older couple naked party

Older couple naked party

Here I am naked laying on a bed with a skinny blond sucking my cock and I'm
thinking back how this came to be.
Got a e-mail a couple of days ago from Julie and Mark in the double wide
telling me to save up some cum for a party that they have arranged with another
couple for next weekend.
They had told me about her younger cousin and her bi-husband that they like to
play with. And they wanted to meet me and all of us play together.
So when I arrived at the double wide there was a older pickup truck all ready
there. When I walked into the living room, I could see this party had started
with out me. I was interduced to Shelia and her husband Brad.
Both were in their late twenty's skinny tatoo'd and hairless. And pretty horny Brad was giving a blow job to Mark As I undressed I was
handed a glass of sweet tea and a blue pill, Julie winked at me and told me they
all wanted me to be hard as long as possible. Well this is one time that the 3 hour erection was wanted. The women were dressed in garters and stockings and were pretty sexy looking. Shelia a skinny plain Jane type of
red neck blond she said she heard I was a good pussy eater as she laid down on the couch and spread her legs she next spread her labia with her fingers and asked if I wanted to get to know her better, I couldn't refuse that kind of offer. and got down on my knees to and started licking her hairless pussy. She has a big clitoris the kind you can suck completely in your mouth and get your tongue around, as I was licking, Julie was softly squeezing my shaved balls, and started licking my asshole.
Mark and Brad stopped and were watching then decided to get into the action, Mark moved over and offered Sheila his cock and Brad poisitiond himself to
start eating Julie who had moved and laid down next to Shelia. Soon the room
was filled with slurping sounds and moans.
Then the fucking started. I mounted Sheila and Mark offered me his cock while
fucking a sloppy cunt. While Brad mounted Julie. I loved pulling my cock out
all the way to my head hesitating then thrusting it back in, Shelia masturbated and
squeezed her legs together as she came for the first time, I had Marks smaller cock
completely in my mouth he was rock hard. Then Julie said let do it doggy and swap cocks, so up on their knees they both went and all three of us boys got sort of in a line and fucked both women then we swapped holes, what a turn on.
After a while both girls decided they had been fucked enough and wanted to watch
the boys getting fucked, so out came the lube and Mark was the first fuckee, I
mounted him with him on his back. His hard cock sticking into his belly and his
balls pulled up tight, he was pretty tight as I stuck it in and started moving in and
out. Julie got on top and sat down on his head leaned forward and took his cock
into her mouth, with both Shelia and Brad masturbated.
Shelia asked Brad if he wanted to try that, he thought whey not, he laid down and
she started to lube him up with her fingers, when he was ready I just moved over
and pushed it in, with her guiding him in.
back and forth I went slipping into both guys with the girls giggling as I went.
I was getting close to cumming but didn't want to yet, as the evening was still young.
I laid down and masturbated with the girls as Mark and Brad fucked each other.
As I stroke my cock and watch what going on in front of me, I'm thinking my cock is still hard and not to sore, who do I want to fuck next.,
Julie asked if she could sit on my cock and who was I to refuse, as she lined up and my cock slid in, Shelia keeled down and started licking my balls and Julies clitoris , then the girls switched.

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