Hotel fantasy....for her

He was just another ordinary looking businessman in a faceless hotel room for another night. A few papers spread across the desk with a laptop, and a small overnight case against the wall. A look at his facial expressions would lead one to think he was just a bored man, waiting for a business appointment that was running late. A peek inside his mind, however, would have shown a completely different story.

He stood, and walked over to the oversized bed. Pulling a pillow out from beneath the hotel bedspread he lay back, clasping his hands behind his head, and closed his eyes.

He heard the sound of a key in the lock, but did not take his eyes off the ceiling. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her enter the room, close the door, and lock it behind her. There she stood quietly. For minutes they stayed this way. Neither one of them moved. The only sound was her increasingly deep breathing. Finally, he focused his gaze, taking in the picture of the woman who had come to be with him.

She was a tall woman. Her hair was a mixture of brunette highlights, and deep dusky brown closer to her head. Tiny hoops hung from her ears. He could see her lips were firmly set, devoid of emotion or interest. Her eyes were firmly set to the wall above his head, motionless.

Finally, he broke the silence with a single word. 'Disrobe'. Which she did.

Slowly, she unbuttoned the expensive overcoat and opened it. Sliding it off her shoulders she let it fall to the floor. She wore a dark blue silk blouse, with a brightly colored scarf at her neck. A grey wool skirt fell just above her knees. Brightly polished leather boots extended from her feet up under her skirt.
Her hands went to her neck, and untied the scarf. She pulled it away, and dropped it to the floor baring her neck.
Carefully, she unbuttoned her blouse, allowing it to fall open as she moved down the long row of tiny buttons. As she reached the bottom, and shrugged the blouse to the floor he could see the glimmer from a necklace. As he watched, her nipples became completely erect.
Her hands went to the side or her skirt, and she bent slightly as she lowered the fastener. Standing erect she allowed her skirt to join the rest of her wardrobe on the floor. As she stood there, silent, he examined her body. A slim, healthy, gorgeous woman, but he could see the sinew and muscle tone under the soft flesh. This was a woman ready to satisfy.

He lowered his gaze, down across her small, but firm breasts, across her soft yet flat perfect stomach. Following the line of her body his eyes rested upon where her legs met. Looking carefully, he could see she had prepared herself well. Not a trace of hair remained.

Continuing, he followed her well sculpted legs until they entered the tall black heels. “Incredible”, was his only thought.

He turned his attention away from her, leaving her standing amidst her clothing. Picking up the remote, he switched the television back on, and tuned in a cable news program. 'Topping today’s newscast', droned the newscaster, 'heavy rains have caused minor flooding problems in the nation’s Capitol'. She still stood there, quietly.

He fixed his glance on her, 'Shower', he suggested. Which she did.

After a few minutes the sound of the water stopped. She reentered the bedroom, a towel in one hand. She came and stood by the bed, standing arms at her side, legs spread slightly, and waiting.

He rose from the bed and walked over to her. Walking around her slowly he examined her. As he stood behind her, he placed his hands on her shoulders. He could feel her shudder at his touch, telling him that she was already feverish with anticipation. With a frustrating slowness he moved his hands lightly down her back, outlining her spine with one finger of each hand. As he reached her buttocks, he rotated his hands, so his thumbs slide down the crease and his fingers spread her cheeks wide.

He dropped to his knees and with the lightest of touches tasted inside her thighs. Allowing his trail of moisture to move upwards he began to meet her moistness. Her taste was sweet and warm on his lips. He could feel the tension in her body from his touches, so he withdrew briefly. But she reached for him and with strong hands pulled him back, where he once again began to bring her the pleasure she deserved. He pushed her to the bed where she sat with legs open for him. Seconds, minutes pass as he continues to lick, tongue, suck and touch her. The feeling where overtaking her and once again she grabbed him, this time for support as the first tremors of her orgasm took over. Ahhh, the waves so intense she falls back onto the bed catching her breath.

Standing directly in front of her, facing the bed, he utters 'undress me'. Which she did.
This was not their first time together, and she knew exactly what to do. She undid the buttons down the front of his shirt. Rising, she walks behind him and removes it from his shoulders. She knelt in front of him. As he stands only in his pants she carefully undoes the clasp at the waist. Then slowly lowering the zipper she removes them. He reached down and took hold of her chin. Lifting her face to look at him, he spoke. “I love you” he said.

A simple small nod of the head was all he got in return. Gently, she lowered her head and began running her lips across his manhood as it begin to stir at her touch.

His legs parted further, and she dug her lips down one side of his semi-hard cock it hung heavily, and she could see his balls below. Lowering her shoulders she put her mouth into position just below the head of his cock. She could see small jerks of movement in it, an unacknowledged excitement on his part for what was ahead. Opening her mouth, and lowering her tongue, she allowed the partially erect member to enter her mouth. Moving slowly, she pressed on until the entire organ was resting on her tongue, and deep into her mouth. Then she closed her mouth over it, bathing it in warmth and sensation. Instantly, she could feel the response. bl**d flowed rapidly into the muscle, engorging it and dramatically increasing its size.
She was becoming more aroused herself.

She continued this way in silence. The only response she noted has the deepening of his breath, and the increasingly strong throbs through his cock. She began to feel his body tense around her. His legs began to press in against her shoulders and she could feel his buttocks tense up under him. She renewed her efforts, thinking only of the satisfaction she was giving him. She realized he was about to climax. She felt one last throb, and then the powerful gush of his orgasm fill her mouth. Even as she struggled to swallow, she knew now it was her turn.
She lay across the bed, her naked buttocks in the air, feet spread slightly. She lay spread-eagled under his gaze. She could feel a flood of moisture between her thighs. She caught her breath as she felt him begin to enter her. As her lips closed over his thick head she felt the shudders of orgasm trying to overcome her. With every effort of willpower she had, she fought it back. He settled into a slow, fulfilling rhythm, pressing deep inside her, then withdrawing to leave only the head trapped. She could feel his hands running across her back and caressing her smooth buttocks. He began to press deeper and harder, and she could hear his breath coming more quickly. She began to allow the feelings to overtake her mind again. Then she let her mind go, and lost herself in the passions of orgasm. She arched her back as what had been small explosions became an uncontrollable feeling. Finally, completely drained, she lay limp as he pulled out of her.

As she lay back on the bed he knew what to do. Standing on barely stable legs he walked into the bathroom and returned with a warm washcloth. Carefully, he bathed her with it. When he was satisfied she was clean and resting he lay beside her. Kissing her now, head raised slightly he looks into her eyes and says, “Oh, how I have missed you!”

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3 years ago
Different. I've read it twice and still wish it had more info, but very well written. Thanks