The Sauna by Kevlar.

Sharon was tired after a long week of working n wanted a chance to relax. She had heard of a new spa that had just opened n told herself she had earned a chance to be primed n pampered. She walked in the front door n told the secretary that she wanted a massage. She was told to go into the dressing room n take off all of her clothes n was given a towel. She was then guided down to the sauna room where she was told to wait for her masseuse. Sharon laid down on the bench on her stomach n used the towel as a pillow. A few minutes went by when she heard the door open. She didn't look up from her bench because no one had called her name. While lying on the bench she heard a male voice n felt his powerful hands reaching down n caressing her back. Thinking he was the masseuse, Sharon didn't say anything but felt a strong aching in her loins for the man who was touching her. The man seemed to hesitate for a moment but she soon felt his powerful hands on her back again n she relaxed a little more. She could feel her wetness seeping into the bench as the mysterious gentleman worked his hands further down her back. As his hands caressed her small ample ass, Sharon looked up n realized in shock that the man was actually a young man no older than 21.She tried to resist but the way his hands felt on her was heavenly n she didn't want him to stop. He continued to work over her tight ass n her moans were getting more louder now. She was in such a state of bliss that she didn't realize that he had spread her ass cheeks apart n was looking at her bald pussy n tight little asshole. She felt a wave of shame come over her but also a more powerful wave of excitement washed over her as well. She was about to say something to him when he leaned over n put his tongue in her ass. Sharon felt light headed but liked what this strange man was doing so she bucked her hips onto his face. He pulled her ass cheeks apart with both hands n fucked her ass hard with his tongue. She gasped n looked over her shoulder as her first orgasm overtook her."I'M COMING!"She cried as her body shook from such powerful convulsions. The man pulled his tongue out n replaced it with his hard cock."I've never done this before!"Sharon cried as her virgin ass was filled with every inch of this young man's rock hard cock. Her mind reeled as she realized just what was happening n gasped as she felt his cock plunge deep into virgin territory. He grabbed her shoulders n rocked his cock in n out of her tight asshole again n again. Sharon's hand flew down to her pussy where she plunged it deep inside her extremely wet pussy. The young stranger fucked her ass harder as she gripped the edge of the bench n took the young man's cock deeper n deeper into her bowels. His cock was a blur as it went in n out of Sharon’s tight ass over n over again. Sharon realized soon after that she had been screaming n was telling him to fill her up with his hot cum. He erupted a huge load of cum deep into her ass making her cum again n scream louder than before. She turned over to see this stranger but was shocked to see just a reflection as the door closed behind her. As she laid on her stomach, The young man's cum still buried deep up her tight now non virgin ass; She heard the door open again. Thinking it was the man who just fucked her was disappointed when an older man came in n told her to get up n go with him to a private room. She got up n wrapped the towel around her waist as she walked with the man to the room. Trying not to fall down from the hard ass fucking she just got, She had to tell her mind to stay focused n prayed that this man wouldn't see the cum dripping out of her ass n down her legs. She walked into a white room with a massage table in the center of the room. The man told her to disrobe n lay on her stomach. He had his back turned to her as she took the towel n wiped off as much cum as she could before laying on the table."You know our sauna is sound proof don't you? "Asked the man as he rubbed some oils deep into her tight shoulders."I never knew. But why would you say that?"Sharon asked, Feeling her pussy get wet all over again."Because you met 1 of the other massage ther****ts before me." "He walked out just before I came in."Sharon felt her face get red with shame but felt the man's hot breath in her ear telling her to slide down the table. She slid down and the man spread her ass cheeks apart. Sliding his big cock into her tight pussy, Sharon gasped n gripped the table as she had the bench. She couldn't believe it,2 men in 1 day! She gasped as his big cock slammed in n out of her dripping wet pussy."FUCK ME!"She cried as he grabbed her hips n plunged his hard cock in n out of her pussy again n again."I'M COMING!"Sharon cried as her body got rocked in a massive orgasm. He pulled out n had her get on her knees where he erupted a huge load of cum all over her face, lips, tongue n tits.”You should become 1 of our VIPs’.” Sharon heard the man tell her. You get DOUBLE the service n all the services you cum to expect from us!”Sharon’s head reeled as she tried to take in all that had happened today.”I’ll be back!” was all that she could say as she walked out the door.
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4 years ago
it great story
4 years ago
Awesome it. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
Great entertaining.