcome me into the house. You bend down to pick something up and still bending over look over your shoulder as you see the outline in my pants caused by you. You stand up and ask me how you look. I tell you you look amazing n tell you to turn around so I can admire your fine rear end. You bend over and tell me to get a good look. I drop to my knees and take your ass into my hands and ask you “Is this close enough?!” I run my hands up and down your lower back,ass,and thighs before breathing in your aroma. My tongue slides over your silken ass and I pull the panties to one side as I breathe in your aromatic scents coming from your sweet pussy and ass. I spread your cheeks and slide my tongue deep into your pussy. You gasp as your knees buckle and I place you on your stomach. “Spread your cheeks apart.” I tell you before tasting your tight ass for the first time. “OOOH!YES!OH!RIGHT THERE!” I hear you cry as my tongue penetrates your ass as 2 fingers slide deep into your hot,wet,pussy and I alternate between your pussy and your ass as my tongue assaults you. You gasp as I finger fuck your tight pussy and stick my tongue deep in your ass. “I'M GONNA COME!DON'T STOP!YES!AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!” You scream as my tongue fucks your ass. “CUMMING!OH YES!I'M CUMMING!” You cry as your first orgasm overtakes you. Your body quakes as an orgasm grabs you and you succumb to it. You look back as I pull my tongue out of your ass and with the 2 fingers I had in your pussy,I now take and make small circular motions on your tight butt. Your ass is reluctant to let 1 finger in but,I slowly work my way in. Your ass grips my finger like a vice which makes my cock strain against my pants. “It's been a while since you've had a good hard ass fucking isn't it?” I ask as I hear your moans as I slide another finger deep inside. By this time,My cock is threating to break out on his own so you unzip my pants and let it free. Pre cum drips from the head as I finger your tight ass getting it ready for my cock. I slide my tongue deep into your pussy and drink your juices down my throat. My tongue hits your clit again and again as I suck your pussy into my mouth and my two fingers fuck your ass hard. “COME!COME!CUMMING!” You scream as another orgasm washes over you. “FUCK ME!” You cry so I stand you up,Bend you over a chair and slide my entire 7 inches deep into your dripping wet pussy. “YES!OH!FUCK!YES!POUND ME HARD! You cry as I grip your hips and fuck your dripping pussy hard and fast! You look over your shoulder and see my glistening cock sliding in and out of you. “Fuck me!Make me cum all over your rock hard cock!” I pull out and you pout but not for long as I walk you into the bedroom and have you drop to your knees. I lay down on the bed and watch you slide your tongue up and down my shaft. Your ass looks so inviting I flip you over so we are in the 69 position. I tongue your ass again as I feel your lips slide over my cock. You take half of my cock down your throat and I moan my approval. I go back to alternating between your pussy and your ass. Hearing your moans as you deep throat my hard cock,I tell you to stand up and turn around so your back is to me. You slide down onto my hard cock and I tell you to put your hands on my shoulders. I grab your ass cheeks and spread them as my cock slides into your reluctant but very tight ass. Slowly I inch my entire length up your ass and hear you gasp as I begin to fuck you. Slowly at first,But picking up the pace my cock slides deep inside you. Your ass now opened by my thick hard cock,I hear your ragged breathing and your screams getting louder as my cock slams deeper and deeper into your bowels. I spread your ass cheeks far apart and hear you cum hard! “I'M CUMMING!FUCK ME!YES!POUND MY TIGHT ASS!OOOOOOOOOH!I'M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!POUND ME!OH!IT FEELS SO GOOD!” You cry out as I flip you over and fuck your ass on your hands and knees. I stand over you as my cock slams into you. With your face in a pillow,You scream as my own orgasm hits me and I pull out and spray your ass with my hot cum. “Well that's a definite first for me as far as a first date!” I say as we lay holding each other as our orgasms subside. “I wonder what the 2nd date will be like!”
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very good
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great story...