Letters from a Stranger 1

My Lover,

I need a favour from you, that is if you have time.
I'm going to start making dinner very soon and this is what I'm fantasizing.
First I need you to get really hot and hard for me.
Then, when you're ready, I need you to come in quietly and lift up my skirt and feel how wet I am. I want you to take me from behind, not up my ass, but I want to feel your hard cock gently sliding into me, you'll have to take it slow as I'm pretty tight right now as it's been awhile, but I need you to do that for me. Once you're in there you can take me hard, fuck me like crazy baby.
Can you do that for me, I need you, I want you, please baby, fuck me

I'm behind you now, whispering in your ear. I gently kiss the back of your neck, then tickle the back of your ear with my tongue. nibble your ear lobe. You yelp ever so softly as I bite, first your neck, then your shoulder. As I cup a breast in each hand I press my cock against your cheeks. You reach around rubbing my bulge and at last you lower my pants. A sweet giggle when my cock snaps from its shackles and lifts your dress without any hands helping. I feel the heat coming from between your legs. An almost singeing heat. I can smell your cunt. It's thick earthy aroma is too much for me to resist. I savagely bury my face, less than an instant your juices are gushing down my throat. With rapture, I swallow every drop.
You are begging me to fuck you harder than I ever have before. With a sadistic grin I reply "uh uh baby . . . daddy's gonna start real slow". I could feel you melt to a quivery jelly as I pushed the tip of my cock in. "suck it in with your pussy baby . . .ya that's right. you're so tight baby" When my cock was all the way in. I just stood there letting you quiver. I shot my first load deep inside without moving a muscle. "There's plenty more baby . . . tell me how much you want it, ya gotta tell me . . . i can't hear you. .... ....

You are amazing. I could feel you all the way across the country. Damn you must be well hung.
You gave me exactly what I wanted baby, you fucked me so good, and I could even taste your cum mixed in with mine.

80% (3/1)
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