Taboo masturbation 3


as we left this story...."only if she could fuck me in my ass while I masturbated for her as well. I agreed and she quickly got out of bed, ran to the bathroom and returned with her dildo..."

I made my way back to her bedside, trying not to appear to anxious. I paused to take in her beauty. Her breasts are perfect C cup, her nipples swollen with excitement. Her stomach flat from hours spent in the gym. Her legs long and smooth, proof that running and biking kept her in great shape. Her hair covering the pillow as our gaze met, the lust and desire in her eyes could not be denied. It was time to get to it. She reached for some lube that she had in her bedside and patted the bed showing me where she wanted me to lay. I thought she would have me on my hands and knees but she instead had me lay on my back, a pillow beneath my lower back which pointed my ass in the air.

She applied a generous amount of lube to my ass, my balls and her hand, she then proceeded to massage my ass. I meanwhile was rubbing my cock and balls. She was occasionaly slipping a finger along my crack and gently touching my anus. My anticipation was evident as I moved my hips trying to speed her along. But she knew what she wanted to do and controlled the pace. Her probing of my ass was increasing and as I looked down her finger was all the way in.

The naughtiness of the moment was incredible and she was totally into it now stroking my cock as she played with my ass. She gave up the fingering and grabbed the dildo, made sure it was lubed and then starting tracing circles around my ass with its tip, each circle getting smaller until she was ready to slip it in. From the position I was in I was able to see what she was doing as well as look at her tits and that look of pure sex had taken her over. She looked up at me and asked if I was ready, but before I could reply she had plunged it into me...oh, fuck that hurt briefly, she now was watching only the dildo as it slipped in and out of me. She never let go of my cock and continued give a fantastic handjob in unison with the thrusting.

She told me she had seen porn pictures capturing this image but they were not nearly as hot as actually doing it. She was on fire, as I was. She sensed that I was going to cum and did not hesitate or slow down. She rammed it all the way in and held it there, stroking my cock with me as it exploded all over my stomach and chest....uhhh, ummm, fuck, uhhh, ohhh fuck....shot after shot blasted out the eyes twitching, my toes curled my breathing rapid, she laughed quietly as my cock jumped around the head deep red and swollen. Fuck that felt good. She left the dildo in and climbed up the bed switched into a 69 position so she could lick up the cum from my body and feed me the juices that were flowing from her....

Once she was satisfied that she had cleaned it all up she lay down next to me
kissed me and shared the juices we each had on our mouths...

Whispering "now my turn.......

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3 years ago
I'm a straight male, but my wife bought me a mini vibrator.... I fucking love it to be used like that! The orgasm is so much more intense.
3 years ago
good one thxs for that.