Just a trim...


Damn her ass was fine.

The light chocolate brown skin was so firm.

She wiggled it around wildly as she was grinding her pussy up and down on me.

My cock was smoothly gliding in and out.

The contrast of her dark skin against my white thighs was very erotic.

Her juices were running down my thighs.

The scent of her filling the air around us.

The sounds of our breathing and groaning was getting really loud.

Her girlfriend was seated next to us encouraging her to fuck me hard.

She was naked and squeezing her tits with one hand and fingering herself with the other.

She would raise a tit to her mouth and lick and suck her own nipple.

I was holding Destiny by her sweet tits pulling her back down each time she raised up.

Fuck she was hot, they both were and I was nearing the point where my balls where tightening up, ready for release.

The head now swollen as big as it gets ready to shoot staight up into her pussy......

Oops, sorry. I guess I got ahead of myself. I should go back and explain what got me in this position....

After my hitch in the Navy I sent what I could not carry on my Harley back to my c***dhood home. I had planned a cross country ride to visit parts of America I had spent 4 years defending. It was a slow journey, no schedule, no deadlines, just open road and places to see. That journey is a whole story in its self so I will skip ahead to when I arrived back home 2 months after leaving San Diego.

My arrival was not expected so mom and dad were at work when I pulled into our New Jersey driveway. I was mess when I got home. I had not shaven, and showers were rare on the road, my hair had not been cut at all. I let myself in and after spending some time walking around the familiar rooms I headed to the shower to get cleaned up. Looking in the mirror I decided to skip the shaving and let the barber do it for me. So dressed in some clean clothes I started the walk down town to get a trim and shave.

The shop where I had gotten every haircut of my life before the Navy was a few blocks away. As I approached the sign no longer said "Joe's Barber Shop" it was now "Destiny's Styles". How things had changed. I went in anyway curious what had happened to Joe.

Well, as I stepped through the door I recognized Destiny right away. She was a student in school with me for years. The shop was empty except for the two of us it appeared. She turned around with a smile which changed to one of alarm almost. She asked what she could do for me. I asked if I could get a shave and just a trim. She paused, said yes of course and then laughed briefly. I asked what the laughter was about, and she replied that I looked like a terrorist when I walked in. That made me laugh, she did not recognize me at all. So I said "Destiny, I am Tyler Scott from high school, you don't remember me?" She spun me around and looked closely at me...after a few moments she said "Yeah, Yeah I do" then "Hey Stephanie come here". Stephanie came out from the back and I remembered from school too. She was a few years older than us and was absolutely gorgeous. They began to talk to each other as if I was not there. Commenting on how I looked, how I had gotten taller, how I had put on some weight and, how I had alot more muscle.

We made small talk as Destiny did her thing. Stephanie sitting in the chair next to me chatting. I caught her checking me out a few times and I must admit when I was getting my hair shampooed (which I love) I got a bit of an erection as Destiny bend over, her big tits were almost hanging out of her shirt. I tried to cover it with the apron they had put on me but that just made it look like a tent.
That really got them started talking now.
Asking if I liked what I was looking at.
Asking if I ever enjoyed some "brown sugar".
Asking if my white dick could measure up to the "b*****rs".

It was embarrasing but I noticed that the erection did not go away. So what the fuck I decided, why not play along. I said to Stephanie that since Destiny was busy that she should check my dick to find out. She went silent for a moment, looked over at Destiny and then got up from her chair reaching into my crotch. She rubbed it and squeezed it for a few minutes. She must have been impressed because she turned away, locked the door and pulled down the window shade.

To be continued...

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U really need to finish this!!!!!!